Hollie’s Fantasies

Hi, I'm Hollie for YourDesires... Call me @ 405-872-7164 (ask for Hollie) or E-Mail me @ "Hollie@YourDesires.com"
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Hollie’s Fantasies

HOLLIE is Better than Room Service – Give me a Call!

*Do you go on frequent business trips?
Do you often find yourself all alone in a crappy hotel room wishing you had some company?
Even calling from another country?
I have some GOOD news for you! Hollie is here for ALL OF YOURDESIRES!! I’m right there in your pocket- call me anytime #405-366-2187 You in your Hotel-room & I in my Bedroom!

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you don’t have access to me. I’m here for YOURDESIRES no matter where you are. I LOVE hotels rooms, they make just what you do all that more naughty!

Are you the type that likes this?
Pretend I meet you in the bar downstairs….. our eyes lock- your cock grows as fast as my sweet pussy moistens! (wanna hear how wet?) I lick my lips, while locked on your eyes, sipping my drink while I watch you lose control of yourself and nearly Cumming when I take the cherry between my teeth and bite into it!
You know what I am meaning so you get up walk by lying your key card on my table, as you head up to your room.. You get to your room, time ticks by so slowly, “is she going to come or not?” Soon you here the click of the key card unlocking the door like its unlocking your passion……which you show me as I enter the room.. My short black dress hugging my body, as tightly as your pants are hugging your rock hard cock, as you slide my tight dress up I slide your trousers down releasing your throbbing cock! Hard and ready! I just can’t wait to taste that cock and suck that wonderful pre-cum out of the head of your cock , giving me a preview of what i am going to – slide deep inside my HOT-WET-PUSSY, Again and again and again – continuing over and over again. I’m here all night lover- I’m here for as long as you can handle such a hot naughty night!

Think of how jealous the other businessmen will be when they hear the noise coming out of your room! You don’t have to clean up all the mess- I feel sorry for that maid! And then there’s room service to replenish us for hours more play! After a night with me you wont be able to wait until your next business trip! And the best news is YOU DON”T! I’m here from anywhere! and I take off hour appointments – email me for an after hours appointment Hollie@Yourdesires.com

Weather you need a quickie or your “up to” all night to play, I’m always here for ALL OF YOURDESIRES….
I hope you’ll call me during your next hotel stay so we exxxplore all of your HOT, Kinky or Dark Side!
Oh, and for those gentleman out there that do not like to play and run I make for exxxcelant- intelligent conversation.


Call me 405-366-2187 I’m waiting ready to exxxplore ALL of YOURDESIRES!!!!
If my scheduled times do not work for your trip I schedule appointments. email me to schedule an appointment @ Hollie@YOURDESIRES.com

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