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Hollie’s Thoughts

Thinking all day about this hot call I got early this morning,
I just can’t get the call out of my head…I have been teaching
a long time subbie on how to drink his own cum.. We use a pump
He has it on when he calls me, I here it pumping away when I get
on the phone.. I’m instantly turned on knowing how its sucking
the cum out of his cock.. And today is a great day-its the day
he is going to finally drink his own cum. 405-366-2187

As the pump pulls load after load out of his cock I am so turned
on thinking about this subbie taking the cum into his mouth,
swishing it round in his mouth and hearing him swallow that
thick, creamy CUM… I know he is going to love it as much as I do.

I was so right, as soon as he takes that first sip, I see I am not
having to really force him to drink it, instead I was trying to
slow him down… I wanted him to sip and savor, because CUM
is like a fine wine.. It should be sipped, savor the texture,
flavor, experience it – enjoy it! and enjoy it he did! 405-366-2187

Want To Be my NEXT little Cum SLUT?!?! I would love to listen
to you scream while I pump the 20th load of CUM out of your balls
making you beg me to stop…. haha not that I would but you can
go ahead and make my day by begging me …..If you think you an
convince me to take you on, you’ll just have to see.
Call me little subbies @ 405-366-2187

I pull my new pet out of the chute lock, while he is bound
together with his new lover by his knot pulling at his ass
as he turns around. My new pet is still hard and is whining
wanting me to let him CUM.. I laugh telling him “you have a lot
more to take before I allow that!” His whimpering is desperate.
Just like I like it.

When He finally pulls out the cumm some rushing out of his cumm
full ass.. I bet my phone sex subs would love to be in his place!
As soon as he pulls out he runs to the corner I call him back for my
new doggie to lick the alphas dick, my alpha love licking his cock
clean after pulling out, its almost like an obsessions wit him.
So I bring him over and let my sub have his first taste of his ass
mixed with the dog cum, licking u every single drip.

My younger pet runs over and sits at my new pets ass, whining
he is trained to lick the ass with the CUM deposited into. however
I am working with my pet to have him slow down, he really gets
excited when he knows he gets to clean things up, I always give
him an extra treat when he does a really good job. How many of
my phone sex callers would not love to be in his place, the younger
dog I mean not the new pet…. lol xxx you sexy phone sex callers
I wonder how many said new pet an how many said younger dog!
I get him cleaned up give them their supper and off to bed I
go, I lock my pets in their kennels turn out the light and
tell them good night.. sleep well we have a busy, busy day
tomorrow…. you will need your rest……and off I go to dream
about our busy, busy day to CUM.
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187

I took his leash and pulled him over to my chute I use to train my
doggie subs….I can hear my phone sex doggie sluts are drooling
all over themselves waiting to hear the details of what they
would love to have being done. My phone sex doggie sluts love
wanting to be my pets little toys to play with. Keep panting my
little phone sex doggie sluts details are on the way just for you!

I lock my new doggie sub into the chute, I look down to notice he is
already rock hard, NOT following the rules I sternly say as I bring
his folded leash down hard across his ass! He lets out a scream along
with what is called an aftershock… its that 2nd scream that comes
after the 1st wave of pain hits. His cock shrinks down a little more
with each release of the leash against his bare virgin ass. Leaving
bright read skin with white whelps. (Just like the whelps my phone
sex subs get when they whip their ass for me!)

I get out the ankle cuff and spreader bar and attach them to his
ankles keeping his legs open wide so my pet can mount up easily.
once on I bring my younger male around and have him back up onto
my new doggie sluts face, making him lick and suck him while I
give the sign to the alpha that its time for him to have some fun.
Looking at the amount he had already licked and smelled my new pet
he was already hard and knowing he was getting some fresh ass.

I walk around to my doggie slut and pull the younger dog away,
I love watching the face of my new doggie sluts when they are
mounted for the first time, its that look of pain and pleasure
all at once that is addicting to me. Then that look changes
like the look of ecstasy. That’s when they become hooked to
being a doggie slut.. Every one of my phone sex caller sluts
know what I am talking about. I order my new pet to grunt like
a real dog and he does, as my alpha male pushes his hard and
dripping 9 in cock in and out of his ass I see my new pet is
hard and dripping, I order him ‘NOT TO CUMM” he does that
wonderful panting trying to prevent himself from CUMMING.
405-366-2187 * 4050-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187

The last time he stood on 2 feet was before we left the event
down on all fours and lead around on his leash.. I walked him
into is house. As soon as I enter I am greeted by my two wonderful
pets are waiting in their spot for their master to arrive home
safely.. They sit anxious to meet their newest playmate..I know a
few of my phone sex subbies can’t wait to hear this story. I have
few phone sex callers that would love to be in this doggie sluts

The instructions we went over on the ride home were pretty simple
and to the point. no standing, no speaking only whining and barking
allowed. The only food and water will be given out of the dog bowl and
he will eat last because my pets are the alphas. He will strip out of
his in his suit and be as naked as my pets. He will sleep on the blanket
on the floor and from the moment he got into my car he was no longer
thought of as a humane being, he became a dog. And so, my and my pets
fun begins his training began as well. He would allow my pets to sniff
and lick as they want and he is encouraged to do the same with the
warning that they may not be as accepting of his sniffing around them
as he is about them.

My pets seem really taken with their new toy… The older alpha of my
group is fixed on his new toy and is becoming aggressive with my other
male dog which is trained but is now learning more from his father and
alpha then what I can teach him, he is learning that dad goes first
and he will have to wait.
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 4005-366-2187

I get so much pleasure from that gasp you take when you
phone sex subbies are pushing in that hat pin exactly
where I tell you to, or when I have you heat the rod up
with a lighter and make you insert it and hear you scream
in tremendous pain. Or perhaps hanging that 25lb weight from
your balls

Or is it the way you real and phone sex subbies breathe and
pant when I allow you to get so close and then deny your cumming… I
love that panting and begging me to allow you to CUM. My mind fills
with things that I could only imagine you would do for me to allow
you to cum. That is a feeling as good as cumming!

I’m going to be finding out which one of those feelings I’m going
to like this weekend…..At the end of the evening I went to leave
and standing outside the event center was my little puppy waiting
for me to take this little stray home and start training him for
his new owner.
Of course I couldn’t leave him alone to roam the streets.

He rode in the backseat and was told the house rules on the way
home. Which I must say he followed very well. When we arrived
I got out of the car and ordered him out! taking his leash I
pulled him towards the house stopping as soon as we got into
the fenced area, “were going to be inside awhile so if your
going to go you better do your business now!
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187

At the 1st party I went to I found myself drawn to a guy that was in a
very realistic dog costume, not a funny cartoon dog but one that looked
like a real dog. He had a collar and leash that he held and when I was
introduced to him he saw my outfit and asked “Mistress, please here take
my leash I’m yours.” I had to laugh and reply “what on earth have you ever
done to prove to me your deserving of me?!’

I walked off and went to the bar for a drink and head over to my friends.
All night every time I spotted him he was near by and watching me, when
I acknowledged I saw him looking he would hand out his leash as he was
giving it to me. Id smile and walk away… I forget that I forgot my
costume for this party… I was dressed in my DOMINATRIX outfit I wear
when I have my subbies, and puppy subs over.. I also wear it when I
do my phone sex sessions, to give my experience of knowledge for my
phone sex subbies to obey!

So the reason he knew I meant business makes me think he is looking
for someone to abuse him, use him, and make him beg for more.
Just like my phone sex subbies do, my phone sex callers often
ask me “what I get out of being a DOM, because its not about me
cumming.” I get so much pleasure other than fucking –
405-366-2187 * 4005-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187

As you know this month was party after party well phone sex callers
were there with me as I was telling them about what I was going as
and in all the phone sex calls my phone date helped me pick out or
approved what I was to wear with one small promise. I would tell
my phone sex date what happened after I picked up someone from
the costume party and well had a hot sexy cum filled night with

So to all of my phone sex callers, phone dates, phone sex daddies,
here ya go: The night I went to the party dressed in my old school
uniform, tight (button bulging) white button down shirt and tight
plaid skirt with white panties (if I remember to wear them )
with my hair up in pigtails and my knee high socks and saddle oxfords.
And I can’t forget my big thick sweet and tasty, colorful lollie pop
I took it to lick up and down while I practice for licking my daddies
big thick sweet and tasty cock.

As soon as I walked into the event hall I could feel so many eyes on
me…just the way I like it! I came in and looked around, the costumes
were off the charts, of course we had many batman’s and superman’s boring.
Business men ghouls and goblins. What am I going to choose just so you
know right off.. none of those lol…. there’s so many more to choose
from. As I read the room I cant help but search for what I find to
be fun and satisfying, but oddly I am looking for ones that will be a good
hot sexy cumm to over and over story for my phone sex callers….
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187
Since there were so many parties all my thought are surrounded by
what I see and what reminds me of my phone sex callers. I love talking
dirty on the phone with strangers. I love my XXX phone chats with man
after man, it help feed the need I have to be a true slut!
Each time my phone rings its a rush, just like when I go all dressed
up looking for a stranger to take back have my fella watch me fuck.

So I was talking to one of my callers about what to wear to another
costume party and he said he knew the perfect one.. Go as a call girl!
So we talked some more and before our xxx phone sex chat was over
we had the whole outfit picked out. Short black and red lace number
that shows my big perky tits off its skin tight, short and as slutty
as you can get, now I the last part of the outfit was over the knee
black leather fuck me boots! I don’t wear lots of make up but that
night I pilled it on with some red lip stick to go with my red fingernail
polish….I do love leaving red lipstick on a big hard dick!

My phone sex caller was so hard knowing what my outfit looked like!
he said had he not had his hand on his throbbing cock, stroking it
to the visual he had of me in the outfit he would have given me a
thumbs up… He ended up going from a 15min phone sex call to 3hours
He couldn’t get his hard on to leave knowing I was going out in that
outfit that night and more than likely would be bring home one of
the people from the party.. I told him I would and for his next
xxx hot phone sex chat I would tell him who I choose and what we did!
After I promised my phone sex pimp I’d fill him in on every detail
I was off to my party and he was off to do laundry..
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187
So many costume parties to go to I have to say it has really made
my mind wonder giving me great thought for my XXX phone sex page.
each party I go to I find costumes that remind me of my phone sex
callers. This time I couldn’t get the my phone chat daddies and my
phone chat callers that call just to hear my real life stories about
how I grew up daddy’s little girl..

So my out fit tonight was being a little girl all dressed up in my
school uniform, my hair up in pigtails with ribbon in them, my knew
high socks with saddle oxford shoes.. Even brought my great BIG lolly
pop..to slowly lick up and down like I like to lick my phone sex daddy’s
big throbbing cock, licking up that little bit of precum just being
pushed up and out as those big balls swell, getting tighter and tighter
the more cum that they fill up with. The bigger they are, the fuller
they are -the bigger the load my daddy is going to have for his little girl.

I had daddies cumming all night wondering what I could do for a “problem”
they had. I wondered how many of my phone sex daddies had a “problem”
they wanted me to take care of? I love when my phone chat daddies call
me after they have read a daddy stories I tell about how my daddy
showed me how to please him and his many many friends. How he liked
to show my talents off to his friends when I was…..well if you
don’t already know – call me 405-366-2187 and ask me to tell you all
about it!

I loved hearing my daddy and his friends get so excited when all
I did was come into the room, how they all wanted to “talk” to me
first. I still get wet when I think back at how they would sound
when I walked into the room, it was lilke they had ru all the way
there! They would start breathing so harder the closer I got to them.
with everything I did just made them worse, I liked to drag it out,
I loved the way they got when I walked in the room, they never took
their eyes off of me..I loved the attention so much and man did they
give me alot of attention! call for details
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187
I was at another Halloween party, I find myself listening to every
voice I hear checking to see if I can hear one of my xxx phone sex
callers. Looking at the costumes I see a costume that is clearly
a DOM and her sub. She is in all black leather cat girl costume
her pet in a leather bondage suit and mask with his collar with her
holding his leash… I have to tell you it made me jealous!

Why didn’t I think of that… as my mind wonders I can see some
of my little phone chat subbies being in their leather outfit,
mask and all walking behind me with their chastity cage on and
their mask mouth zipped up.. knowing I was showing them off
for everyone to be jealous of what a good little phone chat
toy I have to torture and punish, use my straps, whips and
canes on once we are alone his ass is going to be so read ad
whelped up in only hours…

I love my phone sex subbies that call me with that smacking
of their ass is heard in the background, my good phone chat
subbies know I expect them to be smacking that ass 5mins
before they call me so that when we start their ass is
red-hot and ready for more! Hmmm they need much more they have to
have their clamps, needles and medical q-tips and on and on and on.
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187
With Halloween parties almost every night I have to wonder if
I could be in the same room as one of my phone sex caller.
Its a mystery – I have to wonder if any of my phone sex callers
are indeed there too…maybe one of my little subbies, one
of the guys I’ve talked dirty to, had a little XXX phone sex with.

Every Random voice I hear I fantasies about hearing that one voice
that Big Strong Voice of a my last hot steamy Phone Sex call the
Daddy that wanted his little girl to cum in his office and showing
his little XXX phone sex daughter just how he likes my little hands
wrapped around his BIG THROBBING COCK…..

Or how my phone sex Daddy will teach me how to put my mouth on his
throbbing Cock holding my head in his hands and moving my mouth up
and down on his cock just like he likes it waiting till just before
he shoots that hot-thick-salty load he pushes my head down all the
way to the back of my throat, making me gag making my throat on the
head of his cock squeezing it pushing my phone sex daddy over the
top… Listening to my phone sex daddy grunt as he thrust his cock
hard and deep into my mouth trying to fit his balls into my pretty
little mouth….
405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187 * 405-366-2187
Call of The Month – Diary entry call of the week
My caller today was so hot I had to write it down. He has been one that
loves listening to my stories of my daddy.
Today he wanted to role play one of the stories I had told him. He said
he couldn’t get it out of his mind and wanted to play it out..
He wanted to wake me up from a deep sleep like i had described… pulling
me to the edge of his bed by my ankles pulling me up off the bed with
just my head left hanging on the bed… his swollen cock getting put in
between my pussy lips and fucking hard and fast until he shoots his load
hitting me in my face… As he finished telling me he made my breakfast
just to scoop it up and eat it….. OMG hot hot is that!!
Thinking back on my weekend:
Of those that chat with me know I love motorcycles and ride often.
Those that ride know what a poker run is- for those that do not its
A run usually to raise money for a cause, you pay an entry fee so much a
couple or rider to enter.
The ride is planned out and in the run there are several stops during the
Each stop you enjoy others company get something to eat drink rest and
when you get to the stop your given a card and then drive off to the next
stop and to your next card.
Its a great time and at the last stop the one with the best hand win the
prize, which can vary from cash to certain prizes. Well a few of the
swingers and naughty guys I ride with decided to have The Poker Ride to
beat all Poker Rides!
check back for details…..or call to hear for yourself!

*What is a Poker Run?
A poker run is an organized event where participants ride motorcycles,
you visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a single playing card at each
one, and then travel to the next location, eventually building their
complete poker “hand.”
The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. Poker run
organizers usually develop a unique or scenic route to each of the stops
and the run normally takes 2-5 hours to complete.
Thinking back on my weekend:
The Poker Run was all planned and I couldn’t wait for Saturday.
This ride was going to be a bit different, usually am just a rider this
ride I am participating.
The day started early, before day break.
I put on my riding gear and rode off to get things started.
as I arrived the organizer and I got working on the map of the run.
Marking all the stops, usually we stop at a restaurant or store of some
kind, but this Poker Run is a one of a kind and an invite only poker run..
I picked out the station I wanted to be at and heading out to set up.
Do you think you know how this poker run is going to turn out?
check back for the hot details
Thinking back on my Weekend.
So the Poker Run is set and today’s the day…
I can’t hardly keep my thoughts on anything else,
I get to choose where in the run I get to be so given the nature and how
excited I am I choose to go first.
To give up the secret the poker run is a Poke-her-run!
each stop is a poker her and run.. each girl was blindfolded tied up and
We took ideas from the members of what would be the hottest ways to have
pussy if they could cum across a willing bitch in the woods.
We took the top 7 and planned them out..
Details in next post… Id love to hear your ideas of ways that would be
hot for you!
Thinking back on my weekend
I have to admit I had a hard time deciding on which position I wanted to
be in.
I knew I wanted to be first because I was thinking those poking (fucking)
me would be as horny as I was before today, however it would take them
longer to cum as they went.
So the best hardest fucks would be the 1st ones…yet all were hot..
There are a few that ride alone but most ride along in groups,
And if anyone knows me well knows I love taking on many men….to decide
was impossible so…
The only way I could chose was to write them down and put them in a bowl
and drew one out…
All I could think about was knowing some would be groups of 4-7, I would
be exposed enough for each to get a good poke. :)
SO we set up and get ready to start the run..
check out the next post to hear the details
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have never had Phone Sex like you will with Hollie at Your Desires, because I
am a true phone sex addict that just can’t stop. I tried but I’m back.
Give me a try – I will leave your balls dry!
Oh I’m in a vicious mood tonight… I just called up some friends ..
ordered them over so I could take my bad mood out on them.
Since I have all my toys in order I am sitting here thinking up of all the
nasty things I want to do to them…. I’m Horny just thinking
about what terrible things I have in store for them…Hahahahaha :)

I told them to call me as soon as they get in the driveway, so I can go
and make them strip and put on there piercing cinch collar on. I am going
to make them crawl around from the moment they get in my driveway, they
are completely my pets! They are going to have to pee outside like a dog
before they are allowed in my house. Once inside they will NOT be allowed to
talk at all. They can bark, whimper, beg but not talk. They are my dogs
from the time they get here.

I’m thinking I’m going to bring my pretties, Ceaser and Apollo in for the
night, weatherman say possible storms tonight and that always gets them
worked up. Oh the nasty thoughts that are going through my head is absolutely
awful.. oh I’m going to have so much fun!
I’m getting out my fuck chute and chain that bitch with her tits on the
floor and her ass in the air.. I got out my spreader bars so I can chain
her down as well and have her spread and ready for me and ….well my
friends from out back.

I think I am going to have him get in the other fuck chute but I’m going
to cage up his cock with my own designed cock torture cage… it has tiny
little steel pins on the inside and it pokes his cock as he grows… going
to band up his balls as well. I have my electric fuck machine already set
and ready for action. I’m going to turn it on high and get off listening
to his screams…
Oh I’m so- so Horny just thinking about all my nasty plans. :)

I can’t decide if I want to get out the other machine with the other 13in
dildo and fuck her with it, let my outside buddies take turns or fuck her
pretty little ass myself with my strap on…

Oh there’s my phone – let the fun began…… at least fun for me……

Ill fill you in too, on our next call…….
collars and leashes and my trusty crop in hand…

“Cumming you two”… they better be undressed before I get to the door or
there’s going to be HELL to pay!!!!!!!!! lol
For All My Cum Sluts

I was thinking about you boys, wondering if your following the rules or if
you have let yourself get soft and undisciplined and cum without my

SO——This is for my little cum sluts (you know who you are )(and those
that don’t why don’t you?)

I love knowing I am in control of that cock and those balls and all of
that CUM. I get such pleasure hearing you beg me for permission to touch
that cock -hit it- or best yet NOT allowing you to cum!
Your pathetic whimpers to allow you to CUM, really who do you think you are?
Why do you think you are worthy of something so pleasurable as that??
how laughable you are my tiny little cum slut.

You know I require A LOT before there is any cuming!! And I mean A LOT!
Think your up to it? Dare you see?

Think you can take what I will ask you to do???? Think your …I mean
“MY”(they do belong to me) balls and cock can take it

I expect to be in control of your cock, balls and cum. If your not ready
to give me control……Well then I don’t want you to waste our time.

If your ready to allow me to control your cock, balls and your CUM.. why
is my phone not ringing with you begging me to let you touch your cock!

SO get your toys, and call me, you nasty little cum slut, I have so much
pain in store for you, and if your good, and I mean very, VERY good maybe
even some pleasure for you…I know I am going to get so much pleasure
from all of your pain hahaha….

I can hardly wait to step on that cock with my 6 inch heels crushing that
throbbing head into the floor…..

I want to use you as I wish….NOW Slut!

Mistress Hollie

P.S. Have you signed your devotion agreement with me yet? If not your
being very naughty and for that you have to suffer…And you know how I
love to make you suffer!