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Age: 25
Cup Size: 32c.24.32
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Likes: Roleplay, Forced, age-play, beast, taboo, vanilla, submission, cock/pussy worship, pegging, outdoors, surprise creampies, being your slave.
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Hi everyone! My name is Jamie, I am 25 and I am giving you a helping hand so I can go through college debt free! I am going for my AA in Accounting. I love numbers, money, cocks and pussies!

When I have free time, between studying and working, I love to party. When I am out on the town, I am all ways looking for a new playmate. Someone who I can take to the nasty bathroom and let them have their way with me, if we are caught there, I can't wait to get home. I will pull them to a dark dirty alley where anything goes.

Want a "mommy"? Want a "little sister"? I would love to be those for you. I want to be bent over and yell out, "No Daddy!" as you ram you hard cock into me. I want you to fuck me before I have to go to school, or before we have to go see Mommy. I can be almost any age you want me to be, young and sweet, or a strong handed adult.

Lay back and let me warship your cock like it deserves to be. I want to suck you nuts as I run my feather light touches over your throbbing member. Would you like me to lick a bit further down? I know I want to. I want to trail my tongue around the base of your cock, then slowly move kisses up your shaft, until I just reach your head. Then with an open mouth I will take you, to your base.

Spread your knees, and let me kiss up your inner thigh, your wet aroma inciting me to pull aside you panties. I want to pick your outer lips, tasting the heat form within you. Then as your sighs become a bit more frequent I want to dip my tongue into that teasing warmth. Wrap my lips around your straining clit and just suck. I want you crying out for more.

Lounge on the couch after I bring you a warm nightcap. Let me undress you once you get home from a hard day at work. I want to be behind you while you are in the shower, making sure you do not have to lift a figure to wash yourself. I will make your bed just how you like it, Master.

I want you to do anything to my sweet young body. I want you to make me into something that will make your knees weak, and get you to explode inside of my tasty pussy.