Jamie’s Fantasies

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Jamie’s Fantasies

I sit in one of my classes, the teacher going on and on, his lecture is
entertaining, but not as much as what i am doing below the table top.

I have my hand running up and down my thighs, my eyes watching every
movement that he is making, slowly I allow myself to slip a hand a bit
further up my skirt. What would he do if he knew I can’t stop my panties
from getting wet while he is talking. What would he do if he knew I could
get off to him talking. I bite my lip and look down as my fingers find my
straining nub between my swollen lips.

I want to stop the class and go up to him, push him down onto the desk and
ride him until the schoolwork underneath is unreadable, do to my juices. I
want to hide away under his desk in his office, so after a long day of
standing I can give his firm thighs a massage and then open up his fly and
give his cock a massage too.

I hold back a small moan as I work my clit, a blush spreading across my
face, I watch him travel back and forth in front of the class, from under
my long lashes. I wish he would look up, could he see my hand in-between
my thighs if I opened them for him?

With a small sigh, I feel my cunt twitch, and pleasure coursed through my
lower body. I have cum, but damn do I want to cum around his face, I want
him to lick every juice off of me and suck it from within….

As the class draws to an end, he stops me at the door. “Jamie can you meet
me in my office after your other classes today?” He asks, his deep blue
eyes look as though they are almost begging me.

“Of course teacher… I would love too.” With that I feel another warm
gush in my panties, and I walk away.

I waited until the class filtered out of the room, a blush on my face. He
was sitting at the front of the class, looking at his computer screen.

Once the last person left I stood and made my way to the front of the
room, “You wanted to see me sir?” I asked, my face down, my blonde curls
hiding the dark blush that I knew painted my face.

“I can smell your wet cunt form here…” He said, almost blandly. He was
still looking at the computer screen, one of his long finger rubbing the
small wheel of the mouse. I couldn’t help the sound that escaped my lips
at his declaration, but i said nothing, hoping he would just send me on my
way. I didn’t have another calls that day, I just wanted to go home and
hide my face in my pillow. “Why where you touching your pussy in class
Miss Lace?”

I kept my head lowered, I didn’t want him to see me lick my lips or the
lusty haze that had come over my eyes, “You make me want to touch myself
sir…” I whispered, I hoped he couldn’t hear me that he would just send
me along my way, but I was wrong…

“Miss Lace look at me when I am addressing you.” He said roughly. My head
shot up, my eyes wide as they made the connection with his startling blue
eyes. “Now please say that again Miss Lace.”

Biting my lip I looked at him in the eye, I could feel my core getting
heated again, I could feel the slick wetness I had left there increase as
I looked at those dark lashed blue orbs. “I-i… You make me want to touch
myself..sir.” I stuttered at first but soon I found my voice. If he wanted
to ask me such things then I should make him uncomfortable too.

“Well Miss lace…” He said his voice was a low rumble, I had to lean in
to make sure that I could properly hear him. “Then I have something else
that you may want to touch…”
I slowly wake up to the bed dipping, my eyes crack open to see him,
sitting on the edge of my bed. I quiver but do not make a peep, as his
large rough hands pull the thin sheet from my small frame. His hand slowly
slides up my thigh, running over my underpants, then under my shirt. He
gently grasps my small breasts kneading them, I know he wants me to stay
asleep, and let him do what he wants to my open and wanting body. He
slides into the bed next to me, barely dressed in his boxers, his hard
cock peaking out of the opening, poking my thigh; I wanted to reach out
and stroke him but I knew better. If I was to wake up, he would just get
up and leave, not say a word. But I am a good girl. He slips his hand in
to my damp panties, sliding his fingers around my straining clit. I let
out a soft sigh, I knew i could get in trouble, but it had been so long. I
let him take over, and use my body; I only twitch letting him feel my heat
cum around his very hard cock. I all ways want to be his favorite little
Yesterday as I left a hook-ups, I walked by an empty alley. I stopped and
looked down the dark walkway. What if someone was down there, hiding
behind that nasty dumpster? What if they where looking me over, wondering
if i would put up a fight if they pulled me in. I stood there, hoping I
looked like easy enough pray for them to dart out, grab my hair and pull
me down to the nasty ground. I stood there my knees trembling, lip
quivering, but no one came out of the dark. I could feel myself getting
wet again, and slipped down the alley, pressing my back against the wall I
touched myself, hoping someone saw me to help out… Can you?