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Age: 30
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Hi! This is Jasmin!

I'm your sexy dripping hot chocolate! I can be sweet, sassy and spicy! I'm ready to rock your world! I enjoy traveling like a Jet-Setter, staying in fancy hotels with hot tubs, hiking, biking, skiing at resorts, sipping wine & fine dining. Oh, I also love to erotic dance! Once you see me on the dance floor, you will definitely want to get me in the sheets!

Are you daring enough to dip your stick into my sticky HOT chocolate lava? You know what they say? Once you go brown you always want to go down, but once you go black it's hard to go back to what you have known. Let me be your virgin and personal slut who will beg for your stiff hard cock. Are you able to give me what I want, which is stamina baby! Do you think you can fulfill my cravings so I can unhinge on your stiff hard cock? Show me what you have to offer me. Once you give me what I want, I will always be your good little girl and do what I'm told.

I want you to thrust your tongue deep inside to take my temperature. Eat me raw until I cum all over your face. Once you give me a nice tongue lashing, I want you to play with my breasts. This will definitely begin to turn me on and get my pussy nice and wet for you. Then let’s do 69 on each other so I can begin to please you as well. Thereafter, let me take you in my arms and show you some wild action. I'll have you melting in my hot spicy mouth and having you begging for more. Do you think you can handle this before I begin to ramp things up and get even steamier for you? Will you show me that you are a man or a boy needing lots of guidance? I want to throb hard on your cock and latch on like vice grips; so untap and unhinge me so we can explode and gush together!!

Show me that you can get through our first session of foreplay by taking this moment right now to drift away with me and i'll keep you coming back for more and more and more! I want to deep throat your cock and have you pummel my pussy until it throbs for more. Fill me up and slurp me down. Let me rock your world! My panties are wet and moist & I'm waiting for you!

You can email me at: jasmin@yourdesires.com. My screen name on Trillian is SweetSpicyJasmin!

Yours, Jasmin