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Jenna’s Fantasies

He knew what he was getting into, how could he not? I have been training him for quite some time now. He came to meet as a slut for women. He didn’t discriminate – young, old, skinny, curvy. He didn’t care, he used and fucked them all. But I was different, I denied him.

We met in a seedy motel on the other side of town. As I entered the room, I found him naked on the bed with his cock out ready to go. I could see that he wanted a quick fuck and he’d be out the door. Having none of that, I pretended not to notice his exhibitionism. After exchanging pleasantries, I talked about the mundane, everyday workplace drivel of my desk job. His cock fell flat, his eyes glazed over and as he was about to fall asleep, I began to slowly undress. Unbuttoning my top, I let my breasts slip out, giving him a peek. When taking down my skirt, I asked him to assist with my zipper. I promptly disappeared into the bathroom to remove my panties, strategically placing them on the sink for him to later discover. Quickly, I threw on a more comfortable outfit while pretending to take a call that required my immediate departure.

That’s how it all began. Leaving behind my panties that day is what drew him in. Several more meet ups went about the same. He wanted to walk away but could not. No woman had resisted him before and he wasn’t about to let one now.

After a couple couple of meeting like this, I called him with a pathetic, urgent lust filled voice. He finally broke down and asked, “What is it going to take for me to be able to fuck you?” That was my cue to give instructions for our next meeting. He was to bring a dildo, lube, and meet me back in 1 hour. Crazy with desire to make his next conquest, he agreed, while giving little thought to how things may go.

At exactly 1 hour, I walked into the motel room, blindfolded and tied him to the bed. Asking him, “Do you really want to please me? Make me cum?” Of course he readily agreed. I turned him onto his stomach as my pussy delighted at the thought of taking this dominating man and turning him into my submissive little slut. I lubed up the double ended dildo he brought, worked it into his whining ass and hoped on. As I rode that big rubber cock into his fuck hole, I took pleasure reminding him what a fucking whore his. It certainly didn’t take me long to cum! He now understands that he will forever be my dildo toy.

How I learned to be an Anal Slut

It was the summer between junior high and high school. I had just taken over my BFF’s paper route. In fact, she was supposed to be meeting me soon so I could shadow her last route. As I stood in the rain over the bundle of newspapers, my friend’s dad pulled up in his car. Happy to see him there so he could drive us along the route, I picked up the papers and hopped inside the open front seat. Surprised to not see my friend with her dad, I inquired where she was only to learn that she stayed home with a cold.

I didn’t mind completing the route alone with Mr. Gallagher because quite frankly, I have always had a crush on him. He may have been the same age as my dad but he certainly did not look like my dad! Mr. Gallagher appeared 20 years younger with an amazingly fit body and always wore his pants just a tad tight in the front. Everything about him was yummy but being a virgin, I never took it further than playing with my little pussy as I fell asleep thinking about pleasing him.

About an hour later, we were lightening speed done with my new route. Mr. Gallagher offered to treat for breakfast if I didn’t mind grabbing the food to go so he could watch the sunrise. Delighted at his offer, I went with Mr. Gallagher to pick up some breakfast and then to park on top of the local hilltop peak for the best view of the sunrise. When we finished eating, I turned toward Mr. Gallagher to pick up my garbage and he was sitting there with his cock out of his pants! Mr. Gallagher explained that he knew I was becoming quite boy crazy as he had overheard his daughter and I gossiping about sex talk at our last sleep over. He also said he knew I didn’t have any experience with pleasing a boy but that was about to change. Mr. Gallagher pushed my head down into his lap, forcing my mouth directly on his cock. I couldn’t believe how hungry my little mouth was to taste his manhood. I sucked Mr. Gallagher down to his balls just to hear him moan that I made the perfect little mouth slut for his cock.

After lapping the last bit of his precum up, Mr. Gallagher flipped me over on all fours, explaining that he was going to show me the proper way to please boys without the fear of getting pregnant. He arched my tiny ass up to his swollen dick and teased my asshole with the head. So horny, as he teased my tight little asshole, I begged him to kiss my sweet little cunny before he fucked me. Mr. Gallagher lapped front to back with his tongue as I bucked back onto is face. Switching his tongue out, back to his dick, he filled my ass with his cock. It felt incredible having that big daddy cock inside my tight virgin asshole. I was nothing more that daddy’s little anal slut in training to use whenever he wanted.

Rob’s productivity continued to dip below what he needed to maintain employment. Knowing that he needed this job, I decided to take on the task of mentoring him myself. On Friday, I called Rob into my office to inform him that his employment was on the line. He immediately began begging, groveling in fact. Not being able to stand seeing a grown man become nothing more than a sniveling, whining pathetic shell of a person, I informed him that if he wanted to keep his job, he would come to my private residential office on Saturday to discuss his options.

Saturday morning Rob arrived to my house precisely on time. I called out for him to come in, lock the door and show himself downstairs. Rob soon found he was not there to visit my private office but instead my private dungeon! Upon arriving downstairs he found me spread eagle, on the heavy wooden table, in the middle of the room. Rob then knew he was there to provide the pleasure my body desired. Trying to refuse at first, he remembered he didn’t have much choice in the matter. While motioning him over closer, I could see that Rob was already quite erect. Oh, how I love the tease of this moment for it was not the first time I “helped” someone with maintaining their employment status.

Not five minutes had passed when something overcame him, something animalistic, that laid dormant inside of this previously shy man. Rob came up to me, grabbed me hair and threw me to the floor. Talking dirty, using language I had never heard come out of his mouth before, Rob informed me that today HE was going to be the one in charge! Immediately, rob grabbed the rope from the other side of the table and tied my wrists together. He then hoisted me up onto a hanging ceiling hook. As I was hanging there naked and afraid, yet exhilarated, he barked “Bitch, you have been in charge long enough! I see you have brought me here only to humiliate and use me but that’s not what is going to happen!” Hearing this and being in such a precarious position, I could not say nor do anything other than submit.

Rob kept circling around me, as if deciding exactly what he wanted to do, when all of a sudden he thrust his fingers inside of me. Never having anyone take control of my body and mind like this, my sex flooded his hands. To this, Rob laughed, taunting me. He brought me so close to orgasm when all of a sudden he just stopped. Rob then crossed the room and picked up a spiked paddle. With each swing, my desire to cum increased. The pain morphed into pleasure as I begged him to let me cum but he only met my begging with a smirky laugh. Once he finished with my humiliation, he informed me that things at the office were going to be a lot different from now on and threw a bunch of pictures onto the floor in front on me. Each picture showed a past or present employee that had visited my dungeon, fulfilling my sick desires. Rob’s threat to reveal the abuse of my authority to HR solidified my complete submission to him. I begged him not to report me. Agreeing to do anything to keep that from happening, Rob cut me loose and instructed to report to him on Monday morning in what would now be HIS office, no longer mine.

Monday morning came. Trembling, I walked into Rob’s office when all my fears came to truition. Rob closed the door, ripped off my clothes and collared me. Again, he pushed me to the floor. Without warning, he shoved his cock deep inside my wet cunt, thrusting until filling me up with his hot cum. When he finished, I was leashed and lead out of his office. Rob walked me around to every cubicle so all the people I had once abused in my private dungeon could bare witness to my enslavement. The employees laughed and cheered as they saw my submission to my new master. I was now his sex toy, his pet being paraded around like a new little puppy.

After returning back to his office, Rob threw me onto my knees and called Janet in. Rob instructed Janet to sit down and hike up her skirt. Janet happily complied, as she was the employee I rode the hardest. Janet spread her legs and called me over to pleasure her warm, moist cunt. My tongue glided gently over her slit when Rob pulled my hair, jerking my head backward. My eyes looked up at his smirky smile. “Eat her good and make her cum or you know I will report you!”, he barked. He then pushed my face back between Janet’s legs. I lapped up every bit of juice from her hairy wet cunt like my life depended on it. Grinding her pussy faster and faster against my face, she moaned as she flooded me mouth. That was the day that Rob became my boss (and I couldn’t be happier).