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Jenna’s Thoughts

My brother in law then worked his way down my stomach, his pants rising as he purposely made sure his huge bulge hung front and center in my face. He softly pressed down on my pelvic bone with one hand as he rubbed his other hand across my clit. My clit engorged as he rolled it between his forefinger and thumb. He slowly caressed each side of my labia. Already dripping as he pumped more lube all over wet pussy, he confidently inserted two fingers in my cunt and proceeded to rub his palm forcefully against my clit while working my G-Spot. He knew he found it when I bucked and moaned, “Yes, right there! Don’t stop!” He kept working my G-Spot until I squirted like never before.

I imagine you touching me… your hands run over my breasts, thumbs circling and pinching my nipples… then down my torso, gliding
confidently between my legs… and then I think how you would be, fingering me – precise and efficient. fuck. Phone sex makes me so hot…

Both men moaned as I worked their cocks together, rubbing them against one another. Jacking off two beautiful cocks at the same time resulted in a
completely intoxicating effect on my lovers. The sensation of working my slut mouth over both cocks simultaneously made me instantly flood my
panties. As my mouth filled with cock, saliva flow increased, and made for quite an enjoyable deep throat fucking. My throat clenched around
both pulsating cocks, shooting wads of hot cum. I was their cum receptacle that afternoon and every Friday since.

Kim let Billy push her against the fence, her soft mounds of flesh contained in his strong grip. Thanks to the weeks of self induced
lactation, with each squeeze, milk cascaded from her warm pink nipples, down her large DDD breasts and onto his hands and arms. It even sprayed a
little, dampening his shirt with cream from her milky tits. Before their mess get out of control, Billy lapped at Kim’s nipples, prompting her to
wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “Yes, Baby! Drink my milk!”, Kim moaned.


Up until yesterday, I had never been with a man. Even though I had sucked your strap on, begged you to fuck my ass, and cleaned your cock when you
were finished with me, I was not attracted to men. Serving you is easy, as you are so feminine, so gorgeous. But there I was being pushed to go
further, Mistress. You had me crazy with desire to please you yesterday. I was so turned on, I would’ve done anything to please you…and did. You
commanded that I suck a “real man’s cock” and knealt me before your bull. I enjoyed servicing his enormous cock just to please you. You planted
that desire and turned it into reality. I will forever be your sissy cum slut and desire to service any and all cock that you see fit for me to do

-Your lowly cuck slave

I reveled in the feel of his thick shaft sliding into and filling my mouth. My body trembled with lust as I ran my hands over his nakedness.
Turning me on with his hot, dirty talk, I slipped one hand down to caress his balls while losing myself in the back and forth rhythm of vigorously
working his cock to explosive ecstasy. I, then, slowed down to suck him into my throat, burying my face in his lush outgrowth of pubic hair. He
grabbed my head and groaned with pleasure. My throat grappled with his thick, meaty pole as I let him fuck my face, all the while gurgling around
his raging hard on. He soon slammed his entire shaft length into my mouth again and again until he finally erupted, gushing a load of sperm. I
gulped and swallowed his hot cum as he jerked and moaned.

It’s no secret to my callers where my sexual interests lie. I have a couple casual lovers but I primarily derive my sexual pleasure training
subs. At any given time, I am training between 2-10 submissive slaves. I personally own two but “break in” others and pair them up with like minded mistresses. I have always been a dominant women with interest in engaging submissive men in bdsm essentials, including but not limited to; foot worship, cock and ball torture, spanking, breast smothering, sissification, ass pegging, forced milking, verbal humiliation, and flogging. Full on intercourse with Mistress is almost never allowed as that is not the dynamic between myself and a sub.

He savored every stroke of momma’s soft hands working the warm lube over his young cock. As he approached climax his body began to tighten, shake
and twitch. His eyes closed and his moans began. With a deep contraction starting under his cock and balls, he knew he wouldn’t last long. Mommy’s
soft, warm gliding hands worked his sensitive frenulum until his cock spasming grew so strong, that he could bear the sexual pleasure no longer.
The ejaculated semen shot out until his stomach, chest and face were covered in his dirty boy mess. Mommy’s hands had drained him of every last
drop. Satisfied, he thanked mommy for their “special time”.

As soon as I woke up, my submissive pet wiggled his way down in between my parted thighs. Sub boy was following his usual routine of licking, kissing and teasing my sweet little bald cunt. After about twenty minutes of him enjoying his breakfast of champions, I placed my hands on the back of his head and forced his mouth over my entire cunt directing him, “Eat”. “That’s right, my pet. Eat it all up”. My sensual subbie found his duties intoxicating. My taste prompted the precum drool from his small cock. As my labored breathing and wetness increased, I worked his face back and forth, fully coating his lips, cheeks and chin with my juice until my completed orgasm drenched him completely.

I dropped onto my knees, pulled down his shorts and released his hard cock. All 10” of that beautifully hung cock made my mouth water with
hunger as I licked the precum off the tip. He moaned as his cock slid down my throat and back out again. Working my tongue over his shaft, he
gripped my hair tightly and again rammed his cock down my gagging throat. Squeezing his balls gently, I relished in every groan I was able to
retrieve from him. I could feel his muscles tighten as he was about to to cum. To my surprise and delight he pulled me off of his dick and released his three day load all over my face.

I reached down my sheer white panties to rub my swelling clit. While one hand parted my puffy little lips, the other hand stroked my wetness over
my excited clit. I used two slippery fingers to imitate the stroking motions I would use on a cock. You were slowly sliding in and out of my
arched up ass while I was jerking off my throbbing clit. Usually I race to orgasm by envisioning the largest cock imaginable spearing into my cunt
but I didn’t want to speed it up and have the end come too soon. So I lay there with you fucking me in the ass and slowly jerking my pussy. It was
pure ecstasy.

Contessa had been a naughty little bitch. Her disobedience demonstrated that punishment was long overdue. Master John walked over to her, shook
his head and took her to the whipping post. He tied her wrists to the top and her feet to the bottom of the pole. As her punishment, she would be
whipped 10x across her breasts with a final blow across her cunt. Left tearful and whimpering, Master proceeded to insert the handle of the whip
deep into her cunt. He worked her cunt to climax and left her hanging, limp body dangling there until her next punishment.

The BDSM/fetish alphabet

A is for Ass
B is for Ball gag
C is for Caging
D is for Domination
E is for Enema
F is for Fetish
G is for Golden shower
H is for Humiliation
I is for Infibulation
J is for Jerking off
K is for Kissing
L is for Licking
M is for Mistress
N is for Nipple play
O is for Orgasm
P is for Pegging
Q is for Queening
R is for Rimming
S is for Strap on
T is for Training
U is for Urophilia
V is for Voyeur
W is for Watersports
X is for xxx phone sex
Y is for Yes Ma’am
Z is for Z job

As he thrusts his fingers deep into my pussy, I slide down. I want his cock stuffed in my mouth when I cum. I want to feel every inch of his
manhood as I take it into my mouth. My jaw collapses around it as he’s rocking his hips back and forth. His fingers gently squeeze my clit, as I
grind against his hand. I let out a whimper even though my mouth is filled with him. I look up at him, wanting to see his face when he explodes. I
can feel my orgasm. Cumming increases my suction around his cock. I feel his cum hitting the back of my throat as I explode again from grinding
against his hand. It feels sooooo good.

*A love note left on my nightstand*


I can’t stop thinking about last night, especially when my hands massaged every inch of your sexy body, worshiping the feel and sight of you. The
smoothness of your skin and your amazing body lying under me will be at the forefront of my thoughts at work today. The sensation of when my hard
cock pressed against your heavenly ass will have my cock aching for you all day. Can’t wait until I see you again tonight.

Love, Todd

Again, my mind wanders as the daydreams kick in. I think of nothing other than how much I desire you, how much I want my lips on you, and so many
other erotic thoughts of you. Your alluring breasts and your erect nipples consume my thoughts. The feeling of my hands caressing your breasts,
captivate me. The touch of my tongue, the taste of your warm cream, and the sound of your soft moans play over and over in my mind. I can feel my
pussy gush with wetness as I sit here longing for you.

I am so close to orgasm as I feel you thrusting into me-Take my pussy, mouth and ass; Make it yours! Own it! Fuck me nasty!! Oh yes, yes! Make
me your little slut– harder; harder, deeper, faster! YES!!! Oh FUCK, take my ass baby… yes, yes, yes fuck my dirty little asshole. Fuck me
harder, baby, I am so close! Ram your big black cock into me. Make it hurt sooooo good, I need it! Oh YESSSSS, yessss, yes cum in my mouth. Take
that delicious black cock, shove it into my mouth and dump your sperm onto my tongue. Yes, yes, oh God YES. I am cumming for you, cumming all over
my fingers thinking of that hard prick of yours.

As a teenager, full of testosterone, he came to me for his necessary daily milking. I have practiced a few different milking techniques but by far
my favorite is prostate milking. I carefully bind my boy to my vintage bondage table and work a slow vibe into his asshole. I then milk his cock
like a cow’s teat while increasing the intensity of the vibration against his prostate. This continues until his dry heaving cock is spent and
further orgasm is fruitless. The mental effects his much needed milking leaves him counting down the minutes until his next session.

I slowly shimmy my skirt above my waist and slide my hand down between my thighs as you sit across the room watching me. I visualize your tongue
gliding across my inner thigh. Your lips leave a trail of kisses leading to the warm, wet slit between my legs. My other hand is gripping my
breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples. I yearn for your lips to be everywhere my hands wander.

You sitting across from me, watching my show makes me even hotter. Can you see the wetness dripping from my cunt into my panty? Does it turn you on?
Do you desire me? Do I make you want to fill my mouth with all your sweet and salty hot cum? I want to end my night licking your cum from my lips
as I fall into slumber.

My plan is to break in my newest, most defiant sub, quickly and efficiently. My dominance over him will come from three main deprivation

1. Sensory Deprivation
Slave will be blindfolded the majority of time. He will not be allowed to make eye contact with me for any reason. He is never to have a visual
image of what is about to happen to him. Slave is also not permitted to hear what is happening/about to happen. This includes the snap of my whip
as it lands upon his body.

2. Sleep Deprivation
Slave will be sleep deprived for the first 24 hours. I will use this time to penetrate his openings to ensure that he is uncomfortable and to leave
little doubt in his mind that I am now the sole provider of his pleasure and pain.

3. Orgasm Deprivation
Slave will NOT be allowed to orgasm, only edge and only with permission! His need for pleasure will only be met with an unfulfilled ache, never the
satisfaction of an orgasm.

*Usually within the first 48 hours of using these techniques, a sub will come to understand the dynamic of profoundly satisfying relationship.

Arching his back, my young lover started to ejaculate onto my face. Shot after shot hit my mouth, lips, tongue, hair and eyes before I took him
back into my mouth to drain the remainder into my throat. This drove him crazy with desire! As he clamped his hands down to pull me closer, he
gifted me with another mouthful of his semen. My other lover then positioned himself so that he could watch that mornings cream pie drip
from my pussy onto the bed. His fingers alternated between pleasuring my cunt and scooping my juices into his mouth. After he had his taste, he
pulled out his long cock and slowly slid into my freshly fucked snatch. It didn’t take long for him to breed another load into me.

I love wearing my patent black leather corset laced up to the cut out chest area that surrounds my ample C breasts. It wears so perfectly with my favorite short black skirt that tightly hugs my curvy hips. My new “come fuck me” thigh high 5″ heeled boots complete my outfit.

She loves wearing her short red plaid, ruffled school girl skirt with her white thigh high stockings. The matching top that barely covers her tits, with her erect nipples teasing me immediately makes me wet.

She holds me against her sweet smelling skin, whispering in my ear “I have a new paddle”. Immediately, my ears perk up with curiosity. She giggles as she pushes me over the nearest chair, ordering me to slip off my skirt. I comply as I shimmy my skirt down to my ankles. My bare bottom and moist little slit are now displayed for her desire.

I await the pain eagerly, as she brings the flat of the paddle down upon the curve of my ass. She smiles as soon as she hears the smack of the paddle on the flesh of my bucking ass cheek. Her smile grows wider as she raises her paddle, only to bring it down onto the other cheek. By this time, my ass squirms with anticipation for the next swat.

The night I lost my virginity

I was 16, he was 18. We had just left his senior prom and were on our way to the hotel. He had already paid for the room, as we had planned this night for some time now. Of course, I was nervous but the anticipation of this moment left my younger self crazy with desire to give my body to my young lover.

At first, I was extremely self conscious to undress in front of a boy for the first time but he picked up on my reluctance and reassured me that I was indeed perfect in his eyes. He sat on the bed, drinking in my young, beautiful physique knowing that my virginity would soon be his latest conquest.

I laid down beside him on the bed and he started kissing me passionately on my lips, my breasts, and in between my legs. My body burned with desire, it felt so incredible! I had to wonder how I had put off something so pleasurable for so long.

He was so tender with me, patient and sensual. He asked if I was sure that I wanted to lose my virginity. As I reassured him that I did indeed want him to be my first, he positioned himself on top of me and tenderly worked himself inside me. It felt so nice as he thrust his way to our mutual orgasm. Afterward, we held each other close. As we fell asleep in each others arms, all I could think about was wanting more.

I moved closer to him, lying down on my stomach with my face positioned between his legs for an up close view of his masturbation technique. Positioned so close to his cock, he could feel my warm breath on it. Already, driving him crazy with desire, I decided to tease him some more. I moved up to straddle his face while playing with my pussy right above his mouth. Already so aroused, my orgasms started to flow. He had been stroking his cock so long that I could tell he, too, was about to erupt. As he stood up, I laid down on the bed. He instantly blew his load all over my tits. Sufficiently satisfied he collapsed on to the bed.

The chain reaction of my orgasm leaves me screaming and panting as he yanks me by the hair.The pain is like an electric jolt through my cunt. My hands crush my breasts rhythmically, my clit pounds with my heart. I can bear no more torment. Every nerve ending in my body is overloaded. Just when I can’t take anymore, he buries his finger into my asshole, giving pleasure of an even more intense orgasm. I’m screaming, begging, whimpering, lost in my own orgasmic euphoria. My pussy clenching his impaling cock covers him with the juices of my many orgasms.

My sexual frustration is at an all time high as I stand in line at the adult toy store. It has long been a ongoing joke among my female friends that my toys always have such a short life span. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Given my high sex drive, I tend to burn out my vibes within a couple months. My last vibrator ran out of juice three days ago and I have not been able to make it into the store for a new one until today. Now I am here waiting in line on black Friday to make my purchase. I doubt I will even make it home, probably breaking it out in my car as soon as I make it to the parking lot.

With all those holiday parties coming up, what better time for me to share some holiday pick up lines I’ve heard over the years!

“Are you my present because I really wanna unwrap you”

“How would you feel if I came over to eat that partridge out of your pear tree?”

“Hey girl! Wanna be Santa’s little helper and hold my sack?”

“Just call me Santa ‘cuz I wanna slide down your chimney and empty my sack.”

“Let’s be naughty together and save Santa the trip.”

“If you come back to my place, I’ll make sure you don’t have a silent night.”

A memory from my brief time at an all girls school…

As I glide my tongue from the bottom to the top of your swollen labia; you start to relax. Your juices flow from your cunt to my mouth. I press my tongue inside your slit, ready to lick as much of your juices as I can. I grind my nose against your clit, savoring your taste. I lap up your cunt a bit more, then shift my attention on suckling and nibbling your clit until you completely melt in my mouth. You taste better than imagined.

Not wanting to ever disappoint Mistress Jenna, he agreed to be her willing cuckslut. Instructed to sit quietly in a corner, naked, plugged and clamped, his cock oozed precum. As he anxiously awaited watching his Mistress getting fucked by another man, he relished in the thought that his only purpose would ever be for the cleanup. It made him feel useful, as Mistress thoroughly enjoyed the humiliation of her sub. He lapped up the fresh creampie, always thanking her profusely. Using his tongue to scoop every last bit of cum from the depths of her freshly fucked pussy had been a masturbation fantasy of his for years.

After pulling the nipple gently, he was able to secure down the clamp. He bent my clamped nipple side to side, which felt quite wonderful. Then he pulled straight up and seamlessly slid the needle through. Oh My God! I felt the strongest urge to cum as he carefully retracted the needle and threaded my nipple ring through. He gently squeezed the little ring closed with his pliers. I couldn’t wait for him to do the other one. My nipples have never felt more alive with pleasure.

Dear cuckslut,

I have a very special date planned for tonight, so you need to start preparing yourself. You are to do a complete enema clean out of your dirty asshole until it is nice and empty. Make sure and take special care to wash off every inch of your disgusting animal filth. As per my rules, plug up that freshly cleaned ass using the widest glass plug and stay naked until I return home. Be sure to also place a chair into the bedroom so that I can watch your pathetically underwhelming little cock, as you watch my big black cock date please me in ways you never could.

Lovingly, Your Mistress

I slip the dildo inside us both. It feels so good barreling into our wet snatches. I love looking at her pussy wrapped so tightly around the big black cock. It feels incredible as we start to fuck each other rocking rhythmically back and forth. SHE feels incredible. I can feel her cumming, I’m cumming. My clit throbs rhythmically in tune with the beat of my heart. We pull away from each other and collapse in our afterglow.

I am so fucking horny for hot older cock. I need a Daddy to stretch out my tight young pussy. My little girl cunt is oozing just thinking about daddy getting me off. Would it feel good for your baby girl to hump you dry with my creamy pussy? Would you be my daddy? Please…

I knocked on my on my submissive pet’s bathroom door this morning, as I do every morning. When he opened the door to let me in, I motioned for him to lie down on the floor. Squatting down, straddling his open mouth face, I started the flow of my warm piss. He laid there dazed, erect and relishing the taste after I finished my first morning pee. I graciously thanked my personal toilet slave for being of service and rewarded him by allowing him to masturbate into his dirty sock. I collected my belongings and headed to work, just like every other morning.

If you were to run into me on the street, I would look like your typical 30 year old mother, daughter, sister or friend but in my personal time I am a fiend with an extreme desire to always keep my pussy wet. I have many personal extracurricular activities that make it happen. Often, I meet up with random men to satisfy my desires. There are some days when I crave the friction of a large pulsating dick that will leave me a load of cum running down my leg. Other days, I practice squeezing my thighs together in hopes to calm my sexual urges down. Usually though, there is no good way to ease my misery until I get dicked down good and hard and even then, I am not satisfied for long. I always have a need to feel a man’s cum leaking out of my pussy wetting my panties.

Oh fuck daddy! Please make me lust for your cum dripping cock. My pussy aches for it, needs it. I’m just a bitch in heat for Daddy dick. Look at my creamy, naughty little cunt. All I want to be is just a horny little bitch stroking off her clit for daddy.

I love most any kind of play done to my ass. When I am totally turned on, I even start to crave anal play. I just love having my asshole teased with a tongue flicked ever so gently on it. That flick of the tongue, no doubt progresses to tongue fucking my sweet naughty hole. After you have tasted your fill, comes your fat cock between my ass cheeks, sliding on me, pressing into me. Getting your big cock off on my ass. I love being your naughty little ass slut.

I imagine myself stripped from my skirt and panties. I recline back in the lazy-boy, as you kneel before me on the floor. I spread my thighs apart, presenting my sweet cunt to your face. Holding myself open, I moan as your tongue probes deep inside my hairy cunt. I wrap my slender legs around the back of your head, squeezing tightly with each lick you take.

I slowly suck you dry, taking your cock’s last spent spasms until you again soften in my mouth. I then rest my head upon your lap and kiss up and down as I finish worshiping your cock. Pushing you back, I kneel before you, sucking your tongue into my mouth. The taste of your own semen instantaneously springs your cock back to life.

As I sit by the phone, I wonder if the day will ever come when I will stop yearning for you. I wonder when my body will ever stop yearning for you inside of me. You are in my thoughts every time I finger my cunt to climax. I have already fucked myself twice today but it is never enough. I NEED your cum.

This morning, as I was getting ready, I found myself in front of the mirror examining my pussy. You had asked me a few times if I would shave her bald for you, even offered to help me shave. Well, I decided to grant your request. I hope you find my silky smooth little snatch to your liking. I have to admit, it does feel so nice.

I want to feel your familiar body against mine until you can no longer resist the urge to have your growing manhood inside of me. I want to feel you thrust deep in your mother’s cunt. I want to take my grown son’s hands and place them upon my breasts as they rub me ever so softly. I want to feel your seed fill me before we lay embraced in one another’s arms. You will forever be my “good little boy”. -Mommy

Inquiring minds want to know if I “play” in real life. The answer is yes, I do. I currently have three subs and a fourth in training. Each mistress/sub relationship has a different dynamic so my personal life is never dull! I believe this is what makes me a good xxx phone sex girl.

The night we met, we were both out with our friends. You bumped into me at the bar while ordering drinks, so confident that I would give you my number. As soon as you got it and walked away, your text came through. It read to meet you in the back corner by the pool table. I’m nervous and excited as my sex starts to tingle. I tell my girlfriends I have to make a quick call. You push me against the wall in the dark corner and start to kiss me. Your hand snakes down the front of my skirt until your fingers are on me, inside of me. I’m so wet, your fingers are magic. You have me cumming in seconds. As I moan into your mouth, you pull your fingers away and lick them clean. “You taste fucking delicious” is the last thing you say before walking away.

He immediately slid his hand up my dress, encountering my thigh high stocking tops and then the curve of my ass. With a groan of anticipation, he bent me over the table and buried his thick shaft into me. Within a few minutes he began talking dirty, calling me “his owned whore”, as he thrust himself even deeper, draining his balls into my sweet little pussy.

I told her to lie down on her back. Raising her knees to improve my access, I settled in between her legs. I placed my tongue at the entrance to her already moist cunt, instructing her to look into my eyes. As our eyes locked, I asked if she enjoyed women doing this to her. She stared up at me for a few seconds before giving an almost imperceptible nod, groaning with pleasure.

He pointed to the floor in front of him. I immediately understood his meaning, sank to my knees and opened opened my mouth. He put his semi- erect cock into my mouth and told me to work my tongue along the underside of the shaft as he slowly thrusted in and out. I love how he moaned out his appreciation of my efforts as he grew to climax in my mouth. If only I knew his name…

What are the kinks that turn me on? What am I personally into?…

Great questions from some pretty great phone callers because I love to delve into just about any porn category my caller takes me to but role-playing, taboo age play, anal (always makes me squirt), sissy-training my sub, piss play, femdom forced bi, pegging with plenty of dirty talk, male domination and medical are my personal pastimes. I have such a great job that always leads me to new and interesting things. My callers never cease to wow, amaze and turn me on!

I often find myself daydreaming about the days xxx phone sex calls after leaving work. No matter if it is the taboo daddy call, the sissy strap on call, a sexy role play call or a call from a man wanting to be dominated, I always find myself turned on. Often I am asked which type of call I enjoy the most. There are so many calls that make my pussy wet, it is difficult to choose a favorite. Limiting myself to one type is like committing to missionary position for every sexual encounter and that’s just not my style!

I have always wanted to be the “party favor” at a gang bang party but unfortunately have never had the opportunity to have more than two small cocks inside of me at one time. In fact, playing the lead role in a gang sex scenario is starting to consume my thoughts. Lately, nothing turns me on more than the idea of being the center of attention in a group of 6-8 well hung men.

I know that my fantasy is a little extreme and may only ever be explored through my adult phone chat but the loss of control, being at the center of such an erotic event, and even the remote possibly of it one day becoming reality makes my tight little cunt so wet!

Lucky for me, my significant other is out of town for awhile and I can thoroughly explore this deep desire while alone. Every night this week, I have had to rush home to my toys. I barely get through the door before thrusting a dildo into my pussy, mouth and ass. Filling up all three of my holes at once, while thinking of more men standing around just waiting for their turn gives me orgasm… after orgasm… after orgasm.

Dominating men has always gotten me hot, especially if there is a lot of degrading sex talk involved. I believe every girl should experience having a man in a position where they have no control. Paddles and handcuffs, obeying my every wish. Can you be trained as my submissive whore?