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Hey guys, my name is Jordan and I'm so excited to be joining all these hot girls here at Your Desires. Let me start off by saying that I am NOT the sweet innocent girl next door.

My first sexual experience happened at my babysitter's house with my friend Sarah. After we had been playing outside in the sprinkler we came into the basement to change out of our dripping wet clothes. As I was removing my bathing suit, Sarah asked me why my breasts were developing so much faster then hers. I told her I didn't know why, and she asked if she could look at me to find out what else was different between our young bodies. Even at this young age I was so proud of my body I was eager to show it off. I lay down on the basement floor, and Sarah proceeded to run her fingers over my skin slowly examining my young curves. I remember giggling for a minute as her hand moved quickly down to my pussy, still wet from playing in the sprinkler. This was the first time anyone had touched me down there, and I don't think I will ever forget the sensation of her thin fingers exploring the inside of my pussy.

After that first innocent experience I couldn't get enough. I spent most of my free time with a mirror between my thighs looking and touching my pink thick pussy lips. I soon discovered by rubbing my clit in different ways I could make myself cum over and over. I was adventurous even at that young age. I started putting items in my pussy, finding out just how much I could take, and the different sensations that came with different objects. A couple years later I had my first look at what a real cock was.

Jason was 3 years older then me, and lived 4 houses down. It was a hot summer day, and all the kids in the neighborhood had come over to use our swimming pool, and Jason was one of them. I remember I had gone inside to use the bathroom and he rushed in behind me before I could close the door. I pushed him jokingly and told him he was crazy for wanting to watch me pee, and he grabbed my arm and told me he had been doing a lot of watching lately and it was time for action. I told him to get lost, but he still had a hold of my arm and sat me down on the toilet seat. As he loomed over me I could see his cock getting harder and harder beneath his swim trunks. Suddenly he was standing naked in front of me, and I remember his throbbing cock was completely memorizing. I asked him what he wanted, and he grabbed the back of my head and guided my lips to the tip. The power I felt at that moment, sliding my lips and my tongue back and forth over his hard cock while he grunted and moaned, is something I'll never forget. Suddenly I felt hot salty liquid shooting into the back of my throat, and his fingers digging deep into my hair. As he pulled my head back, he looked down at me and said that that was just the beginning, and it was.

The next night, as I was lying in bed, he came to my window. All I had been thinking about for the past day was the way his cock felt in my mouth, and how I longed for more. I opened the window and before I knew it he was through my window and throwing me down on the bed. He pinned me down with his arm while he slid my panties down my legs and then asked me to beg for his cock. I was scared but excited all at once. I had never had sex before, but I was dying to find out what it would feel like having something so big and real inside of me. I begged for him to drive his cock deep in me, that just the thought was making me wet and my cunt was starting to ache in anticipation. He rolled me on my stomach and thrust his cock deep in my pussy.

After that first time I couldn't get enough cock. I experimented with different positions, different size cocks, different toys, and different places. I didn't just want sex, I craved it. I was addicted to the way a nice hard cock felt sliding in and out of my mouth, and the anticipation that came with knowing that he would soon be inside me. I also became obsessed with the power I had over a cock, and how just my pussy lips could dictate when a man would shoot his load in me, or how I could make him wait until he was begging at my feet. I loved having that control over a man, but honestly sometimes it would get out of hand.

I remember this one time when I took my little games a bit too far. I had been dating this guy for about 2 weeks. We of course had already had sex multiple times, but that night I wanted to spice things up. When he came over to my house that night I swung open the door and grabbed him by his necktie. I led him into the dining room and sat him down in one of the chairs I had turned to face the huge bay windows that looked out over the street. I could tell he was a little nervous - he was so use to being in control! All I had been wearing was a thin white t-shirt, and a pink pair of panties. I was naked in front of him and the windows in the blink of an eye, and I could see his greedy eyes checking out my tight little body. I quickly loosened up his tie and slipped it off his neck. He asked if I was going to tie him up with it, and I slapped him on the inside of his thigh with the thick end of the tie. As he sat there a little stunned, I slowly slid the tie down the front of me letting the cool silk harden my nipples as I moved the tie between my legs. I could see his cock get harder and harder as I started moving his tie back and forth over my cunt, letting my juices soak through the silk. He started to get out of the chair, and I pushed him back down and straddled his legs while I slipped the tie around his wrists and through the slats in the back of the chair. I let my hot pussy rest on his cock and could feel the throbbing through his tight workpants. He called me a bitch, and I stood up quickly and faced the windows. As I slowly bent down exposing my nice round ass, and my juicy pink lips, I heard him struggling with his tie, trying to free himself. I stood up and turned back around, and in one swoop I kicked his chair hard and he fell over on his side. I knew he was pissed now, but before he could speak I rolled the chair over so he was on his back, and shoved a thick pink dildo in his mouth. I knelt down next to him and asked him how he liked having a thick cock in his mouth. I let him lay there for a minute struggling while I stood over him rubbing my now dripping wet clit. I looked him in the eyes and told him I was a bitch but he was now MY bitch. I rammed my pussy down hard on the dildo, and made myself cum 3 times before I let him up for air. All of a sudden he was reaching around and grabbing my hair and pulling my head back (I later found out he had been able to untie himself while I was too busy to notice). He stood me up and told me that sluts like me needed to be punished. He pushed my head face down on the dining room table, and as he was unzipping his pants he whispered in my ear that this was going to hurt. He rammed his cock deep in me over and over until I felt his huge release deep in me. I couldn't walk right for a week, and I loved every minute.

So at this point you've probably decided that I am an extremist, and you would be right. I don't just want to be fucked by you; I want to be fucked hard by you. I don't just want your cock in my ass, I want your cock thrusting hard into my ass while you grab my hair and tell me what a cum slut I am. I've learned that I can cum more times then the average woman, and that I crave cumming more then the average person. I have many toys, and even carry a small vibrator in my car that I can slide discreetly down my panties while I'm sitting in traffic. Want to cum play with me? I bet I can teach you that being tied up on your hands and knees while the heel of my stiletto sliding in and out of you can give more pleasure then you ever thought possible. That the feel of my leather crop gently caressing your cock can make you harder then you've ever been. Maybe just for extra fun I'll slide the crop in and out of my wet pussy before caressing you with it!

Maybe after you've had enough of being my play toy, I'll untie you and you can take your pent up sexual energy out on me any way you want. Whatever you want, I am here for your pleasure, as long as it's hard and rough. Mmm the thought of getting to talk about all the possibilities between us is making me wet - want a taste of my sweet juices? For a small fee I can send you the panties I'm wearing right now just so you know how truly wet I am for you.

If you have read this far then its time to to take action. Stop dreaming of playing with me, and start living out your wildest fantasies. I can be reached on Yahoo messenger at MoreJordanForYou, or on AOL at MoreJordan4U, or you can email me directly at Only have a minute? Wanting an instant reply? Email to find out when I am available to devote my attentions to you.

XO Jordan