Jordan’s Fantasies

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Jordan’s Fantasies

Slow fuck
As a lot of you sluts know I love a good HARD pounding in a slut hole. I
do have a softer side however!
I love placing my strap on right up against your ass, sliding it up and
down, teasing that sensitive ass of yours…..
and then when you start feeling ME push, ever so slowly, a millimeter at a
time, stretching you open and achingly slow, pushing ME inside you….
Can you imagine being on your hands and knees for that long? Because once
its ALL the way deep inside you, then I’m going to slow fuck it almost all
the way out……..
Summertime always gets My body sizzling. The warmth in the air, the smell
of well oiled bodies in motion, and of course all the tanned bodies coming
out to play.

A client made the comment to Me the other night asking Me if I get MORE
pleasure from being a Mistress to a lowly slave, or getting fucked by a
nice, big cock.

To all My slaves out there. Each of you brings Me pleasure in different
ways. Perhaps its the strain in your voice as I order you to complete yet
another task. Maybe its the edging you perform for ME, bringing you
almost to the point of exploding, and then ordering you to stop, hearing
your labored breathing, Mmmm music to My ears. Or maybe its how far you
will go as a slave to please ME. The boundaries you will cross, the
commitment you will show..


I also have a juicy, tight, wet pussy that needs the attention of nice big
cocks. REAL MEN know how to fuck ME, and I love throbbing hard cocks just
as much as I love My little slaves.

so to all the big cocks, and the lowly slaves, Im looking for LOTS of
pleasure this summer, cum find Me if you dare!
So I suppose this isnt a fantasy, as its now become a reality… BUT…
last night I had one of My real time slaves watch Me as I got pounded by a
nice hard cock. slave was only allowed to watch and stroke with slaves
sandpaper, but it was fun seeing slave get aroused even with that coarse
sand scraping back and forth over the shaft.

The best part however, is after that nice big cock shot a HUGE load deep
in my pussy, slave was rewarded by not only getting to clean My cunt out,
but also getting pounded in his slut hole by the cock that just fucked Me,
at the same time!!!

… see, sometimes I can be nice and hand out rewards!
Sexual Desires
Just because I love twisting your balls in my fingertips. Just because I
love when you leak, but aren’t allowed to release. Just because I love
the feeling of that metal clamp as I press it against your nipples. Just
because I love torturing the head of that bulging cock.
Doesn’t mean I don’t relish the idea of being pounded into ecstasy by a
nice big throbbing cock.
Strap-On Situation:
Imagine the things you might do for Me. The compromising positions you
would obtain in order to worship and serve a Mistress like Me. The
humiliating acts you would perform to please Me. The unbecoming words that
might escape your lips in My presence.
Now imagine all of this while I slow pound you with My 9″ strap on and
make you recite all those derogatory thoughts youve been having…
Hard Late Night Fucking:
Sometimes late at night, when Im here all alone, my submissive side comes
out. I start fantasizing about all the different positions of submission I
could be in, all the filthy acts I could perform to serve and please
Most of you know, this is a bit out of the norm for me – but it doesnt
mean that occasionally I dont long for the feel of a nice big cock
thrusting in and out of me, that I dont crave those nice full hard balls
slapping against me as you pump.
And it sends me over the edge to think about one of my lowly little subs
kneeling beside me, ready to clean…
Most of you know that I love domination. I enjoy hearing you moan in My
ear when I give you explicit instructions. I relish the ache in your voice
when I have you perform My bidding. Cock and ball torture is something Ive
become fascinated with on many different levels, and it has been a true
pleasure perfecting My training techniques on all of My willing subjects.

Sometimes, however, I have a burning urge to be fucked HARD. Not by any of
My slaves, as they are definitely not worthy, but by a REAL MAN, with an
amazing cock. The thought of climbing onto a nice hard, thick, throbbing
shaft and grinding away until I cum over and over sounds so nice, and
would be such a welcome release.

Perhaps you think you’re a real man that can handle a nice tight fuckable
pussy like Mine???
Imagine the phonesex we could have when you get to be the one giving Me my
first orgasm of the night
I cant wait
Dress up time
Every morning when I get dressed, I imagine having a pet to dress as well.
I start to imagine the thrill I would get sliding my silky thigh highs
over your toes and up your smooth legs. The way you might start to throb
as you felt the garter clicking into place. The way your skin might start
to tingle as you heard the clasping of My bra around your body. I can
picture standing you in front of a mirror getting you ready for the day.
Teasing you by pulling My panties you are now wearing up high over your
hips, so you felt that thin piece of material grabbing at your body…
Mmmm, and thats just the beginning to My morning routine….
I had a dream the other night. All My slaves were lined up in front of Me
on bended knees. They’re palms facing upwards, their heads hung low,
singing My favorite song. The look in their eyes, the gasp in their
breathe, their smiles wont be there for long.

I run down the line, My whip cracking in time, to the whimpers I begin to
hear, and as they look up at Me again, shame in their eyes, I know they
finally begin to fear
Sometimes its not about being tied, held down, forced.
Sometimes all it takes is the right word, the right thought, the right voice.
Imagine the control you would be under, the things you might do for
someone with this kind of power,
imagine the things I might do.
Phone sex
When I answer the phone I am always excited to hear who is on the other
end of the line. I start to fantasize about the things I can do to you.
How I KNOW I can get that cock nice and hard, how I can get you to stroke
faster and slower depending on My mood. I like imagining what it must
feel like to have every inch quivering and pulsing under My guidance.
Mostly though, I fantasize about covering you in hot cum.
A Long Hard Night
you are strung up against a big picture window facing out onto the street.
you feel the warmth of the heat lamp behind you, its comforting, and yet
so revealing at the same time. you wonder if any passer-byers can see you
on display. your arms hang limply over your head, your wrists bound and
tied to the curtain rod. your legs have been parted and bound to small
hooks in the floor, while you dangle helplessly.
Suddenly, you feel the all to familiar smoothness of the crop. The
leather strap glides down the small of your back, gently caressing your
bare skin. your body tenses, reacting to the last time you were in
trouble. And yet the leather straps keeps sliding down. your knees start
to quiver as the leather lingers against your inner thigh, and then starts
to slide back up…
Daddy? Why are you mad at me? You didn’t come to my room last night like you usually do! I waited up all night thinking you were just testing me to see how long I could stay awake. I know night before last I fell asleep waiting for you and my bottom still stings from the punishment you gave me. Is this another part of my punishment? If it is, then I better not tell you about how I discovered that pinching my nipples made it tingle between my legs! Or how, when I moved my fingers down my body, my special place that only you touch was slippery and wet! I know I’m not suppose to touch down there without you beside me, but I couldn’t help tickling myself just like you showed me.. besides, you told me that it was important to explore my body! I hope you spend special time with me tonight Daddy. Its been hard to lay in bed and not feel my Daddy’s arms tightening around my little body-caressing me in the special way only my Daddy knows how to do. In fact, right now I’m laying in bed in my little white nighty picturing your big hands sliding down my flat little belly and up and under my jammies – I do love the way your rough hands feel against my smooth skin, and I know how happy it makes you too! Whatever I did wrong Daddy I will try and make up for it – I just hope you come see your special little girl tonight…


Daddy where have you been? I have been laying on my princess bed all night, waiting for the quiet squeaking of the hinges on my door, alerting me to your presence. Last night I know you couldn’t come spend special time with me because mommy was making you watch that movie, but I really thought tonight we would be able to play that fun big girl game you showed me last week! I even wore your favorite nighty and the matching panties with the hearts all over them! Earlier today when Jessica came over, we got to play dress up with all the big girl clothes you gave me – she even tried on the training bra mommy bought me- and you’re right- it DOES look funny on a flat little chest like hers – I’m not going to try it on now until my chest gets bigger like the models on tv!! OOOHHHH I think I hear you coming up the stairs to my room now, I’m such a lucky daddy’s girl!!!


Mmmmmm Christie Every morning Christie slides into her room wearing next to nothing. I always peek out my door to see if I can catch a glimpse of her sexy ass or those mouth watering tits. All day long I sit thinking about the last time her nipples drove into my mouth, and the way her hips felt in my hands as she rocked back on my strap on. The way her luscious blonde hair looks gripped tight in my tan hands, the smell of her pussy as she gets close to orgasm, and the way her tongue feels as its licking my body. Christie and I get to work together during the week, and yet there’s never enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do to her, and all the things I want her to do to me – Come play with us! Its always more fun with 3!


As most of you know, every Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday I’m here very early in the morning. What you might not know is how much I enjoy early morning orgasms.

Lately, Ive had this overwhelming desire for Erin. Shes a bit older then me, and seems to know a lot about sex. More importantly shes here in the early mornings at the same time, and loves coming into my room and teasing me about all the things she could be “training” me on.

This morning she walked into my room wearing a very enticing pair of black thigh high stockings and a VERY short black leather skirt. As she leaned over my desk to point to something on my computer screen, she grazed her perky little nipples across my shoulder – I’m hoping it was on purpose, but I’m not quite sure!!! She then stood up and placed one of her black 6″ heels on the surface of my desk and asked if I had found any new playmates. I noticed that she was wearing crotchless panties. It made me so hot all I could think of is how much I would like to learn from her.

Do you want to be the one to help Erin train me? Both of you could train me in the all the ways to bring a person to the edge and back. I am your willing student.


Ever have a late night craving? My late night cravings happen every Friday night pretty much the instant I get here and undressed. The house is quiet and dark, and I love finding new places and new positions to fuck myself in all over the house! My new favorite thing to do is to use my dildo with the suction attachment on the sliding glass door. Its so perfect – I can adjust the height, and fuck myself on all fours, standing up, or bending over! Since I work days during the week, my Friday night overnight is the only time I have this much freedom to try out new positions and places. All week long I look forward to Friday nights and finding a new place to fuck myself – mmm maybe this Friday I’ll attach it to our big living room picture windows – see if any late nighters want a real fucking show!!

If you ever find yourself at home late Friday night with a craving to cum you know where to find me XO Jordan


Planes, Trains, & Automobiles I don’t know how many times Ive been bent over the hood of a car and pounded until my knees were weak. Planes? I have enough points on my Mile High club card to get a free ticket. But trains.. now there’s something I want to experience. I’m not talking about a train that runs across a track, I’m thinking about a train that runs across my pussy!!! The thought of letting go of my inhibitions (although do I even have those anymore?) and letting man after man pass me around for their pleasure is a fantasy I cant wait to explore. Have you ever taken a ride on a train before? Call me and fill me… in!


Baby come here and let Mommy make it all better for you. Mommy loves to have her sweet young boy so close to her. Rest your head in-between Mommy’s breasts while she strokes your forehead gently. Whisper in Mommy’s ear how much you love her, and how safe it makes you feel to have Mommy’s arms around you. Tell me baby why your heart is starting to beat so fast when Mommy slides her long nails slowly across your hairless young chest. Mommy is the only one that understands when your little nipples get hard and erect at the thought of Mommy moving her hand towards your belly. She is the only one that understands, because only you and Mommy knows what comes next…


I’ve been here a month now and before I started here I thought I had some pretty good fantasies – but boy was I wrong. The men that I have gotten a chance to talk to have opened my mind to so much more, and it makes me wet just thinking about some of these new fantasies I’ve been hearing! However, today being Thanksgiving, an old fantasy keeps popping into my mind and wetting my pussy.

Many people celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. There’s always a big to-do about who’s coming to dinner, what everyone is bringing or cooking, and what game is on TV. Every year my entire family gets together – cousins, aunts & uncles, brothers & sisters, grandparents, and of course my own parents. There is always a lot of commotion in the kitchen, and even more around the TV. I’ve always thought how easy it would be, with everyone so distracted and busy, to slip upstairs with my cousin and my uncle unnoticed.

They are both very handsome men, and the idea of being fucked repeatedly by them – whether they take turns or DP me – while the rest of my family is downstairs, makes the tip of my clit start to quiver.

Do you have a similar fantasy? Call me, and lets trade naughty little details :)