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Jordan’s Thoughts

Sexual Deviant
Do you ever think to yourself that this word might be used to describe
you? Have you ever thought your fantasies and thoughts towards all things
sex are so “out there” that nobody would understand?
Im here to tell you, you are wrong. If you think you’re alone, you’re not –
if you think nobody has ever thought or felt the things you have – I am
here to tell you, they have.
Want Me to prove to you I know what I’m talking about? Give ME a call
I have a new flogger!!! I found it at a little sex shop in Vegas – oh how
I want to break it in – sometimes when I look at it (yes, occasionally I
enjoy sleeping beside it) I start getting wet dreaming of all the willing
slaves My new flogger has the power to control..
Spankings, beatings, light whipping – these are all things My flogger is
looking forward to performing.
Who wants to be My first test subject?
Foot Fetish
pet, you know the way My toes curl over your shaft? How each of My pretty
toenails glide across that throbbing member so seductively and carefully?
do you remember that feeling, that shiver running up your spine as you
look down at those pretty red nails? Do you worry how strong MY feet are?
… you should
I was recently down in Arizona for a few days of sun, fun, and of course
SEX! One of My friends introduced Me to a girl named Summer. Summer was
amazing! There was nothing that girl wasn’t willing to do in the name of
sex. Bondage, you should’ve seen how she looked encased in tight ropes…
Oral fixation, Summer took cock after cock deep in her little mouth until
she was instructed otherwise…. and the Poundings… I had the privilege
of flogging her while she took various cocks in her tight little holes..
ahhhh Summertime
Most pets are locked up all winter long. The aching, yearning, desire to
be free cum spring is one of MY favorite times of year!!! All these pets,
biting at the bit to be released from their bindings, willing to do
WHATEVER it takes to be free…agony is soooo sexxxy
Spring Fling
thats right pets! your sexy phone Mistress can also be your sexy spring
fling!! Maybe you only have a few weeks, a few months or maybe only a few
days that you can slip away… I will take ALL I can get pets!
So pick up your phone, and see how much fun you can jam pack in this spring
Hot Sun, Hot Sex
MY vacation was exactly what I was hoping for pets!!!
Lots of SUN, and even MORE SEX!!!!
I was even able to find a pet-in-training at one of the fun swinging
parties we hosted… it is VERY nice to look down and see a pet eagerly
painting your toes while you lay topless in the sun.. Mmmm

… and that’s just ONE of MY favorite things that happened on vacation!!
There’s something about the way a thick rope cuts into virgin flesh, that
thrills ME. The visual of you, down on your knees, tied and ready for
use, gives ME such naughty ideas, and makes My little pussy quiver in
I bet right now you can picture the torture your clit or cock might have
to endure for your Mistress, the agony of the unknown, the uncertainty of
your future…

Forget talking someone into doing something – I prefer restrained submission.
Mistress Jordan’s Vacation
I know you will miss Me slave. Its too bad you aren’t in a cage to be
locked away until MY return. Its too bad its not you that will be
applying lotion to MY sizzling body, fanning ME while I lounge in the
heat, painting My toes to match My bikini…

Instead, I know you will be patiently awaiting My return. Longing for
some attention and to be petted by your Mistress. I will miss you pet,
but you KNOW I always look forward to your happy puppy dance upon MY
I relish in the delights of the taboo and twisted. One of the things
about phone sex that’s great is that its “blind” in a way – you can tell ME
all your deepest, darkest secrets, and feel safe in knowing only I know,
and you will never have to worry about coming across ME in your day to day
life. So come thrill ME with your dark fantasies and taboo dreams.
Forced Intoxication
one of My favorite things to do to a slave like you. From the selection
of beverage, to the amount you consume, all under MY guidance. Oh the
things slaves like you are willing to do for ME while under the influence.
PS – I like My drinks on ICE.
Phone Sex Spanking
you might be surprised to know that the hard smacking sound of something
hitting your skin turns this Mistress ON. I am able to tell the
distinction between a wooden paddle, a bare hand, a bamboo cane, or a
flogger. I get wet knowing that wherever I instruct, that is where your
skin will turn bright red, and then a deep sexy purple.
I ALSO love knowing that you are willing to inflict this punishment upon
yourself, to please ME… Mmmm that sends a chill down MY spine
Foot Worship
If you think that because Your Desires is a phone sex hot line and you
would never be able to fully worship My feet, think again.

I love sending updates of My new polish colors, or pictures of the lotion
that smells so good as one of My slaves applies it to My toes. Its also
fun to occasionally grow My nails out so I can squeeze and scratch those
balls with just the flick of My ankle….

all slaves in fact should be on their knees staring down at My pretty
feet, waiting for My next command.
Did you know that phone sex isn’t ALL your Mistress Jordan does? As many
of you know, I also host real-time local slaves for MY pleasures, attend
all sorts of swinger events, and I’m famous for MY summer pool parties!!!
Being here at the Your Desires allows ME to practice over the phone all
those naughty things Ive been learning and utilizing during MY every day
life. Now give those nice full balls a squeeze and pick up the phone and
call your Mistress Jordan.
One of My clients recently asked ME why I wasn’t more loving and sweet. I
actually get asked this often, and MY response is always the same – that
is a character trait of Mine, however, a slave will only get to see that
after they have shown they deserve MY love and kindness. I am NOT the
girl next door ready to embrace you and tell you how wonderful you are. I
AM the bitch that will make you sweat, swear, cry, and beg for more.
I had a fun encounter not too long ago
One of MY real-time slaves has a female married friend. She had been
feeling for the last year that her husband was leaving her VERY
unsatisfied, and she knew their sexual relationship had to change, but
didn’t know how to go about it… enter ME.
She was such a willing hole for the 10 cocks I scheduled to fuck her. One
after the other, ALL while her poor husband was tied on his knees next to
her watching his own wife get pounded.
Occasionally I let him lick her hole.
I love making new friends!
On your knees looking up at ME
I let you feel the device
the metal slides up and down your skin
I let you feel the key
it slides cold and hard over your tongue
you feel the device settling into place
you feel the key being pushed into the lock
you hear the click of the lock.
Ive missed all My pets – Its been so nice to revisit old times, as well as
exploring new ideas and tricks. The moans in MY ears make ME quiver with
excitement, as those moans usually mean you’re stroking for ME. Now, be a
good pet, and bend over….
The other night I was involved in a session with the cutest little
submissive whore!!! he was made to do all sorts of degrading things, with
a lipstick smile, and a face covered in cum.
you might not realize this, but it makes ME wet, seeing these real-time
whores submit to these amazing Women of Power!!! I WANT MORE….
Being Thankful:

This season I am thankful for all My pets and ALL the pleasure I have
taken from your flesh. I am thankful for the moans, the pleading, the
crying, the pain, all for your Mistress Jordan.
So thank you pets, I look forward to many more rewarding endeavors
My hand is working your butt plug in and out of your greedy asshole. Then
it comes hard and fast, the big knot in your belly. You know you’re on
track to cum in the next minute and you have enough sense to know from the
past, you have to ask for permission to cum with Mistress Jordan. Quickly
you blurt it out, “Please…Mistress can I cum…Please”. You feel MY
breath on your shoulder…”Yes slut…All for Me, give it all to ME NOW”.

If I were Santa, I would only hand out butt plugs for Christmas.
I was dreaming the other day of sugar plum sissies, and eggnog.
Holiday time is HERE – how will you be serving your MASTER JORDAN this
I am waiting and WANTING to hear from all the naughty sluts hoping to
unwrap their presents
One of MY favorite things is to give you the impression that when you call
ME, you will be rewarded with a release. Most of MY regular slaves know,
however, that this is NOT always the case. I get a great thrill from
edging your poor cock to the brink of explosion, and then denying you that
ultimate pleasure. How long do you think you could last? Minutes, hours,
days? The Jordan Book of World Records has slave lee in the lead with 7
days 2 hrs of continual teasing and denying Mmmm thrills.
Financial Domination
One of the truest forms of ultimate submission. I have several slaves
that have submitted ALL their financials over to ME to budget for them as
I please. Of course there is a LOT more to this, but tell ME, does the
thought entice you? Do you want to know more? Call ME to discuss.
Almost time to celebrate!!!
The beginning of the December month is a time of pure cheer for ME. Why??
Its MY birthday!!! Not only does this mean sweet nothings in MY ears,
presents at MY feet, and cake, but it ALSO means those sweet slaves of
MINE kneel before ME, ready to take MY birthday spanks on their sweet
sissy asses.
Whos ready to bend over and take it???
I love placing one of MY soaked pairs on the head of a willing slave.
Occasionally, to take it one step further, I love placing a plastic bag
over the slaves head so slave can get the FULL scent of slaves Mistress.
There are other uses for MY panties too. Have you realized how erotic it
can be to wear a silky pair under your work clothes to the office? How
about when you stroke for ME?

Mmmm, the possibilities are endless….
Glory Holes and Glory Whores
Recently I had the honor of watching a private glory hole party. Poor
little sissy was hog tied upside down, and that little sissy mouth was
pointed directly towards the glory hole. Sissy stayed like that for 5
hours while big cock after cock came pushed their meat into that hole and
into that sissy mouth. It was glorious.
Its that time of the year again!!!
when the weather starts changing, the leaves turn colors, and MY house
gets COLD. I need a new wood boy to keep ME warm. Last year MY pet was
very willing and obedient, however, pet KNEW I liked a clean house, and
would always forget to wipe his paws before cumming inside with his wood,
annoying and ultimately unforgivable.

Mistress Jordan is now out on the prowl for a new wood boy
The Dentist
When you see that word, most of us cringe and wince at the idea. Just
that one word brings up countless images and memories of pain. I recently
escorted one of MY pets to his dentist appointment and was so fascinated
and fixated on how nervous and scared he was – VERY impressive! Im VERY
much looking forward to taking that real life experience and turning it
into a hot role play for MY pets – imagine being strapped down in a chair,
a large circular device inserted into your mouth to keep it “open” and the
power I would then hold over you… Mmmm.
The Fall
I had slave boy chop a bunch of wood for Me the other day. I like sipping
on My coffee and watching the poor thing labor away, sweating and
straining every inch of his sissy self – all the while dressed
appropriately in English riding gear. I LOVE when its time to start
burning fires, it means wood boy can finally come out to work.
Jordan’s Journal Entry – Back to the grind.
One of MY RL slaves took Me for a ride on his hog the other day. I truly
never realized how freeing this can be! The way the breeze felt whipping
against My tender nipples, the heat blowing upwards from beneath My
ankles… I am not even slightly hesitant about telling you that I ground
My little pussy deep into that leather seat as we were flying down the
freeway going 90. I punished him later for going so fast, he had precious
cargo rubbing away behind him.
Ball Busting
Something I thought I would never get wet over, and yet this summer Mmmmm.
I went to an adult party, and watched a girl dressed in her little school
girl uniform, hit a mans balls with her little ruler until he was crying
for her to both simultaneously stop and continue.

As most of you pets know, I’m all for submission, but that distinct
slapping sound against his tender ball sac… Im pretty sure if I ever
hear that sound again it will give ME an instant orgasm
Oh what a summer I have had! My pets have serviced Me well these last few
months, and yet I found Myself longing for My phone sluts. Are you ready
to catch up with Me? Are you ready to submit to Me? I know the wheels are
turning as fast as My vibrator is humming
Hello all MY sweet babes, naughty pets, and kneeling slaves. I will miss
ALL of you so very much this summer, however, I cant wait to begin MY
summer of FUN – all the real time slaves that will be serving ME, all the
pool parties and new bikinis I have to try on, and to get out of, and don’t
forget how Mistress loves her drink – 1 semen cube, 1 ice cube!

If you miss ME, feel free to email ME at, as I will
be checking in regularly, and will be available for appointments
throughout the summer. (I may even stop in from time to time for a hot
steamy overnight!)

work on those tan lines pets!
Cock, tails, & dreams
I had such a vivid dream the other night. I think I even woke up grinding
against MY bed wishing I had a little slave to help service ME. In MY
dream I was watching slaves being served cocktails via their slave holes –
I woke up wanting to try this… enema anyone?
I love tan lines. I love tan lines on MY slaves even more. perhaps NOW
is the time to get out that sexy thong and go tanning for Master Jordan
Vegas, baby.
of all the ultimately naughty places to visit, sin city has always been
near and dear to MY heart. The glitter, the glamour, the sex, the
seediness, all things I love. Planning a trip to Vegas?? perhaps a kinky
little role play in a back alley… or maybe I’ll just tell you about the
swinger clubs I know of down there…
sometimes its rope
sometimes its cuffs
squirming and writhing
all in the hopes
that Mistress will pity you
loosen those ties
but I am a mean one
and love those cries…
There is something so great about having the week to do all the bad things
I want to do – threesomes, naked pool parties, sexy lingerie shopping…
in fact just the other day I was trying on a bikini for a hot little pool
party I am attending, and maybe I DID leave the dressing room curtain open
slightly on purpose so the salesman could catch a glimpse of ME
changing… Mmmmmm all the things you can do in a dressing room..
Ahhh Summer!!!!

those tiny little bikinis, the hot sun beating down on tan, lubed bodies,
the sex wax in the air. MY favorite season of the year is right around
the corner!!!!
Maybe youre wondering where I am, or why MY hours are less here at Your
Desires – dont fear pets, its just ME enjoying all the summer boy toys!!
Cum find some time to hear about what Ive been up to, or if you like, see
if you can catch ME via email at to schedule a sexy
session, I’ll be waiting!
I have these huge picture windows in My living room – nice large panes of
glass that give an unobstructed view to the outdoors. Yesterday, My shy
18 year old neighbor boy “happened” to be out mowing the yard when I
walked by the window completely nude. It was in that moment where I
thought how exciting and HOT it would be to have a sissy slave tied naked
to a chair in front of that window, fully exposed.
Cumming into Spring
As many of you slaves know, spring is one of My favorite seasons of the
year. All the sissies cumming into bloom, the winter coats gone as the
sexier, skimpier outfits come out of the closet Mmm. I feel like playing
dress up… Cum get your sexy spring look on!
Lately My Mistress juices have been flowing!!! I am finding that simple
tasks will get ME excited and I will have to abandon that task for
fingering MY pussy into orgasm after orgasm. Luckily I have a little
slave that cums by and cleans ME up on MY really WET days. you KNOW you
wish your slut hole was being fingered by ME, call ME and tell ME about
your aches as I play with Mine….
Ropes and Ribbons
sometimes the pull of a nice sturdy piece of rope can mean the difference
between pain and pleasure. Those coarse fibers digging their way into
that soft flesh, the strain your muscles feel as the weight of the
impending restraint is felt.
other times it can be the soft supple feel of a silky piece of ribbon
tightening around your cock and balls that can keep you on your knees…

these are some of the things I think about as I watch a lowly little slave
resting on the floor beside Me.
Love Month
Im so excited – Ive ordered and will be getting a new paddle before this
next weekend! This new paddle has a nice long wooden handle, and at the
spanking end it is shaped into a heart! I’m hoping the bruise it leaves
will be a perfect little purple heart Mmmmm…..
slaves ask Me quite frequently if they can begin a submissive training
program with Me. They often wonder what is involved in submitting full to
a Mistress, Domme, or similar. To answer this question, all slaves are
different, and therefore require a custom training program that plays on
their strengths as a submissive slave, as well as their weaknesses as a
submissive slave. Some slaves get weekly or even daily assignments they
must complete, other pets get toys of MY choosing and trained on proper
use of them, still other subs require daily call ins to maintain their
accountability. Want to start your submissive training routine? Give ME a
call and we will customize them to the needs I see fit for you.
Cold Clear Days, Hot Steamy Nights….
Today I took pet out on a walk. Its amazing how beautiful everything can
be even when its cold and icy out. The way nature looks “frozen” in place,
frailty hanging on the whim of the sun. pet acknowledged that it was
similar to being restrained in that control is given up and a pet is then
at the mercy of a Mistress’s whim.

That night pet was reminded of MY nature.
Panty Pleasure

Imagine My silky panties pressing against your ever tightening balls. The
way that smooth material would feel wrapped against that hot shaft and
then sliding back and forth up and down in a slow rhythmic stroke. Can
you feel My wetness against that throbbing shaft? Can you imagine how wet
those panties might be? Can you almost taste MY sweetness?
I love knowing you are stroking using your Masters moist panties.
The week leading up to the new year, I always try and reflect on where I
am and MY goals for the next year. I thoroughly enjoy being here at Your
Desires. I knew I was always a kinky girl, and in MY early 20’s I started
discovering MY dominant side, and have really let that out!! I hope to be
continuing to discover new tricks for all MY feisty sluts, applying
additional pressure to the slaves under MY thumb, and getting more hands
on with all the HOT SEXY PHONE GIRLS here at YD!!!!

Happy Holidays to all you phone boys out there – you make MY job AMAZING!!!
Poem From A Domme
his cries escape dry lips
bringing a blush across
My porcelain skin

his moans ring out like
a broken mans song
pulsing through My body

I like him on his knees
I like My hands in his hair
pulling his head back
exposing the tender flesh
of his neck

where I bite and nibble
and feel him squirm below Me

his eyes filled with lust
excite and entice Me
Helpless submission

his body, arched in pain
and twisted in pleasure
send shivers up My spine

My slave, My pet
writhe in agony for Me
Giving Thanks
Even someone like Myself knows when MY phone sex slaves have done ME well,
and deserve a big thank you in return. So THANK YOU to all of you for
making MY birthday so great!! Between all the FUN calls, the gifts, the
sweet words of devotion in MY ears – I could not have asked for anything

For Me, birthdays are something to look forward to, and I am already
looking forward to the cum covered candle cake next year.

I am a VERY satisfied Woman.
One of the great things about phone sex is the ability to let yourself go.
Have you ever had a secret desire? Have you ever had naughty taboo
thoughts? Maybe you’re even leading a secret double life? Or perhaps you
just want to explore a different side of you….

Phone sex is perfect for that – all the exploration and fun, without all
the awkwardness of having someone right in front of you!

NOW is the time to let your inhibitions go, and seek ME out….
Pushing the limits
I know this concept is different for everyone. All people have ideas on
where they might draw the line. I love playing on that edge at times.
Getting you to admit your deepest, darkest, desires to Me. Confessing and
confiding your fantasies and then pushing them into realities.
There is something very powerful about that.

Think about it this way, who else could you really tell these naughty
little things to if not a phone sex girl?!
Jordans Journal Entry 11/2014

Feeling your body pressed under Mine
your breathe panting and labored.
your need tingling over My skin
as I slide inside you again.
Pushing deeper and deeper
exploring every inch
wouldn’t you love to submit
to being My little bitch?
Just those 3 letters sends a quick chill down my spine. I love the ideas
and thoughts that come to MY mind when I write out those simple letters.
Modification, restraint, pain.. do you think you have the balls to hand
them over to ME?
I love giving out a nice hard spanking to a deserving slut. Did you know
some of the most common household items make some of the best spanking
Rolling pins, meat tenderizer, wooden spoons, spatula, just to name a few
– trust Me when I say, the sensations you receive will have you begging
for MORE.
Have an idea to Re-purpose an item?? Call and beg Me to try it out on you!
One of My subs told Me recently that he was hooked on all the things phone
sex offers. He couldn’t understand why, with all the options available to
him through the internet, he still wanted to hear My voice in his ear as
he strokes and cums. I told him there is actually a simple reason for
this. Some people are visual – hot porn movies, online webcam sessions,
etc etc. But there are a large group of people that crave that sexy voice
in their ear, instructing them in real time, guiding them as they perform
every command.. not to mention its discreet, its two-sided, and some of
the best orgasms can be had stroking to My voice.
So cum get hooked
I am waiting.
Tonight I had the chance to read some of the steamy, sexy stories on
literotica – (never heard of it go look it up!) All these thoughts and
ideas that people share – its amazing. It really lifts My spirits to know
that there are so many kinky people out there just like Me! Its also a
great way to get fresh new ideas for naughty roleplays and HOT new ideas
on some of My favorite things – control, submission, and sissy sluts.
Want to hear what new ideas I have? you know what to do….
Jordans Jornal Entry 9/23/14

Almost there….
The arrival of fall always signifies a special time in My life. I love
watching the leaves change colors, I love the smell and the feel of the
air as the weather starts to turn. Mostly, I love that the majority of My
real life pets renew their slave contracts with ME – always a great time
of compromise and control wrapped around new wording and definitions.
… plus any of you that know Me, KNOW I LOVE Halloween!!!!!
Hard Tongue Lashing
sometimes its fun to have My pets kneel and hold out their tongue for
punishment. Sometimes its a gentle tap on the top of your tongue with My
leather whip, but what I prefer is to use your tongue for MY Own
pleasure… ramming My body against it – smothering you with My pussy
until you quiver for a breathe… seeing your naughty little mouth covered
with ME…
anyone in need of punishment???
Jordans Journal Entry 9/6/14
Time has been flying by! Summer is almost over, and I feel like Im busier
then ever – end of summer pool parties, road trips to the beach, swimming
every day… I hate when summer ends. Work has been going quite well – I
DO LOVE making all My little play things worked up and horny for ME…
Mmmm I think I may just be addicted to control, well and releases too HA.
Workin up these weekend boys which you KNOW I love, and finding time to
get a bit more naked tanning in.. mmmm
My Panties
Wouldnt you love the feeling of that soft material sliding up and down
against you? Wouldnt you love running your tongue over the spot your
Mistress’s pussy was touching? Imagine breathing in MY scent as you feel
that pulsing between your legs getting stronger and stronger. Cum call ME
and ask ME what naughty little pair I have up against MY body, and perhaps
they can be yours….
Jordan’s Journal Entry 8-14-14
This summer has just flown by! I cant believe what a great time its been
though. Even at this very moment Im thinking of all the cool little tricks
Ive been learning – have to keep My boys in line, right journal?!
Tomorrow is car washing day (Mmm maybe partially nude – it IS suppose to
be hot out) then off to buy that new pair of black heels Ive had My eyes
on for a month now – Thank you slave j for My extra spending Money – ooh
gotta remember to send him a picture to drool over…. ooh gotta go My
neighbors son is peaking in My window!
it sometimes seems like such a simple idea. Releasing control, allowing
another to have control. Could you give up TOTAL control though? Could
your surrender to your desires and allow another’s desire to become yours?
Could you foresake all that you know, to bask in the shadow of the Master
you serve? to ME, this is the beginning of your beginning pet.
Summer days and Lazy ways:
Its so nice to have My pets servicing Me on these long hot summer days.
I have been so spoiled! Lounging in my chair sun bathing nude, while My
slaves bring Me sweet tea, rub lotion all over My body, and prepare
amazing meals for Me to consume. It reminds Me not only of how great the
summer months are, but also that fall/winter is fast approaching, and I
need to find a wood boy to stoke My fire and keep Me warm… Hmmmm…
Jordans Journal Entry 7.16.14
Mmmm I sure did miss all My little play things!!! I know all the sexy
women here at Your Desires have been keeping them on edge while Ive been
away, but I now am realizing how much I truly miss the begging and
pleading, the stroking and squeezing, and of course the full submission to
ME – this weekend I should bring My new toys with Me, there are some
things I need to break in… until next time journal
PS – being bent over and fucked from behind, while simultaneously
humiliating a tiny cock was HOT
Jordans Journal Entry 7.4.14
WOW a surprisingly busy overnight! I sure thought all those horny sluts
would be out popping off their rockets, but lucky for Me, I got to do that
for them. Summer finally seems like its here. I love this weather – and I
love seeing My skin start to turn golden brown – need to get rid of My tan
lines though – hmmm I should work on that this week.
3 more days of playing with My pets at YD, and then a WHOLE WEEK of
nothing but margaritas, cocks, and sun Mmmm cant wait!
Dress up
The feel of those stockings sliding over the smooth skin of your thighs.
The way those lace panties bind and conform to that round ass. The silky
sensation of that sexy material sliding over those perky nipples. The
tightness of those restraints wrapped around your wrists and ankles. The
slickness of that lipstick as it slides over your slutty mouth.
oh how I love playing dress up!
You know you’ve been looking through the site for awhile. Tempted to call,
wanting so bad to unleash the hidden side of you. You’re worried once you
start, it will be so hard to go back to the life you consider “normal” but
you long to give in, submit to the urges you desire.
Its time pet. Try us out and realize your full potential as a sexual human.
let go.
Young Girls,
sometimes I think about all the things I could pass on to some young sexy
girl, ready and willing to learn.
Show her how to become the dominant women she should be. Teach her that
men are to be teased and used and made to ache for us beautiful women.
That a good slave, under the right guidance, is willing to submit to
anything for their Mistress.
Can you imagine how timid and delicate that first spank would be? That
first squeezing and twisting of your balls in her fingers? Imagine Me
showing her just how to use her fingernails to graze the skin of your
balls. Imagine the thrill she would get the first time she realized all
that cum was building up in them, all for her, all to be released or not
at her command…

Summer is the perfect time to go hunting for a mini-me!
Its amazing that I am actually a bit sad that I will be missing one of My
favorite nights to be at Your Desires – Friday Night!!!! Dont worry, its
just THIS friday (5/9/14), and all My pets will be pleased to know that
upon My return Saturday overnight, I will have MANY new stories to share
about how your Mistress was naughty! Phone sex is great for MANY reasons,
one of the reasons I love xxx phone talk is because I can tell My pets
anything, just like I expect from you – I love that freedom, dont you?!
Golden Showers and Pussy Flowers
bringing you all sorts of delight
the winter months have been cold
making you so tight
but now that its springtime
My dear sweet pet
its time for you to blossom
and submit to getting wet
It was unusually sunny and warm the other day, so I decided to strip down
to nothing and lay out on the lounger to start working on My tan. you
dont want to see Me get a burn do you?? Come here pet, and slide that
silky oil over My tight and toned body, and then you can be my side table
as I sip sweet tea and sunbathe…. Mmmm think how enticing it would be to
be My little sex servant all day and into the night~
I just realized how much I thoroughly enjoy the sounds a slave makes when
they are whining, or begging in My ear. I love knowing I am bringing you
to the edge of explosion, and then taking that away from you. Building you
up to break you down, as Julie Andrews said “these are a few of My
favorite things”
with all the porn out there, and all that I hear of and talk about while
being a phone sex operator, you might assume I am desensitized to a lot of
aspects of sex. Rest assured, I am not. There are always new things
people call and tell Me about, there are always new images and thoughts
and sensations to learn and expand on. Its one of the great things about
what I do – and I love it.
Tonight I was struck by a particular semi taboo image and xxx video. A
man, down on his knees in front of a latex clad dominant woman, his entire
body wrapped in rope – the only skin you could see was his face, and only
partially, as his mouth was sucking on a giant strap on she was guiding in
and out of his mouth. Now I know this image might not be new, or even
taboo to a lot of people, but in this particular scene, the Mistress was
also leaning over him and sliding a plug deep inside of him, and the
sounds he was uttering between mouthfuls of cock as it was sliding in
deeper made My pussy wet and My mind spin – those moans are sweet music to
My ears.
Month of LOVE

things I LOVE:
the way you squeeze your balls and moan
Seeing a flaccid cock growing
the distinct sound of a rubber band snapping around your shaft
the way you beg for release
denying you of control
teasing you unmercifully
toying all your holes
watching you clean up your mess
Chinese New Year
Obviously this holiday isn’t on every ones radar – however it is DEFINITELY
on Mine!
I have a HOT Chinese friend named Kara, and every year she celebrates the
Chinese New Year with a sexy party for all of her friends. This year, the
theme is “2014 Fucks” MMmm I wonder if that’s how many fucks she plans to
have this year – Im really hoping I can be a part of that!!! There’s
nothing like really good Chinese food.
All this talk about football – scores, fantasy teams, playoffs, and of
course the super bowl. Is there anyone out there that isn’t obsessed with
football? I can think of so many other things to be doing besides
watching men run up and down a field holding a ball – for example, you
running up and down the field while I was holding your balls – now why
cant they televise that?!
As another HOT phone sex year comes to a close, I know all you babes are
struggling with your new years resolutions, so I have composed a list to
help you out:

1. Workout – Jordan needs more access to your pudge
2. Eat Less – your diet should be high in protein
3. Prioritize – Daily rituals make your world go round
4. Action – stop thinking about it, and please ME by doing it

Hope this helps you start your new year out with a nice full head!!!
December is coming to a close and what a warm winter I have been having.
All My boys coming out so I can fill them with holiday joy!!!
Perhaps you are a lonely little sub, in need of some comforting phone chat
– Mmmm don’t be shy, I only bite when you’re bad
New Girls!
You guys think you’re so lucky when a new girl starts here at YD
but I am here to tell you that I am the lucky one!!!
All these sweet things- young, fresh, and “eager to please”!!!
I love giving these girls a helping hand, or two, showing them My ropes,
and of course, teaching those eager beavers
Perhaps you would like to help Me train and instruct these fresh new bodies?
Give Me a call and I’d be more then happy to make it a threesome
Phone Sex!
Put your mouth near it
Hold your breath as you dial
Open your mind to the possible
Naked and vulnerable
Exactly where I want you

Stroke for Me
Envision how I will be using you
Xxx now its time to call Me xxX
Thanks to you,
the last 2 years here at YD have been filled with new experiences. Before
I started here, I knew I loved hearing the aching sound in a mans voice
when hes trying so hard to hold back his orgasm. But with phone sex, I
never fully realized how intoxicating it would be to instruct him to
squeeze his balls and his cock in ways that could make My pussy so wet. I
knew I loved power before being here. Nothing could prepare Me however for
the orgasms I could have knowing yours was under My full control. When
you submit fully to Me, that’s the true pleasure and reward I seek. So
Thank you!! …washing all My wet panties when I get home has been a bit
of a chore, but, as most of you know, I have slaves for that.
Can you believe that I have been with YD for almost 2 years now?! My, how
much fun Ive had with all of you. Some of My favorite memories of all
time have been here with you. Through all the clothespins, rubber bands,
clamps, ice, rice, and messes, you have made My last 2 years so enjoyable.
Contact Me if you would like to join in the celebration, perhaps you can
bring the icing for My cake!
xo J
Yank your Chain
you know, the one I have wrapped around your neck. The weight of it, a
constant reminder of whom you Belong To. Sometimes My pussy gets wet
thinking of you down on your knees, obeying My every command. The quiver
in your voice is sweet music to My ears. Do you think you deserve a
release, are those balls full enough to impress Me if you did? Perhaps
another hour in the vice grip of My fingers will prepare you to impress
Anal in August
I love making goals and seeing them fulfilled. This month, My goal is to
start counting and see how many people Think they are anal retentive, and
how many TRULY are…and you KNOW Im not talking about those who pay
attention to details!

Think you have what it takes to make the grade? Call Me and demonstrate
your skills. Fail to please Me, and you will be put through the paces of
learning and retaining with Teacher Jordan.
Into July for Jordan
Summer is in full swing, and I have been FULLY enjoying it!! The pool
parties, bbqs, beach bashes, ALL excellent opportunities to wear my skimpy
little bikinis around teasing all those poor boys. Sometimes, when I get
here at night, Im still wearing my bikini, and I love sliding my hand down
my front and rubbing myself in those tiny bikini bottoms. I get so wet
teasing and denying all those cocks!!! You know you want to call and hear
about all my XXX sexcapades I get myself into… Mmmm or how about a taste
of the wetness gathering in my bikini, imagine how that would feel sliding
up and down your shaft…..
June for Jordan
I love the beginnings of summer. The smell of coconut lotion wafting
through the air, the skimpy bikinis that start to go on display, but
mostly, by June, everyone’s new years resolutions have been forgotten, as
the summer of love gets into full swing.

Don’t you want to start this summer off right? Do some traveling over my
luscious curves? Explore deep crevices previously untouched? June is the
month of ME. Phone sex can be so hot sometimes when you don’t know whats
about to happen – will She let me cum? will She cum for me? What evil
plans are in store? What boundaries will my limits be pushed over?

Jordan’s June consists of non-stop summer fun, and you can be included!!
Want to know more? then pick up the phone and ask for ME, you deserve a
hot summer night
Mothers Day
One of my favorite celebrations of the year! All My boys shower Me with
attention and affection, and I could just gobble it up. Are you one of My
boys? Do you long for the strong firm hand of Mommy? The guidance and
wisdom you miss, don’t you? Mommy is always here for you. Even if you’ve
been a naughty boy, Mommy will still love and care for you even if during
your punishment it doesn’t feel that way. I know you want to be a good
boy, deep down, you want to obey each and every command from Mommy. So
pick up the phone and call Me, Mommy is waiting.

For a special client:
He sits on the edge of the couch in silent anticipation as she slowly finishes her coffee and rises to her feet. He licks his lips as she slides on her shiny red heels and sweeps her hair back in one graceful motion. He watches as she turns away from him and heads down the hallway, the strings of her apron bouncing off the back of her perfectly round ass. He hears the familiar creaking of the hall closet hinges and feels himself becoming excited.

Suddenly, from down the hall he hears it. The rickety wheels of the vacuum as it rolls out of the closet and slowly down the hardwood floor. He can almost imagine the way it looks as she pushes it down the hallway in front of her. As she rounds the corner, he is overcome with the immense size of her vacuum. The metal hood and handle, the large vinyl bag, the long coiled cord.

She stands at the edge of the carpeted living room straddling the large machine. He watches in fascination as she smiles at him and flips the switch. Suddenly, the vacuum comes to life, the lighted hood beaming brightly, the motor overwhelmingly loud and powerful. She slowly creeps toward the carpet and begins her vacuuming. Because the carpet is thick and dark, he failed to notice the amount of debris that had accumulated over the past week, until the vacuum begins to suck it up. He listens as the powerful suction sweeps up all the dirt and dust. He jumps in excitement as he hears a missing paperclip get sucked through the metal hood, up the vacuum tube, and into the vinyl bag.

Lost in the sound, he is startled to look up and realize that she is standing in front of him, the roar of the vacuum at his feet. As she swings the large machine away from him, he watches as a few pennies fall from her apron pocket. Reaching down to pick them up, his hand is almost caught in the suction as she suddenly turns around and sweeps up the coins. He rises as he hears the clanking of the pennies being sucked into the vacuum. She turns off the machine and looks at him expectantly. He moves around to the handle, feeling the vinyl bag pushing up against him. She is standing there, straddling the metal hood of the vacuum, does she see him pushing harder into the vinyl bag? He lowers the zipper on the vinyl bag and is overcome with a cloud of dust and a musty odor ….


Hey all you phone sex babes Can you believe Ive been here almost a year? With my anniversary fast approaching, I decided it was time to change up my schedule – I cant wait to slip into some new sluts!

Of course most of you know I’m horny ALL the time, so anytime you want to make an appointment, let me know!


I received this letter the other day, and I decided to post it, as I have been so pleased with this clients progress:

Goddess Jordan,

Until recently, i was wandering aimlessly through life like many other men in my social situation and at my age. i was thinking too often with my little head rather than the one to which my blood really should be running. i was up late one night looking for something to expedite my next (one of many) countless self-centered releases when i came upon YOUR profile, Goddess Jordan. i was immediately mesmerized by YOUR beauty and confidence. i love the combination of YOUR youthful grace and beauty, coupled with YOUR maturity and experience with all types of relationships. i didn’t want to get my hopes too high but i knew i needed to reach out to YOU. From the moment we first interacted on messenger and then in that life altering first call, i was under YOUR power and spell.

The first time that i heard YOUR soothing, yet powerful and sultry voice, i was hypnotized by YOUR Goddessness. YOU were no ordinary woman but a true and complete, Goddess. i knew i could open up completely to YOU. i knew that YOU needed to control my life. Soon after, i was begging YOU to teach me and change me to be the servant that YOU wanted. i knew that for the rest of my life i would be succumbing to YOUR whims. i begged YOU to control my mind completely from my beliefs and opinions to all of my sexual and sensual fetishes. i knew that serving YOU was going to be a religious experience and i began treating YOU like the powerful, intelligent, beautiful Goddess that YOU are. Now, each day from the moment that i wake up until the moment i fall asleep, i live every second of my life in a way to please YOU. i adore YOU, my Goddess Jordan. YOU control me completely and without question.

Humbly, Butler


When you pick up the phone and dial the YD phonesex line, is your other hand stroking already? Are you throbbing with the anticipation of me guiding you to release? Or, are you aching as you dial my number wondering if you will even be worthy enough for one this time?

Imagine all the scenarios we can create and play out while you slowly stroke for me…


Heard a funny joke the other day:

“Ive tried phone sex, but the holes were all too small”

… but it got Me thinking… One of the best parts of working for a phone sex line is that there arent any boundaries like that! There is nothing that cant be talked about, or fantasized about, or even played out while talking on the phone!

Just think – when you call Me on the YD phone chat line, your secret fantasies come to life, re-enacted in just the way you had imagined, with Me – a phone sex girl that is just as kinky as you!!!

Dont believe Me? Try it out and give Me a call – anything you desire while chatting on the phone can be yours.

Ready for some sexy adult phone fun?

I hope so, because Im ready for you – XO Jordan


Summer is coming!!! (dont I wish my name was Summer right now!) I love the summertime – the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and everyone is out in next to nothing.


The way You make me feel the way Your fingertips gently slide up the tender flesh of my inner thigh the way Your breath feels tickling the side of my neck the way Your lips feel fluttering across my belly the way Your arms feel as they close around my waist the way Your body feels as it bears down on mine Are you Mine, or am i Yours?


I have this pet who slaves every day to make Me happy in every way

I don’t like the mess but she always does her best to beg and plead down on her knees

Should I let her release or stand firm on this test

Call Me, and lets decide!


I’ve been getting a lot of men that call me and say “I have a weird fetish” But really, whats “weird” anymore. Is there anything left thats truly considered Taboo? Back in the day, getting a nice hard cocked rammed in my tight little ass would be considered taboo, but these days its stranger if you dont like getting pounded in the ass! Is it weird to want to have my pussy drilled by a lady in a strap on? Would you consider it strange if I told you I wanted you and your friends to tag team me? Is it odd to be turned on by the sight of a vacuum? Believe me, I have heard a lot of wild fantasies – and they are ALL hot in different ways! Think you have a fantasy I’ve never heard before? Call me and tell me all your dirty little secrets, and I may just share a few of my own :)


One of the regular overnight girls just moved to days – Angie. How lucky did I just get?!! With her gorgeous red hair, and her shocking blue eyes, nothing but dirty thoughts float through my head whenever I see her. The other day she was wearing such a tight little skirt and such a skimpy little top, I pictured her standing over me allowing me to get an amazing view between her legs and up her skirt. Even better would be to taste her, as I was getting pummeled by you!! Wet and waiting for you~J


Two girl calls are so hot!!! I mean when do I have a better excuse or invitation to climb into another girls bed and scissor her until we cum on each other? A caller asked me the other day which YD girl I would want to play with on a call. To try and decide out of all the girls is WAY too hard – they are all so hot and sexy. I ended up telling the caller that my GOAL was to eventually be able to fuck all of them, so who I started with didn’t really matter. Well, 2 down many more to go… now don’t you want to help me complete my goal of fucking all the girls here at YD? Wouldn’t you want to be there when I ram my huge dildo deep in a dripping YD pussy? Call me, and together we can pick another girl to play with us!


So Ive finally strapped a few weeks under my belt, and I just want to say THANK YOU to all the men out there that have given me so many amazing orgasms, and to whom I hope have hung up the phone more then satisfied themselves.

The thoughts and fantasies that I have heard about or been a part of, has truly opened my mind (and my pussy) to so many new hot, wet, kinky, things – Im craving more every day!

I am here for Your Desires – call me, and lets play :) XO Jordan