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Hello love!

After years of sitting in catholic school, day dreaming about being a naughty girl while soaking my panties in class, I finally decided to give in to my desires and embody the dirty slut that I am. It feels so empowering to honor my true colors. Being one of the new sexy girls here at YOURDESIRES, I am so excited, curious and ready to play on the phone with you.

Do you want to help devirginize me? Gently tease my little tight pussy with the tip of your throbbing cock, rub it up and down my dripping honey hole, all the way up to my red swollen clit, as I beg you to please fuck me? Please, Please, Please! I promise, I'll be a good girl... You may choose to slide it in slowly and tease me, as you gently stroke my face and long blonde hair. Or maybe you'll take my breath away by ramming your pulsating rod so deep and hard into me that I scream in pure delight.

I am so ready and eager to please... I want to crawl into your lap wearing just my sexy little panties -my large breasts available for you to pull on and suck- straddle you between my strong sexy legs- worship every inch of your body. Kiss you all over and when I get to that delicious throbbing member, I know it will be at attention and begging to feel my warm moist mouth wrapped around it. I can't wait to taste you, sucking until I feel you explode with pleasure into my mouth, muffling my moans of delight. Would you prefer to unload on my perky tits and beautiful face? Either way, I am all yours. Oh and by the way, you can have my panties after our experience for a small price (worth every cent, I promise).

I have so many fantasies that I am just waiting to play out with you. In fact, I made a list in my diary. I want to do and try everything! Do you want to make me your little whore? Force me to bend over and fuck me in my tight ass as you pull my hair? Make me masturbate in a public place and scream your name while I cum? Spank me, whip me, chain me, dominate me, own me? I want to serve You and worship You, Master.

As much as I want to be dominated by you, there is this little dark voice inside me that craves to torture you. To slowly drag the tassels of a leather whip across your flesh, as you whimper like the stupid fuck toy you are. To strap a ball gag in your mouth so I don't have to bother myself with your cries as I beat the shit out of you, making you my slave. I enjoy teasing you so much and laughing as I humiliate you. However, if you are a good boy and do EVERYTHING I say, then maybe I will let you cum. All I ask is that you treat me like the Goddess I am.

I am so horny and excited to embark on this journey with you! My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. There is a world of wonder awaiting us. All you have to do is pick up the phone. You can also find me on AIM or Yahoo Messenger under my screen name JuicyJulia4You. You can also find out when I am available to talk by emailing me at juliasweekly@yourdesires.com to get my weekly schedule.

Eagerly awaiting your call, baby...

Kisses, Julia