Julia’s Fantasies

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Likes: your cock deep in my tight wet pussy, oral sex, bondage, spanking, hair pulling, anal, blindfolds, massage, sexy lingerie, high heels, exploring with toys, rough sex, kissing, pain, cuddling, submission, role play, being a tease, foot worship, outdoor sex, indoor sex, sex in public, sex anywhere- trying new things!
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Julia’s Fantasies

I love my men sexy, mysterious, intense and full of passion and romance.
Although I am not a big one to have celebrity crushes, there is one
Hollywood man out there that does get me creaming my little panties. Leo.
Not only is he an environmental activist but he also chooses deep and
challenging roles to play in his movies.

I imagine if he were to call me for some hot xxx phone sex, that he would
take charge. He would direct me to imagine him between my legs, stroking
my inner thighs, teasing me with tickles, lick my body from head to toe,
being careful to not miss as inch. He smoldering eyes would be on my
smoking hot body and he would command me to roll over on to my belly…. And
then give me the most sexiest spanking of my life! His hand would at
first cup my bare ass and massage it. He would use his bare strong hand
and start slowly spanking me, soothing in between each strike, until my
cheeks started to get red and hot. He would continue mercilessly, until I
would be begging him to stop and almost have me on the verge of tears!

At this point, he would stop. He would pull his pants down and enter me
from behind while I am in a state somewhere between this world and
another. He would fuck me so hard, pulling on my hips, making me scream,
until I came all over his big hot fuck rod. He would then command me to
get on my knees and open my mouth where we would end our time together
with him unloading on my face. His sweet seed would cover my face and
drip down my chin, onto my tits.

Sex on the phone with Leo would be really hot, but ultimately, it is the
sexy men who call YD that get me off so fucking hard. God, I am so horny
for you every day! I want to feel you between my legs while hearing your
sexy voice on the phone. Do you have a sexy celeb crush too? Call me and
tell me! Lets help each other live our fantasies together!
This naughty girl is dreaming of hearing your voice on the phone right
now. I am currently having a dark alleyway fantasy- I am imagining your
big strong hands grabbing my hips, thrusting me up against a wall,
sticking your tongue so deep inside of my mouth that it takes my breath
away. Your grope your way to my large tits, frantically pulling my shirt
down to expose them. They pop right out, nipples erect and ready to be
pulled on. You take me and flip me around, hands still pulling on my
breasts, and you lift my skirt up. With one slight of hand and quick
thrust, your zipper is down and your cock buried deep inside my tight wet
pussy. I can’t remember if I wanted this or not, but it doesn’t matter
anymore because I can’t resist screaming out in pleasure as you thrust
deeper and harder inside of me. You cover my mouth to muffle my screams,
and continue fucking me until we both cum together in the back of this
dark alleyway.

This coming week I am sure will bring plenty of new eXXXciting adventures.
Being new at this, I want to do and try as many things as I can to find
out what I like and live out my most inner desires. So this week I have a
goal for myself. I want to find the most perfect little ass worshiper out
there. Is it you? Do you like a perfectly round ass? To slap and bite,
smack and fuck- to grind against your face, to kiss, lick, and finger? If
you think you can satisfy my fantasy, we should talk.