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Hi, I'm Kali for your desires, I'm the new girl on the block. I might be new to your desires but I'm not new to wild sex adventures. I love exploring new things and expanding on what I already enjoy. I would love for us to teach each other things and to share our deepest darkest fantasies and secrets together.

I walk into your office wearing a tight pencil skirt, a white button-up shirt, no underwear. Im bringing you lunch in your office. I bend over and you catch a glimpse of my wet pussy (I've been thinking about riding your cock all morning). Your cock starts to throb with pleasure... Lets talk about what you wanna do to me.

I wanna get you so hot and bothered it doesn't matter where we fuck. Maybe afterwards we can go back to your house to snuggle or cook dinner while I blow you.

I'm wearing a black corset, a garter belt holding up my ripped fishnet thigh highs, knee high heeled boots. You walk into my dark room looking around to find me lying across my bed, the shadows from the candle light dancing on my skin. You've been a bad boy. I walk over to you silently, a whip in one hand rope in the other...

I'm a fierce femme goddess with taste for blood. I wanna suck your cock but only if you deserve it. I expect you to worship me. I'm a sweet tender bitch. Are you a sissy that needs some discipline? Or maybe some tender fucking? Follow the rules and I will reward you. If you disobey me I will punish you. Don't disappoint me. I want my clit in your mouth. I want to fuck you in the ass with my hard strap-on cock.

I LOVE the taste of pussy. Its been my favorite thing to eat since I was a teenager. It would be so exciting to share in our dirty secrets with one of the girls here. Or maybe I can tell you about the naughty things I've done with my housemates, I love hearing you getting off to my real life lesbian sex stories.

Do you want a souvenir to remember me by? I would love to send you some panties. I can even make them special for you ;)

So call me and lets go on an adventure together! You can also contact me on Yahoo or AOL at KrushOnKali

If you want my schedule for the week, just drop a note to: KalisWeekly@yourdesires.com

If you prefer to write to me and get acquainted that way, that works too. Just email me at: Kali@YourDesires.com