Kalina’s Fantasies

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Kalina’s Fantasies

I always wanted to be a mob boss’ girlfriend. I never wanted to be the wife, just the girlfriend. Why you ask? Because the girlfriend gets the best from him. She gets the attention, she’s spoiled with lavish gifts and vacations and he puts her up in a swanky condo overlooking the city lights. She is at his disposal and loves it.

I imagine my naked body being draped in luxurious furs and letting him lick champagne off of my soft bare skin. I can watch him lap up the bubbly from my navel like a little devoted puppy. I would let my fur fall to the floor and stand naked over him, letting him get a full view of what is yet to come. I’d slide my hand down my cleavage, over my stomach and between my thighs. I’d let him hear how wet my sweet little pussy is as I plunged a finger deep inside it, only to take it out and run it over his lips.

As he licked his lips clean, he would follow my swaying hips as I walked back to the bedroom.

You’ve been watching so much porn lately and I’ve noticed in the watch history, that you’re drawn to pegging. I LOVE pegging, but it’s not something you’ve ever talked about before.

You wake up one morning and I’m not in bed next to you, so you think that I’ve gone out for a walk. You turn on your favorite pegging video. You’ve left the bedroom door cracked open. I quietly stand there, noticing the striking resemblance between the couple in the video and you and I. I watch you lube up one of my dildos from my nightstand and press it against your hole.

I secretly watch you watch the video, and see how hard your cock gets as you watch that hard dildo slide into his tight asshole. I hear your breathing get faster and more shallow as she pumps that big dick into him. You match her strokes sliding that toy deep inside your ass. I see your hand slide down and begin to stroke your cock hard and fast, moaning with pleasure.

You close your eyes, fully enveloped in the moment and I quietly slip into the room. You don’t know I’m there until you feel my hand on yours, thrusting the dildo deeper inside you. You’re startled and look back at me. My sultry smile puts you at ease and it turns you on even more knowing that you don’t have to hide this secret from me anymore. The idea of me fucking your ass is too much. You can hold back any longer. I read your body language and know that the time is now. I thrust the dildo as deep as it will go inside your tight asshole and you shoot your load of cum all over the bed, your hand and stomach.

You lay there for a moment, trying to catch your breath and process what just happened. You look over at me, as I’m reaching under the bed into a box. I slide the box out, open it and bring out a thick black 9″ strap-on and sit it on the bed next to you. You look at me, surprised, and I say… “I’ve been waiting”.

Hello Neighbor…

You’re new to the apartment complex. You moved in directly across the
courtyard from me and our windows look straight into each others. We first
noticed each other a couple days ago when I walked out onto my balcony
with my hot cup of morning tea. You were out there with your morning
coffee and newspaper. We exchanged smiles and casual waves. I couldn’t
help but notice your muscular physique as you sat there shirtless, wearing
nothing but the athletic shorts and running shoes. Your skin was dewy and
glistening in the morning sunlight from, what I can only assume was, your
morning run. I’m not ashamed to say that I have fantasized about you
multiple times since that morning… in bed… in the shower…
everywhere. We’ve caught each others glances a few times since that first
morning, almost like we’re learning each others daily routines and trying
to catch each other.

Today I decide to stay in my short, barely-there, satin robe just a little
longer than normal. It wraps around me with a deep V down into my cleavage
and is so short that my ass peeks out and today, just for you, I’m not
wearing anything underneath. I walk through my living room with my little
robe loosely tied, flowing as I move. I catch your eye and you can’t look
away. I can see you out of the corner of my eye and gracefully exaggerate
my movements to give you little peeks inside my robe. I now have your full
attention and you come out to your balcony. Smiling, I look up and our
eyes meet. I move through my living room, to my sliding glass door which I
already had open. I walk out onto my balcony and there we are, no more
than 50ft away from each other. I make my way to the railing, and by
perfect design, the tie that was already loosely wrapping my robe
releases. It opens in the light breeze and you see my naked body, barely
draped in cream satin. The breeze stimulates my sensitive nipples and they
harden. I move my arms along the railing and, not hiding anything from
you, spread my legs exposing my smooth soft pussy for your viewing
pleasure. My long dark hair is lightly waving in the breeze as my robe
slides down and stops just past my shoulders. Keeping eye contact with
you, I pause there and let you fully take in every curve of my luscious

I give you another smile and then turn back towards the sliding glass
door. I can feel your silent objection and stop halfway. I look back over
my shoulder to see the “don’t leave” look on your face. Smiling yet again,
holding your gaze, I let my robe fall to the floor of my balcony before
turning to walk inside, naked.

Welcome to the neighborhood.
Cuckhold I

I want you to watch me seduce a man. Not just any man. A black man. A
black man with a big black cock!! You love watching me with a BBC. We get
dressed up for a night on the town. I’m wearing a very short, tight white
dress. It’s so short, it barely covers my ass cheeks and when I sit down
in the car, you can see my bare pussy. It’s so tight that I can’t wear any
panties and it holds my huge tits in place, but shows my perfect nipples
through the fabric. It’s open in the back, draped all the way down, just
above my ass. It’s the perfect dress for tonight.

We go out on the hunt. We walk into a club downtown and instantly my radar
hones in on a man on the dance floor. I leave you at the bar to get our
drinks and I head straight for him.

Staring right at him, I walk towards him with a purpose. He feels my stare
and looks up at me. His eyes survey my dress, or lack thereof, and
suddenly I have his attention. I move between him and the girl he was
dancing with, because she no longer matters. He is mine tonight. I rub my
body against his 6’4″ frame. His bulky athletic body engulfs mine as we
seductively move to the music. I turn and press my ass into his cock and I
can feel it growing. It’s so huge and I can feel my wetness making it’s
way down my thighs.

I look up and see you across the room, watching us. I grab his hand, still
without exchanging any words and lead him over to the table where you’re
standing. I quickly down the drink that you ordered for me and lead him
outside, you following behind. We get to the car, you’re driving and I get
in the backseat with him. You angle the rear-view mirror to his lap so you
won’t miss anything knowing that I can’t wait to get home to play with
him. I unzip his pants right there in the backseat and pull his massive
11″ cock out. I take him in my mouth and his head falls back on the
headrest as he moans. I swirl my tongue around the throbbing head of his
cock before fully taking him in my mouth. I squeeze my hand slightly
around it and begin stroking, while following each stroke with my mouth. I
can’t stop gagging on his cock, loving the feeling of that monster all the
way down my throat.

We pull up at home and not a moment too soon. I can’t wait to feel him
inside of me. We get out of the car, him holding his unbuttoned pants up
while you unlock the house. We walk in and I lead him upstairs to our
bedroom. Knowing your place, you follow behind us. I stand him at the foot
of our bed; kissing him, feeling him, rubbing him, wanting him… You take
your place in the chair in the corner while I begin to undress him. First,
removing his shirt up over his head to reveal his perfectly toned chest.
Letting my fingers slide down, tracing each defined muscle. Then, letting
his already unbuttoned pants fall to the floor. He slides off his shoes
and steps out of the pile of clothing at his feet. He lays me back on the
bed and spreads my legs to feast on my soft luscious pussy. My back arches
and I squeeze my tits in ecstasy. I love it when a big strong REAL man
takes control of me. He flicks his tongue over my clit and I’m overrun
with pleasure. I release and cum in his mouth and all over his chin.

He brings his face up to mine, so I can taste myself on him. His face is
all syrupy with my pussy all over him. I look over at you as I lick it
off. He positions me in just a way to give you the perfect view, spreads
my legs even further, pulls me by my hips to him and he slides his huge
cock inside my tight pussy. My arms fly out to the sides, gripping the
sheets as I gasp. He’s so big!!! You’re squirming in your chair as you
watch this God of a man pleasure me, this massive man sitting back on his
folded legs, pulling me into him like a little rag doll.

His cock is angled so perfectly inside me, that with every thrust he
makes, my body matches it with a gush of wetness that covers his cock and
soaks the bed. Sitting back in that chair, you can hear my wetness and
smell the sex in the air.

I feel him tense up, ready to fill me up with his hot load. You hear him
rev up, his carnal desire to give me his cum. Every muscle in his perfect
body flexes, he lets out a sound primal growl and he releases inside me.
Instinctively knowing your cue, you get up out of your chair and
immediately after he pulls out and steps aside, you kneel down and proceed
to clean up his mess. You love the taste of fresh cum inside me, don’t
you? My dirty little cum slut.
I was left blindfolded, gag and tied spread eagle to the bed posts.
Mistress Kalina had placed my head at the bottom of the bed and left my
arms with a little slack. Hearing the conversation and laughter from the
party she was having in the parlor, left me feeling jealous that I was all
alone. She loved to entertain. Sometimes I was the entertainment but not
tonight. She obviously didn’t want to hear a peep out of me.

I drifted off and was awoken hours later to the sound of the door opening
and what seemed like two people chatting back and forth. As they came
closer to the bed I could smell Mistress Kalina’s perfume and the scent of
stale cigars. She came close to me, I could smell the alcohol on her
breath when she removed the gag. She gently stroke my throat with her
fingertips and made comments to the gentleman with her. Two strong hands
grabbed me by the armpits and dragged me to the foot of the bed
with my head hanging over the edge. I heard the zipper and a ruffling of
clothing. I was told to open my mouth and he slid the tip of his thick
dick into my small mouth. I eagerly sucked and twirled by tongue around
the head. His girth was almost as thick as Mistress Kalina’s cock. He got
hard quickly and took control by holding the sides of my head and fucking
my cheek, first one then the other. I could feel Mistress Kalina’s hand
lay across my throat. I knew what was coming. He thrust his cock in deep,
she enjoys feeling a cock fucking my throat.

He continued, changing the tempo as my Mistress intermittently squeezed my
throat. I couldn’t breathe but was given a quick breath when he pulled out
for a second. Her grip tighten on my throat making his dick seem even
bigger as he pumped harder and faster. I was ready to pass out from the
lack of oxygen. Finally he shot his big load and it felt wet and warm as
it coated my dry raw throat. I was left there with my head hanging off the
bed and they returned to the party.
“I want you,” I whisper to you.

You smile and kneel next to me, halfway crawling on top of me. I move my
legs so you can get as close as you want, letting my body language tell
you that I’m your playground. I grab the back of your neck and bring your
lips to mine, gently biting your bottom lip and pulling you closer still.
You bend down and kiss my neck, burying your face in the crevice of my
collarbone. Your tongue licks my neck and shoulder and I feel my nipples
quickly react. I’m breathing heavily, wanting more. I pull you to me, my
body begging to feel your lips again. You move your hand to my throat,
making me so vulnerable but it’s so incredibly hot. And in this moment,
all the things you could do to me start rushing through my head.

You slowly strip off my shirt and my bra, running your tongue over my
nipples while your hands caress my huge tits. With every breath my
excitement increases. I gasp in surprise as I feel a little unexpected
bite on my nipple. You kiss my body from my neck to my nipples, slowly
making your way down. You begin tugging at the button of my jeans,
unzipping them but kissing every bit of skin you uncover as you go. You
keep kissing my stomach and hips as you inch my tight jeans down and
around my thick thighs. You grip my ass, squeezing and pressing your face
over my panties and nibbling a little. You touch my waist, dragging your
fingertips over my stomach and hips giving me chills… Making my luscious
pussy even more wet.

Teasing me, you press my clit through my panties and rock back and forth.
You feel how wet I am already, and it wakes up your inner primal animal.
You sneak one finger around and inside my panties, drawing your finger up
along my wet pussy without penetration. You’re teasing me and it drives me
crazy. I bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut tight. Just when I feel I
can’t take it anymore, I feel your fingers stop and roughly pull my
panties to the side. Suddenly, I feel the tip of your warm mouth engulf my

My back arches and I gasp with absolute euphoria. You start to play, the
tip of your tongue gliding over my pussy as lightly as you can, feeling
all of its wetness. You feel so good… too good… dangerously good. I
run my fingers through your hair as you begin sucking my clit. Your tongue
penetrates me, but not all the way. You love to tease me. I raise my hips,
responding to your tongue as you devour me a bit more. But true to your
teasing habit, you stop right before I cum.

You begin kissing and nibbling on my soft thighs and all around my pussy.
My clit continues to tingle as you plunge your fingers deep inside me. My
back arches again and I moan with pleasure. You start licking and sucking
my neck and shoulder, your fingers moving faster and starting to alternate
between touching me deep inside and teasing my clit. My legs are shaking
almost uncontrollably. I’m craving you like nothing I’ve ever desired so
badly before.

Your fingers are seductively stroking my clit, your thumb firmly pressing
down. I feel you slowly sink your fingers into my warm juicy pussy.
Instinctively, my legs spread and my hips swirl to meet your hand. You’re
kneeling over my spread legs, in a dominant way, and I want nothing more
in that moment than to be conquered by you. Your fingers quicken their
pace. My hands begin to run down your chest to your pants. I tug at them
playfully, letting you know how badly I want you to fuck me. I run my
hands all down your back with my nails scratching at you, returning the
chills you had given me earlier. Your fingers keep touching me,
forcefully rubbing against my g-spot. You steadily increase the pace and I
can feel the pressure building inside of me like a tidal wave. I grip your
hand and beg, “Please go slow…slower…slower”, wanting to savor as much
of the moment as I can. But you just smile and command, “Now!”
Involuntarily, my body follows your orders. I call out your name and cum,
squirting all over your hand, arm, bed…

When the stream subsides, you remove your hand. It’s dripping down your
arm and off your elbow. You bring your fingers to your mouth and lick
them, enjoying the fruits of your labor. The smile returns to your face
and you look at me and say, “good girl.”