Kalina’s Thoughts

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Kalina’s Thoughts

“Say my name” he whispered on the top of my lips while digging his fingers into my hips as he hoisted me up. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his torso.

“Eduardo” I uttered.

“You and I both know. That… is… not… my… name” he said between the kisses that he placed down my neck. “Say my name” he grabbed my face and looked deep into my eyes. His deep soulful brown eyes full of lust and want. “Come on baby girl. Say it.”


Eating pussy is an art form. I’ve always enjoyed it, taking my time and tasting every bit. I like to massage every delicate fold of skin with my tongue and gently flicking it around her clit. I flatten my tongue out, lapping up all those sweet pussy juices. They make my mouth water and want more of her. Placing my hands on her inner thighs, feeling her soft skin and then wrapping my arms around those thighs to pull her into my mouth. I so desperately want to feel her cum in my mouth, so I take her little clit in my mouth and kiss it so deeply. Her body writhes and her back arches because I know what spots she likes. Her breathing changes and she begins making those sounds I love. I know she only has a few more breaths before I taste her sweet nectar flow into my mouth. I cannot get enough. I crave it pussy…

Kalina had a little slave,
Kept naked from head to toe.
Following behind her Mistress,
Tits swaying to and fro.

She followed to kitchen cupboard,
Begging for a snack.
But good girls don’t get to beg like that,
So bend over and take your whack.

It’s simple. I’m here for phone sex. I listen and get pleasure out of fulfilling your fantasies. I get off on hearing your breathing change as you get more and more turned on and eventually hearing you cum. But the voyeur in me loves watching you. Seeing you on your webcam, following my instructions. It pleases me.

Spank your ass for me…

Squeeze that throbbing cock…

Keep going until I say stop…

Push that dildo in further…



You can’t see me, but you know I’m there and you get a thrill from the performance. You seek my approval in your every move. And only if you completely obey, will you receive it.

Kalina had a little slut,
His ass was red as could be.
He followed her around all day,
Even cleaning her after she peed.

One day she gave her slut a treat,
Of watching her get fucked.
After watching her pussy get filled with cum,
He realized he’d been cucked.

I have a little worthless slut
His ass is nice and tight.
I can put whatever I want in there
And he never puts up a fight.

One day I used a baseball bat
It left a gaping hole.
But he came back to me the very next day
Begging, “Please Mistress, more!”

I’m craving a vacation. You can find me in my bikini, in the sun on a white sandy beach. Feeling the sand beneath my feet, the tropical breeze blowing through my hair and over my skin. My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it. Breathing in the misty ocean air, exhaling…

Feeling you come up behind me, pressing your skin against mine, wrapping your arms around me. I can feel your breath on my neck and it sends erotic chills down my body.

I guess what I’m really craving is a stiff drink and a stiffer man… I’m craving you.
You’re naked at my feet, licking my toes as I relax and have a drink.
Enjoying the feel of your tongue, I decide not to waste the wetness from
you sucking on each of them. I ask you to turn around and present. You
immediately hoist your ass high into the air facing me and lay your face
on the floor. I tease your ass with my toes and pinch your cheeks with
them. My big toe plays with your pucker working its way in as you squirm
around in front of me. Delighted, I continue this as I sip my drink and
smirk at this unfamiliar intrusion. When I am satisfied that you have been
teased and tortured enough, I have you cleanse my feet with your mouth
I consider myself to be part mermaid. I just can’t get enough of the
water. Summer is over and my days basking in the sun in my bikini at the
lake are in the past. So now I have to settle for the next best thing
(aside from a hot sandy beach vacation)…

Last week, I made my way to the pool in the late afternoon. I was wearing
my bikini and not hiding my massive 40F breasts from anyone. (Who am I
kidding? I like the looks and attention.) While walking down the hall to
the pool, like usual, I passed various random people. But today, a lot of
them stopped me to chat while staring at my ample cleavage, smiling at me
and some adjusting their pants. In that short little walk, there were 4
people who stopped to introduce themselves. I’m used to this sort of
attention, but usually it comes in smaller doses. I couldn’t figure out
why that day, it was more potent. It wasn’t until looked down to notice
that the right side of my little string bikini, that barely covers my
nipple anyway, had slid to the side as I carried my towel down the hall to
the pool. My entire nipple was on display!! Most would be embarrassed, I
just smiled.

What would you have done? Would you have been satisfied with a small chat?
Or would you have made a move? I love someone who’s daring… Tell me.
I was at the spa today, getting my bi-weekly mani/pedi, and thoughts of
our last encounter were running through my head. I keep my feet soft and
pretty and it drives you wild. You’re coming over later to worship them
and my tight pussy is dripping with anticipation. Today I chose a nice
bright red for you. I know it’s your favorite. I can’t wait to rub them
all over that hard throbbing cock.

I’m going to nestle that cock right in the arch of one foot while
caressing your balls and the underside with the other. You love seeing my
brightly-colored toes massaging and stroking your cock. While doing so,
I’ll spread my legs, allowing you to view my soft pink little pussy.
You’ll see how wet it is as I put one finger inside, swirling it around to
cover it in my nectar. It’ll drives you wild and you’ll start moaning even
louder. I’ll wrap my feet around your raging cum-filled dick and stroke
you faster. You’ll want to cum so bad, I’ll be able to feel it. You’ll be
so rock hard against my toes. Still stroking you, I’ll remove my finger
from my pussy and bring it up to your lips, wetting them with my juices,
then sticking my finger in your mouth. That’ll set you over the edge,
it’ll be what you’ve been waiting for… to taste me. Cum will shoot out
of your cock and all over my toes as you suck my finger clean…
Stroke your cock while I dance for you. Just sit there, naked in that
chair, and lust after me. No one is here, just you and me. The rest of the
world fades away. Watch my luscious body move to the rhythm just for you.
Every swirl of my hips mesmerizes you and puts you deeper under my spell.
You’re powerless when it comes to me. I know this and I love to exploit
it. I run my hands up my sides to caress my massive tits and just the
sight of that makes your cock throb with an intensity you cannot control.
I slide one hand down between my legs to feel my wetness. You’re squirming
in your chair, still stroking that hard cock for me, harder and faster.
Your breathing is quickening and you’re on the edge. You can’t stop
watching me. I move closer toward you, you catch my scent. I run my wet
fingers over your lips and your primal instincts kick in. You must have
me. Take me, I’m waiting…
You are on top of me…
As you kiss me, I can still taste myself on your lips. No one eats my
pussy the way you do. I can feel your cock throbbing against my thighs and
I want so desperately to feel you inside me. I can’t get enough of you.
You slide your rock hard cock over my clit and between my saturated lips.
As you thrust inside me, I gasp in a euphoric bliss, feeling your cock
sliding so deep into my pussy. In one fluid motion, you roll over on your
back taking me with you and I’m suddenly I’m riding you.

Your cock is buried inside my tight little pussy and you reach up and grab
my tits. As I’m riding you, I can feel you pushing yourself deeper and
deeper inside me. I start to move faster now, sliding up and down on your
hard cock, swirling my hips, grinding down on you. You push me down
further, forcing your cock deeper inside me still. You move your hands to
my tits and squeeze my hard nipples. I want to cum now and I want to feel
you cum with me. Your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, we start to
build and cum together. I can feel your hot cum shoot inside me as my
juices flow down your cock…
I tend to lean towards the dominant side with men, but there’s something
about you that makes me switch. I crave the feeling of relinquishing
control to you, taking orders from you and my mind and body being your
ultimate playground. A playground where the only rule is that, there are
no rules. There’s an overflowing wetness in my panties just anticipating
seeing you and feeling your strength and power when you answer this door.
I know the second I walk in, I will lose all control and become yours.

Knock, knock…
I went grocery shopping this morning and saw all the fresh produce. It’s
always been my favorite section of the store, with all the phallic-shaped
fruits and veggies. Oh the stories I could tell you about my beloved

Today, however, I bought peaches. Nice juicy, sweet, soft peaches. I got
out to the car, pulled one out of the bag and slowly pressed my mouth to
it. I could feel it’s softness on my lips. I gently sunk my teeth in and
let all the sweet sticky juices run down my chin and onto my huge breasts.
I could feel each drop running down into my deep cleavage. I licked the
flesh of the peach and lightly flicked my tongue into it. The fragrant and
intoxicating aroma filled the car and I suddenly I remembered the words
from a past lover… “Kalina, I could eat your sweet pussy all day. It’s
the sweetest, juiciest peach I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.” I
couldn’t help but smile at this memory and in my head I thought… “You’re