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Age: 19
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Hi I'm Kate, your sweet little princess that wants to be showered with love... and cum! Tell me your dirtiest fantasy so I can turn your dreams into our hot reality.

I just want to be the best little whore I can be, but I do have a lot of learning to do, can't you be my teacher? I'm willing to try any and everything! Tell me just your desires so I can make you cum better than ever before. I'll be your breath of fresh air. I'll do anything for you, nothing is off limits! Cum teach me how to be the perfect little slut you've only dreamed about.

I love oral, both giving and receiving! I tend to come off as a shy girl, but once I hear your sexy voice my princess parts get all wet for you! I want to start by massaging your cock though your jeans like the naughty girl I am until I can feel that you're nice and hard. I'll unbutton your pants, slow and seductive as my lips trace down your body. I want you to stare into my beautiful blue eyes as I pull off your pants and take out your rock hard cock. Don't you just want to fuck me? Come and play with me and tell me just how you like it.

My ultimate fantasy is going to one of my family outings with a new older guy. A guy that's much too old for me. My family would give us strange looks but that only makes my little pussy more wet! All I can think about while we are there is how bad I want you to take me. My pussy is throbbing at the thought... making everyone hear us... or maybe getting caught. I want you bend me over a log and fuck me over and over until I cum too many times for my sweet cunt to handle. Make sure you cover my mouth! You don't want people to hear us... or do you?

As much as I love being told what to do, I love being in control even more! Have you been a bad little boy? Well then it looks like I'm going to have to make you my bitch. I have a variety of punishments for dirty little boys like you. It gets me off being in control and just knowing you're completely helpless! I can have my way with you for hours and there nothing you're going to do about it. I want to hear you beg for me to stop... to give you a release... too bad you've been too naughty for me to let you cum.

Punish me! Please me! Make me your special sex doll or be my naughty boy!
I'm all yours... and I promise it won't be a time you'll forget. Let's play out all our filthy fantasies together.

Don't forget you can always purchase my creamy panties from our session! I may not be sitting on your face, but it's the next best thing!

Want to chat before we call? Find me on trillan @ Cutelittlekate or feel
free to email me anytime as well! Kate@yourdesires.com

I'll be waiting for you!