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Kennedy’s Fantasies

Thinking Of You Tied Up.

I want to tie you up again.
I loved that.
You are just so much to handle.
I just don’t know what to do with you, I love to please you. I fucking
love fucking that tight pink pussy, it gets so wet when you feel my huge
cock buried inside of you.

I love when you bounce on me, you do such a great job sliding up and down
the length of my shaft and you look so fucking sexy with your hands tied
behind you doing it.

I love to get rough with you and pull your hair back, spanking your tight
ass with the other hand until its the perfect pink.
You love my cock, the way I fuck you and make you cum with every inch of
me filling you up.

You love the way I spread your legs wide open and run my tongue up and
down your sweet pussy, savoring the taste of your cum.

Fuck I want you.
Today I got used real good by Daddy, he wanted to be rough with his dirty
little girl and I always want to please Daddy.
He started out kissing me while sliding his hands up and down my body, I
could feel Daddy’s cock getting hard and pressing against me. He turned me
around and pulled my hands behind my back, tying my wrists together with a
scarf. Daddy pushed me down on the bed and started wrapping another scarf
around my ankles and then securing it. Daddy grabbed my wrists and pulled
me up then asked me how bad I’d been, when I told Daddy I’d been a bad
girl he spanked my little ass until it was red!

Then he teased me, oh how Daddy just loves licking my pussy and making it
dripping wet. He knows just how to make me squirm bringing me right to the
edge of cumming and then pulling away.

Since he had me all tied up he do could as he pleased, Daddy loved running
his cock up and down my tongue so I could taste his pre cum. He slide his
entire cock into my mouth slowly at first, then Daddy wanted to be rough,
my throat has never been fucked so hard!

After Daddy was all done teasing me he wanted to fuck his dirty little
girl, he pulled me up by the hands and stuck my ass in the air. Daddy
slide his cock up and down between my pussy lips getting the head of his
cock slick. Then I felt the head slowly slide in and Daddy’s cock filled
me up inch by inch. Once he was all the way inside of me Daddy pushed his
cock as deeply as he could making me gasp. Daddy started slowly sliding
his cock in and out of me, making me beg him to fuck me harder. I love
when Daddy pounds my tight little pussy with his cock. Fucking me harder
Daddy makes me cum on his cock one more time, then he pulls out shooting
his hot sticky cum all over my ass.

I love the way Daddy fucks me.
I love to wake up to you in the morning.

You plant soft kisses on my forehead and work your way down, leaving a
trail of them along my jawline and neck. Your hands start to slide up my
shirt and you use your fingers to pinch my nipple. Rolling my nipple
between your thumb and finger you make it erect before lowering your
mouth on to it. You swirl your tongue in circle and gently tug on my
nipple with your teeth.

Your hand slides back down my side and around my ass, gripping onto my
right ass cheek your fingers dig in. I can feel your erect cock pressing
against my stomach, growing harder by the second.

Moving over top of me you spread my legs apart planting yourself between
them, you lift my legs up and wrap them around your waist. Teasing my clit
with the head of your cock, you use your hand to slide it up and down
getting your cock slick and ready for me. Your cock head nudges against
the opening of my pussy, slowly sliding it into me all the way down to
the base of your cock.

“Oh fuck” You moan in my ear. “Your pussy is so fucking tight.”

Sliding your cock back out of me your right arm slides around my head and
under my neck getting your balance. You slam your cock back into me as
hard as you can, pounding my tight little pussy. Moaning in ecstasy my
hands slide up your back, my nails digging into the soft flesh. You let
out a moan as my nails graze down onto your sides.

I can feel your cock throbbing inside me, ready to explode at any second.
You pull your cock out of me as you cum all over my pussy lips and the bed
spread. Collapsing down next to me you let out a long sigh, I can tell
this is just what you needed and so did I….
Stupid little whore.

You like to play games? So do I, and I can guarantee I am better.

I think it is time I put you in your place, I guess I need to show you how
high up you really are.

I find you in your room, sitting all prim and proper like you could never
do wrong. I want you to be completely oblivious to what is about to
happen, I walk up behind you taking care not to make a sound. My fingers
grip into your hair as i take a hold of it and lift you up.

“What the fuck” You yell

I lean down and whisper in your ear “I’m going to give you exactly what
you deserve.”

Pushing you down onto your knees with my hand still gripping your locks I
make your face turn up to me. Using my other had I deliver a nice hard
blow to your soft cheek.

“Do you like this? Maybe if you didn’t step out of line you wouldn’t have
to go through this.”

“Yes Mistress.” You whimper

Pulling on your hair I push your face down to the ground and make you
plant your hands on the floor. I grab a paddle from the door in your
bedside table, sliding it across your ass I pull your dress up to expose

“Beg me for it” I say

When you stay silent this only makes my wrath that much worse.

“I said BEG me for it” I yell

“Please Mistress, I deserve it”

Delivering 10 nice hard blows onto your bare ass I make make it a bright
pink color.

“That is more like it”

Giving you 10 more blows I turn your ass into a nice cherry red, this is
how I want it. This will leave you with a lasting impression, and keep you
from stepping out of line again.

I pull your skirt back down and stand you up, you bow to me to show me
that you know why you got exactly what you deserve.

“Thank you mistress.”
Oh Little Lucy, you have come to play.

I am so excited to show you all the wonders ahead of you, I know that you
will take each and everyone of them in stride, you will enjoy it even. Are
you ready?

I guide you into my room, and make you kneel down on the floor. My fingers
slip through your beautiful blonde hair as I grab a hold of a chunk of it.
Pulling your head back I lean down and take in your sweet scent, your hair
smells freshly shampooed and you are wearing a perfume that you can’t
quite put my finger on to. I grab a blind fold that is lying on the bed
and slip it over your eyes, I want to have you helpless. I place a ball
gag in to your mouth, we wouldn’t want any back talk now would we?

I bend you over onto your hands and knees, moving my hand down your back I
grip onto your tight little ass.

“Have you been a bad girl?” I ask you

Before you can respond I lay a nice hard smack on to your ass leaving a
bright pink mark. You let out a gasp that could be mistaken for a moan.

“You like this don’t you?”

I grab a paddle and lay three more nice firm smack on to your cheeks
making them a nice bright red. I savor the sound it makes when the paddle
connects with the skin. I nice loud smack.

Grabbing on to your wrist I guide you to the bed and have you lay flat on
your back. wrapping restraints around your wrists and ankles, I stretch
you out across the entire bed. You can feel the leather biting into your
skin when you try and pull away.

I run my fingers up your thigh, gently caressing the top of your little
pink pussy. Sliding it them up over your flat stomach and wrapping my hand
around your perky little tits. Pinching your nipple and rolling it
between my fingers I make it erect.

I know this excites you, being so helpless, at my mercy and getting more
turned on by the second.

Where to next?
I love the way your cock bulges against your shorts, I can’t help but
stare in awe.

The curve of the shaft points downwards as your cock tries to break free.

Swollen and getting harder by the second, I can graze my finger tips
lightly over the silky fabric and feel it pulse with anticipation.

Wrapping my hand around it through your shorts, I can somewhat grip it and
run just the tip over the sensitive head.

I love teasing you, your breath quickens as I push against you, feeling
the way your chest quickly rises and falls. Your hands grasp my tight
round ass and you grind against me.

I move my mouth next to your ear, letting my hot breath tickle you.

“How bad do you want me?” I whisper

You groan, that is all I need to know how bad you really want it. Sliding
my hand into your waist band I grip onto your rock hard cock, slowly
sliding my hand down to the base and back up to the head.

The tip of your cock produces drops of pre cum, my hand gets wet each time
it glides back up to the top.

“Oh baby, you know how much I love to tease you. But now, I want you to beg.”

You can barely gasp out “Please”

I flick my tongue out and lick up the length of your cock, tasting the
pre cum that has collected on the tip.

“Oh baby, I know you can do much better than that”

“Please fuck me, please baby I need you”

I laugh “That is what they all say, now I want you to prove it.”
I love my little toy.

Its the perfect pink and has the perfect vibration, I love the way it can
make me shake.

Intensity is what I aim for, to make my pussy drip.

I know you love to watch me use it, circling my hard little clit and
making my legs quiver.

Its teasing you, I can see a hunger in your eyes that you won’t be able to
contain very long.

And oh how I love to use it when we get to play.

Your cock deep inside of me while I use my magic little wand on my little

The vibration is thrilling, the intensity of it sends shivers up my body
and I know you can feel how tight my pussy gets.

You can feel the vibrations traveling through me and they tease your cock
that is buried in me.

You know when I get close to cumming, you can feel my pussy getting
wetter. The way I squirm underneath you, the way my pussy gets tighter
trapping your cock inside of me.

I use my magic little wand to circle my clit as I start to reach pure
bliss, I can feel my orgasm building, ready to crash over me and so can
you. Pounding harder into me I finally get that sweet release, I cum all
over your cock as you bury it into me. My whole body shaking, overcome
with satisfaction and my pussy dripping.
Oh my little pet.

You know that you deserve all that you get.

That is why you come to me, to put you in your place.

You live to please me, to sit at my feet and do as I say.

If I tell you to kiss my feet, you do.

If I tell you to suck a cock for me, no matter the size, you do.

If I tell you to swallow every single last drop of his cum, you do.

You will be my good little cum slut, won’t you? I know you don’t know what
to do with yourself without my strict guidance.

I think you LOVE to be my little whore, sucking all the cocks you are
given. It is well known how much you like it, you are introduced as SLUT
so that everyone can know.

You know you love the way I order you around, the way I tell you to do
things. You know you don’t have a choice in the matter, you NEED to do as
I say. You don’t know how to do anything else.

You want me to think for you. To be your brain, to tell you what to say
and what to feel.

You would be lost without me.

When I speak to you my voice travels down your body and grabs your balls.

You can’t do anything without my permission, you ache for it.

Your only goal in life is to please ME.

To obey ME.
Naughty naughty boy.

You know you aren’t supposed to do this.

If you get caught, you will be in so much trouble.

But that is what you get off on isn’t it?

The risk of getting caught, the thrill of knowing that if you do, you’ll
be totally fucked.

That is why I know that I’ll always hear from you, why you can’t resist it.

I think its an addiction of yours, sex on the phone. Maybe its my voice
that you love, that mesmerizes you and makes you want more.

It could be any number of things that keeps you coming back, couldn’t it?

You know that I’ll do what I have to, that if you aren’t good to me we’ll
have a nice chat with someone of my choosing.

I’ll out you, but that is what you want, to be told that everyone will
find out. And they will, if you do not listen.

But always and forever, you know you won’t be able to resist it for long
before you’re craving it.

You won’t be able to help yourself, and my phone will ring.
I know what I’m doing, laying in bed in a tank top and panties.

I know that you’ll look over at me, get distracted from your computer and
won’t be able to help yourself.

I can be patient, I know you’ll feel my eyes on you.

Letting the bed curve around me I lay on my side, you can hear me shifting
and you turn around.

Your hands reach out and caress my ass, you flip my over and slid your
finger into my panties and start to tease my soft petals.

Sliding my panties down my legs you toss them aside, you nudge apart my
pussy lips and your finger enters me, I tighten around it as you guide it
in and out.

Pulling your cock out you have me stroke it, gliding my hand up and down
its length before wrapping my lips around it. I slide my hand up and down
your cock in time with my mouth, nursing all of the pre cum out of it.

You push me back onto the bed and lift my legs up, using your hand you
guide your wet cock to my pussy and use the tip to tease my clit.

Pressing the tip against my opening your cock slides into me, you bury it
inch by inch deeper until your cock is buried to the balls.

You lift my legs up and begin pumping in and out of me, you move a hand up
to the neckline of my shirt and yank it down, breaking the strap my
breasts spill out and you move my hand to one. Guiding my other hand down
between my legs I begin to play with my clit. You can feel my orgasm
building so you pumped harder and deeper into me as waves of pleasure
spill over me and I moan in pleasure.

You slow your strokes a bit to let me recover, giving me a second to catch
my breathe before picking up the pace again. Slamming your cock deeply
back into me I feel another orgasm coming, I tighten my pussy around your
cock and let it crash over me.

My pussy is dripping wet with all of that sweet cream you’ve made me
produce. You flip me over, slamming your cock back into me I bury my face
a pillow to keep from crying out, my third orgasm crashes over me and my
legs go weak, I collapse onto the bed, but you aren’t done with me yet.

Gripping my hips you lift me back up, sliding your cock back into me with
some force, pounding into my pussy over and over again, I can feel my
juices flowing down your balls.

You lean over and ask me “Where do you want me to cum?”

I can barely gasp out “On my ass!”

As you continue to slide every inch of your cock in and out of me I can
feel your cock swelling, getting ready to burst. Your strokes begin to get
harder and faster as you near your climax.

You pull your cock out of me and spray your hot load all over my ass,
letting every drop of it out.

As the contractions subside your hands grip my hips, enjoying the feeling
of the tail end of your orgasm…..

I know you’ve wanted me all day, the way I’ve teased you and let you think
it would happens has driven you crazy.

Every chance you get you’re reaching out, touching me, trying to get your
fingers to slide into my sweet little pussy.

Now you’re asleep, too tired to keep your eyes open and wait any longer,
this is when I decide its time.

I come into the room and close the door behind me, climbing up onto the
bed and straddle you. Waking up from your haze I lean down and press my
lips to yours, and this seems to somewhat bring you to reality. You push
back into me and run your hands up my body, you’ve been waiting for this.

You grasp onto my hips and roll me off of you, and you roll over on top of
me. Pressing up against me I can feel the bulge against my pussy, grinding
and kissing me deeper. As your kisses become more insistent so do your
hands, the wander down to my panties and hook your fingers into them,
pulling away from me you slide them down my legs and off.

Your fingers creep up my legs, doing little circles around my clit making
my pussy drip, you know just how to touch me. You pull away just long
enough to slip your shorts off and press back against me, you lift my legs
up and wrap them around your waist. Slowly sliding your cock into me, my
tight pussy taking you in inch by inch. I love to savor this, when you
first slide into me, the way your cock completely fills me up.

Slowly sliding each inch in and out of me, your kissing becomes deeper, I
can feel your need growing. You push your cock even harder into me,
increasing your pace and insistence. I feel your balls slapping against my
ass while you pound into my tight little pussy over and over again.

I can feel your cock swelling inside of me, ready to explode, to be
released. Your balls growing tighter, you fuck me harder and harder until
you can no longer help yourself, you pull out of me as the first stream of
cum explodes onto me. I reach down, stroking your cock as the last few
streams of cum are released onto my pussy and down my hand.

I love squeezing out each and every last drop…

I love feeling your eyes on me whenever I get dressed, it makes my pussy
instantly get wet.

I like to bend over in front of you while I slip my panties up my calves,
over my knees and up my thighs. You reach out a hand and your fingers
brush against my petals. The lace of my panties slip over your hand and
you pull away as they hug my ass.

I turn around letting your eyes burn into me, your cock is growing in your
pants and it is pressing tightly against your zipper, ready to burst.

Sliding the straps up my arms the cups of my bra hug my breasts and the
fabric teases my nipples. I turn around and let you watch as my hands
slide up my back and clasp the bra together.

I feel your hands slipping around my waist and your hot breath tickling my
ear. Your fingers slide into my panties and gently caress my clit. My
breath catches in my throat, I press my ass against your rock hard cock.
Teasing, and sliding it between my ass check, I pull away, taking a step
back to look at how much you want me. I can see the hunger in your eyes,
the need.

I love when I have you like this, so much want, a thirst that needs to be

I love to leave you like this.

Slipping on my pants and sliding a shirt over my head I leave you there,
wanting me, craving me.
You wanted this.
You needed this.
You asked for this.

You try to get out of it every time, hide away and not face me. You know
this is what you need.

You need me to take control of you, to tell you what to think, what to do,
what to feel.

Without me, you are NOTHING.

You know you want to listen to me, that deep inside of your subconscious
you know its what is right. That is why you call my phone sex line,
because without me you are lost.

You tell me every time that this isn’t okay, that its not right for you to
talk about these things.

But you’re wrong.

What is right is what I want, what I need.

You soon will be completely obsessed with me and my voice, the way I make
you feel and think. The way I control you.

You want it.
You need it.
You asked for it.
I like to take risks when I’m getting off.

Don’t you think it can be a bit more exciting when you risk getting caught?

Cum play and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I want you to hold my wrists and pin me down, sliding your cock into me so
it is buried to the base. I have to muffle my moan in your chest so that
we are not over heard.

You lean down and whisper in my ear “You love that cock don’t you?”
Barely able to gasp out between my muffled moan I groan “oh my, YES!”
Pounding into me as hard and as deeply as you can my first orgasm crashes
over me and I whimper as I hold back a scream of pleasure.

You flip my over on to my hands and knees, running your hands up my back
and back down, you grasp my hips. I feel your fingers tighten as you slam
into me, buried all the way down to your balls they graze my clit and it
sends a jolt of lightening up my body.

Sliding back out you begin to pump in and out of me, getting your cock
slick and wet so it glides easily. Picking up the pace you become rougher,
more intense using my hips to pull me onto you harder and faster. I can
feel my orgasm building and as it crashes over me in waves of please I
bury my face into my pillow and let out a scream, trying to muffle it as
much as I can. I collapse forward and you shoot your hot sticky cum all
over my ass.

We hear a door opening, footsteps….
You make me want to be bad.
I feel like I could do anything when I am with you and boy is that dangerous.
I also get so turned on just by the thought of you, your touch sets me on
fire and makes my mind lose all of its inhibitions.
You bring out my vixen, I enjoy teasing you until you can’t take it and
then denying you. Making you want me more and more with each and every
touch that I give you. I like to feel your cock growing in my hand as I
stroke it, looking up and you and watching your eyes roll back as you get
harder and harder. You can’t hide how much you want this, how much you are
craving my touch. I can lick just the tip and taste the salty pre cum that
I stroked out of you, little droplets just waiting on the tip begging to
be plucked off by my tongue. I know doing this makes you shiver and your
cock grow even harder. Now is the moment of truth, and you know how it
ends, pull your pants back up baby, you’ll get more later.
I love the way you look at me.
The way I can feel your eyes follow every move, skim across every single
inch of my body.
I can feel the hunger in them as you watch me, sliding my pants down my
legs and dropping them to the floor.
I step out of them and in the same motion grab the hem of my shirt and
pull it up over my head. I can hear your breath catch in your throat,
looking into the mirror of my vanity I see you watching me. Your hand is
gripping the sheets on the bed and I can see a growing erection making an
When you look at me like this it makes me feel powerful, like I could ask
you to do anything that I want you to.
I see you starting to shift your weight but I decide to ignore it and
continue teasing you. Reaching up behind my back I slip my fingers under
my bra and unclasp it. Letting the straps slide down my arms I drop it to
the ground, standing in front of you now in only my panties. Coming up
behind me your fingertips dance up my body, starting from my hips and up
my sides until they wrap in front of me and you cup my breasts.
Kissing up my neck and pressing against me I can feel your cock nudging my
ass. Your fingertips grasp my growing erect nipples and lightly pinch and
twist them while you send tingles and shivers down my spine. My breath
quickens and I can feel myself getting wet, sliding one hand down my
stomach and slipping it into the front of my panties and lightly stroke
the edge of my lips. You slip my finger in deeper, spreading them apart
and start doing slight circles around my clit.
You have me in your hands now and I’ll do anything for you, I think you
enjoy teasing me, making me want you like you want me.
Your finger slides farther back and tickles my little opening, teasing me.
Slipping your finger inside of me and pushing me against you, you make me
let out a moan. You know all of the right places to touch me, to make me
You love the way I look at you.
Phone Sex Line

Who will you choose
To get a bit loose
A lady ripe for the picking
Before you know it you will be clicking

Will you choose door number one?
She is hot, flirty and fun
A woman so divine
She ages like a wine
Don’t you worry Hun

Or maybe door two
She’ll turn your balls blue
A firm hand and a strong voice
Oh baby take your choice

And what about door number three?
She is sexy and free
A wild Vixen for sure
She may be your cure

Now to the last, door number four
She is sure to rock you, deep to your core
Her voice will echo in your mind
Not like the others, hard to find

All for you these woman are ready
So keep your breathing even and steady
Make a choice, you are sure to love
You and me will fit like a glove
You make me so horny.
Just the thought of you gets my juices flowing, my pussy drowning in my
desire for you. I feel the need get so intense that I need to touch
myself, to feel the release of an orgasm as it crashes in waves over me.
That is my favorite way time to touch myself, the intensity of bringing
yourself to the edge and denying it is frustrating, but oh so worth the
return. I think it is all about the journey, not the destination. Enjoying
all of the pleasure building up inside of me.
I touch my nipples. Using the tips of my finger tips to circle my nipples,
catching them between and pinching lightly. I feel myself getting more
turned on by the second.
Tickling down my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in my fingers wake I
make myself shiver in delight.
I love being a tease, walking around in a tiny pair of panties and a
little t-shirt. When the fabric of my top rubs against my bare nipples
they instantly become erect and my pussy gets wet. The tingles that are
sent through my body are my motivation to tease you.
I prance around the living room, walking in front of the television turned
away from you. You can see each curve of my body outlined in the light. I
can hear you stand up, the creak of the chair gives you away. Your hands
rest lightly on my hips and begin traveling up my body….feeling each
hill and valley on my body, cupping my breasts you lower your mouth to my
neck. A shiver runs down my spine as your hot breath tickles me, your lips
caress my skin and your hands glide back down my body to cup my breasts. I
can feel your cock tightening against your pants as you slide your
fingertips around my hips and press it tightly against my round ass. Your
hands continue wander farther down until they slip into the top of my
panties, your fingers skimming my outer lips, nudging them apart to
discover how slick I am inside. Prodding farther in you take the tip of
your finger and circle my clit, I push my ass even harder against you as
you lightly bite my neck. Your other hand releases my hip and swings back,
a firm smack on the ass follows and I moan, the mixture of the pain and
pleasure is so intense I feel my legs beginning to quiver. Your fingers
become more insistent as your desire builds, this is the part that I enjoy
oh so much. Slipping out of your hands I step back and look at you, the
hunger in your eyes so deep and the need causing a fire so intense I can
feel it scorching into me. oh how i love to make you want me, to make you
shake with need, with want….
Breathless, held in place and afraid. I can feel myself shaking as you
tighten the fabric around my wrists.
Thrilling, the thought of being completely helpless and under your control
frightens me, but not as much as it excites. I want to submit to you, to
let you do as you please with me.
You want to make me beg for you to fuck me, you run along every inch of my
body with your fingertips. I can feel your hands on my thighs while you
tease my clit with your tongue. Flicking across my pussy lips and prodding
between them lightly tasting my building juices. I can feel it gliding up
and down my pussy getting more urgent the more you part my lips, slipping
your tongue deeply into my hole making me arch my back and moan.
“Please fuck me, baby, I need you to shove that huge cock deep into me.”
You just laugh, you’re enjoying teasing me too much. Pulling me down the
bed a bit more and placing my legs on to your shoulders, you bury your
face between my legs. Your hands slide across my thighs and grip onto my
ass, digging your fingers into the subtle flesh and pushing me to your
eager mouth.
You then flip me over, facing away from you on my knees with my hands
above me still tied to the bed. Pulling my hips up toward you you tease
the fuck out of my clit with the tip of your cock, slipping it up and down
all over my dripping wet pussy. Playing with my hole and barely sliding
into me. Without warning you shove every single inch of you as deeply into
me as you can, making me cry out with both pleasure and pain as you
continue thrusting deeply into the warmth and tightness that my pussy
provides. My entire body is tingling, I am screaming out with delight as
you ram into me as hard as you can. You have a hold on my hips to keep my
ass held up to you, a nice firm grip that helps you push into me. I feel
your orgasm building as every inch is buried and the hot sticky liquid
spilling into me, you push deeply into me once, twice as your cock
twitches and contracts and you finish off your orgasm. Releasing my hips
and pulling out I collapse onto my side, hands still tied up and
Its been too long. I’ve been craving your touch, the feel of your skin
against mine. I sneak into the bedroom early in the morning, you don’t
know I’m home yet so I slip into bed next to you. I can feel you stirring
next to me and your hands immediately start wandering across my body. You
grip my ass and then slap it. A primal growl builds in your chest and I
can feel that you’re completely erect and rock hard. I’ve never seen a
hunger so strong, your eyes are alight with your need, I can feel your
hungry eyes on every inch of me, you can not wait to rip every stitch of
clothing off of me. Together we both start tearing clothes off, you yank
my pants down and off of me, immediately shoving a finger into my dripping
wet pussy, I pull my shirt off and kiss your neck. You pull away for a
second and I help you pull your pants off and take your rock hard cock
into my hand, stroking it and getting it all wet with your pre cum. I lay
down onto my back and you grab my hips, pulling me down farther onto the
bed you thrust deeply into me and I let out a loud gasp, I’ve never felt
you so deep inside of me. Pounding into me over and over again with a
primal need to feel every inch of me, you have me screaming. Everyone can
hear us, we don’t care. You pull out of me and flip me over, gripping my
ass you shove your cock deep back inside of me. I feel every single inch
of your cock sliding in and out of me, you slap my ass and I can feel your
cock growing even more, the release of your sticky hot cum shoots into me,
you shove as deeply into me as possible as the contractions hit, every
stroke back into me pumps more of that hot cum inside. I am exhausted and
feeling much better, I collapse onto the bed and lay there naked,
completely dazed from all that I’ve missed.
I can see curiosity in your eyes, mingled with a hunger that is ready to
be satisfied. You and I have talked about trying new things, being more
adventurous. Laying me on the bed you start undressing me, sliding my
shorts down my legs and running your hands back up them. You kiss my neck
and slide my top off and undo my bra.
“Do you trust me?” you whisper in my ear.
“Of course I do” I breathe softly back to you.
Reaching down off of the bed you grab something that I cannot quite see,
you flip me over onto my stomach and guide my hands together behind my
back. I feel silk sliding around my wrists as you tie them together.
“Is this too tight?” You ask.
“Its just right” I tell you.
Tightening the silk tighter around my wrists I let out a gasp, you grab
onto my hips and pull me towards you. My hands being tied behind me I am
completely at your mercy, I love letting you take complete control of me.
Centering yourself behind me and with a grip on my hips you pull me back
to you slamming into my ass. Your cock buries itself deep inside of me
and I let out a whimper. Your fingers tightening on my hips you start
going faster. Pumping into me over and over as your fingertips dig into
the soft skin beneath them…..
A long drive…
I’ve been waiting all day for this, you’ve been on my mind and my panties
are completely soaked.
I have to head north to see you, you’re working on a house and my body has
been missing yours.
I get to the house and you lead me upstairs to the bedroom, the walls are
only partially finished, the floor littered with construction. You grab my
hand and pull me to you, your hands traveling over my breasts and down my
sides, grabbing my ass you pull my hips towards you and grind your growing
cock against me.
Kissing my neck you unbutton my jeans and yank them down, your hand
sliding into my dripping pussy you tease my clit. My hands slide down your
body and rub your rock hard erection just begging to be let out.
Slipping my legs out of my pants I pull you to the open window, bending me
over the edge I place my hands out in front of me. You tease my pussy lips
with the tip of your cock, sliding it up and down teasing all of me. You
grab onto my hips with both of your hands and slam into me, I let out a
gasp that I muffle by biting my lip, you slap my ass and grab it, running
a hand up my back and back down grasp my hips. Pounding into me over and
over, using my hips to pull me back towards you. You increase your pace
and start driving all the way into me as fast and as hard as you can…..
Late at night, you creep into my bedroom and slip under the blankets. I
can feel your hands discovering every curve of my body as you find your
way through the dark. I lift my head up still not knowing what is going
on, my thoughts still trying to break through the heavy fog of sleep. Your
finger tips run over the curves of my ass and slip between my legs,
pulling aside my panties you caress the lips of my pussy making me tingle.
In an instant you have your finger inside of me, biting a pillow so that I
don’t yell out I feel your desire growing stronger. You flip me over and
yank my panties off and throw them across the room. Placing my legs on
either shoulder you start to lick my already dripping wet pussy. You have
me squirming, licking and sucking, you shove your tongue into me and I let
out a whimper. You flip me over and pull me to you by my hips, teasing the
lips of my slippery wet pussy with the tip of your hardness. You bury
yourself deep into me and I scream with pleasure, I can feel every single
inch of you slamming in and out of me. I am whimpering into the pillows
trying not to wake the neighbors and you pound into me. One hand slides up
my back and grabs my hair, pulling my head up you whisper for me to stay
quiet, reaching around my hips you play with my clit while you continue to
pound into me. I can feel every inch of your cock, I can feel your orgasm
about to come. You start to fuck me even faster and harder, releasing my
hair and grabbing my hips I feel you explode inside of me. Collapsing back
onto the bed I hear you slip back out of the bedroom door….
Following you to the bedroom, already creaming with excitement you guide
me through the door and start kissing me.
Your hands grabbing and slapping my ass, you unbutton my pants and rip my
panties aside. Slamming a finger deep inside me you play with my G spot
and make me squirm. Ignoring the bed you follow me on to the floor,
sliding my panties down my legs and centering yourself between them.
The tip of your cock teasing me as you push it against my swollen clit,
nudging my pussy lips apart you thrust your cock deep into my wet pussy,
making me cry out let out a loud moan.
You drive your cock in to me over and over again, my legs wrapped around
your hips so you can go in even deeper.
In an instant I’m flipped over and your driving your cock back into me,
Grabbing my hips you slam my dripping wt pussy and make me scream in
pleasure. My breath starts to catch and I let out a loud moan. You keep
slamming all of you into me as the waves of my orgasm roll over me and my
legs collapse. You lift my hips up and continue slamming into my firm
round ass, your cock hits my G spot and I start to cum again, you’re
moaning as I scream in ecstasy when my next orgasm takes a hold of me. You
keep slamming into me, making me moan with delight. You pull out of me and
shoot a hot load on to my ass cheeks and I collapse back onto the floor
trying to catch my breath and come up with a clear thought.
Standing on the front porch, the cold night air making me shiver and my
nipples perk up and go hard.
The front door opens and you step out, your hot breath tickling the back
of my neck.
You run the tips of your fingers down my arms and to my hips, grasping my
firm ass I cry out in delight.
As you kiss and bite my neck your hands begin to explore the lacy edge of
my panties. Slowly nudging the fabric aside you start to play with my
clit, a shiver runs through me.
You slowly slide a finger into me and I let out an almost inaudible gasp.
You are sliding your fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy and
finger fucking me into madness.
You slap my ass and pull me towards you, I feel your hard cock, eager and
ready for me pressed between my ass cheeks.
You pull my hair aside and whisper in to my ear “I fucking need you, right