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Kennedy’s Thoughts

You trail your fingers slowly down my shoulder, sending shivers down my
spine. Your fingers make their way across my chest and circle my nipple
making it grow erect. You can tell that I am getting excited so you trail
your way farther down, tracing the slit of my pussy lips. Your finger
nudges slowly pushing them apart and sending a warm tingle throughout my
entire body setting me on edge just waiting, craving your next touch.
Run your hands up and down my body, squeezing all of your favorite places.
I love the way they slide over my curves and send a shiver down my spine.
You pull me tightly against you sliding your hand into my hair and pulling
my head to the side so you can lightly bite my neck.
It seems you always know just how to touch me to drive me wild.
I want you to touch me.

I want you to slide your hand up my skirt at the dinner table, drawing
circles on my thighs, teasing me. Using just the tip of your finger to
trace the little bit of my pussy lips that isn’t trapped between my legs.
I know that you can feel that I am already getting wet, the anticipation
of your touch can drive me wild. Slipping your fingertip in you lightly
play with my clit, getting it all wet.

One of our guests begins to talk to you, your hand doesn’t stray away,
continuing to play with me. Its such a tease when you know I’m getting
close you pull away, placing your hand back onto my thigh leaving me
The problem with little girls is that they need to be put in their place.
They like to step out of line and push limits, I’m the firm hand that they
need.A lot of these little whores have tried to test my limits, see what
they can get away with, played their little games. But they ALWAYS get
what they deserve. I think they like it, getting punished for their wrong
doings, and I am more than happy to show them exactly what they ask for.

I love the way it makes skin glide against skin, making the experience
that much more pleasurable. My hand seems to have a mind of its own when
it stokes up and down your cock so easily. My fingertips caressing the
tip, mixing the oil with your pre cum.

Oh the way it glistens, making each and every outline of the veins on your
cock stick out that much more. The head shines in the candlelight, I
stroke it up and down to make it move and reflect in different ways.

Let me show you.
I have so many subs competing to be my most treasured sub. Are they even
aware they are competing? I think some do- they have said they want to be
the best but they don’t how they are measuring up.

Sometimes I wish they all knew where they stood with me. Imagine a weekly
newspaper where everyone could read about what my subs have been doing and
how they have been pleasing. That would be amazing!
Oh little Lucy, your hair looks like spun gold. I would love to run my
hand through it and get a nice firm grip. I want you to let out a nice
sigh, letting me know you’re ready to play.

Your sweet little voice is so tempting to give in to, but I know you love
it when others take control.

Oh how could I forget that little round ass of yours, just begging to be
spanked. Why don’t you beg me to stop? Maybe you like it and want to ask
me for more.

Last, but very not least, those cute little tits of yours, lets see what
we can do to get those nipples as hard as diamonds.

Oh little Lucy, I will have my fun with you.
The leaves are changing colors, falling from the trees and covering the

I want to play in them, lay on the soft pillows they form when raked into
a pile.

Tease my nipples with the cold crisp air, letting it harden them and go
erect. Why don’t you take one of those leaves, tease me with it? Glide it
from the tip of my nose and down my neck, circle my nipples and make me

I know you love to tease me baby.
I love to be your naughty little girl, so sweet and innocent to everyone

I like to think of you when I touch myself, especially when I do it when I
know I shouldn’t. The thrill of getting caught makes the thought of you
even hotter to me.

I love the way you make my pussy wet and my nipples hard.

You make me want to do things that are risky, like touching myself under
the table at dinner. Lying on the couch in the living room when others are
home, playing with my wet little pussy.

Its like a game, make myself cum before I get caught.
Won’t you be mine, on this phone sex line? I know you have many choices,
but I promise I’m worth it.

Cum play with me, you know you want to. If you keep waiting, the
temptation will become too great.

Maybe you want to taste, to touch every single inch of me. I don’t blame
you, I know its intoxicating.

Or maybe you have been bad, and need to be punished. I’ll show you exactly
where your place is, what you deserve.

I know I can give you everything you need and more. I can fulfill your
deepest and darkest desires.

So what are you doing, still sitting there? Cum play.
I love having long nails, the feeling of running them up and down your skin.

Digging the tips into he tender flesh in your back.

I know it hurts a bit, but it always encourages you to go faster, harder.

You know you love the pain, it reminds you how good you’re doing, the bite
of my nails sends shivers down your spine.

Its satisfying to see my work when we finish, the long strokes of my nails
on your back.

You know you love the pain, it reminds you how good you’re doing, the bite
of my nails sends shivers down your spine.
There is nothing quite like the sore feeling the way after a good fuck.

You know you had some of the best orgasms of your life when your thighs
are tight and your pussy is sore.

Your arms ache from when you had to dig your hands into his back to keep
from exploding.

I love this feeling, of being so satisfied, of the slight stiffness
reminding me of the endless orgasms and my dripping pussy.

I can’t wait until the next time that you get to please me, to give me
pure bliss.
When I think of you I can’t help myself, my pussy soaks my panties and I
feel a desire so deep it needs to be satisfied instantly.
It doesn’t matter where I am, driving, in the bath, laying in bed I have
to touch myself. I need to slide my fingers into my panties and play with
my clit.
The thought of you, your touch, your hot breath makes me squirm with
ecstasy, working myself up even more to a point of no return.
Crashing in waves of bliss I somewhat feel satisfied, but nothing is quite
like your cock.
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One cock,
Two cock,
Three cock,

How much more can you take,
You nasty little whore?

One in your ass,
One in your mouth,
One in your in your hand,
And another headed south.

You’re made for their pleasure,
So follow my directions,
Each one is different
So satisfy their erections

Now off you go to do your job
Eat their cum, don’t be a slob.
Your touch excites me and thrills every inch of my body, my pussy get
dripping wet when you pull be tightly against you and press your hard cock
against my ass.
You make me naughty, capable of doing exciting and dangerous acts.
Anything that will heighten our sense of pleasure and make things more
I crave every single inch of your body when I am with you, I want to run
my fingers through your hair and then shove your face into my pussy, you
make me feel both submissive and dominant to you.
You’re the best of both worlds, and baby we’re just getting started.
Your fingers feel like fire when they dance across my skin,
I love the way you take control when I’m unsure of what I want.
You know how much it thrills me when you push me against a wall,
secret stolen kisses while your hand slides down my body into my panties
when others are in the next room.
Your fingers nudging and feeling their way down and deeper….
It leaves me breathless….
Ever since becoming a xxx phone sex girl I have been so much more
I like to do things that could get me in trouble, but that is what makes
them oh so exciting!
Maybe running my hand up your thigh while we’re at dinner with our
friends, grabbing your cock through your pants you can’t react because
they will know.
Pulling you into a dark area and riling you up, kissing your lips, and
working my way down. Using my tongue to tease you and then releasing,
letting you go back to whatever you were doing, but now with your cock
hard and me on your mind.
I love the fact that everyone sees me as so innocent.
They all see a cute little girl with bubble gum pink lips.
Little do they know that under my sundress I have on leather and lace.
I love that dirty secret that only you know about, whether it be wearing
something naughty under your regular clothing or that you aren’t wearing
anything at all.
Take me for a ride, I’ll show you how innocent I really am.
I love how you can make my body shiver and shake, your touch electrifies
my skin as your fingertips dance across it. Your hot breath mingles with
mine and I feel dizzy from it.

Your touch makes me lose all my thoughts and my nipples to go erect and
just the simplest stroke. You drive me wild with the way you grab at my
skin, making every curve yours and how much you need me.

The way your eyes beg me for more, the hunger deep inside them is a primal
need you need to fulfill. So do I. We take each other to a place of pure
bliss and need, to reach that point of no return and relish in every
single second of it…
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I sit here at my room
The flowers and ladies all bloom
With moans so divine
And a body I wanna make mine

Their skin is soft as butter
Her voice makes you stutter
With a body like that
You’ll need a nurse, stat

She talks like an queen
And will cause quite a scene
A vixen at best
with her attention you’re blessed

These woman will drive you wild
All of them spicy, hot, and mild
So come take a taste
I promise, she isn’t laced.
It can feel like a hex
with xxx phone sex
No need to fear
I’m here for you Dear

I’ll touch yours
If you will touch mine
we can give each other
The very best time

Call me Mistress
Or make me sit
I’ll be your very best
Let us see all that we can fit

A submission if you’d like
Maybe than we will strike
My line is open and yours for the taking
Now come on my darling, why are you still waiting?
I never knew how amazing a pair of nylons can feel, the silky touch of the
fabric as you slide them up your leg. Gliding my hands over every curve of
my leg and feeling each stitch stretch and then tighten back onto my skin.
I like to run my finger tips up and down my legs, starting at the tip of
my toes I slide them up over the curve of my foot and up to my ankle.
Gliding them around my calf and skimming the top of my knee drawing a
circle. Then light as a feather I bring them up to my thigh, this is my
favorite part, the skin on my thighs is so very sensitive. My body starts
to shake as my fingers slip over the soft fabric that covers my thighs, my
pussy instantly becomes hotter and slick with my desire.
The first experience I had with panty hose has made me quite
curious….what fabric shall I try next?
Most people know me as innocent.
As the angel who could never do wrong.
A sweet little Princess.
But once we go to the bedroom, I will blow your mind.
Want to tie me up?
Tell me what a good little slut I am?
Restrain me and fuck me however you would like.
I want to be completely at your mercy.
Or maybe you need to be taken care of.
I want to tie you up, tease you.
Make you beg me to fuck you.
I’ll be your dirty little Mistress.
I’m in control when you dial my phone sex line.
You know exactly what you’re going to get.
I love making you squirm, the sound of you begging me.
I feel my sexiest and most powerful when I take control of you.
You’re mesmerized by my voice when we have sex on the phone.
That feeling of hunger, the need that you feel deep down in you.
The one you try to deny but it keeps you coming back for me.
The longing that keeps you wanting xxx phone sex.
You and I both know you can’t fight it, so why not give in.
Come beg me to show you what I’m made of.
Your Mistress is waiting.
Its getting hot out, I can feel the heat kissing my skin anytime that I go
outside. I know I really shouldn’t but on days when it is too warm to face
the sun I spend the day inside, in the dark thinking about all of the
dirty things I’d do to you. As my mind wanders so do my hands, running
down my body and caressing my breasts. I can hardly help myself as I slip
a hand into my sexy little panties. My pussy already is soaking
wet, my fingers glide over my clit easily as I slip one into me….I bet
you wonder what my moans sound like, how I sound when I’m enjoying myself,
have you used phone chat before? Its quite fun, one on one time for a
little sex on the phone, there is no need to be shy I have just what you
need and I am just one xxx phone sex call away….
I find it so hot when you eat my pussy, I love the way it feels when your
tongue slides over my lips and parts them. You pull my legs over your
shoulders and grip my thighs, teasing my clit until it is hard. The
feeling of myself getting wet and your tongue making me squirm. You shove
it into my little hole tasting all of my juices and making me gasp with
delight. You know exactly what you’re doing and I’m just here for the
XXX Phone Sex

When you’re feeling down
Or maybe feeling up
You give me phone a ring
Instead of getting a suck.
So when you’re all out of latex
And you’re looking for some great sex
You know where to find me
I think that we can both agree
That when I come up to bat
With a little phone chat
I’ll blow your mind
Make you all mine
My words can cause train wrecks
So explore a little phone sex
You’re on my mind all of the time, when I’m driving you pop into my head
and my little pink pussy responds. I can feel my clit starting to get hard
thinking about you, my lips moisten at just the thought of your fingers
dancing between them. I lose my breath, you tug at my top exposing an
erect nipple, gripping it lightly with your teeth you tug and tease it.
You know just what drives me wild, how to make my body respond to you. I’m
just a doll, here for you to play with.
I want to beg for it, I want you to tease me until I can’t take it
anymore. I want to be told I can’t have it yet, that I have to prove to
you how badly I want you. The way you will tease every inch of me making
me yearn for you, to crave your touch and to feel you deep inside of me.
Your body calls to me, I dream about it and wake up at 1 am wanting every
inch of it.
Sometimes we all need to be taught a lesson, when we misbehave or even
when we’re just feeling naughty.
Tie me up, I want you to punish me.
I need to feel that bite of pain on my wrists at the hand cuffs clamp
down, the sting of your hand smacking my bare ass.
Use me and abuse me baby, I’m here for your pleasure.
Imagine this… your meeting a client or having a business meeting of some
kind and a downtown cafe. maybe you have never been there before. its nice
and upscale, great friendly service. clean looking staff… all wearing
black slacks with a white button down shirt. your seated.. menu in hand..
and here comes shift change.. your looking over your menu making your
choices. your waiter approaches and you look up expecting to see the same
young man that seated you. instead as you turn your head you get a look at
some nice unclad long tan legs in 4 inch black pumps. as you lift your
head you get a view of the skirt short tight and black. a small white
button down top unbuttoned just a little too low. you can see my cleavage
clearly sticking out the top of the shirt. hair up in a bun held by
chopsticks little black glasses. and then i say “is there anything i can
do for you”…….
I want to be naughty, I want you to fuck me in places most people wouldn’t
dare. I crave that adrenaline rush from the possibility that we might get
caught. To feel your cock buried deep inside of me while we fuck in a
dressing room. Your hand over my mouth to muffle my moans. Everyone around
us oblivious to what we’re doing, maybe the sales lady will come check on
us and see how’re we’re doing….maybe we’ll ask her to join us.
There is nothing like a thick hard cock pressed against your ass when you
first wake up in the morning. I love being able to feel the length sliding
between my ass cheeks, maybe I’ll tease you a little and press back
against you and grind, teasing your cock so it throbs and you grab at my
hips. The best good morning anyone could give me.

You’re on my mind all the time, when I’m in the shower, at work or cooking
dinner. I want to feel your cock buried deep inside of me. I need to feel
every single inch inside my pussy. I want you do fuck me while I’m in the
kitchen over the stove. Distract me from what I’m doing and make me beg
for more.