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Likes: Giggling, Exxxplicit role playing, steamy details, & the taste of My pussy
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Hello there,

I'm Laia, the slut you've always wanted & the angel you crave to corrupt *grin*

I love to role play all kinds of different scenarios. What's your fantasy? I have so many, where do I start? The thought of being tied up and passed around for you and all your friends to fuck gets me so wet. There's no hole that I don't enjoy having filled, what would you do with a dirty slut? Or is your desire for Me to take control and have My way with you *grin* I'll tell you exactly how to touch yourself and please Me. If you're not careful, I'll use you as My own personal sex toy. I'm always looking for a new pet.

I've always been an exhibitionist, playing in places where I can get caught gets me sooo hot! The possibilities of where I could show off and be naughty are endless, I'm sure you can think of a few spots where we would have fun *wink* I must confess, what gets me even more excited then sex in public is the thought of fucking a stranger. The idea of being with someone who's name I'll never know & who I'll never see again just gets my pussy dripping. Tell me, do you imagine yourself watching, joining, or being the stranger ravaging me?

I enjoy many fetishes, but I crave the taste of cum and am willing to do whatever I need to get it. I've always been flexible and I love being bent into practically any naughty position. Once you have me how you want, I'll be begging you to use my tight little holes. Whatever your fantasy is, I'm sure we can cum up with something steamy that will make you squirt, & make me soak my panties. After we drench them, my panties that is, you're more than welcum to keep them for yourself, just as me how.. Or perhaps it's my stockings that you desire, I have quite the assortment. Tell me what you crave, I promise you won't be disappointed *wink*

I have a very creative mind. Have you ever fantasized about being tied up by a pair of tights or stockings? I have quite the collection and while rope is fun, the spontaneity of being able to use what's on hand get's Me excited. I also have many toys to tease and tantalize you *grin* I can't help that I've always been a bit of a cock tease. It's fun to tease and control when you can explode. But My favorite, is denying your orgasm while you're forced to listen to Mine *giggle* If you're good, maybe I'll let you explode to My sweet sexy voice.

Have I sparked your attention yet? Curious as to how I will tease & tantalize you? Find me on Trillian as LaiaLuvsToTalk

You can also email me at to make an appointment or request my schedule.

Well, you know where to find me *grin* Don't wait any longer, pick up the phone.

*kiss* Laia