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Lana’s Fantasies

i’m taking you in away in an old buick. you feel the suede of the seats
and smell the lingering scents. mix of fragrant flowers with cigars. you
rely on these senses as you cannot see anything else; you are blindfolded.
your hands are bound in figure eight ties, rope. you have a gag in your
mouth. your feet are also tied together. we wind around a curvy road,
you lying in the backseat. muffled moans and cries escape from your mouth
every once in awhile. the moon is full and bright and gives light. at
one point i stop the car; you hear the crunch of gravel beneath the tires.
then the slam of the driver’s side car door as I get out and then i open
the backdoor. i manuever my finger into the ties around your wrists. i
want to make sure they are not slipping. i check the ties at your feet to
see that you have not loosened them. you have not. i stroke your hair,
the place right above your ears and i lean in close to your face. I pull
out your gag. “please” you beg, “where are you taking me.” i throw back
my head, laughing. of course you would like to know. replacing the gag.
i check again the tie around your hands. tight and secure. i take your
phone out of your left front pocket. i shut the door with a thud. you
hear the front door open. you hear it close. you hear the engine start
and the crunch of gravel beneath car tires. i hear you make some muffled
noises. you look up and the moon is high and bright, its round belly a
candle to the night. TBC….
Paddle boarding adventure. It is a really hot day so that the water feels
warm; splashing on my face it is slightly salty. Skies are clear and
blue. We paddle out a little ways from shore. As we make our way out we
notice a wake coming toward us. The boats are out as well. Then a wind
starts to pick up. We both continue paddling and I lose my balance and
topple over. You reach out to grab my hand and I lean into you with a
mischievous grin toppling us both over into the blue water. Right before I
go under I take a big gasp of air, filling my lungs; once below the
surface I wrap my legs around tightly around you feeling you grow hard; I
press my face against yours and feel you smiling….
You come into the strip bar where I am working; some of the other dancers
and I have come together to do a little group fun; I’m on the pole wearing
stripper shoes and black leather booty shorts. The other dancers are
shooting bubbles into the air with bubble guns and I have on a bunny tail.
I slide down the pole back first, legs extended. I do a twirl and then
dance my way on the edge of the stage. You approach, holding a bill in
your hand. I move back toward where you are approaching and lean down
lifting up the g-string that lies underneath these shorts. You tuck the
bill, keeping eye contact with me, I can see you trembling and you place
with your hands the money under my g-string, the line on my hip. I bend
over and switch my legs back and forth until it is secure in there. I am
feeling frisky so when you are done I pull you by the hand up on stage
with me, the audience cheers. Someone from the outer edges shoots some
bubbles your way and another beautiful babe runs warm hands up underneath
your shirt as we begin to work your shirt off….
Under the grapefruit tree. Sound of the morning birds. I wake you from
your slumber and you rub the sleep out of your eyes. You roll out of bed,
your hand is in mine and you follow me ~ through the hallway, light
filtering through the window… Into the kitchen. You see peanut butter
and make mention of it. *you want some peanut butter baby?* I see the
honey, pour some on a spoon, mix it with the peanut butter, feed it to you.
I squeeze more honey out of bear container onto my finger, taking a lick.
Sunlight dances through the branches of a tree outside, a slight breeze
jingles wind chimes. I trace your lips with this sticky substance; you
take my finger in your mouth, tonguing my fingers, your lips are soft and
you are thorough ~ reaching down with your mouth, getting every last drop,
mouthing each one of my fingers, down to the crease where one ends and the
other begins. They are soft within your mouth. You tongue the inside of
my palm ~ tickling sensations, reaching the inner knuckles; lastly you
suck the pointer finger till the end. Still holding my hand you move
closer to me and graze my lips with yours passing honey from you to me and
mashing plump lips against mine. The feeling is plush and we are tongues,
body and lips. I use my teeth on your bottom lip, teasing it out, licking
your lips. Then I press my forehead against yours and my body against
yours and we stay just like that in the heat. I place my hand on the back
of your neck, cupping the muscles there, massaging a couple of times. I
pour more honey, watch the golden substance trickle in a stream down to my
hand. I use my fingers to slowly wipe it on your chest and then holding
you by the arms I lick more of it off you in slow, gentle motion, lots of
lips and tongue, on chest; i am then teasing you above your nipples move
my lips up to your neck then back down to your chest… I press my
pelvis against you, feel you hard. Melting into you we stay just like
that. Now I hop up on the counter, the blue tile cool beneath my nighty;
I pull you closer with my ankles wrapped around your calves. You come in
one fluid movement taking another spoonful of honey, leaning into me with
a kiss, it still in your mouth. My hands touch you lightly on your bare
midriff. My legs wrap around yours, my soft feet on your calf muscles.
photo shoot. black stilettos, white lace stockings.. i’m pouting at you
with super glossy lips. my bra ~ black, lace, hangs from both shoulders
and dips beneath the round cup of my breast.
you, the photographer: used to beautiful women pouting at you from the
other side of the lens, arching our backs, throwing back our heads, giving
you bedroom eyes. showcasing our pretty hair. conjuring up those steamy
scenes in our minds. you, capturing it. classics, girl next doors,
demure dommes, foresty feminines… babes n bitches…
me, leg stretched, elegantly nailed hand stretched on my knee. moving ever
so slightly. for this pose, that.
me, slightly bored, straddling this chair… you, picking up the phone…
me: lifting my hips, arching my back, biting my lip, plump and juicy like
a plum

me, watching your crotch as you snap that camera. sticking out my bottom
(this round rump), make sure you get a good one… me, teasing you with
this thong… giggling and laughing.
me pulling at the g-string
you: black shiny shoes rolling around in your chair. do you dare to touch
we are on a boat and we get word that we must stop because it is like air
traffic at the little port at the town where we are planning on docking.
we have just a few moments and I want to surprise you. I run barefoot up
from the bottom to the main level while you wait patiently with your hand
on the wheel of the boat. my fat jiggles. i slip out of m shorts; they
drop at my bare feet and I pull off my top, nipples erect. there is a
cool ocean breeze. i wrap the sheet that I brought up with me around my
body, toga style… i am going to surprise you while we wait with a peep
show… i pause to wrap my body around the pole that stands next to the
stairwell as i sneakily make my way to where you sit. holding my
toga/towel with one hand i reach your back, quietly, and slide one hand up
around your nipple; i squeeze it. you do not jump though are not less
than surprised. “oooo” you say, and though i cannot see your face i hear
you smile. i arch my other hand over your other shoulder and snake it
down to the opposite nipple, squeezing that one as well….. i take from
the shoulder tie that i have fashioned a small piece of fabric; letting go
of your nipple i hover over you from behind and wrap this around your
eyes, a blindfold…..
i walk downtown. i’m wearing short shorts, my legs are long and tan,
black wedge sandals perfectly cupping my feet, my toes freshly painted.
i have on a flirty button down top that is sheer; it ties at the waist
and V-necks to my chest where my boobs slight spill over it. i’m going
to get a tattoo. i’m with my friend, julia, her pear shape is popping.
we walk down the sidewalk. there is an ice cream stand. we get
distracted. she gets coconut, i get strawberry.

we keep walking, wagging our tails, licking and sucking, catching the
drips of the popsicles with our tongues. the sun is melting them
quickly so i lick to catch up. two good looking dudes pass us, Hi,
Ladies, they say and we smile. we know we look good. We are walking on
air. Another guy passes us on a long board, hey hey beautifuls, he says
his voice is a low sexy coo. amy winehouse swaggers by us and she is
singing her Fuck Me Pumps song.

i met you awhile back at the corner bar by jocko’s. you were there with
your friend. it was a low key vibe, smokey and edgey. there was live
music, rock n roll. you bought me a drink, which I took from you
licking the salt from the rim, savoring the juice of the olive, not
breaking eye contact for just a moment. the bar was cedar, stained and

you were not hard to be attracted to, arm muscles rippling, your tight
white t-shirt under which i could see tight abs, tattoos peeking out of
the sleeves. i stirred my drink with the toothpick. “it’s
complicated,” you said of your friend. you did not hide your
attraction to me.

then she appeared, full lips, cranberry stained, laughing, wanting. you
fed her the olive of your fancy drink. she grazed the top of your ear
before whispering something in it, drawing her full lips on it and then
down along your cheekbone, fingering so lightly your neck with her
burgundy nail and then up under your shirt, she teased you. i noticed
your nipples get hard before she drew her lips to your cheek again,
making eye contact with me and winking, before she twirled away from you
and returned, laughing, to the dance floor.
So, there is a big game in a full stadium, you played hard. I cheered,
jangling my pom poms in the air, all the intensity of a close game,
jumping into splits, legs spread in the air, skirt flying up, uniform
shirt tight against my chest, ponytail flying behind, on the edge of who
is going to win.

I meet you in the locker room after the game, it is quiet, the lights are
dim my skin glistens from sweat, I’m still in uniform. You are as well.
You are standing at your locker when I enter, I swagger up to you, grab
your shirt at the chest, twist it and push you up against the locker. You
are holding your towel and you drop it a look of welcomed pleasure
overtaking your face. Pressed against you I feel you get hard. I use my
lips to trace yours, teasing you by never quite touching them, I’m
smiling; I continue to press my hips into yours. “That was a good game,
Baby,” I say, “but I didn’t get to play.” I have my hands around your
waist twisting your shirt to keep reign… I take one and run it around
your waist, then upward toward your chin, just enough to be suggestive and
to send you tingling sensations. We linger there for a moment just heat
between us and face to face.

Then you use your hand, take me firmly by the waist and you twist me.
Turned around now it is me up against the locker, your body now pressed
against mine; You adjust your weight, holding me hostage by the hips with
yours; I grin, because that is how I like it; you keep your face toward
mine, teasing me with your lips. “Sorry, Lana,” you say, your voice low.
You keep me pressed against the locker. “We should definitely rectify
that.” My lips tremble, combinations of anticipation, excitement, tension.
In the background I hear the sound of a shower stop.

I bend my knee to your hip drawing you in; you take your hand, open palm
and run it up against my thigh. You stop to draw a circle around it,
using your forefinger and your thumb lightly, giving me a slight tremble
and making me ache. Then you press into me again with your pelvis,
continuing your open hand up my thigh, keeping your eyes on my face. Your
hand reaches my hip; you hold me there, your thumb pressed against the
tender part of my very low belly… I feel myself starting to lose control
a little. “How do you suppose we do that?” you ask, leaning your head
close to my neck… I press my hips and lower body into your hips to feel
your throbbing; I arch my back.

“I don’t know, exactly,” I say, also in a low voice. I begin to unbutton
your uniform shirt, tracing my fingers on your chest, your abs.

A locker bangs; someone else has entered. This sex talk will be
continued. I un-twine myself from you, snaking my face down from yours
teasing around your lips one last time, pull my skirt back down and walk
out, the door slamming behind me, leaving you hard, turned on.
Our psychology class has a main event where the speaker is talking about
mind altering substances … it is misty and rainy outside though not so
cold. I feel you watching me from an upper row in the theater; I sit a
few rows down; you have a nice view of my back and neck.
My hair is in messy pigtails, high on either side of my head, showing off
the curve in my neck; I am twirling them around with my finger. Too much
coffee has me energized and I bounce every once in awhile on the hard wood
chairs until I get some mean looks.
I am so horny, the speaker’s voice, there is something about it, turning
me on. I cannot wait to get out of here; I am about to start humping my
seat again thinking about the time that I was high and I fucked you under
the cedar tree on a rainy day just like this. So ready for action I was
and am.
I focus on the hard wood of the seat underneath my thighs, which are bare
except for my ripped stocking, stretching up to my crotch, a cross between
punk rock prom queen and Alice in Wonderland. I feel your eyes on me from
above, watching. I twist my head in an extravagant circle, swinging my
pigtails around while the speaker’s voice keeps working magic; someone
next to me shifts uncomfortably. I am getting wetter; when is break?
I stretch my legs out and point my toes feeling energy collect in my
nether regions; I think about the ways that I would contract around you…
once you get me.
The huge holes in my leggings at the top have grown larger with my
movement leaving my ass cheek starting to bare underneath this mini tennis
As the speaker massages my ears, I imagine you on the floor between my
legs nibbling your way up to the surprise between my legs, your wet tongue
and hot breath on my skin, gracing my thigh….starting at my ankle, then
my calf, working your way up, making alchemy. My face begins to flush and
I think to use my pencil a little just to tease…I feel your gaze still
penetrating me from the rows above. I feel you wanting to fuck me. And I
know you are ready to follow.
And then the sexy voice stops, someone takes the mic and says, “break.”
Its on. I gather my things, I scoot out of the row hot for you to fill
me; I resist the urge to turn around and look at you.
I move quickly, agilely. Through the rows, dodging other students, the
refreshment table, hustling to the outside door, my skirt swinging from my
hips, flouncing right underneath my buttocks, my pigtails swaying, outside
to the fresh air, along the wood-chipped path, to the forest, my feet
making soft crunching noises as I walk briskly, my butt jiggling. I do
not know where I am going but it feels good to be amongst the trees.
And then I am at the cedar. I pause, catching my breath, taking in its
beauty, recentering.
It is quiet for a few moments. And then: footsteps. Soft and subtle. I
pause, turn an ear. They stop. And I face the tree again. And then:
footsteps. I pause again…. and then forget about them when I do not
hear them again.
I walk toward the tree, under its big boughs. I touch its bark softly
with my fingertips, my lips slightly parted. They move and bounce in a
soft breeze; raindrops fall on my arms, in my hair. My nipples are hard.
And then I feel you behind me, a warm presence. I feel you reach with
your right hand to grab my waist and pull yourself closer to me and me
closer to you. I feel you hard, your erection on me, on my inner thigh.
Your body is against my body and your hands are on my waist rubbing me up
and down, and then on my hips. A grin forms on my face, I lean back into
you to feel you more fully, my lips plump in both places… my round ass
on your thighs, and on your erection…

Aerial show ~ You in the crowd, me in the satin ‘ropes’ twisting and
twirling. I have climbed my way to the top, starting at the bottom,
wrapping my body around each level of ‘rope,’ fashioning a seat out of it
in which I am now hanging, seated. I hover there just above the crowd
which you are in, extending my leg, twirling. The place smells of musk,
not the kind of musk that turns you the other way but the kind that
intrigues you, makes you want to come closer, put your hands on it. You
smell of vanilla and clove tobacco and I know this, especially from my
perch in the ropes. I bend my head back, arching my back…pointing my
toes I pull my body up lifting my torso so my legs are extended above it;
I graze your head, catching your scent.. you know better than to touch the
artist in show but I want you to, beckon you to reach up your hand…
I went to a dance class yesterday and you were there. We were popping and
locking, the instructor was driving us hard. Everyone was sweating and
one of us nearly threw up our lunch. But by the end of the first morning
session before the break we looked hot, had it down, were all in rhythm.
I could see the sweat in the crease of your pant line, rounding out around
your nalgas, glittering around your pretty waist, your beautiful hips.

We sat down and grabbed a chill session in the afternoon everybody
sweating (glittering as some of the instructors say. We sat for an hour,
resting, some of us eating lightly, others giving and getting massages.
After another hour Coach got a call and had to leave, left us to finish
off for the rest of the afternoon. So we improvised. You started to come
close to me on the second chorus, slipping your knee in my crotch at the
part where we dipped, touching me just where it matters most, challenging
every inch of my being to not lose control. “Remain professional” the
voice in my head said when all I really wanted to do was turn around and
start ripping your clothes off. “Keep those knees not weak.” I danced
and threw in the ballet moves I had learned all with you moving behind me,
firm as a rock now your body was against mine, me keeping a straight face,
like this is all part of the choreography, this is how Coach wants it
You call me on the phone for some sex talk. I say “Come here” and you do.
It is raining outside and when you arrive on your motorcycle I am Wearing
Only Pale Pink Lace Bra and Panties with heels with a pendant choker
around my neck. You caress me in the rain as we kiss long and deep and
passionately. You take off your jacket and throw it under the oak tree.
I hop on your bike, you stroke my neck. I can see by the way you look at
me your desire is making you weak. I see you growing harder in your
pants. “Talk dirty to me,” I whisper, my hand cupping your neck, my
fingers behind your ear. Your hand on the small of my back, your
forefinger under the pendant around my neck…
It is just the beginning of hot summer in lake country, before all the
tourists come. Only the locals and the folks who have no kids are up and
about up here where it is beautiful. Clear days have been abounding;
everyone is up with the anticipation of an amazing summer. You call me
for sex on a smartphone and it is so good we make plans to meet up for

When I arrive I see that you have brought your jetski. We eye-fuck each
other pretty immediately upon arrival. A loppy grin forms on your face
when we break eye contact; you undo the ratchet straps to unload the
jetski and I help; when there is one I cannot reach you invade my personal
space and pull it down before I can get to it. The sand is hot on our
feet; as we both push the jet-ski in the water your hand brushes my arm…

We have both left off our life jackets so we are skin on skin. It is
cooler out on the water. My nipples harden and I move closer to you
squeezing my hands and arms tightly around you and gripping your hips with
my thighs. You reach around with one hand and begin rubbing my thigh. I
reach around with my my hand and begin stroking you while you steer.

You drive us over to the hidden cove but it is not so hidden. There is a
party happening there. You park the jet-ski and we honeytrap and fuck
right there until the sun goes down.
I enter the sauna at the local gym. It is near dark, steamy and smelling
of sensual, sexy, invigorating herbs. And there you are on the bench. I
walk toward you having already dropped trou ~ my lace panties and bralette
back in the changing room, my jeans on the floor where I left them. I
reach you and begin massaging your shoulders. Then your neck, my
fingertips working your body. I run them down on either side of you
sending a shockwave sensation. I am working my way down your back along
your spine dancing my fingertips along your body. I notice that you have
a hard-on. I grab your hard cock in my hand, rubbing my soft naked body
against yours, circling your tip. My tits are against your back. My
belly, my arms. You let out a soft moan; I keep stroking. I move to your
front, not letting go of you, dancing in front of you, teasing you with my
shape. You grab lightly to my hips and then run a hand down my back. I
tease your hard cock with my wet pussy, grinding on your lap, a long slow
stroke on your hard-on, teasing the tip with my wet pussy. I run my ass
up to your chest and then I place my pussy back on your dick. I turn
around, smiling as I move back and forth. My thighs are on your thighs.
I move myself up so that I am standing on the bench, at mouth level. You
run your hand up my thigh, you start rubbing my clit, and then my pussy,
you put your lips on mine, giving me good head……. The sauna rocks
make a hissing sound and we go on like this for hours.