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Age: 29
Cup Size: 36dd.26.36
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Likes: A good hard fucking, roleplays - all kinds, including age play, Domme and Sensual Domme, Guided Masturbation, CBT, Sissies, and so much more.
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Welcome to YourDesires, I'm Laura and I'm here to do just that, satisfy
your desires. And believe me, that's what I do best ;) As you can see
above, I love all kinds of play. Love role plays? Tell me what you would
like and I'll instantly create some hot, sexy fun for both of us. Whether
you have 15 minutes, 1/2 hour or more, I will time it right for you to get
to that BIG O in the time you wanted. And if you want to go longer, no
problem. It's so hot to tease that cock over and over again until you
can't stand it and spurt that big load on me. Where do you want to shoot
it? On my big tits, my face or my hot snatch? Want to cum on my ass or
drive that cock into my pussy and shoot deep inside me and fill me up with
your hot cum? I would love to have your jizz dripping down my thighs.

Do you need to be put in your place? Are you a naughty boy? Down on your
knees, bitch, and lick the bottom of my heels! If you don't please Me fast
enough, you might find My heel fucking your ass! Or maybe I'll be in the
mood to put on my big strap-on, pull down your panties, bend you over the
bed and give you a nice, long fucking. I will hold you down and give you
the hard fucking you deserve! Check out my Thoughts and Fantasies below
and see what I mean. I occasionally put up some of the exxxperiences of my
callers and you can get a taste of what's in store for you.

Are you wondering what Guided Masturbation is? Let me take control of that
cock and see what happens. When you can't just do it the way you always
do, it's a completely different experience! Do the things I tell you to,
in the way that I tell you, and experience the ebb and flow of the intense
feelings we can bring about together. Mixed with a little Tease and
Denial, you might just find out how high and far you can really shoot with
that thing!

I often use some light CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) in my Guided
Masturbation, but feel free to ask for any degree of CBT that you think
you're up for. The name of it sounds harsh, and it can be, but I will give
you the amount you need. All of my painsluts know what I mean :)

If you've never called for some XXX phone sex before, you might not know
what you want. I can get you started with a good, long blow job. That
might be enough for you, or afterwards you might want to explore the other
things I can do to you... what other erotic adventures we could have.
Leave it to me and together we will fulfill all of your desires.

Ways to reach me: Call 360-709-0100. Or feel free to send me an email at or you can IM me on both AOL and Yahoo at
LauraDesiresU. To get my schedule, just send an email to and my schedule will be emailed back to you.
Then you'll know the best times to reach me. I can't wait to talk to you!

Kisses & Licks,

- THE BEST in Phone Sex