Laura’s Fantasies

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Laura’s Fantasies

Dining Out

I left work and drove home to take a shower and get ready to go out to
dinner with a bunch of friends. I put on a very nice dress, thigh high
stockings, and heels, did my hair and makeup, and was ready when my
boyfriend Frank got here. He told me how beautiful I looked tonight and
how he thought we were going to have a very nice evening. I looked over at
him, so handsome and sexy, and knew that he was right.

A few of our friends were already at the big table that they gave us. We
sat beside each other and ordered drinks. When everyone got there, we all
ordered our meals and started talking. There were a lot of us, so we were
a chatty little crowd. My drink had started to affect me and I was tired
from work, oh, did I mention what I do for work? I am a XXX phone sex girl
and I guess that I was still a little riled up from talking dirty on the
phone all day and it all caught up with me. I reached under the table and
put my hand on Frank’s thigh.

I couldn’t help myself! I ran my hand up and down it until I made my way
to his crotch! I started gently squeezing his dick and felt it as it grew
harder and bigger. I just kept rubbing him, I wanted him inside me so
badly! I started to pull down his zipper and reached into his pants to
grab that cock! He pulled back a little and said “Noooo we can’t do that
here!” But that didn’t stop me! As he said that, I started stroking his
beautiful cock.

I took my napkin and covered his lap with it, and kept on stroking. He
tried to pull away a couple times, but I wouldn’t let him go. He was so
hard and excited, I could feel his cock throbbing! I couldn’t wait any
longer! I bent over like I had dropped my napkin and put that fully
engorged cock in my mouth. I started sucking hungrily, squeezing his
balls, when all of a sudden he exploded in my mouth!!! I sucked out all of
that cum, grabbed the napkin, and sat up straight, dabbing at my mouth
daintily. I asked my boyfriend if he was enjoying his dinner. He turned to
me with a big smile on his face and said “Definitely!”
The Shemale

I told by boyfriend that since he only wanted to watch porn these days,
not fuck or lick my pussy or anything, that we were going to go out to a
bar and pick up a woman for me and all he would get to do is watch and
jerk off like he does to porn. We found a really hot woman and brought her
home to play.

“Take off your clothes in front of us,” I told him as she and I sat on the
edge of the bed and watched. He took them off and folded them neatly and
then put them on the floor. “Sit on that chair and you don’t get to come
any closer.”

I kissed the woman deeply and started to play with one of her breasts. She
unbuttoned my blouse and grabbed and squeezed my breasts. She quickly had
my bra unhooked and then off before I knew it! She pushed them together
and started licking and sucking my nipples. I was so turned on! I quickly
got hers off too and did the same to her. I stood up, unzipped my skirt,
and slid it down my hips slowly as I moved my hips in rhythm. She couldn’t
take her eyes off me and my boyfriend couldn’t take his eyes off her!

She pulled me to her and started kissing down my body from my boobs to my
pussy. She pushed me onto the bed and got between my legs and started
licking my pussy. Her tongue and lips were all over me down there! She was
so good that I couldn’t help but cum several times on her sweet tongue! I
told her that I wanted her pussy too and she reached under her dress and
slid down her panties. She then picked up the hem of her dress and pulled
up her dress and flashed me. Oh my God! Did I get a surprise! I gasped and
then started laughing.

*The end of this story is a Choose Your Own Adventure and you can decide
what happens next ;)
Fantasy – The Shemale – Ending 1

Choose Your Own Ending – Should Laura & the Shemale keep playing? Read on:

“Well this is my lucky night! And it’s a big one too!”

“A big what?” my boyfriend asked.

“You’re not allowed to speak either! And the “girl” that I picked out has
a big juicy cock!”

“What the???” he said as I sucked her 9″ dick into my mouth. She was
beautiful as a woman or a man! She pulled her dick out of my mouth to show
my boyfriend.

“This is what I’m going to fuck your girlfriend with tonight,” she said
with a laugh.

My boyfriend had a shocked look on his face but then started stroking even
harder. I moved further up the bed and she licked and sucked my pussy for
a little bit and then got on top of me. My legs were spread wide as he
slid his big cock inside me and started fucking my wet pussy. I could hear
my boyfriend’s heavy breathing as he pounded his cock. She made me cum
over and over again and when she came inside my pussy, I heard my
boyfriend cum too.

He asked if he could join us on the bed now and I said “No way!” “We’re
just resting up for round 2! And it’s going to be triple XXX!” ;)

The End… Unless you want Ending 2…

The Shemale – Ending 2 Choose this ending if you want Laura to surprise
her boyfriend – BIG TIME!

“Oh honey! Do I have a surprise for you! We have a change of plans here,”
I said.

“What do you mean? I want to see you lick her pussy!” he said.

“You’ll see some licking alright, but close up! Go show him what you’ve
got Tiff!

She walked over to him, pulled up her dress and shoved her big 9 inch cock
in his face! I was laughing as he almost flipped the chair trying to back
away from it. “Open wide hon, this cock is for you!”

“Hell no! I only want pussy!”

“Well you watch a lot of porn and see a lot of dick, you like watching
them so much, now you’re gonna taste one!” With that Tiffy pulled his head
back, opening his mouth, and shoved her big dick into it, choking him with
it. “If you ever want to have sex again, you’ll do everything I say
tonight.” He said “Glug, glug,” which I took to mean yes :)

After a little bit he was choking on it less and seemed to be getting into
it. Tiffy pulled her dick out of my boyfriend’s mouth, grabbed his hand
and brought him to the bed. I spread my legs a little so he would think
that he was going to get to fuck me, then told him to bed over the side of
the bed. Tiffy told him to spread his legs and then pushed them apart.

“Ooooh no! I never agreed to this!” he blurted out, panicking.

“Don’t tighten up honey, it will hurt more,” I told him as I squirted lube
on his asshole and on Tiffy’s fat cock. I rubbed the head of her dick
against his tight hole and guided it in. He moaned loudly as Tiffy started
fucking him slowly. After a little bit I told her that she could start
going faster and harder now, that my guy really needed a good fucking. I
put my hand between his cock and the bed so he could rub against it as she
fucked him. Suddenly he started cumming and moaned really loud and that
triggered Tiffy to cum too.

Tiffy washed up, got dressed, and thanked us for a wonderful time. “Next
time you need your boyfriend fucked, just give me a call,” she said.

“Hell, I’m putting you on speed dial!”

“I second that!” my boyfriend said from the bedroom.
Fantasy – Welcum Home

He slid into our bed and snuggled up close to my warm, sleeping body. He
put his arms around me, grabbing my big breasts with his hands and
squeezing them gently. In my sleep I cuddle up to his body, my ass
pressing against his hardening cock. He starts slowly moving it up and
down against my hot ass, and I start to wake up when he reaches between my
legs and starts touching my pussy. A slight gasp slips from my mouth as he
slid two fingers inside me and started fucking me with them. I moaned and
reached around to grab his cock. It was so hot and hard! “Fuck me!” I
exclaimed and he pulled out his fingers and guided his big dick inside me.

He started pounding me so hard! My whole body shook every time he slammed
into me! I reached back and grabbed his ass cheek to hang onto as our
bodies writhed together. All of a sudden I start cumming and as soon as I
started creaming on his cock, I hear him groan deeply and he shoots that
big load deep inside me.

We lay there and try to catch out breath, chests heaving. “Welcum home baby.”
“Mmmmmm thank you sweetheart.” He was still inside me as I fell back
asleep, still with my hand on his ass.
The New Boss

I’m your new boss, and since you’re older than I am, I look to you for
mentoring. I don’t view you as a threat because I know that you’re
planning your retirement and don’t feel as vested in the company any more,
you’re just riding out your time. Because of that, I know that I can flirt
with you and get away with it. I can’t with the other men because they
would see that as a sign of weakness.

We’re having dinner with a senior client, and since I know that he’s
attracted to me, I plan on using that to my advantage. I have no problem
at all leading him on until I get his signature on that contract.

You’re picking me up at my apartment and I greet you at the door in a
tiny, ass-skimming kimono. “Come to my room and help me decide what to
wear,” I say as I’m walking away. I have you follow me up a few stairs,
knowing that you will get a good peek or two up under my kimono as I take
the stairs ahead of you. When we get to my room you see three dresses all
laid out on my bed, each one shorter and more low cut than the next. “How
about I try these on for you and you can choose which one I wear?”

“Oh that won’t be necessary, they’re all beautiful,” you say.

“I insist” I say as I grab a dress and go into the bathroom, which is
directly across from my bed. You notice that I have left the door
partially open and you can see my reflection in the mirror – I’m totally

You don’t even bother to look away, you look me up and down and say “What
bra and panties are you going to wear with that one?”

I laugh and say “A bra and panties won’t get that contract signed, John! I
know Bradley would love to fuck me, don’t you think that contract is worth
it? I bet he’s a filthy bastard in bed, I bet he would love to see his cum
dripping out of me! I say with a laugh as I grab another dress and go to
the bathroom to change again. I put on the other dress and as I am
checking myself out in the mirror, I see you staring at me. “I take it
that you like this one,” I say as I come out. I go to look up at you but
my eyes lock on the big bulge in your pants.

“Do you like the view?” you say to me, and for the first time you see me
at a loss for words. “You don’t really want to sleep with Bradley now, do
you? I think you can do much better than that,” you say as you take my
hand and put it on your cock. We look into each others eyes and kiss
passionately as our hands touch all over each others bodies. (Continued)
(The New Boss part 2)

You pick me up and lay me down on the bed. I watch as you undo your tie,
take off your jacket, unbutton your shirt. You stare into my eyes as you
undo your belt and slide your pants and your underwear down. You get on
top of me and just shove that big, hard cock inside my pussy. I moan
loudly as you start fucking me. I pull my legs back so you can get deeper
inside me. I cum again and again and you just keep fucking me! Kissing me
as you keep ramming me with that dick. It’s so intense that I feel like I
might blackout! You groan and I feel you cumming inside me, filling me
with that hot load!

You pull out of me and get up and start putting your clothes back on.
“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Putting my clothes on, we have to get to that meeting.”

“What… but…”

“Get up and put your damn clothes on, we have to hurry!” you say sternly.

I got up and put on the first dress that I found, and you started helping
me get dressed. “Wait, I have to get another pair of panties.”

“No, you’ll keep those on and wear them!”

I did as you said and you grabbed my wrap and we went to the car. You got
us there quickly and we sat at the table that Bradley and his assistant
were already sitting at. I sit by you instead of Bradley, because suddenly
the idea of having sex with him just turns me off.”So about that contract”
you say, getting right to the point. You look at me expecting me to talk,
but I smile and nod towards you, and you know that that means that I want
you to do it. As you start the sales pitch, you slide your hand under my
dress and up my thigh. You feel how wet I am, with your cum still dripping
out of me.

You make the sale and as they are signing the contract, you slide 2
fingers up inside me, slowly fucking me. As I’m starting to cum, Bradley
and his assistant decide to leave so I have to try to keep control and
shake their hands. You shake hands with your other hand as your fingers
are still inside me. After they leave, you wipe your hands on your napkin,
pay the check, and then escort me out to the car. Before you start it, you
unzip your pants and pull your cock out. As you start the car, you put
your hand behind my head and guide it to your lap. You start driving and I
start sucking your cock. You get us back to my house even with that
distraction, and as you pull up to park, I feel you start to cum in my

I get out of the car and ask you if you would like to come in. You say no,
and as you’re driving off you say “See you at work.” I just stand there
for a minute and watch you drive off. I go inside to my bedroom, drop my
clothes on the floor and lay down on the wet spot. I fell asleep hard, and
was thinking about my dreams. Too bad that it’s the weekend…
Spank Me!

He bent me over the bed and kicked my legs further apart. He tied my arms
together over my head, blindfolded,and gagged me. Wearing only red
panties, black stockings and black 6 inch heels, I felt so vulnerable, yet
so excited.

I felt his strong hand rubbing my ass cheek, then he pulled his hand back
and slapped it! It stung because he was hitting me through my tight
panties. He rubbed my other ass cheek and then spanked it too. He grabbed
both of my cheeks and squeezed them, then slid his hands under my panties
and squeezed them again. He was rubbing them all around when he said
“There’s one more thing I need to do here…”

He walked away, but I couldn’t hear what he was doing. All of a sudden I
felt his breath on my pussy, then a piece of metal pressing against my leg
right by it. Oh my God, what is he going to do?! I wanted to pull away but
couldn’t move. He took the scissors that he had gotten and very slowly cut
across the crotch of my panties. “That’s better” he said as he pulled my
panties up to my waist.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Over and over again, changing cheeks every once and
awhile. “They’re getting a lovely shade of red, Laura. Now it’s time to
fuck you.”

My moans were muffled by the gag, but I moaned loudly as he shoved his big
cock into my pussy and started pounding it. I felt his thumbs on either
side of my asshole so as he squeezed my butt cheeks, it pulled my pucker
open. I heard, and then felt,him spit twice, right on that open hole, so I
knew just what he was going to do.

I felt the head of his cock being rubbed around my asshole and then he
shoved it inside. Between the length and the girth of it it was just so
much to take up my ass, so I gasped loudly. He fucked me hard! Taking time
to slap my ass often. He came suddenly and HARD! He leaned over me and
held me for a bit, his dick still in my ass, then pulled it out and left
the room.

I just lay there on the bed, my ass dripping cum, wondering what would
happen when he came back.
For Her…

I sneaked inside her bedroom, it was very dark but I was able to make my
way to her bed. I’d been fantasizing about this for so long, I couldn’t
believe that I was really going to do it. I pulled back the covers and
slid into bed with her. I started kissing her breasts and she started to
stir a little. I licked one of her nipples and ran my hand down her body
to her pussy and gave it a squeeze. She moaned and put her arms around me,
woke up more and tried to pull back, confused. “Shhhhh,” I said and put my
finger to her lips. She tried to talk and I kissed her deeply and she
responded. At this point she gave in and her hands were all over my body,
as mine were on hers.

I grabbed her tits again and gently sucked her nipples. She moaned
loudly and I slid further under the covers and started licking her clit. I
teased it with my lips and she grabbed my hair and thrust her hot pussy to
my face. I choked for a second, but then started sucking her clit, my lips
tight around it, my tongue all over it. She kept thrusting into my mouth
until I pulled it off of her snatch and sat up and said…

“Fuck me!”
For Him…

I sneaked inside his bedroom, it was very dark but I was able to make my
way to his bed. I’d been fantasizing about this for so long, I couldn’t
believe that I was really going to do it. I pulled back the covers and
slid into bed with him. I started kissing his chest and he started to stir
a little. I licked one of his nipples and ran my hand down his body to his
balls and gave them a squeeze. He moaned and put his arms around me, then
woke up more and tried to pull back, confused. “Shhhhh,” I said and put my
finger to his lips. He tried to talk and I kissed him deeply and he
responded. At this point he gave in and his hands were all over my body,
as mine were on him.

I grabbed his balls again and pulled them away from his body. He moaned
loudly and I slid further under the covers and started licking the head of
his cock. I teased it with my lips and he grabbed my hair and thrust his
big dick down my throat. I choked for a second, but then started sucking
his cock, my lips tight around it, my tongue all over it. He kept
thrusting into my mouth until I pulled it off of his cock and sat up and

“Fuck me!”
A Fantasy from One of My Callers…
Beer and a B.J.

Laura’s boyfriend comes home after a long day at work. He sits himself
down, and Laura says “Can I get you anything from the kitchen?”
Her boyfriend says, “I’ll tell you what I’m in the mood for, a cold beer
and a blow job!”

Laura says “Oh really?!” But she has an idea. She brings a beer for
herself, and she comes out to the livingroom again wearing a strap-on!
“No beer for you, honey, until I get a blow job!”

She started to drink the beer and he said “Ok, ok!” and got down on his
knees and starting sucking the big dick on her strap-on.

She smiled and pushed it a little further down his throat and took another
sip of beer. She laughed as he gagged a little. “You’d better do a good
job or you’re getting fucked too!” she said.

With that he spit the dick out and said “Oh we’ll see who is going to get
fucked!” and he started chasing her around the house. Laura ran upstairs
with her strap-on bouncing between her legs. He caught her and threw her
on the bed. “You are so getting a pounding!!!” He rubbed his hard cock
against her pussy as he kissed her, then slid it into her.

He was fucking her good and hard and Laura was moaning loudly. He held her
legs up over her head as he shoved that big dick in and out of her pussy!
She came hard on his cock and then they rolled over so that he was on his
back. She told him to hold his legs back while she lubed up the strap-on.
“Are you ready for my dick now baby?” she said and as he shook his head
yes, she started to push it into his asshole. She went in very slowly at
first, then started to fuck him a little harder. She was leaning over him
now and said “You needed to get fucked now didn’t you? You needed a big
dick in your ass!” “Say it!”

“Yes, yes, I needed a big dick in my ass!!!”

“There we go,” she said as she kept fucking him harder and faster. She
grabbed his cock with both hands and started stroking it, holding it
tightly and stroking the full length. “I’m going to fuck every bit of cum
out of you aren’t I baby?!”

“Yes! Yes! he screamed as she squeezed his dick tight and he started
shooting long spurts of cum. She squeezed every drop out of him, and then
leaned over, with the dildo still in him, and started licking up his cum.
She then kissed him and shared it with him.

“Now where’s my beer?” he said. Laura winked at him and went to get it.
A Hot Fantasy from My Slut/Whore

As you enter the party with your number one slut, you quickly scan the
room. Different stations are set-up with nearly naked ‘attendants’ at
each. Usually you show up fashionably late and make a grand entrance but
you are in a different kind of mood tonight. Interested more in the party
favors than the guests this evening, you wanted to be early before things
get too sticky. I am in the middle of the room clad in a pair of white
panties, my arms straight out palms up, something sticking out of my
mouth, and standing by a small table. You recognize me as the begging
little asslicker you met at another party earlier this year. Anxious to
get started you make a beeline in my direction, your slut following
properly two paces behind.
I can’t help but grin just a little because you intrigue me. You look me
up and down and glance over the table. Resting on it is three boxes. The
boxes contain the items I have to offer to any of the guests that may want
them. Between my teeth I hold a condom. On one palm rests a moist
towelette, the other a small syringe of lubricant.
Wasting no time because there is so much to fuck with tonight, you hold
your hand out and your slut obediently hands you the purse she has been
holding. Rummaging through you find lipstick and write across my chest
‘good girl’. Then you have me turn around and bend over being very careful
not to drop what is in my hands. You make quick work of writing ‘whore’
across my ass. You taunt, tease and call me an ass-whore. Turning to your
slut you tell her it’s her lucky day. She is going to get to know how good
it feels when she licks your ass. You tell me to get down on my knees and
she stands directly in front of me. You play with her awhile, snickering
and continue to taunt me, knowing I want to join in and a little jealous
that she has your attention. She slides her panties down and you instruct
me to come close and smell her ass. Telling me you know I want it, you
lick your lips and make other obscene comments and gestures until I part
my mouth with desire and the condom slips from my teeth and falls to the
floor. Your hearty laugh lets the whole room know you are having a good
time and have me right where you want me. Ready to beg and eat your tramps
ass, always willing to do anything to please you.
I beg quietly, and you continue to tease me telling me to ask louder.
Finally I’m begging loudly for permission to lick your slut’s ass. You let
everyone know I have to lick hers because I am not even worthy enough to
put my lips to your pucker. What a lowly little fuck I am, you say
laughing, because you won’t even offer me a lick of your precious fucking
asshole while I greedily lick and suck at your slut’s hole. As an added
surprise you lift your skirt and place yourself between us. Releasing your
dick from your panties. Slipping it in my mouth only to moisten the head,
you turn and ever so slowly, a millimeter at a time, you enter her ass and
with the same deliberate motion you pull out ever so slowly. She moans.
All you were interested in was opening her up a bit to further humiliate
me and you push my face back between her cheeks. I obey as your verbal
assault continues. You ask your slut if she likes it, she says yes and
thanks you. Over and over you fuck her just a little more, just a little
deeper, just a little harder, just a little longer then shove my face back
in until you are satisfied that I am humiliated enough. You reach down,
insert two fingers into my saturated cunt, put them deep into my mouth
tickling my throat, and then have me lick my lips once more in
appreciation of how good you are to me. You laugh just before you move on
to the next party favor, grab the moist towelette and syringe that are
somehow still balanced on the palm of each hand and take your leave, well
licked slut at your heels.
A Morning Blow Job

I woke up all snuggled up in my boyfriend’s arms and decided that I should
wake him up in a man’s favorite way – with a morning blow job! I put my
head under the covers and slid down and started squeezing his balls. I
could hear a slight moan and I started licking around the head of his
cock. I sucked it in deeper, slowly taking him all the way into my mouth
and throat. That morning wood was ready to go! Moving my hand from his
balls to his shaft, my hand followed my mouth up and down, slowly at
first, then going a little bit faster. I was alternating the speed so he
could enjoy the feeling longer.

We have a great sex life – not only is he a great fuck, but he knows how
to lick my pussy just right. He loves to lick and suck it for a long time,
and I cum multiple times on his tongue. When he licks my clit and
finger-fucks me, I just lose all control! That’s why I wanted to give him
a bj this morning. He always takes such good care of me.

I could tell by how he felt in my mouth that he was getting close to
cumming, so I started sucking harder and moving up and down his cock
faster. All of a sudden he just exploded in my mouth and I hungrily
swallowed all of his cum. I lay there on his stomach, still under the
covers, for a few minutes, until I heard him say “Mmmmmmm thanks, babe.”

I jerked up, then froze for a second. That wasn’t my boyfriend’s voice!!!
What the fuck??!!! I threw off the covers as I sat up. “Jason??? What the
fuck Jason???”

“What are you doing in my bed, Laura?!” he said sleepily.

“Your bed?! This is MY bed!!!”

“Wha…?” he said as I jumped out of the bed and ran to the living room.
There, sleeping on the couch, was my boyfriend Scott. The TV was still on,
there were beer bottles everywhere, and two more of his friends sleeping
on the floor and one in our recliner.

“Goddammit Scott!!!” I yelled and he woke up a little and grabbed his head.

“Shhhhhh… hangover. Don’t worry, we’ll clean it up.” he said, closing
his eyes again. One of his friends on the floor muttered something and
rolled over.

“It’s not that,” I said a little quieter as I walked over to him. “I woke
up with fucking Jason in our bed!!!”

He laughed and said, “Well, no harm no foul right? He was just really
drunk last night. He probably thought he was at his house,” he said

Jason walked out of the room and stood in the doorway. He smiled at me and
winked. Luckily I was blocking my boyfriend’s view. “I’m sorry, doll,” he
said. “I didn’t mean to startle you, I don’t even remember getting into
your bed last night. I’m sorry.”

“See? I told you Laura, it was just a mistake, no big deal honey.”

“Ok, I guess it was no big deal then. As long as you’re both ok with it it
must be alright, right?” I said as I walked back into the bedroom.

Jason blocked my way and looked straight into my eyes and said “It was
great for me.”
The Bus

I saw him every day when I was taking the bus to work. He was so handsome!
I couldn’t help but stare at him each day. Every once and awhile he would
smile at me, but he never spoke to me or anything. I had even started
brushing against him as I went to get a seat when I got on the bus. I
mean, how could he ignore these tits??? But he did :( I had even started
making my nipples hard before I got on the bus, and still nothing!

It was Friday and I got on the bus as usual. At first I didn’t see him.
Most of the people were at the front of the bus where he would usually be.
Then I saw his hand go up and he motioned to me to sit beside him in the
back there. I was shocked – finally!!! I went back and sat beside him and
shyly said hi. He said hi too and then put his hand on my knee! Omg!
Nothing before and now he’s touching me!

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’ve wanted to do this forever!”
And with that he slid his finger up my skirt and past my panties and
started playing with my pussy! I was so turned on but also so afraid that
someone might see. At first he was just fingering me. Then he pushed two
fingers inside me and I let out a moan – I just couldn’t help it! His
fingers were going in and out of me with increasing speed as he
finger-fucked me hard! I tried to hold back, but I started cumming! I was
hoping that nobody on the bus knew what was going on, but I heard some
giggling at the front of the bus.

While I was looking up there, I felt him pull his fingers out of me. I
looked over to him and he had scooted across the back seat that we were
on, and he was giving me a weird look! “Miss? It is REALLY inappropriate
for you to be doing that on the bus!” My jaw dropped! WTF??? Now I heard a
LOT of people giggling! He got up to get off at his stop, but leaned down
as he walked past me and whispered “Next time we’ll do me.” And gave me a
wink as he got off of the bus. I was still shocked as the bus pulled away.
You can bet your ass that I’ll be on it on Monday though! ;)
Just Being Neighborly

You’re my next door neighbor and sometimes you come over with a girlfriend
and my husband and I, and you two, will all have sex. Well this time, you
come over by yourself and you ask me if I want to fool around, just the
two of us this time. I say yes and we go into the bedroom. We kiss and
you lick my pussy and I suck your cock. Then you pull me down to the end
of the bed and slide your cock inside me. You push it in all the way,
and you say that you’re not going to move it at all. You’ll raise up a
bit so sometimes your cock will rub my clit, but the only movement will be
me clamping down on your cock with my vagina, and then unclamping, then
clamping again. Each time squeezing your cock tightly and the movement of
my pussy will cause my clit to rub against your cock. We start doing it
and it is so intense! Slowly moving, staring into each others eyes, so
much desire, so much passion!

We hear the door open, but we don’t care, we’re not going to stop what
we’re doing for anyone! My husband comes into the bedroom and stops. He
looks at us for a second and then starts taking off his clothes. He gets
on the bed and straddles my head and lowers his balls into my mouth. I
start licking and sucking them while still squeezing your cock. You look
up at him and tell him that you’re not moving, etc., and I have to keep
squeezing your dick until you cum. He says “Ok, then she has to suck my
balls, and you have to suck my cock, until I cum. You open your mouth and
he slides his cock down your throat. He starts pumping into you and I
start squeezing harder and faster. All of a sudden I can’t hold back any
more and I cum hard all over your cock, which causes you to explode inside
my pussy. I stop sucking my husbands balls long enough to tell him that I
can feel you filling me up with your cum. That sends him over the edge
and he grabs your head, stuffs his throbbing cock down your throat and
starts pumping out big wads of cum that you suck down hungrily!

We all lay down on the bed as we try to catch our breath. I look over at
you and give you a wink and a sly smile. Somehow I think I might see you
again tomorrow too ;)
Yes or No?

“Do I get to fuck tonight?” my boyfriend whispered.

“You know you have to earn it, and you know how.”

“When we get home I’ll take good care of you, I promise” he replied.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean there. I don’t think I can wait that long,” I

“Here? Now? What if someone sees us?”

“I guess someone doesn’t want to fuck tonight.”

“No, I do, I do! I’ll do it right now!”

“Shhhhh, good boy.”

I spread my legs, putting one up on the arm of the seat. I pulled my skirt
up as he got down on his knees. He pulled my panties to the side and
started licking my pussy. He spread my lips apart and started licking and
sucking my clit. I quietly moaned. I do have to admit, he is good. He
sucked my labia and then plunged his tongue inside me. I moaned louder
this time and grabbed his head as he tongue-fucked my pussy. I noticed a
couple people looked back in the theater, but not directly at us. I put my
hand over my mouth as I came on his tongue.

He pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and started wiping off his
face as he got back in his seat. We went back to watching the movie. After
a few minutes he whispered in my ear again.

“Yes baby, you get to fuck tonight.”

I checked into my favorite hotel, I travel a lot for work, and got settled
in my room for the night. The plane trip was rough and I was exhausted.
I was ready for a little bit of TV and then sleep. I fell asleep within
minutes of laying down…

“It’s late! Who are you and why are you knocking at my door?” He heard
the knocking again and went ahead and opened the door. “It’s the middle
of the night and -” he stopped talking when he saw the woman at the door.
There was a pretty woman wearing a see-through nightie who seemed to be
staring right past him. “Can I help you?” he said. She just walked past
him into the room.

“Miss? You can’t come in here, this is my room. He watched as she turned
and got into his bed! “Young lady?! You can’t do this!” She still
didn’t acknowledge him so he decided that he should call the front desk.
He explained the situation and the lady at the front desk told him that
that woman stays at the hotel a lot and has done this before.

“Really?” he said surprised. “Well what are you going to do about it? I
need my sleep!”

“Well usually, if the man is single, they go ahead and let her stay there.
She’s sleepwalking and it’s very bad to wake up a sleepwalker. At some
point she will walk back to her room while she’s still sleeping. She
won’t disturb you and you can still sleep in the bed with her. Would that
be ok?”

“Well I guess it will have to be, although it hardly seems proper” he said
and hung up the phone. All kinds of things were running through his mind.
“This is so weird! She’s hot – how am I going to sleep beside her?
Would she wake up if I touched her?” She looked so peaceful laying there
that he decided to just try to go to sleep too.

He’d only been sleeping an hour or two when he started dreaming about his
girlfriend being in bed with him. He could feel her breath on his neck,
her large breasts pressed against him. He started to feel her hips
moving… pushing her pussy against his ass. He was lying there enjoying
his dream when he felt her hand on his hard cock and suddenly realized
that this wasn’t a dream!

“Oh no, you can’t…” his voice trailed off as the pleasure started taking
over his body. She had moved down and was licking his cock and balls.
“This… isn’t.. right…” he barely got the words out of his mouth. He
tried to push her away but she wouldn’t let go! Her mouth was sliding up
and down on his rigid cock, her tongue swirling around it. She was
squeezing his full balls tightly as she repeatedly sucked his cock down
her throat. Nobody had ever taken his dick in such a way before! Her
sucking was so intense! He felt like he might black out.

All of a sudden, she got up and was pulling her nightie off. Next thing
he knew her large breasts were right in his face. He went to suck one of
her nipples when it was pulled away from him as she straddled his body.
She guided his long, thick cock into her pussy and impaled herself on it.
Riding him fast and hard, he could feel the spasms of her tight cunt as
she came again and again. He had tried to hold back, but it became
impossible and he shot his large, thick load inside her.

When he woke up she was gone. Had it all been a dream? He reached down
and felt the dried cum on his dick and looked around. His room looked the
same, until he saw the red lipstick stain on the pillow beside him – it
was real! He quickly called down to the front desk. Who was she? How
could he reach her?

“I’m sorry, she checked out earlier and I can’t give out her information,”
the front desk clerk said.

“That was him, he sounded desperate to find you” the clerk said to the
woman on the other side of the front desk.

“I bet he is!” I said and laughed. I gave the clerk a $100. bill and said
“Thanks for setting that up, he was really hot – I had a great time! I
should be back in town in a couple weeks, but I’ll let you know the date
when I know for sure, ok?

“Of course, I’m glad to help out,” the clerk said, flicking the $100.

“See you next time,” I said as I walked out the door and got into the cab.

The woman behind the front desk smiled and said “Yes you will.”
Fantasy Hotel

I walked in the door not really knowing what to expect. I had read about
this hotel, but would it really be all that they said it was? I didn’t
tell any of my girlfriends where I was going to be for the weekend. I was
actually a little shy about coming here. Even as sexual as I am, to go to
a hotel where you could order a man or woman as a sex partner basically
off of a menu? That was a bit much for even me!

I got to my room, tipped the bellboy, and got myself settled. The “menu”
was on one of the TV channels, and I finally gave in and turned it on. It
started with instructions on how to bring up your “type.” I started
getting undressed, just for bed, mind you; I wasn’t planning on doing
anything tonight, I just wanted to rest. As the different choices started
coming up on the screen, I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off it! Each
man that came up was so hot! I could feel how wet my pussy was getting
already, just knowing that I could have anyone I wanted was such a turn
on! I started gently rubbing my nipples and laid down on the bed. I was
getting so hot, I just had to order one – but who?

You know how some restaurants will have an appetizer platter with a couple
of each appetizer that they make? Yep, that’s what I did! I asked if I
could have 3 sent to my room because I couldn’t make up my mind. I was
surprised at how quickly they arrived. I greeted them at the door in my
pink baby doll that I had put on when I didn’t think I would have company
tonight. As they came in they circled around me and started touching me
all over. It was so overwhelming! One man pulled me to him and kissed me
hard and deep – that did it! I felt weak at the knees and started to fall
back when the man behind me grabbed hold of me so I wouldn’t fall. He held
me and lifted me up with the help of the man I was kissing, who grabbed my
legs. They carried me to the bed where all three of them laid me down and
started kissing me everywhere.

They ended up all staying and they had me everywhere, every position! I
felt like an animal and I loved it! It was sensual, dirty, hot, all at the
same time! I’d never had so many cocks in my mouth, and everywhere else
too! They were all over me and it was amazing! I don’t even know how many
times I came. I know they came a lot because it was everywhere lol!

I knew that night what I was going to do. A couple weeks later I said
goodbye to my friends and drove off to the hotel to start my new job. Now
you can order me from “the menu.” Hope to see you soon ;)
All Talk…

“Yeah, yeah yeah, you’re all talk and no action!” I said to him yet again.
Scott was hitting on me at the office, as he does every day, but nothing
ever happens. He says that he wants to go out with me, but never asks me
out. He’ll even tell me some of the things that he wants to “do to me”
and what happens? Nothing! “Put up or shut up!” I yell after him, laughing
to myself.

“You just wait! You’ll see!” he shouted down the hall. The dopey thing
about it is that he’s really hot and I would go out with him if he would
just ask me.

A few days later, I got into the elevator to go to a lower floor. It was
empty, which I like because you don’t have to stop at every floor, but
right as the doors were closing, an arm pushes through and I hear a loud

I press the open button and in comes Scott. I have to laugh a little at
his clumsy entrance. “You ok there Scott?” I said with a laugh.

“It wasn’t funny!” he said, It hurt!”

“Want me to kiss it and make it better?” A second after I said that he
reaches forward and stops the elevator between floors! “Very funny, get it
moving again, I have an appointment.”

“No, I want you to kiss it and make it better.” he said.

“Quit playing! I have work to do!”

“You don’t think I do? Kiss it and make it better and I’ll press the
button.” he said, totally serious.

“What? You want me to kiss your arm?”

“Nope,” he said and he pointed to his dick.

“Ha ha! You wish! I said.

“Kiss it or this elevator won’t be moving anytime soon!”

“I’m not going to kiss your fucking dick! Now quit playing and let’s go!”
I said with a disgusted look on my face. “I’ll kiss your arm, but that’s
all, and then this standoff is over!”

“No, not my arm, I want a kiss on the lips. You give me a kiss on the lips
and then you can press the button if you still want to.”

“If I still want to??? Hurry up, let’s get this over with.” He pulled me
to his body and wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and pursed my
lips because that’s all he was going to get. At least that’s what I
thought until his lips touched mine. Oh my God! His kiss was AMAZING! My
mouth opened and his tongue slid in – my knees buckled and I thought that
I was going to faint! He kissed me long and hard sometimes, soft others
and I was just melting! He had one arm around me and was grabbing my
breast with the other. Was this the same man that I had been teasing for
so long?

He unbuttoned my blouse and popped open my bra making my 36DD tits fall
out and next thing I know, he’s sucking on one nipple and pinching the
other one. I pulled his shirt out of his slacks and started unbuttoning
it. Next thing I know, he’s lowering me down to the floor and he pulls my
skirt up. I push him away, staring into his eyes and catching my breath,
then I pulled him back, kissing him hard again. I felt his hand slide up
my thigh, I knew that I should try to stop him, but right at that minute I
just didn’t care! He moved my panties aside and slid his finger into my
pussy. I gasped and then moaned loudly as he started to finger fuck me.
“Yes! Yes!” I cried out.

He reached down and unzipped his pants – I couldn’t believe it!!! I felt
him rubbing the head of his cock on my pussy for a second before he shoves
it inside. I think we were both just insane at this point! There was so
much passion that neither of us could think! He was fucking me so hard and
fast – it was incredible!!! We didn’t even notice that the elevator had
started moving again…

I had one hand clawing at his back and the other grabbing his ass to push
his cock deeper inside me, when I screamed out and came all over his cock,
which caused him to cum too. And the door to the elevator opened and I
looked over and there is a large group of our coworkers standing there
waiting to take the elevator. First we hear gasps and shrieks, then
silence – they’re just frozen there not knowing what to do. We’re frozen
in place too, both of us just staring back at them while they’re staring
at us!

“Press the close doors button, Scott! And press the button for the top
floor!” He pressed the buttons and the doors closed, although not fast
enough for me! He pulled out of me, leapt to his feet, then helped me get
up. We both started grabbing our clothes and tried to get dressed as fast
as we could. In the midst of it, we both happened to catch each others
eye, stared at each other for a moment, then we both just busted out
laughing! He helped me with my clothes and I helped him with his. I wasn’t
sure how we were going to explain this away, and I certainly didn’t want
to lose my job, but Scott was amazing and I’m glad it happened. Now if he
would just ask me out…
Dear Laura…

I was going through my mail looking for the next letter I would answer in
my Dear Laura column when I came across (pun intended) this one:

Dear Laura,

I have a question about my wife, who is a bit dominant, and I like to be
submissive for her. She had a kinky fantasy that we did. She thought it
would be fun to watch a man give another man a blow job, like in the porno
videos. So while we were on vacation she talked me into doing it for her.
She picked out a guy and brought him to our hotel room and I sucked him
off while she watched. She had a real good time watching and playing with
herself. Then she wanted to do it again on every vacation! I went along
with it but some guys want more than a blow job. Some have even fucked me
in the ass while she watched and played with her pussy! We do have some
good sex when the other guy is done and has left. But I would like to go
back to our old sex life and she doesn’t want to. She is having too much
fun watching me suck cock! :( So what should I do? Should I just drop it
and get used to being a cocksucker or what? After all she took pictures!
Panty Boy

Dear Panty Boy,

The nickname you chose says it all to me. I think that you secretly LOVE
sucking cock! I bet that your Domme Wife was perceptive and realized that
it was something that you wanted, but were too shy or embarrassed to ask
for it. Lucky you! you have a Wife who cares about you and wants to
satisfy your desires. Keep sucking cocks and it will keep both you and
your Wife hot, happy, and satisfied ;)

Such a Naughty Tease

I’m at Victoria’s Secret picking out some pretty things for myself and I
notice this man there with his wife. They are both middle aged and I was
thinking “Good for them! Still keeping their sex lives fun!” Every once
and awhile I noticed that the man would check me out. He was very careful
not to let his wife see, but I saw what he was doing.

I can be so naughty sometimes.(Sometimes?) I decided to have a little fun
with him. His wife would pick out an item and hold it up to her body to
see if he liked it or not. So I decided to do the same thing! I waited
until I knew he was looking, and then held up this hot little red nightie
that I was looking at. I smiled at him as he quickly looked away,
embarrassed. Not so embarrassed that he didn’t look again though. And when
he did, I still held up the nightie, but I shook my boobs a little
underneath it. He laughed at that and was almost busted because his wife
turned towards him to see why he was laughing.

She had her arms full and went into a dressing room, so I took my things
and walked by him, gave him a wink, and took the dressing room right in
front of the chairs where her husband had sat down to wait. I quickly
changed out of my clothes and into one of the babydolls that I had chosen.
I peeked out to make sure she wasn’t out there, although I could hear her
talking to him from the dressing room, then opened my door and gave him a
full view of me naked under the see-thru babydoll I was wearing. You
should have seen his eyes pop out!

I heard his wife come out while I was changing and they decided against
whatever she was trying on. She went back to change, so I was able to open
my door again. This time when I pulled it open, I just had a pair of
panties on. I bent over so he could get a good look at my hot ass, then I
slid my panties down and wiggled my butt at him. I looked over my shoulder
at him and I could see that he was hard and trying to cover himself up
enough so no one would see. I closed the door quickly when I heard his
wife come out.

As soon as she went back in, I opened the door again and gave him quite a
surprise! I was completely naked and posing for him! His jaw dropped! I
giggled and turned around so he could get a good look at all of my body. I
blew him a kiss and closed the door.

The rest is kind of a “Choose your own adventure” type story that you will
have to call to hear. You’ll have your choice of just how naughty you want
me to be. I’m pretty sure that I know what most of you will choose :P
Vacation Fun

My husband and I were on vacation and I had an idea to kind of spice up
our relationship. We were unpacking in our beautiful hotel room when I
brought up my idea. “Bill? Doesn’t it seem like we’re in another world,
another life?”
“It does, I hadn’t thought of it like that” he said.
“Well I was thinking that since we’re in another world, maybe we could do
something that we wouldn’t normally do.”
“I guess so” Bill said. “What did you have in mind?”
“Leave it to me and it will be a surprise, ok?
“Ok, anything you want to do is fine with me, Laura.”

We had a wonderful day sightseeing, an early dinner and then back to our
room. Bill was laying on the bed watching TV while I took a shower. I
came out of the bathroom wearing a black bustier and a lacey, black pair
of panties, with 6″ black heels. That got his attention ;)
“You look so hot, honey!” he exclaimed. “Is this the surprise?”
“Well, part of it,” I said with a smile. Bill walked up to me to put his
arms around me. “No, no, no! Not yet! Take off your clothes first.”
“Of course honey,” Bill said as he started taking off his clothes. I moved
a chair to about 6 feet away from the bed. He started to sit down on the
“No, over here Bill.” He looked confused but came over and sat down. I
tied his arms behind his back.
“Oooh kinky!” he said with a smile.
“More than you know hon. You want me to be happy don’t you? He nodded yes.
“And this is our vacation away from everyday life right?” He nodded again.
“So just trust me, and do as I say.” I went over to the door and a
handsome man walked in. “Bill, this is Dave. Dave, this is my husband,
“What’s going on?” Bill said.
“Don’t worry, we’re all going to have fun together. Trust me.” I leaned
over and kissed Bill and then walked over to the bed and told Dave to
start undressing. I stood there in front of him watching. I made sure that
Bill had a good view too. “What do you think Bill, don’t we look good
together?” I turned from Bill to Dave and started kissing him deeply.
“Trust me Bill. Just watch.” I laid back on the bed and Dave slid my
panties off and threw them at Bill. I giggled and spread my legs wide as
Dave licked his way up my thigh, right up to my pussy. He swirled his
tongue around my clit and started sucking it. He licked down and pushed
his tongue inside my hole. He was tongue-fucking my pussy so good that I
couldn’t help but moan loudly. I thought I heard Bill make a slight sound,
so I opened my eyes and looked over at him. He was staring at my pussy and
Dave licking it. He didn’t even notice that I was looking at him, or that
I could see that he had a raging hard-on. I closed my eyes again as I came
on Dave’s tongue.
He kissed up my body to my tits and started sucking one of my nipples,
going back and forth between them. I heard Bill making more moaning sounds
– poor guy, his hands are tied behind him, he can’t even stroke lol. All
of a sudden Dave shoved his cock inside me and I gasped! He felt
incredible inside me! He started pounding my horny twat hard and fast!
Bill was pulling at the scarves that I tied him up with. I dug my nails
into Dave – one hand was on his back, the other was on his ass cheek
pulling him deeper inside me. “You like this Bill, you like watching him
fuck me?!”
“Yes, yes! But I want to fuck too! When is it my turn?!” Dave and I came
loudly as I stared into Bill’s eyes. “Untie me!” he blurted out.
“Well I’m glad that you want to fuck too, Bill, but there are some
conditions. First of all, you need to help us clean up here.”
“I can do that,” Bill said as he was being untied.
“Dave untied you, I think you should clean him first.”
“Should I get towels?”
“That’s not what I meant Bill. Get down on your knees…”
“Oooooh no! I’m not doing that!”
“Do you want to get to fuck Bill?” He looked in my eyes and knew that I
was serious. He got down on his knees in front of Dave and put his lips
around his cock. It’s his first time, Dave, go easy on him.”
Dave turned to me and laughed, “Well he’s doing pretty good for a first
I let him suck Dave’s cock for a little while longer, then told him that
it was time for him to clean my pussy up! “Get down here and lick my pussy
clean!” He moved over to the bed and started licking my pussy. “Shove your
tongue inside and lick out his cum!” Bill obeyed and I made him show me
Dave’s cum on his tongue – what a turn on!!!
“Spread your legs apart,” Dave said to Bill.
“What? Oh hell no!” Bill exclaimed.
“You have to Bill, it’s part of our vacation. No licking again until you
do as I say.” Bill spread his legs and I pushed his head down between my
legs again. I watched his face as Dave’s dick pushed against his asshole
and started to open it up. “Just relax it honey, let him in…”
Dave pushed the head in slowly, the started going in and out, a little
deeper, a little faster. As Bill sucked my clit, I told how very much he
pleased me by taking Dave inside him. And how I knew that deep inside he
wanted to be fucked by a man, he wanted a cock inside him. Both Bill and
Dave were moaning loudly now. Dave’s cock was deep inside Bill and Bill’s
cock was being rubbed against the bed with every stroke Dave took.
I came hard on his tongue again and right after I did, Dave shot a hot
load inside Bill’s ass and Bill’s cock exploded on the bed. He just lay
there between my legs breathing heavily as Dave started to put his clothes
back on. “That was really hot Dave, thanks for coming back with me.”
“My pleasure,” Dave said and winked at me. He left and I got up off the
bed to lock the door. Bill was still laying on the bed, face down. I sat
down beside him and rubbed his back. “How are you doing hon?”
He raised himself up off the bed and had the biggest smile on his face.
“You are the BEST WIFE EVER!!!”
I smiled back at him and simply said “I know :)”
Check Please!

My friend Christina and I had met up for lunch at a very busy downtown
restaurant. We’d been there for a bit and no one had taken our order yet.
I stopped a waiter rushing by our table to see if he was our waiter.
“Excuse me, we’ve been here for quite awhile and…” our eyes met and
words just stopped coming out of my mouth! He didn’t say a word either.

Christina finished my sentence for me. “And nobody has taken our order or
even stopped by our table yet. Are you our waiter?”

“Uh, no I’m not” he said, while still staring into my eyes. He turned
towards Christina. “I’ll get you some water and bread and find out where
your waitress is.”

He did as he said and after our waitress took our order, he stopped by to
check on us. Christina thanked him for his help and as she did, he looked
into my eyes and motioned with his to the back of the restaurant. I
realized that he wanted to meet me back by the bathrooms. I excused myself
saying that I wanted to wash my hands, and hurried to the bathroom hall.

I stood there looking for him when a hand came out of the men’s room and
pulled me in. I was about to scream when I realized that it was him. “Oh
my God!” I exclaimed. “I couldn’t believe it when I looked up and saw that
it was you! I didn’t think I’d ever see you again!” The waiter, Dave, was
a man that I had met at a party and had a one night stand with!

“I never got your number,” he said as he took me into his arms.

“I didn’t know how to get ahold of you either,” I said as I unbuttoned his

“I looked for you everywhere!” he said as he pulled my sweater over my head.

“That night was so hot!!!” I whispered as I stuck my tongue into his ear.
He reached behind me and locked the bathroom door. He pulled my skirt up
and my panties down as I unzipped his pants and let them fall to the
floor. He lifted me up and put me on the counter by the sink. We were both
breathing heavily as he stopped for and stared in my eyes for just a
second before we were locked in a passionate embrace. He kissed me so hard
and deep and started to finger my pussy. I was already so wet that he
pulled his fingers out and shoved his big cock inside me.

I moaned loudly as he pumped his dick in me over and over again. It was so
fucking hot that I came fast and so did he, shooting his big load inside
me. We just stayed in that position for a minute trying to catch our
breath, when someone knocked on the bathroom door. “I am so sorry, I have
to get back out there,” he said.

“I know, so do I. Christina’s still waiting for me!” He threw his clothes
back on and helped me clean up my little cream pie and get my clothes back
on. He gave me his phone and said to type my phone number in it and then
give it back to him during lunch. When he opened the door, no one was
there, they must have given up and used the ladies room, so he let me
leave first and he waited just a bit and went back to work.

I walked back to my table to find Christina already eating. “I told the
waitress to keep your plate hot, no telling how long you might be.” She
had a twinkle in her eye, so I think she must’ve figured out what I’d been
up to.

I said thanks as I put my number into his phone. I palmed it to him the
next time he walked by. I know Christina saw me do it, but she didn’t say
a word. I knew that I was going to have to do some explaining after we
left the restaurant though ;)
The Office Visit

“Wha-What are you doing here?”

I closed the door behind me, locked it, and started taking my clothes off
as I walked towards his desk. I threw my panties at his face.

“No, no, no, I can’t do that here at work!” He started to rise and I
pushed him back into his chair. I sat on his desk and spread my legs. He
hesitated, so I grabbed his head and pulled it towards my pussy. I moaned
as he started licking it. He circled my clit and then plunged his tongue
deep inside me. I moaned louder and he knew better than to ask me to be a

I grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him away from me, then slid off of
his desk and down to my knees. I undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and
reached for the hard treasure that I needed so badly. He tried to protest
again until I sucked him into my hot, wet mouth and began swirling my
tongue around it. I licked and sucked it up and down. He sat back in his
chair, giving in to my desires.

I could taste his precum in my mouth, so I licked up some of it and pulled
him out of my mouth. I didn’t want him to cum just yet. I stood up and
straddled him, and while staring into his eyes, I grabbed ahold of his
cock and guided it inside me. As I slid down onto it, feeling it go deep,
deep into my pussy, I leaned over and kissed him passionately. I started
riding his hard dick and moved my mouth to his ear. “Should I stop?” I
whispered. “We can’t do this here, you’re at work,” I said mockingly. He
wrapped his arms around me, shoved his tongue deeply into my mouth and
began fucking me so hard! I came over and over again all over his
throbbing cock. He suddenly thrust super deep inside me and came harder
than I’ve ever seen him cum before! I tightened my pussy to make sure that
I got every bit of that cum shot up inside me!
I got off of him and sat down on his desk again, legs spread. He licked my
pussy clean and I put my clothes back on. Without saying a word, I
unlocked and opened the door and left. He just sat there stunned and
spent, with his pants open and his cock out, and the door to his office
wide open. Hope he put it back before his secretary went in there, I told
her that he needed something cold to drink.
Mommy’s Here….

Let’s get you ready for bed sweetheart. Mama’s going to take off that
dirty diaper and get you all cleaned up for bedtime. Doesn’t that warm,
wet washcloth feel good as I get you all fresh and clean? A little talcum
powder and a nice, fresh diaper – stay still honey, let Mommy get it on
you. And now a snuggly onesie right out of the drier. Who’s Mommy’s sweet
boy? Who’s my good baby? I love you, yes I do. Should we nurse you to
sleep? Let’s get you covered up, here’s Mama’s breast, there we go. All
warm and safe and cozy next to Mommy. Shhhhh shhhhh everything’s ok
sweetheart. Sweet dreams my dear, adult baby, Mommy’s here…
Laura’s Fantasies – The Booty Call

After a fun night out with my girlfriends at a male strip show, I decide
that going home alone just isn’t going to satisfy this girl. I’m in the
backseat, a little tipsy, and I decide to call my boyfriend, Bill, and put
him on speakerphone. My friends are trying to be quiet as I ask him if
it’s ok that I come over so late. Bill says sure and then asks me why. I
tell him that I just needed to see his cute face and he says “And?” That’s
when he hears my friends and I giggling. “And I’m making a Booty Call!”
And we all start laughing.
“So is it ok?” I say, and of course Bill says yes. And I say “That’s good,
because…” and I’m ringing his doorbell. He opens the door and says “Hi
Baby,” and I answer with a long, hot kiss and by pressing my breasts
against his chest. He picks me up while still kissing me and turns us a
bit so he can close the door. As soon as he sets me down again I start
grabbing at his shirt and pulling it out of his pants. “Well you’re sure
horny tonight, I’m glad that you went to that strip show!” I just smile
and start undoing his belt. I open his jeans and start to slide his zipper
down as I fall to my knees. I pulled out his hard and ready cock and slid
my mouth all the way down it. I hear him moan and I’m even more turned on!
I start squeezing his balls as I lick and suck my way up and down his
rigid dick. His pants and underwear are on the floor now and I’m shoving
his cock down my throat by grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him towards
me. After a few times he pulls his cock out of my mouth and lifts me up.
He takes me to his bedroom and pulls my soft sweater over my head and
stops for a second to stare at my big tits in my lacey, black bra. He cups
them and starts to squeeze them. I close my eyes as Bill starts to play
with my hard nipples. All of a sudden my bra has been unhooked and he’s
pulled it off and thrown it on a chair. I moan as he starts licking and
sucking my oh so sensitive nipples.
“Lay back” he says as he guides me down on the bed. He unzips my skirt and
slides it down and off my body, running his hands down my bare legs,
leaving my red high heels on. He spreads my legs and starts to lick all
around the line of my panties. He starts rubbing my clit through my
panties and I start wiggling and moaning louder. My heels are in the air
now as I feel him slide a finger under my panties and right into my hot
wet pussy. He starts finger fucking me and licking my clit right through
my panties! He slides in two fingers and starts fucking me harder! My
pussy squeezes them tight and I just cum all over them.
He stands up and I tell him to stay up as I slide my soaked panties off. I
hand them to him and tell him to put them on. “What?!!” he exclaims. “Put
them on” I say again smiling at him. Bill shakes his head and slides them
on. He looks cute in them I think as I gaze at his balls pressing tight
against them. I pull him close to me and start to lick that hard cock
sticking out of the top of my panties. I reach around and grab his ass and
give it a squeeze and then a nice slap. I tell him to bend over the bed.
“What are you going to do?” he says.
“Well I said I wanted a Booty Call,” I tell him, “so I’m going to take
that booty! You have the panties on now so you’re the girl! And I am going
to fuck YOU this time!” I reach into my purse and pull out a strapon and
put it on. I pull down my panties to just below his hot ass and give him a
couple more spanks. He starts to protest again and I tell him to “Bend
over and take it like a good girl!” I push him down further into the bed
with one hand and am lubing my “cock” with the other. I take a little more
lube and rub it around his asshole and then slide my finger inside. He
moans as I push my finger in and then draw it out slowly. “I’m going to
fuck you so good now, baby,” I coo as I start to rub the big head of my
dildo against his asshole. Then I very slowly start to push it in…
“You’re going to take all of my big cock honey” and I push it a little
deeper and deeper as Bill moans louder and louder. “I told you you’d like
it!” I exclaim and I fuck him harder. I reach between his legs and grab
his balls, then grab his cock and stroke him as hard as I’m fucking him.
He moans loudly as he shoots out a huge, hot load of cum! “Now that’s a
Booty Call!” I say as I slap him on the ass. ;)
More Action

The director yelled “Cut! That’s a take!”

I said “No Tony, don’t you dare stop!” He looked into my eyes and knew
that I meant it, and kept pounding that big cock into me.

“Are you two going to break it up or am I going to have to get the hose?”

I moaned loudly as Tony shoved it into me again, holding his dick in just
the perfect position so it rubbed against my clit as he fucked me. I could
see that he was watching my big tits bounce as he pushed himself deeper
inside me.

“Ok, these two aren’t going to stop. Lunch break everybody! Be back in 45
ok?” Our director turned out most of the lights as everyone left for

Tony was on his knees as he pulled my legs up and lifted my ass off of the
bed. With each plunge he seemed to pound my pussy harder, I thought I was
going to scream.

All of a sudden I started cumming, and cumming hard! Tony groaned loudly
as he shot deep inside me. He put my legs down and laid down on top of me.
His face against mine, his hairy chest against my breasts. He scooped me
up in his arms and rolled off of me, pulling me to his side, my head on
his shoulder. “You know Ross probably told them to leave one of the
cameras rolling, right?” Tony said.

“I know,” I said as I snuggled up closer to him.
A Fantasy….

I was sleeping naked between clean crisp sheets when the ringing of the
phone woke me up. I saw that it was 2am, who would be calling me now? I
answered the phone with a sleepy “hello?”

“Oh, did I dial wrong again?” the sexy male voice said.

I laughed. “You woke me up this time!”

“I am so sorry!” he said. “I can’t believe I did it again.”

“It’s ok, but maybe you need to get some glasses” I teased. We both
laughed and instead of hanging up, we continued talking. He told me about
how much he traveled for business; I told him that I was jealous, I would
love to travel but can’t afford to right now. Before I knew it, almost a
hour had past. “Oh damn, I just noticed the time. I have to get back to
sleep, I have to work tomorrow.”

We said our good nights and as I hung up, I found myself wishing that I
didn’t have to say goodnight. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. His sexy
voice floated through my mind until I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed how wet I was. “I wonder what I
was dreaming about,” I thought. I had a super busy day at work, but I
would catch myself thinking about him. And every time I thought about him
I got so turned on! I’d be sitting at my desk and realize that I was wet
again. Even though I knew that no one knew what I was thinking about, I
still felt like I was blushing.

As soon as I got home I went to check my answering machine – no calls. I
was so disappointed! He had been mis-dialing my number at least a couple
times a day for the past week; now nothing. I made dinner, fed the cat,
then decided to watch TV before bed. I don’t even remember what I watched,
I just kept wondering what he looked like. I’d look at the actors and
wondered if he looked like him or maybe that guy. I realized that I had
started rubbing my nipples as I thought about him. I decided to just go to

I put on my favorite sheer pink nightie, but as I started to get under the
covers, I decided to pull it over my head and throw it to the foot of my
bed. I was just way too horny and had to do something about it. I started
rubbing and playing with my nipples – it felt so good. My left hand stayed
on my breast while my right hand moved slowly down my body, touching my
soft skin. I caressed my right thigh, but only for a moment because I knew
just where my hand should be, right between my legs. I spread them apart
and went right to my soft pussy. I keep it shaved and it’s so soft and
smooth. My fingers made their way to my pretty pink clit – mmmmmmmm. I was
already so wet! My fingers just slipped down to my hole and slid right
inside. I started plunging it in and out, thinking about him, how good his
cock would feel inside me. In and out and then up to my clit again, I was
moaning quietly when the phone rang. It was him!!! I tried to compose
myself and answered, my fingers still wet. “Hello?” I said. And I heard
his voice.

“Hi there, I called you on purpose tonight. What are you up to?”

I couldn’t speak at first and I know that my face had to be as red as a
cherry! “Just got into bed actually,” I said, trying to act normal.

“Sounds good, wish I were there. Er, in bed I mean. My bed. Sheesh!” I
couldn’t help it, I started laughing. He was silent for a second, then
joined in laughing too.

“Guess you’re a little lonely tonight too,” I said.

“Yes, well that’s one word for it,” he said chuckling.

“Ooooh,” I said, “more like horny?” He gasped and started laughing so
hard! It was cute!

“Well, that’s what I was thinking, but I sure as hell didn’t expect you to
say it!”

I screwed my courage up and said “You know what I was doing when you called?”

“No way!!!” he said.

“Yep, and I had just started when the phone rang. I paused for a couple
seconds and then said, “and I was thinking about you…” I didn’t hear a
sound on the other end of the phone. “I guess I’ll let you go,” I said

“NOOOOO! I’m jumping into bed, please don’t go!” Then he lowered his
voice, it sounded so sexy, and said “I haven’t stopped thinking about you
since the first time that I dialed wrong. I want you so bad!”

“You have me, I’m right here, wanting you too.”

“If I was there I would take you in my arms and kiss you so long and deep.
My hands would be all over you!”

“My hands would be all over you too, and so would my mouth…” I
whispered. “I’m playing with my nipples, my fingers are your mouth, suck

“Oh god yes!” he said moaning. “I’ll lick them and suck them and squeeze
them!” he moaned again.

“I’m reaching down. sliding my hand down your body and grabbing your
balls. Squeezing them gently. Feeling your cock getting so hard!”

“Licking down your body to that sweet pussy. Spreading your legs further
apart and licking and sucking you, circling your clit with my tongue, then
flicking it on it.”

“I move so we’re in the 69 position and suck on your balls and then run my
tongue over them and to the head of your cock. I tease it with my lips and
tongue and then just slide it down my throat.”

“Gently pushing my fingers inside you…”

“You don’t have to be gentle, fuck me as hard as you want to!”

“Roll off of me, I need to fuck that pussy!”

“Mmmmmm YES!!!”

It wasn’t long until we both were cumming. It was so loud and intense! I
haven’t even met this man and it was sooooo good! I could hear in his
voice that he was getting sleepy and I teased him about it.”

“I can’t help it! That was so good! You wore me out!”

“Go ahead and go to sleep, I should too. And I am so glad that you called
me tonight, I just found out that I love phone sex LOL!

“Me too, honey, me too.”
Angry Wall Sex

Ever since I heard someone use that phrase, Angry Wall Sex, I’ve been
incredibly turned on whenever I thought of it. I never thought it would
happen to me though… until it did.

A friend of mine and her husband were giving a party in their huge new
home, and she invited me. I told her I’d come, of course, although I
really didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment, so I
wouldn’t have a date, and work had been a drag lately, so I was tired. But
I did the good friend thing and bought a new dress and went.

Lots of people there, and the house looked gorgeous as did the hostess. I
talked to quite a few people there, had a few drinks, (I probably
shouldn’t have had any), and decided to get away from the crowd for a bit
and check out the rest of the house. I’m looking around when all of a
sudden I hear footsteps behind me! I whirl around to check it out and
there he is – my ex!!!
“Oh great!” I mutter to myself, “Just what I needed!”

“I knew it was you!” he said.
“Oh hell no!” I said back to him and turned and walked away. He grabbed my
arm and spun me around.
“Come on baby,” he said, looking deeply into my eyes.
I pulled away and started to walk further down the hall. “No fucking way,
Chad! I turned around and tried to keep my voice lower and said “How my
times did you cheat on me? Too many to remember right? Go to hell!”
“That was years ago baby, I’ve grown since then.”
“Yeah right!” And then he did the worst thing that he could do, he pulled
me towards him and he kissed me! That was always my Kryptonite! He pushed
me against the hall wall and held my hands up over my head as he kissed me
deeply. I could feel how soaking wet my pussy was getting. All I could
think about was how badly I wanted him to fuck me!

He pulled me over to this little alcove so we could be alone, but by that
time I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I started to unzip his pants while he
pulled up my skirt and pushed my panties aside. “I hate you” I whispered
into his ear.
“I know” he said as he shoved his cock deep inside me. He fucked me so
hard and so long right there in the alcove, against the wall, and it was

When we were done we walked back downstairs and rejoined the party. We
were both walking a little wobbly and I could feel some of his cum
dribbling down my leg. I didn’t care. I had one more drink and then said
my goodbyes, telling the hostess that I’d had a wonderful time.

I got home fine and Chad was right behind me, so to speak. Needless to
say, our evening hadn’t ended yet.
My Fantasies – The Party

It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do – see a man across a crowded room at a party, walk up to him, kiss him, and whisper in his ear to come with me. I would take his hand and lead him to a closet. As soon as he’d close the door – I would be all over him! Hands, mouth, my leg wrapped around him pulling him closer.

I would wear a dress that could be pulled up easily, and he would be able to push aside my flimsy lace panties to shove a finger or two up inside me.

As the others drank and partied, he’d be pounding it in me against the closet wall. It would be so incredibly HOT!

If we did this roleplay, what would you want to happen next? Should we get caught? Should we rejoin the party where I find out that he’s there with his wife?(!!!) Or how about if one of the female partiers heard something and opened the door, and decided to join us? What would you choose? I know what I’d like to happen, but you have to call to find out ;)


The Lingerie Sales Girl… This is a very hot roleplay that a caller and I did. This was his fantasy, and it was soooo hot! I’m a very hot, sexy young woman that has lost her job and is trying to find something to do to make some money. I talk to some friends and they tell me that with my looks, great body and great smile matched up with my sexy voice, I should go door to door selling Adam and Eve lingerie. I decide to try it on a Saturday afternoon. I come down your street and as I knock on people’s doors, I get turned down time and time again. Why? Mostly because women are answering the door and they are too intimidated to let me in because of how hot I look. Most of them have husbands at home and the wives are not going to let them see me with the lingerie! I come to your door and to my surprise after I tell you what I’m doing, you say heck ya, come on in. You’re excited, and I’m excited and I come into the den with you. I ask if your wife is at home to look at the clothing and you say no, she is gone for the weekend, it’s just you, but you have the checkbook. I giggle and you can’t help but get excited while looking at my young, hot body. I’m wearing a very short skirt, no stockings, a sheer pink blouse with a kind of matching camisole underneath. I’m not wearing a bra and you can see my nipples are hard. You can’t take your eyes off of my big tits. I open up my sales case, kind of like a rolling suitcase and pull out a catalogue to show you. I sit down next to you very close and open it up. You can’t help but notice how good I smell and you comment that I smell very nice. I tell you that it’s actually one of the products I sell and you tell me to put it on the list. As we look through the pictures I point out several very respectable nightgowns with little robes and slippers to match. Nice but nothing too risqué. Next I show you some baby doll outfits that are really kind of hot, then some bra and panties outfits that are really sexy. In fact I can see that you’re really liking what you see and I ask you if you’d like to see some of the material that I have brought with me. You say sure and I move over to open the case and as I reach for it my ass is kind of in your face. As I reach for the bag I kind of slip on purpose and fall back onto you. As you catch me of course your hand is all but on my tit and my ass is firmly on your cock, which has been growing for a while. I apologize for falling and you tell me no problem, your pleasure. But of course I don’t get off your lap right away. I smile and ask you if you’d like to perhaps see some of the merchandise up close and personal, like with me modeling them. You say of course you would. I get up and move away from you and then just when you offer me a way to the bathroom to change, I start to change right there in front of you. I smile and say that I want you to get the whole effect of the look. I slide out of my skirt, then my blouse. I’m standing in front of you in the hottest little thong and camisole top with my big tits just staring at you with my hard nipples sticking out. You’re licking your lips as I start to remove the camisole. “Oh geez what beautiful titties you have!” you blurt out. I giggle and say very seductively, why thank you, sir. Now sit back and let me show you what I have for you. I pull out a hot pink bra that just happens to have the area for the nipples cut out and then I turn from you and slip on what I tell you is a pair of edible panties, cherry flavor. I come over to you and turn all around, kind of wiggling my ass in your face. You reach out and touch me and I quickly move away, telling you that no, no, no, you can’t touch the merchandise, not yet anyway. I come over and teasingly push my tits into your face and you start to lick my nipple and again I pull away. “You’re such a tease,” you say. You tell me that I’m killing you, your hard on is growing and I see the bulge in your pants just wanting to burst. Next I turn away from you again and I remove the bra. I stand in front of you and you are just dying to get to my magnificent breasts. Now I reach into the bag and pull out a long sheer black lace robe and as I tie the small tie about my neck I leave the rest open and walk back to you. This time I sit on your lap facing you and I bend down to kiss you. You kiss me back very passionately and pull me closer to you. Your hand comes up and goes to my right tit and you squeeze my nipple between your fingers and I moan loudly. Your mouth goes to my nipple and you start to suckle it like a hungry baby. I grind myself on your lap and feel your hard cock pressing hard against my hot pussy. I get off and undo your pants and pull them down off your legs along with your underwear. I grab ahold of your hard cock and start to stoke it back and forth, up and down. You moan and moan as the blood flows and is pumping into your hard cock at the just the thought of having my sweet lips and velvet tongue sliding up and down your shaft. You pull my face down to yours and kiss me again. Our tongues dancing with each other very deeply. Your hands start to squeeze my shapely ass. I look you in the eye and I tell me that I want you to fuck me long and hard. You push me back onto the couch and untie the robe and pull it open. Your mouth goes to my beautiful tits and you start to lick and suck on them like a man that has not seen tits in years. You kiss my body up and down and your head goes down to my sweet pussy, covered up with those hot, sexy edible cherry panties. You start to kiss them, then start to lick them as I squirm and thrust my pussy up to your mouth. You bite the crotch and tear it open as you taste that sweet cherry flavor mixed with the smell of my sweet pussy. You start to lick my pussy. Licking me up and down and in and out sucking on my hot clit, flicking your tongue back and forth and enjoying my crying out with pleasure. You move me around into a 69 position and I take your cock deep into my throat just sucking and licking your cock. You pump into my mouth as I suck you harder and harder until you explode down my throat. I swallow and continue to suck telling you that I want it all. You move back close to me and pull me towards you. Our lips meet again and you tell me that you want to fuck my hot pussy like you have never fucked before. You roughly pull me down onto the floor and tell me to get on all fours and then you slap my ass once, twice, three times as I yelp with each slap. You get up behind me and slip the head of your cock into my pussy and I moan again. Your hands on my hips, you push hard into me, the full length of your cock and you start to pump in and out of me. Harder and faster you fuck my hot pussy and reach around and grab ahold of my tits and continue to pump into me. Grabbing my hair pulling it back until our lips can meet and you kiss me deeply again and continue to fuck me. I scream out and you cum hard into my pussy and we fall on the floor together face to face. Your hands are all over me and you’re playing with my big tits. You tell me that you just might have to buy another couple of hundred bucks of hot, sexy lingerie one day next week…… and I know for sure that I am coming back to see you again!


My Fantasies – One Very Hot Call!

This is a role play that one of my very hot caller’s sent me to play today. It was sooooo hot!!! He said his legs were wobbly when he tried to stand after we did the call! I thought I would share it with all of you…

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

A couple of buddies of mine suggested I go to see this very sexy, very erotic masseuse that is fairly new in business and gives some amazing rubdowns.

When I go to your studio I’m amazed at all the erotic artwork on the walls of sexy ladies in various states of undress and in seductive lingerie.

You greet me wearing a very presentable pink gown and high heels and offer me a glass of wine as we sit and talk for a bit.

We small talk while we drink the wine and when you cross your legs your gown opens a bit and I catch a quick look at your pink panties. You smile seductively as you cover yourself back up and notice that I’m staring a little and getting a little nervous.

When you ask if I’m ready to experience the best massage ever, I say yes and you take me by the hand and lead me into what I’m thinking will be a room with a massage table, but instead you lead me into what is a beautiful bedroom with a Jacuzzi tub in a sunken area off to the side.

When I turn to say something you put your finger over my mouth and tell me to just let you do all the work and you give me a sexy smile and a little kiss on the cheek.

You lead me over to the bed and ask me to sit down. As you kneel down in front of me you take off my shoes and socks as I look down and see the swell of your big breasts and I wonder if you’re wearing a bra or not.

You then stand me up and proceed to remove all of my clothes and when you take off my underwear my cock is standing at attention. You smile and take it in your hand and tell me that I should relax, that there was plenty of time for that.

You lead me to the Jacuzzi and tell me to get in. The water is pleasantly hot and I sit back and look at you standing there. You slowly remove your gown and I see that you are not wearing a bra at all and that you have amazing breasts. You kind of lift them as if offering them to me and ask me if I like them, and I kind of gulp a moment and say oh yes, very much.

You smile and turn away from me and remove your panties. As you do I get a good look at that great ass of yours and a peek at your shaved pussy.

You step into the tub with me, smiling and telling me that no massage should ever start without a complete cleaning of the body. You proceed to wash me all over with a sponge and of course you make sure that those gorgeous tits of yours rub up against my back and when you turn me around they are against my chest.

As you rise up a little they are now at my mouth and I can’t resist taking your nipple into my mouth and sucking on it a little as my hands are on your hips.

You giggle and tell me there will be time for that, to just relax and let you do everything.

My heart is racing as I wonder just what is going to happen.

You reach down and start to wash my cock, balls and ass. When you do this you hear me gasp some as I try to relax but I just keep getting harder and harder in your hand.

You giggle and ask me if I would like you to take care of that for me and I’m just imagining that you are going to either give me a hand job or hopefully a blow job and I just can’t wait.

Then wham, a sharp quick pinch to my cock as you push those tits into my face. You have pinched the head of my dick. Owwwwwwwww

You laugh a cute giggle and tell me to be patient.

We climb out of the tub and you dry me with a big towel. You then dry yourself off as you tell me to lay down on the huge bed. I watch you drying yourself off and can’t wait for you to join me on the bed.

As you crawl onto the bed you come over to me and tell me that I’m about to get the massage of a lifetime and you ask me to turn over. I then feel you sitting on me and can feel your pussy on my ass as you begin to massage my back and arms with some lotion.

Your tits are running up and down my back and I feel you reaching my ass cheeks and rubbing them all over and then reaching slightly under for my balls. I moan as you gently touch them and massage them with the lotion.

I feel like I’m going to cum right then and there and you tell me to relax and enjoy it all.

You then continue down my legs and feet giving me such a great massage that I’m totally relaxed under your charm.

You then tell me to turn over and when I do I see your gorgeous body and smiling face. You proceed to put some lotion on my chest and begin to give me small shallow kisses all over my chest and stomach. You get so close to my cock as it grows harder with anticipation, but you move around it very seductively and with your cute giggle you tell me not yet.

Then you crawl over my body laying yours squarely on top of mine and start to kiss me deeply. My hands start to roam over your back and I turn you slightly on your side and our bodies mesh together in a deep embrace.

My hands are now on your fantastic tits and I tell you how amazing they are and that I want to lick them and suck on them. You offer them to me and tell me to do whatever I want. It’s your birthday you tell me and I’m your special present.

I devour your tits as you stroke my cock and then I tell you to take it in your mouth. I turn over onto my back as you kiss your way down to my throbbing cock and slowly start to lick it like a lollypop. Now taking it deep into your pretty mouth I see it disappear as you take me deep into your throat, gagging just a little, and I’m in awe of your talents.

After a couple minutes I tell you that I want to taste your pussy and you swing your body into a 69 position with you on top of me. I let my hands roam over your great ass for a moment and I just can’t resist giving your ass a little love tap, bamm! You shriek a little and I do it once more and you shriek again as I put my mouth to that sweet pussy of yours.

I start to lick up and down your pretty slit with my tongue paying attention to your clit, sucking it and slurping up your juices. You taste like strawberries and your smooth shaved pussy is so fucking beautiful.

My cock is ready to explode and I know that if I cum in your mouth it will be such a flood! I ask if you want it in your mouth and you say Oh yes, this one goes in my mouth! You continue to suck my cock with a renewed vigor and go up and down harder and faster, my legs start to tremble and I know that I’m about to shoot one of the biggest loads of my life.

Your pussy is just flowing with your juices and when I explode into your mouth, you gush into mine. I lap up your cum and lick your pussy all over as you suck me dry and swallow all that I have to give.

We are spent and you climb up beside me, giving me a kiss and asking me how I felt. I was hardly able to speak, I was so spent.

We snuggle up to each other and my hand goes to your right breast and I playfully move my fingers around your nipple. You giggle and tell me to rest a little bit. You get up and come back with water for both of us and we drink a large glass.

You start to use a warm wash cloth to clean us both up and tell me that that was just the appetizer, that I would be spending the night with you and that you were very, very horny and expected that I would soon feel the massaging expertise of your pussy as we would be fucking through the night.

I took a deep breath and silently thanked my buddies for the best birthday present ever.


My Fantasy – The Man Next Door

I saw him watching me again today. He was out in his yard watering the lawn and I was carrying in things that I had brought home with me from college. He smiled and waved, as did I, and went back to his watering, but I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was definitely checking me out, but then, it wasn’t the first time. He had been doing that since I was about 13 when he and his wife first moved in next door to my parents.

I had noticed him too, he’s a very handsome man, and I felt really bad for him when my parents told me that he and his wife had gotten a divorce. I finished unloading my car and went into the house. I found myself wondering how he was doing on his own. Was he dating? Was he happy? It must be kind of sad living in that house all alone now. “Mom?”

“Yes dear?

“Why don’t we invite Mr. Clark over for dinner tonight? Would that be ok?”

“That’s a good idea, honey, we haven’t had him over for ages. I’ll call him now.”

What a wonderful evening we had! I didn’t know what a funny, charming man he was. After one joke he told, he winked at me – it was so cute! I found myself becoming very attracted to him. After he left we started cleaning up and then mom and dad said they were going up to bed. I saw something on the floor, picked it up, and it was Mr. Clark’s wallet! I yelled up to mom and dad that I was going to run it over to him.

I rang his doorbell and a couple minutes later he opened his peephole and saw me standing there. He opened the door, and apparently he had already gone to bed because he was in his robe. “I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Clark, but you left your wallet at our house.”

“Oh, geez, don’t know how I managed to do that!” he said. “And by the way, you’re an adult now – call me Bill.”

He invited me in and I handed him his wallet. “Wow, the house sure has changed since the last time I was here!”

“Well, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since the divorce, so I decided to do some remodeling. Wanna check out my new kitchen?”

“Sure,” I said and followed him into his now beautiful kitchen. He started telling me about all the work he had done on it. But when he would hold his arm up to point at something, his robe would open a little – he must have been naked when he put it on because I would catch a glimpse of his cock. It was getting hard! I knew he was attracted to me! I became preoccupied with trying to see it, I couldn’t even concentrate on what he was saying. He turned more towards me when I apparently didn’t answer his question, and caught me staring at his crotch!

“Oh my God!” he said as he pulled his robe tightly closed. “I am so sorry!” he said, blushing.

“It’s ok, I shouldn’t have been staring. It’s just… I find you very attractive.”

“You do? But I’m so much older than you.”

“Things like that don’t matter to me. I’m attracted to you, and I’ve noticed how you’ve been watching me, and I think you’re attracted to me too.” And I could see that I was right as he was pitching quite a tent now! I pressed my body to his and felt his hard cock against me, and my big tits were pressed against his chest.

I was about to kiss him when he said “No… your parents…”

“Like you said, I’m an adult now, and I know what I want…” I put my arms around his neck and kissed him… after a second he let himself respond by wrapping his arms around me and began kissing me passionately. His cock was so hard pressing against my body.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he said between kisses.

“I don’t care, I want you,” I said and sucked his tongue into my mouth again. I untied the belt to his robe and slid my hands up his chest and over his shoulders, causing his bathrobe to fall to the floor. He stood there before me absolutely naked with a huge hard-on.

We both reached for my top at the same time, tearing off my clothes as fast as possible. He then lifted me up and set me on his kitchen table, kissing me and then fondling my breasts. I started stroking his hard cock and felt the precum dripping out of it. I was so damn turned on!

He gently layed me back on the table and lifted my legs up into the air and over his shoulders as he drove his huge, hard cock into my wet pussy. He started slamming it into me so hard and I moaned loudly as I squeezed my tight pussy around it, milking it. His balls were slapping against my ass with each thrust and I came over and over again. With a loud groan he shot his huge load into my pussy.

He stood there bent over the table as he and I both tried to catch our breath. I looked up into his eyes and he lifted me off the table. Holding me tightly, he carried me up to his bedroom where we spent the night doing it in every possible way.

When we were completely spent and he had fallen asleep, I snuck out of his house and back to my parents place, so they wouldn’t know what had happened. I got into my bed and fell into a deep sleep, the wetness between my legs and the smile on my face the only evidence as to what went on next door.