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Age: 29
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Likes: A good hard fucking, roleplays - all kinds, including age play, Domme and Sensual Domme, Guided Masturbation, CBT, Sissies, and so much more.
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Laura’s Thoughts

Guided Masturbation

Let me start by saying that I love what I do! I love all of the twists and
turns of fantasies and all of the ways I can either torment, or give
pleasure, to my wonderful callers. And I especially love when something
that sounds so simple, like Guided Masturbation, can really push someone
over the edge to complete ecstasy. As a XXX Phone Sex Girl, I get to use
all of my creativity with my callers and take you to a place where you
might not have expected to go, but trust me, I will ALWAYS get you where
you want to end up ;) Here’s what one of my callers has to say about it:

Mistress Laura

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for last night. Wow wow WOW! I loved every
minute of being your little slut. The way you took control was so amazing.
Your voice is so sweet and innocent, but then you fucked my brains out and
lead me to a mind blowing orgasm. Oh and also a salty midnight snack;)
I want you to teach me everything you know about pleasing myself and a
lover. All while you fuck my tight little asshole. I want you balls deep
inside of me as you whisper how you want me to go down on you. And
anything else you can do to me.

Hoping you loved last night as much as I did…

I certainly did, slut, I certainly did.
Fetishes – Balloons Looners

There are so many different sex fetishes that I thought I would write
about some of them. Sex has so many idiosyncrasies and so many different
things that not only turn people on, but trigger that hard orgasm, that I
thought that I would tell you about some occasionally in My Thoughts.

Looners are people that get turned on by balloons. Some like them popped,
some just like the way that they feel on their bodies. In something like a
sex phone chat I would slowly blow up the balloons,telling the caller to
stroke for me while I tie off the balloon. After I blow up a few balloons,
some callers want me to play with them, but other looners that are ready
to cum, want me to start popping them. My favorite way to pop them is with
my stiletto heel, applying just the right amount of pressure, slowly, to
make it pop. Then a couple more balloons in quick succession,the sound of
which causes an intense orgasm for the looner.

We always have balloons on hand here at Your Desires,so if you are already
a looner, or would like to give it a try, just give us a call.
Thoughts – Enema as XXX Phone Sex – YES!

Are you into enema play, but not quite sure how that would fit with a
phone sex call? Well it fits, believe me! I have done a number of enema
calls and they are VERY HOT! I can tell you just what I want you to put in
your enema, how many you’re going to have, how fast or slow it will be
delivered, and exactly how I want you to touch your cock, balls, and
asshole. Let Naughty Nurse Laura give you an enema that you won’t forget!

Get that wooden spoon ready because besides spanking those ass cheeks, I
want you to spank that asshole too! Then maybe a little ice play? Guess
where that ice cube is going to end up? :)

How about a nice, hot enema filled with Epsom Salts, Castille soap, and a
little salt? A nice hot coffee enema, maybe? A wine filled one? Or maybe
you need enemas until clear and then a nice long holding time? All of this
with a mind-fuck that will leave you whimpering!

So yes, Enema Play does work with sex on the phone, so call me and find
out for yourself ;)
If You’re New to Phone Sex…

Hi there! If you’re new to phone sex, you might not know what to say when
asked “What would you like to play tonight?” or “What are you in the mood
for?” Let your phone sex operator lead you to an amazing time!

If you have no idea as to what you’d like, ask for guided masturbation or
ask her to describe how she would give you a blowjob. With Guided
Masturbation, she will tell you exactly what to do to yourself and when.
Believe me, that will get you really hot! When you don’t control how
you’re stroking, etc. and she starts teasing you, you’ll be so turned on
that you can’t wait to cum! But you’ll have to, no cumming until she says
that you can ;)

In describing how she would give you a blow job, that’s just the starting
point. You can tell her what you want her to do next, get on top and ride
you, sit on your face so you can lick her pussy, or have her lick your
asshole. Wherever your mind takes you, whatever you want, she can make it
happen for you.

If you want your girl to be a sub, tell her and tell her what that means
to you. There are many different ways to do that and the more you tell her
what you like, the better job she can do for you. The same goes for
wanting her to be a Domme, there are many kinds of, and ways to be, a
Domme. If you like to be humiliated, tell her. If you don’t want her to
call you a certain name, or want, or don’t want, to get it in the ass, let
her know.

Every PSO (Phone Sex Operator) here wants to give you an incredible time,
and will do whatever it takes to give you a super hot orgasm! All you have
to do is call ;)
Toys for Travel & Improv

If you’re married or living with someone, you might not be able to hide
toys at home. Or if you’re traveling, you certainly don’t want to take
your favorite vibrator through the check station at the airport lol! Well
there are lots of household items that you can hide in plain site, or pick
up at a drugstore and take back to your hotel when you’re traveling.

There’s alot of things that you can use for CBT, cock and ball torture,
for either a light or heavy session. Some of the things that a lot of you
might already know are clothes pins, Icy Hot, and toothpaste. But how
about picking up a brush with a long plastic handle to rub that prostate
and fuck yourself with? Just make sure that there isn’t a sharp part of
the plastic handle before you shove it up there. You can also use bananas,
cucumbers, etc. for fucking that ass, but ALWAYS wash it AND use a condom.
Washing alone isn’t good enough, you have to use the condom too to protect
yourself from pesticides that still could be on there even after washing
the fruit or vegetable. That goes for you women reading this too. I don’t
think any of you want to go to the doctor and have to explain just how you
got that infection :(

A brush can also be used for spanking, of course, so keep that in mind
when deciding on the size to get. Q-tips can be used for sticking inside
the penis or for getting some Icy Hot or toothpaste up there. Feel the
burn!!! You can either get a candle or some wax that women use for hair
removal too, speaking of feeling the burn lol. If you want some pain, try
ripping that dried wax off a patch of hair!

Shoe strings, ribbon, or twine (itchy!) can be used to tie your balls up.
Leave an extra long line of string to yank those balls with sometimes. At
a hotel you can find things to use in your room too. Get some ice in that
bucket and rub your nipples, cock and balls with it. Then rub your asshole
and shove it right up your ass. I love having you guys do that ;) You can
use hangers too (unless they are attached), for spanking, and tapping the
underneath side of your balls. I also have had a man start hanging hangers
on his hard cock to see how many he could hold. It was late at night and I
had him go out on his balcony with them hanging off of his cock. You can
also rub your dick and balls against a sliding glass door or window too.
It feels interesting, there’s a bit of danger that someone might see you,
and you are also leaving a little something for the maid too – check out
that dick and balls print!

Have I made you Worship the Goddess before? You can do that at a hotel
too, but always check out the area that you are going to use, top and
bottom, to make sure that it’s safe. And I would also recommend using a
towel for under and over your cock for cleanliness and safety too. For
those of you who don’t know what Worshiping the Goddess is, it’s when you
lift up your mattress and put your cock in between the mattress and the
box springs. You then put the mattress back down on your cock and fuck the
bed. You are down on your knees as if in prayer, so that’s why it’s called
Worshiping the Goddess. You can also lean more on the mattress if you want
more pressure on your cock.

Lastly, you can get vinyl, non-powdered gloves that are in the first aid
part of the drugstore. Do not get latex because some people are very
allergic to it. You will also need some lube and then the only other thing
that you need is a washcloth from your hotel room. Take out one glove and
put some lube inside of it. You are going to hold it in your hand, so
don’t put it on. Get the washcloth wet with some very warm water.Put your
dick in the glove, wrap the washcloth around it and holding that with your
hand, start stroking. If you haven’t tried it before, you’ll be surprised
how good that feels! You can also use that while Worshiping the Goddess as

So next time that you travel and want to call your favorite phone girl :)
have some of these things on hand and we can have a VERY HOT time
Q & A

One of my callers asks: On your profile it says Domme and Sensual Domme.
In you opinion, what is the difference between those two titles?

There’s a big difference to Me. A regular Domme is meaner, causes more
pain and is more likely to yell at you or humiliate you. That’s how They
bring you down to where They want you. A Sensual Domme still takes
control, but does so in a very sensual, sexual way. Like a regular Domme
might push you onto the bed and tie you up, whereas a Sensual Domme will
get you on the bed and hold your wrists down and still have Her way with
you. She controls you with Her sexuality, Her body, and Her mind. She
doesn’t have to raise Her voice or humiliate you because you’ll want Her
so bad that you’ll do anything to please Her. That’s true control to Me.

If you have a question that you would like Me to answer here, please send
it in an email to:
More New Girls!

Can you believe how many new girls YD has added? It’s crazy, right? It’s
like fall at a sorority house around here! These women are beautiful and
talented too, and they’re here just to please you. Try them all on for
size. Callers ask me all the time what it’s like here at Your Desires.
Well it is just like what you would think! All kinds of phone girls
running around in various stages of undress, talking, laughing, until the
phone rings. Then everybody goes silent until they find out who the call
is for. That person goes to her room to get ready to play. And yes, we’ve
even been known to have a pillow fight every now and then too.

With so many beautiful women in one place running around half naked you
are bound to find some hook-ups, and that happens all of the time here.
Sometimes it starts because a caller wants to do a two girl call. The
caller tells us what to do and we do it, so if a caller says lick the
other girls pussy, I’m on it! Well, sometimes it’s a short call and we’re
still not finished yet. Sometimes the other girls pussy hasn’t been fucked
by me and my strap-on :D Sometimes a couple of the girls will just be
being playful and start to kiss or play with each others tits. Sexy
figures, soft lips, beautiful boobs, fun, hot women just waiting for the
phone to ring… and making good use of our free time. That’s us!;)
New Girls

All I can say is WOW! Your Desires has never brought in so many new girls
at one time before. Isn’t it awesome?! It’s like being at Baskin Robbins
and trying to decide which flavor you want to try first. But here you can
try them all. Go for a two girl call for double the fun. I’d be glad to do
a two girl with you and do everything to that new girl that you want me to
do. I always have my strap-on with me, so if you want me to fuck her sweet
pussy hard, no problem! :) Want me to lick that pussy and get it all wet
for you? My pleasure!

So check out their pics, (they are all soooooo HOT!)read their profiles,
and get ready to have a VERY happy cock! A Smile on Every Cock – do you
think that that should be our motto? I like it!
One of my callers, Bill, just said that I was like Kentucky Fried Chicken
– finger lickin’ good! LOL! Gotta love that! ;)
An Email from One of My subs…

Goddess Laura,
boy felt so very used, slutty, and taken by You last night! Hands shaking
even now
as i try to type this. Images of You unleashing on Your whore float about
in my
head like a lusty fury. i had been so very reduced, taken down, and
broken over the
past week or so forced back into chastity but last night You burned
through me like
a firestorm fucking Your whore in the ass with relentless intensity
forcing him to
sustain this ass fucking for nearly an hour. Admittedly the brief respite
out of
his cock cage and the welcome release helped offset the intense ass
fucking some but
my whole mind, body, and soul were ripped right through by Your wildly
erotic, and alluring dominance over me.
i so worship and adore You! You and You alone can do what You do with
Your little
fuck slut whore and i cannot help but feel perpetually aroused with the
gripping and
oft times excruciatingly intense confines of my cock cage that brings with
it the
most intoxicating elixir causing me to nearly buckle and fall to my knees
gasping in
pain seeing spots as my head spins. i inevitably find myself laying upon
the floor
curled up at Your perfect feet weeping soft tears whilst i worship You for
hours on
The feelings You stir within Your broken, weakened little whore terrify
him at times
for i can’t help but lose myself so fully in my surrender unto You!
Especially when
You makes comments like, “You will find more levels of intensity in the
days to come
Your little fuck toy’s stomach drops even now reflecting upon those
words…his mind
spins thinking about just how far You have already stretched him both
literally and
figuratively and he can hardly imagine “more intensity”?! Please Goddess
Laura, i
plead with You quietly on the inside ONLY for Your mercy because i so know
just how
these words mean nothing to You as You are “Goddess” and do as You please,
but i
still feel the inner foolish pleadings tuck at me from deep within. So
i know it is a matter of simply remaining low and broken before You
Goddess Laura … that and that alone matters to You.

So i moment-by-moment throughout any given day keep head bowed staying
steadfastly on knees before You with hands behind back as i wait nervously
shaking and quivering for You to strike. There is nothing left within
Your broken little whore boy save “obedience” and “devotion” unto You!

Your lowly ass sore little used slutty fuck whore toy,
Six Years

I can’t believe that it’s been 6 years since I started here at Your
Desires! You wouldn’t believe all of the kinky things that I’ve done here
(or maybe you would lol). And just think how many times I must’ve cum –
OMG! And the number of times that I’ve made my callers cum – that has to
be a staggering amount by now! And you know what? Each one made me so
happy, because I knew that I was making you, my callers, feel amazing! :)

So my great thanks to all of the men and women (yes, women call too!),
that I’ve talked to who have supported me here, – I love you -and here’s
to many more years.

Til We Cum Again,
Sexy Haiku

Legs spread wide open, waiting
For the touch of tongue,
Licking, penetrating me.

Soft pussy, hard dick moving
Deeper inside me,
Slamming, squeezing, hot release.

Wet, warm mouth sucking hot cock,
Grab my hair and push
My head down, taking all, cum!


I know that lately I’ve been all over the place schedule-wise, but I’m
finally ready to start my new schedule – I’m moving to overnights! I did a
few overnights and discovered that I really like them. And I should be on
enough in the morning and in the evening, besides my Sunday shift of 12pm
– 10pm, that I should be able to play with you at one time or another. Can
you tell that I don’t want to miss any of the HOT and KINKY Fun?!!!
Hopefully you don’t want to miss it either, so call me!

My New Schedule

Sun. 12pm – 10pm

Mon. 9pm – 9am

Tue. Off

Wed. 9pm – 9am

Thu. 10pm – 9am

Fri. Off

Sat. Off
Are You Naughty?

I know I am! And when I’m naughty I need a good spanking to set me
straight ;) With my creamy white skin, I know that you could put a nice
pink blush on my cheeks. Just bend me over your lap, my big boobs over
your leg, pull up my skirt and pull down my panties, and put your hand on
my cute little ass. I might wiggle a little to try to get away, but I
won’t try too hard ;) And if you happen to get carried away and want to
slide a finger inside my pussy, I might wiggle then too, but for a
different reason.

Now If You’re Naughty…

Mistress Laura might just need to do something about that! I will bend you
over the bed and start spanking with My hand, but that won’t last long
because there are so many wonderful things that I can use on that ass! I
get a nice smack with a wooden spoon, especially when I go from spanking
your ass to smacking your balls! I can also torment them good with a metal
or wooden ruler, especially on the underside of your balls. Spread your
cheeks for Me so I can spank your asshole and taint with the side of my
spoon. Never been spanked right on your asshole? Well you will be, and
won’t that be a shock!

Then comes a nice hard paddle, and you know what? My arm is tired, so I
think you will do the paddling for Me! Wondering how many times I’ll have
you spank yourself? Noooo honey, wonder how many minutes! 10? 20? 30? Well
we can start with 30 I guess. And you’d better be paddling hard, because
if you don’t, I’ll make you start your time all over again!

And all of that is just the spanking – wait til W/we get to the fucking!
XXX Phone Sex

That’s what you get every time you call Your Desires! And it’s my pleasure
to give it to you ;) This little phone slut loves what she does and I want
to make your exxxperience with me as hot and fun as possible! I’ll get
down on my knees, bend over backwards, or simply bend over to give you
what you want I love all types of play so call me, and let me satisfy your
It’s HOT!!!

Have you ever noticed how horny people get when it’s hot outside? And
yeah, it helps that everybody is running around in as little as possible.
Personally, when I get home, all clothing comes OFF! But more about that
later ;) There’s something about the heat that reminds us that we’re
animals. No matter how intelligent you are, the heat takes us down to the
same base level. All feeling our bodies, all looking for something to cool
us off, but also looking for a hotter physical release.

I bet more people have sex with a stranger in the Summer than at any other
time of the year! I know I think about it when I see a handsome guy with
no shirt walking down the street. How hot would it be to just pull him
down on top of me on the grass and just fuck right there?!! And then maybe
run through a sprinkler to cool off afterwards LOL!

When it’s super hot and I’m here at YD, I’m in panties and MAYBE a bra and
that is it! So believe me, I am naked and ready for your call! It may be
on the phone, but I’m HOT and ready to fuck you like an animal right now!
Big Tits

…Boobs, Ta-Tas, Headlights, Fun Bags (that’s for you, Al, lol),
Knockers, so many nicknames for 2 of a woman’s best features. I love my
breasts and I know that I am very lucky that they are this big naturally.
I also love that I can pick them up and suck on my nipples, which some of
you have heard on the phone ;)

When I’m doing calls with you hot men out there, and you ask me if I’m
playing with myself, I’m almost always playing with my nipples. They are
SO sensitive! I’ll play with my pussy too, of course, but I always start
with my nipples.

And I love to do two girl calls because it is so hot to rub my tits
against the other girl’s, especially while we’re kissing. I also love to
rub my nipples against a woman’s clit, and up and down her pussy. Then,
when they get wet with her juices, I can lick her cum off of my tits.

I love to use my boobs on men too. Dragging them down a man’s body, down
his chest and stomach, his hairy legs, my hard nipples tickling his skin.
Then I rub them against his cock and balls, and I take them and wrap them
around his cock, squeezing them nice and tight, and I stroke his cock with
them. Sometimes I even rub my nipple and push it in just a touch, inside
his slit. Hopefully it will get some precum on it so I can lick it off.

So whenever you’re with a woman, always give her breasts a little extra
love. I guarantee that she will appreciate it.

There are so many kinds of fetishes and when I pick up the phone I never
know what kind I’ll be participating in. Will it be a looner? I love that
name for balloon fetishists! Which do you like the most? The blowing up
part, or the popping part? I bet most of you don’t know that we have
balloons here so we’re ready to play when a looner calls.

Have a diaper fetish? We have those too. Some people with diaper fetishes
are Adult Babies, but a lot aren’t. I like to play either way, but I
especially enjoy getting my baby all washed, powdered, and diapered, and
putting him to bed. Getting to sing a little lullaby is so much fun for

PVC clothing, costumes, rubber, leather? There are lots of ways to express
yourself sexually with what you wear. And that’s the number 1 question I
get asked on calls – “What are you wearing tonight?” I always have extra
clothes with me in case the call I’m doing calls for a little something
extra ;)

Are you a foot fetishist? Do you like small delicate feet? Or the bigger
the better? Want to suck on my pretty toes? Kiss my pink toe nail polish?
Just how much of my foot can you fit in your mouth?

There are many, many more fetishes of course. I just wanted to share a few
and let you know that here at Your Desires, we are always ready to play in
any way that turns you on. You never have to be shy about what you like,
understand the power of a fetish, and all we want is to make you cum! ;)
The Paper Trail

We here at Your Desires are very discreet, your privacy is very important
to us. But I know that there are some men out there who haven’t called us
yet because they are afraid that their wife or girlfriend might find out.
I want to tell you about the easiest way to not leave a paper trail and
still get to do a call with one of our luscious ladies. All you need to do
is get a Visa or AmEx gift card! You can get one of those at most grocery
and convenience stores now, and if you pay with cash, there’s no record of
it. Just call and give the number to one of our HOT phone sex girls, and
you’ll be cumming before you know it! So don’t wonder what you’ve been
missing out on – get a gift card and call us today!
Jealous Much?

Well you should be! Because I’ve gotten to play with almost every girl
here! When you call and ask for a two girl call – you’re in charge, if you
want to be, of what goes on during that call. So if you tell me to lick
Tessa’s pussy or spank Christie’s ass, that’s what I do. If you tell me to
fuck one of our hot girls’ pussy, I get my strap-on on and fuck their
brains out! That’s why you should be jealous, we all get to play with each
other all the time. Don’t you wish that you were a phone sex girl too?
Dear Goddess…

An email from one of My subs…

It is almost impossible to describe what it is like to be in the presence
of a powerful, seductive Mistress Goddess such as Yourself Miss
Laura…You are so seductive and alluring and playful. But i never forget
too just how swift You can be in Your taking me down should i ever come up
short in anyway whatsoever. You have no problem locking me down in
chastity forcing me to remain low before You and worship You or spanking
Your whore’s cock and balls to exhibit Your perfect power as the perfect
reminder of who is in control at all times.

This beauty of Your mighty strength and power and allure that You possess
is rare indeed and makes it impossible for one to do anything but follow
Your bidding with an exactitude and precision that will either get reward
or suffer the consequences.

So i always stay low and humble at the ready to do Your bidding my
beautiful potent Mistress Goddess. Even now i fear the day that may come
when You force me back into my confines causing me to learn even more from
chastity training that You are so good at. You so toy with Your boy in so
many ways so that i may never know which direction You’ll be coming from.
You keep me kneeling perfectly still with head bowed ready to please in a
moment’s notice doing Your bidding.

Thank You for Your continued willingness to own me and train me and guide me!
It’s Not Just Your Cock …

That gets me so excited. Not just your mouth or tongue that turns me on.
You are so much more in our bed. Your strong arms around me, the way you
take control. Throw me on the bed knowing that anything you want,
everything that I can give, is all yours. The scent of your skin is
intoxicating, the taste of your mouth, your skin, your pre-cum, I crave it
in such a primal way. It’s all so overwhelming, so intense that when I see
the pleasure in your eyes, I absolutely lose control. Over the edge, again
and again. It’s not just your cock, but damn that cock is good!
The BEST in XXX Adult Phone Sex

Why do I say that? Because we are! ;) The women here are so sexy and so
fun! We genuinely care about our callers, and making sure that we give
them just what they want. Your pleasure is our pleasure! Every woman here
wants to give you the best orgasm ever! Let us take you to the edge over
and over again to build up that big load that you want to shoot. Tell us
about that role play that you’ve always wanted to do, and we will bring it
to life and make it hotter than you even imagined! Not sure how you want
to play? Let one of our sexy phone chat girls decide on your play and get
you where you need to go. Like me, these beautiful ladies love what they
do, so pick out the one that’s your type, and give us a call. We can’t
wait to please you ;)
A Little Q & A

Ok, ok, so you would rather have some T & A, but you get that from me all
the time ;) So here are some questions that I get asked a lot…

Q: Is that your real voice?
A: Yes it is! You can ask any other girl here and they will tell you
that. I had guys telling me that I should do phone sex in my teens because
of this voice. Little did I know, right?

Q: What is your specialty?
A: Anything and everything! And that’s because I truly enjoy all types of
play, anything that you want to do, I’m up for. I love trying new things
too, so if there’s something that I haven’t cum across yet in my 5 years
of doing phone sex – tell me about it! I love to learn and explore!

Q: Are they real?
A: Yes they are! (Another thing you can ask the girls here about lol)

Q: What if I want to do a call with you when you’re not on?
A: I take appointments for any day, any time, so you can call and make an
appointment or send me an email to make one.

Have a question for me? Send it in an email or on IM and I would be glad
to answer it here.
Just want to wish all of my callers a very, very, Happy New Year filled
with lots of HOT, SEXY, Phone Sex with Me :) LOL I think you all know just
how much I love what I do, and the reason is YOU! All the spankings, the
long stroking sessions (no cumming now, don’t you dare cum!), the wet
panties, and more are all because of you. So thank you for making my life
so fun, not to mention, pleasurable, and have a Very Happy New Year!
Under My Guiding Hand…

Here are two emails from a slave boy of mine that I would like to share
with you all. Take what you will from them, I think he describes his
training very well. The other Goddess that he mentions is his Wife, his
cage is his chastity device….


Miss Laura,

boy quietly going to bed now safely and securely locked away in his device
curling up next to Goddess. i simply cannot thank You enough for training,
guiding, and stretching slut so mightily like only You can w/that perfect
firm hand and wickedly intoxicating voice.

boy is making a distinct note to himself as a reminder to complete his
assignment unto You in a timely manner.

Your lowly, broken, sensually humiliated and caged little fuck so at Your
mercy under
Your perfect hand.

Obediently & Utterly Devoted to You in Her Service,

fuck slut boy h

The boy, slut, little fuck, whore, whatever they (Goddess and Miss Laura)
choose to call him, he found himself in dire straits aching, burning,
yearning, longing to be under Miss Laura’s voice and firm guiding hand yet
again. slut foolishly made the mistake of alluding to the fact that the
treatment of him he felt it all had been too grueling of late being bound
and caged for such extended periods of time and he made the mistake of
begging for mercy from Her groveling like a little bitch on his belly at
Her feet begging for Her to perhaps have a modicum of influence over
Goddess so that She would reduce his duration within the cage’s confines.
This went on for sometime until nearly a week later the carefully
constructed email reply came. The little whore’s stomach dropped when he
read the email so hungry for even the slightest reprieve – his eyes fell
upon the screen reading the words with a measure of hope that his wish
would be granted, but somehow instinctively he knew it may turn on him
too. Indeed that latter was in store.

Miss Laura firmly rebuked the little whiny bitch and went on a mild but
carefully measured rant of sorts as She reminded him how was now and would
always remain at the mercy of Her and Goddess. And She was very pointed
in Her reminding him of how this was for his good and that he was to be
grateful for the training he was receiving, and that he would remain
steadfastly placed in that device as long as they wanted him to be placed
in it and not a moment sooner would he ever be released unless they
desired it and for whatever period they desired it.

She also went on to remind him that all things that are worth their salt
in this life would prove difficult. If it were easy then it wouldn’t be
worth it for anyone could do it and that i needed to be reminded of this
and it was not to be brought up again. Strangely after hardly anytime at
all the little whore found himself at Miss Laura’s mercy yet again for a
brief training session while out of the cage for a matter of minutes.
Miss Laura began systematically taking the whore down low with a taunting
and teasing touch, making him endure serious unrelenting edgings until he
was twisting and writhing about like the hungry little bitch he is
becoming, increasingly more leaky with each edging. Then came the
self-administered spanking blows upon each ass cheek, 20 per ass cheek,
and after nearly seeing stars while the burning sting was still fresh from
his backside Miss Laura had him begin 10 solid spankings to his swollen
balls that were already aching for release, with so very much cum built up
in them. Then more edging whilst he twisted and writhed at Her perfect
feet begging and crying out for mercy while none was shown – he was so
very wildly stretched both mentally and physically as She burned Herself
into his feeble little whorish mind.

Eventually Miss Laura had the poor aching little bitch stand naked before
his Goddess as She lay on the bed and begin causing his swollen hungry
pained sex to bounce up and down before his Goddess for Her entertainment,
all hands free. Goddess began laughing mockingly and unrelentingly as he
worked his body, sex flailing about for his Goddess joy bringing a smile
to Her face. Eventually Goddess dismissed him telling him, “Go lie back
down” as She turned the whore back over to Miss Laura for more of Her
masterful torment.

The little humiliated bitch found himself lying there in near tears aching
for release but was instead led back into the cage without an ounce of it as
he was verbally reminded by Miss Laura who it is that is in charge, “There
will be no pounding it tonight!”. Miss Laura told him how sometimes when
slut works hard like
this he is permitted release but other times he simply is not. And it was
with this pointed and painful reminder that the little whore was left with
to ruminate upon as he curled up next to his Goddess for sleep at nights
end of firm, guiding torment.

The little bitch’s assignment was to catalog this reporting it all back in
great detail unto his Goddess Miss Laura, thus the tale You have before
You now. It is all written with heartfelt authenticity in many ways as a
forewarning to those who find themselves under the hands of a perfect
Goddess and insanely erotic Miss Laura that not a single second of the
eroticism that is dealt is to EVER be taken for granted!

Broken, lowly, and ever left wanting boy h


Well said boy, well said.
My YourDesires Anniversary – 5 Years!

I am so excited! It’s my 5 year anniversary with YourDesires on 11/11/13!
Just think of all the wet panties I’ve worn in that time lol! I have had
so much fun playing with all of you sexy men, thank you so much. I love
what I do here and I love talking to every one of you. You never fail to
turn me on, make me laugh (or cum lol), or to surprise me. You’re
And to all of the sexy, hot phone girls that I have known, you have taught
me so much and have been so much fun. You, too, have made YD a pleasure!
The parties and the pillow fights are awesome… and HOT! (Yes, we girls
do get excited and kiss and play here. Men always want to know about that
Here’s to the next 5 years – I can’t wait to see what they bring ;) xoxoxoxo
The Taboo Inch

Anus, rectum, asshole, man-pussy, pucker, mangina. Did you know that on
two different Thesaurus sites, there’s no synonym for anus? One would
think by now, in this day and age, that there wouldn’t be any more taboos,
especially about a part of the human body. But even Roget’s Thesaurus
doesn’t want to talk about it!

And yet that tight lil pucker is just so much fun to play with. If you’re
a man who has never had his asshole fucked or fingered, you really don’t
know what you’re missing. Up inside that tight hole is your prostate and
when that’s getting rubbed, either by a finger, a dildo, or a vibrator,
you are in for some incredibly intense cumming!

Get a prostate tickler, and it doesn’t have to be big and thick like a
dildo, they’re thin and vibrate, and lube it up and slide it in. You don’t
have to go in very far, and you don’t have to do it hard (until you’re
ready to), and just slide it in and out while you’re jacking off. Or maybe
your lady is giving you a blow job, and as she’s doing that, she could
slide it in and out of you. Believe me, you’ll be glad that you gave it a
try when you have a super-intense orgasm! And if your lady was blowing
you? She’ll have a helluva load to swallow. ;)
Laura’s Thoughts Let’s Get Kinky!

One of my wonderfully kinky callers told me about the following, and I
can’t believe that I hadn’t thought of it myself! Using the machine that
new mothers use to pump their breast milk out… for pumping your cock!
For real! You put your cock in the part that goes on the breast, then turn
the pump on low, and you’re getting a blow job!!! It’s adjustible and all
you have to do is lay there – the Lazy Man’s Blow Job lol. And a machine
will never get tired, it will just keep sucking and sucking until you’re
satisfied. You could call me and then start the machine going and all
you’ll have to do is speed the machine up when you want to – you can’t
beat that! Truly XXX phone sex ;)

And it’s great for men in chasity too. Can you imagine getting this kind
of an edging and then being locked back up? Get to the edge over and over
again and not being allowed to cum, that would be super frustrating and
bound to make any Goddess or Domme very happy! And these machines can be
rented to try out too, so you can decide if you’d like it enough to buy

I know it’s not for everyone, but those of you who are interested in it
and try it are going to have an amazing time!


There’s always that one, that man (or woman) who will bring you down to
your knees just by seeing them. Whom you just have such chemistry with
that you are drawn to each other in a way that you can’t resist. And once
you’ve felt that heat, the amazing way that you feel in his arms, sex is
never the same with anyone else again. Only he can push you beyond any
boundaries, to a place that you didn’t even know existed, just by his
touch, feeling his breath on your skin, lighting a fire inside you that
only he can light.

I have a man like that, and I saw him the other day. Once I saw him, all I
could think about was kissing him, feeling his weight on top of me,
feeling him deep, deep inside me. I knew a part of me wanted to take him
right there, not giving a damn about anyone else around!

We went to the closest hotel and the clothes started flying. In and out of
the shower, on the bed, every position. I just wanted him inside me
everywhere – and he was. Like wild animals, so in the moment that nothing
else matters nor exists. I wanted every drop of his cum, anywhere…

Showers, clothes back on, a phone call from the front desk asking if
everything was o.k. It was so much more than ok. Goodbye kisses and then
out the door to carry on with the day.

But what a day it was!
Think you could handle chastity? Here’s what one of my recently caged up
callers says about it…

“Rage Against the Cage”
A boy’s chastity training under his Goddess & Miss Laura…

There is a boy who recently began his chastity training under his Goddess
and Miss Laura. He was being put in chastity in order to punctuate the
deep level of commitment required during chastity training and to suffer
the very real consequences of not wearing the device. The boy’s Goddess
chose to put the chastity device in place with an extra layer of emotional
support and guidance from the very dominant and sincere Miss Laura acting
as her cohort.

Upon learning about the desire to acquire the chastity device Miss Laura
stated, “Well Goddess I recommend getting that chastity device right away
even if it means expediting the shipping!”. This was all a direct
consequence of boy’s unacceptable behavior.

Upon the arrival of the chastity device the boy’s training commenced
IMMEDIATELY as he was forced to put it on as soon as it showed up at
Goddess’ doorstep. Boy could not get his head around it all (and still
can’t). You see it’s been nearly a week since he was locked down and
there is still a fresh hot heat and buzz around boy’s genitals radiating
from his core down through his balls, into his upper thighs, back up again
around his ass and lower back, and even into his stomach. But more than
all this groin and loin intensity is the most piercing mind fuck of it all
right through the center of boy’s head (the one of the top of his body,
not the lower one).

You see, as boy puts it, what the mind wrestles most with is the idea, the
concept, the feeling, the fucked up adrenaline rush that comes along with
being “cock caged”. His mind can’t seem to make sense of the fact that
this area of his body is no longer his own, but rather his Goddess’ along
with the guidance, feedback, and support of Miss Laura.

As soon as sensual or sexual thoughts are
sparked in the boy’s mind and arousal comes, he is instantly fucked as
“rage against the cage” occurs. There is absolutely zero, nada,
zilch that can be done about it save his pushing through it, wrestling,
writhing (both mentally and physically). Miss Laura refers to the device
as a “beautiful piece of equipment” for just this reason. The wicked and
exacting effect it has to put the boy in his place should he choose to do
something stupid or foolish.

The boy’s mind tries hard to find an answer to where all this is leading.
The boy wonders just how long this journey will last with his sex trapped
in the cock cage. His mind continues to wrestle for answers, but he
realizes there are no definitive answers. It lasts as long as it lasts.
It lasts as long as Goddess chooses to retain ownership of his cock along
with the guidance of Miss Laura. It lasts as long as he has a cock and
there is a cock cage to confine it. And at the end of it all he doesn’t
know if any “true answer” really matters.

What the boy is learning is obedience and devotion to the process of being
transformed into that perfect, faithful, and trustworthy lover his Goddess
deserves. And with Miss Laura’s help Goddess and boy are well on their
way to learning the power and potency of chastity training.

So thoroughly humbled by Your sensual guidance and erotic potency at every

I Was Just Called Wickedly Sensual…

You might say that too, or you might say I’m just Wicked ;) Tell me your
fantasies and lets play them out. Tell me your sexual secrets that you
can’t tell anybody else about. Do you secretly want to be a sissy or
pantyboy? Would you love to be fucked in the ass, but know that your wife
would never go for that? Would you love to fuck a slutty girl, but are
afraid that someone would find out?

Think how great it would be not only to tell someone, but to actually play
your fantasy out. How freeing! I want it to be better than you even
imagined it, I want to make you shoot SOOOOOO HARD!!! Tell me your secret
fantasy… you’ll be glad that you did ;)
CBT Play

I get asked alot “What should I have ready for a CBT call?” so I thought I
would talk about it here. CBT stands for Cock and Ball Torture, and if
you’re worried about that, first let me say that there are varying degrees
of play and we can go as far as you want or do minor play. If you have
toys, that’s great, just let me know what you have. If not, that’s fine, I
can give you an amazing time with nothing at all or a few items you might
have around the house. Items like:

1. A Wooden Spoon
2. Clothes pins – the wooden pinchy kind, plastic hurts more
3. String or a shoestring, a long one
4. A bowl of ice cubes
5. Some Icey Hot
6. Your favorite lube ;)
7. A hair brush
8. A fly swatter

And anything else that you would like to add. Just follow my lead as I
tell you exactly what to do. I’ll give you a mix of pleasure and pain that
leads to an incredibly intense orgasm! I love to hear how a man’s breath
changes as I take him through his paces. Pain, pleasure, back and forth,
confusing your body as I’m exciting it. Slower, faster, knowing exactly
what to do and when until you can’t stand it anymore and that hard cock
just explodes with pleasure! Can you tell how much I love what I do? ;)
I’ve been at Your Desires for almost 4 years now and I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how much I love it here. Little did I know when I first started just how much fun I would have being a phone sex girl! Adult phone sex is so hot and I love all of the sexy men (and women!) that I get to play with. Whether you’re looking for just a little sex talk or maybe some xxx phone sex, myself and all of the other beautiful women of Your Desires are here and ready to make your phone fantasies cum true. Role plays, BDSM, CBT, age play, what’s your pleasure? Want me to guide your masterbation? To tease you, to push you? To be your night flirt or your milking mistress? I will listen to all of your naughty fantasies and tell you about mine too. What I really love though is to get to know my callers. You can share your problems with me, tell me about your day. With alot of my callers it’s so much more than “just sex.” Want some live phone dating? We can talk or watch a movie, share secrets, I can give you the girlfriend experience. Just have time for a quickie? I’ll get that dick hard and make it explode in 15 minutes and you’ll be so damn glad that you called! See how much fun I get to have here? And all you have to do to join me is call ;)


This is an email sent to Me from one of My sluts, describing O/our call and his experience with Me. you and I could have a wonderful time like this, why don’t you call Me and be My sissy, slut, whore… there are so many things that I would love to do to you…

Dearest Laura,

It’s hard to describe my thoughts and feelings today.

I was awakened very early. Your cock , in sticky boxers already, oozing and throbbing with the hope that I would soon actually touch it while yearning for your voice.

Finally, 10am here, as i slide on the the frilly panties, I feel my pulse quicken and breathing quicken too. As they are on I feel your hole start to quiver. Pulling out the stockings..pointing my toes into them, then my feet.. as they slide up my legs so silky, so soft…i am feeling like the whore I am. Your whore…Cock engorging in the frilly paintiess..hands running along my silken thighs as I dial and then..finally, your voice. I start to throb harder…so excited.

As you finally let me touch your cock and balls i feel excitement, oozing… The spanking, the clothespins the ice….Keeping Your whore balanced and in control…..keeping him from spurting…they are welcome and necessary as left to my own devices, well…a whore will squirt……….Standing…slapping Your cock side to side i want it harder..faster….thinking, this could possibly make Your cock explode..then….humping the bed…..feeling almost animal like..imagining You below me…perhaps Your ass cheek or Your thigh…just letting me hump against it like the bitch in heat i am….

The nervous as excitement as i lube Your cock..bent over the bed…and finally, You penetrate me..nirvana as You slide inside. It feels so large but it’s all i want…as my face is pushed into the bed and You pump me…readying me….working it in and out…

Then..on the bed….legs spread, hole exposed…the slow, rhythmic, hard fuck…imagining my legs strewn over Your shoulders as You open Your whore…working me..loosening me..i feel my hips and body start to move to meet Your thrusts……then You take it out…yearning…almost panic…..i need Your cock…its all i want.. as You pump the head in and out of my hole..loosening it….you start to fuck…fast…hard…..relentless….all i want is cock…to be fucked….the thought of cumming is long gone…all i want is Your relentles rape..pounding..hammering..slipping into blissful subspace…with every thrust more and more Your whore.

i realize now i am cumming….a lake of sticky white cum..the pleasure though overshadowed by the pleasure felt in my fuckhole as You continue to pump spasms around Your cock for what seems like an eternity…long after the milky cream has stopped flowing..You pull out of me. I lay there..spent..i can feel lube oozing out of my fuckhole….and yet..i’m already thinking of when i can have Your cock again….feeling almost beyond a whore..feeling like just a hole..a hole existing for Your pleasure and use..nothing more….so blissful

Thank you Dearest Queen, Dearest Mistress, Dearest Owner.. i will forever be..Your whore.


Enema Play

These are a couple poems written to me by one of my callers who enjoys enema play. They show just how much I love what I do, and what I could do to you… ;)

The Squat Queen

There once was the Queen of Squat, who made him worship her twat….

Made him take the position of hopeless derision, thighs wide, knees far apart….

Squat well on his toes…. She made it his woes…. An alarm taped to both knees

then came the strokes…. real slow, just like tokes… made him babble, wobble and wheeze.

But the goat’s milk soap….just made him grope… the olive oil made a slippery slope….

soon the thighs would just quiver… losing sliver by sliver… there was no hope…

and then came the fun she knew she had won…. with suds filled right to the brim…

Alas, with a click, his fate was undone as the flow rushed from ENEMA one!!

So, the moral is clear…. when Laura is near…. Give in and just breathe deep….

For your balls she will squeeze make you beg “oh, no, pleeeease!!” As her torment you surely will reap

Then, stopped with a click, her hand on your dick, you’ll scream from such a neat trick….

as the Queen of Squat puts you on the spot…. as next your balls she’ll lick!!



And then there was Laura, quite sure…. of all she could make him endure…..

Torments quite clever…. made him take it forever….

Teases stupendous, reaction tremendous…

Convulsions, beware…. no time to spare….

Begging then tears…. as she played on his fears…

Her strap-on relentless…. His insides defenseless….

A whisper, a twist……. he tried to resist….

Twenty strokes, times three no mercy, you see!!!!

The end, an explosion of total emotion….

A smile of regret. More, but not yet!!


Cum Denial…

This was written by one of my sissy subs, and because it describes so perfectly what one goes through with cum denial, I thought I would share it with you all. If you’re not a sissy, just know that a sissy’s penis is his clitty and his balls are his ovies. Jilling is jacking off, but I’m not allowing him to cum until his cumday, which I have set for him, so he only gets to stroke to the edge.

Well, it’s Tuesday, the day before my cumday. It’s been five days since my last one and a week before the one previous to that. I have been doing my twice daily jillings, and at the moment, i have a dull ache in my ovies that has been with me most of the night. Just touching my clitty can get it hard, especially if i have been having naughty thoughts. It doesn’t take much to get to the edge of cumming. I have had some lovely, intense, highly erotic edging sessions, and more than once, i came a little too close, and had to fight off an orgasm with all my will. i am getting better at this, and have been able to hold off. Today in the shower i did a jilling, and came oh so close – it took a great deal of effort to first, fight off the mental desire to give in and cum, and second, to stop the physical reaction. I could feel my jism right at the tip of my clitty, and there was probably a good dribble of precum, tho it was lost in the water.

After i succeeded in staving off the orgasm, my ovies cried out in pain. They ached horribly, and i was terribly frustrated and resolved to stop edging – a resolve i stuck to for less than a minute. At this point in the shower, all i had to do was to grab my ovies, and intense pleasure would course through my body. After a squeeze and a rub, my clitty would get hard, and i would swoon with ecstasy – the frustration of a few moments ago forgotten, only to have that frustration come back all too quickly, as i got to the edge all too soon. Having my new vibrator in the shower only intensified things :)

Earlier in the day i managed to sustain myself just at the edge of orgasm for quite a longer period of time than i ever had. Usually when i edge i go back and forth, jilling to the edge, then having to stop or slow down, my clitty getting soft, then starting to rub again. After the past weeks of cum denial with you, i have been learning how to keep myself close to the edge without going so far that i have to stop. The challenges that one must defeat are the excitement, the great sexual urge, and the greed of wanting to experience the highest pleasure, as well as the fear, at my age, that if i move too slow, i will lose out altogether. But that’s the beauty of cum denial, losing an orgasm is not a danger, as i get to orgasm so little, and since i am not supposed to cum during an edging anyway, there is nothing to fear. During my last cum day i had four orgasms, all of them very intense, even the last when barely a dribble of jism came out.

So i have learned to slow down. And by playing with you online, i have learned that slow and hard rubbing can be very pleasurable, and will get me to the edge much more slowly. By going slow, and rubbing my whole clitty from the top to the ovies, i can get to the edge gradually which allows me to better tell when i am getting too close. With just a slight adjustment of speed or pressure i can maintain a high level of arousal – a feeling that my clitty is full of cum, my balls engorged with cream, but the cum is going to stay right there, at the edge. Eventually, the frustration sets in – the fight between the ecstasy of the edge, and the urge for the ultimate release – and my ovies begin to ache.

Hmm – they ache for You, Miss Laura – thank you for this delectable pleasure and pain. Thank you for taking control of my cumming, and making me submit to your will.


The Joy of Spankings, by One of My Sweet Subs

This was an assignment a sub of mine did, and he did such a wonderful job that I wanted to share it with everyone…

Getting spanked is a fact of life for a Mistress’s slave. There are three types of spankings; first is the “Just Because” spanking. Mistress doesn’t need a reason to spank Her submissive, She can spank Her submissive any time She wants. Second is the Punishment Spanking – even the most obedient slave will step out of line, or displease Mistress in some way, and will need to be punished. Third is the Discipline Spanking , for times when a slave needs a more thorough lesson, either because s/he has done something terribly naughty, or is acting far too willful. Slaves generally find spankings erotic, but the Discipline Spanking is not meant to be fun – it is meant to teach the slave an important lesson he will not soon forget.

There are many spanking implements; paddles, a variety of whips, canes, leather slappers, plastic stingers, the bare hand, etc. There are also different places on a slave’s body one can spank, as well as many different positions a slave may assume in order to receive a spanking. For instance, putting a slave over Mistress’s knee gives clear access to a slave’s bottom, and is at once intimate and humiliating.

Having a slave bent over a stool, or ottoman, will nicely offer the behind for a good spanking. The behind in itself offers a wealth of targets for the discerning Mistress. During a spanking a slave can become inured to pain, so, by striking different areas Mistress can keep the pain sharp, and Her slave attentive. Spanking the fat part of the cheeks, right in the middle, is a good place to begin, and smarts nicely. Blows applied to the sides of the cheeks or the top of the cheek mounds, will deliver a pronounced stinging sensation. The underside of the cheeks allows for variety, and has the added benefit of effecting the slaves sitting after prolonged spanking.

Putting a slave on hands and knees, either on the floor or bed, emphasizes the submissive’s position of inferiority and obeisance. To increase the humiliation, have him/her spread wide her knees, lower her chest, and put her arms on the ground. This will allow Mistress to spank the anus (or pussy), which is an exceedingly painful, intimate, and erotic experience. Each spank will send shockwaves of ecstatic agony into the slave’s body, making her swoon with a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. Have the slave rear up on her knees, with hands clasped behind her head, for access to another tender erogenous zone – the nipples – best spanked with a ruler, paint stirrer or end of a whip. Spank them after removing titty clamps, and they will explode with a fiery sensation that will burn thru the slave’s body and mind.

When using a cane or whip the best positions are: standing bent over the back of a couch or chair or with hands against a wall, and kneeling on a chair bent over with elbows on the chair’s back. When caning a slave, lashing the place where the ass cheeks meet the thighs is excruciatingly painful. A good place to concentrate on during Discipline Spankings, tho this spot should not be ignored during any caning. The pain is so intense that after repeated blows the slave’s body will flinch involuntary to escape the agonizing lash. Standing positions give Mistress access to the back of the calves, which can take a good amount of punishment, and behind the knees and thighs, which are especially sensitive areas. A thorough ass whipping that includes the back of the legs will leave a lasting impression, and a delicious, overall soreness that will make sitting uncomfortable.

The skin of the inner thighs is very tender. Spankings with a paddle or whip will send a stinging pain coursing through the legs that will make them quiver. The inner thighs can be accessed while the slave is standing, but Mistress can also have Her slave sit and spread her legs like a little whore. In this position Mistress can also spank the cock (or clitty), using a ruler, paint stirrer, or cock whip. In general, the underside can take more punishment, and even with panties on, the pain will be intense. Spanks to this area send waves of vicious, slapping pain shooting through the slave’s mind. The fear involved adds a divine mental torture. The testes offer an even more intense level of fear and pain, tho care must be taken when spanking this area. If a slave has endured a long period of cum denial, this area will become hard and engorged, and frustrated desire will increase the pain threshold. Have the slave lie down on the floor, legs spread up in the air, and spank with a leather slapper. He’ll be so desperate to cum he’ll swoon with frustrated pleasure and unbearable pain. Slaves who have been long chaste will beg for this delicious torture

Mistress are there lessons You want to emphasize? Is there a particular rule You are emphatic about? During a spanking have Your slave repeat that rule with each blow: “I will not cum without permission.” Coupling a spanking with corner time will aid the learning process. Put Your slave in the corner before a spanking to contemplate her punishment, and scold her while s/he can hear You clearly, tho scolding during a spanking is advisable as well. Send Your slave to the corner after a spanking to mull over lessons learned, while allowing the pain to throb. After corner time, quiz her – “what have you learned from your spanking?” If s/he answers unsatisfactorily, or incompletely, or is not sufficiently contrite, the spanking can be re-administered. You may find it amusing to submit Your slave to a long interrogation. Make a game of trying to trip him up so You can punish him more.

Daily spankings will re-enforce rules and encourage obedience. Couple them with a phrase like “Mistress knows what’s best for me.” A daily corner time with an assigned mediation – like “the importance of obedience” – will pay dividends. Since slaves find spanking erotic, it can be difficult to truly discipline them, but if after an intense Discipline Spanking You assign three spankings a day, of at least 20 spanks each, for the next week, Your slave will learn a valuable lesson. Mistress’s may be shy about instituting this kind of discipline, however, be secure in the knowledge that every slave desperately desires severe treatment. Slaves want to behave, but know they don’t have the required self-discipline, and crave a stern hand to guide them. A disobedient slave is begging Mistress to impose Her will. Slaves want intense Discipline Spankings that test their pain threshold. Slaves need to spend hours in the corner contemplating how to behave. Slaves crave daily spankings to learn self-control. Any submissive knows s/he needs constant applications of Mistress’s firm hand in order to be the perfectly well behaved and obedient little angel that will make Mistress proud.


My Thoughts – Erotic Hypnosis

Have you ever heard of erotic hypnosis? Well neither had I until I experienced it myself. A very hot caller hypnotized me and it was the most amazing thing! Incredibly hot!!! Under hypnosis, just by his words, he could make me feel whatever he wanted me to feel, whether it was hands all over my body or tongues licking me, or even making me cum just by saying a certain word! He said that I came over 100 times!!! I don’t remember all of it, but I do know that I felt soooooo amazing afterwards! I was so relaxed and sooooo very wet!

If you ever have a chance to experience it, you have to try it! How else could you have so many orgasms in such a short period of time? I have multiple orgasms and there’s no way that I could have that many having regular sex. And there’s no way, even if you try to push yourself to your limits, that you could cum that many times any other way. And now he can just say a special word and make me cum at his will, anytime he wants to, how hot is that??? I bet that you’d love to have that power over me too, wouldn’t you? ;)


My Thoughts – Anally Speaking…

No, not like Jim Carrey lol! I thought I’d share how to have anal sex so it doesn’t hurt the woman you’re with. A lot of women won’t have anal sex because they tried it once and it hurt really bad. If you take the time to learn to do it the pain-free way, you’ll be much more likely to get her to do it again and again. Most men get so excited that they just shove their cocks into the woman’s asshole, which can be very painful and cause tearing. She won’t let you do it again after that! But try the following and you will get a completely different response.

First of all, take good care of her first! The more turned on you make her, and the more you make her cum, the more she will want to please you too. Then ask her if you could try anal tonight, if you were gentle. Once she agrees, lube up really good with K-Y and rub a little on her asshole too. Then tell her that you’re about to slide in, so she should try to relax. At first just push in the head and give her body time to adjust. After a couple seconds, slide it in a couple inches more and ask her if she’s ok. By giving her body time to adjust to your cock, she shouldn’t have any pain when you actually start fucking her. Slide it in the rest of the way, and if she’s ok, go ahead and start fucking her. Go slowly at first, and then after a few seconds, you should be able to fuck her as hard as you want without a problem.

When there’s no pain involved, she’ll be able to enjoy the experience too as it can be intensely erotic. Taking a few extra minutes to make her comfortable will reward you both with an amazing sexual experience.


02-21-09 Well, I’ve been here for a few months now and I’ve got to say that I LOVE it here at Your Desires! All the wonderful callers and working with such beautiful women – who wouldn’t love it right? And I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and changed just by talking to you all. I have learned so much that I wanted to start sharing it with you.

When I was first told about Tease and Denial it just didn’t make sense to me at all! What man doesn’t want to cum??? My experience has been that men ALWAYS want to cum and as often as possible too. So when a caller started telling me about it, I had to learn more. Little did I know that I was about to go down a new path of sensuality that would excite me in a way I’d never even imagined!

While I was resistent at first, my caller started telling me about how denial of an orgasm increases a man’s desire as it feeds on his frustration. About how the man grows far more attentive to his woman, wanting to please her and make her happy so she might give him that longed-for release – an orgasm. And sexually teasing a man who is not allowed to cum is such a hot experience. Going through the motions of vanilla sex always leads to the same thing – the man’s orgasm and then his loss of interest. But there is no loss of interest when a man is kept from cumming, kept frustrated, and being teased often. Stroking his cock, making it start to drip pre-cum, and then taking my hand away, telling him that it’s not his time to cum yet. Maybe letting him go down on me and make me cum over and over again, his stiff cock throbbing, dying to enter my hot, wet pussy; only to be denied as I take a large dildo and shove it into my pussy to finish myself off. I roll over and go to sleep while he lays beside me, his hard cock and balls aching!

Now I’m a nice person and not used to being a bitch, but it is so much fun to set my bitchy side free with tease and denial. It’s such a hot interplay between a man and woman, the push and pull of it… and so exciting because in this instance, I, the woman, always gets to win. Why? Because I have the pussy ;) I have what he needs and if he wants to get it, he will have to do what I want. And what I want is to limit his orgasms.

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE it when a man cums! My sexy callers, you have no idea how hot it is to hear you cum! How much it excites me! But the buildup, the intensity of waiting is just incredibly exciting too. And then when you do allow him to cum, it’s just amazing! He explodes with such an intense pleasure from not having cum for so long. He cums so hard that his body just shakes and is weakened afterwards, he feels like jello. And of course that intensity is also felt by the woman. Seeing her man that turned on, that excited, the sex is just incredible! Soooo worth waiting for!

I’ll be writing more about this and many other fun and kinky things, so please check back here on my profile. I’ve been having lots of fun with role-playing, CBT, and threesomes, not to mention dealing with you panty-wearing sissy boys! So check back soon and share my thoughts and fantasies… Kisses, Laura