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Hello hello, I'm Layla: spanking-new to YourDesires.

There are few things I enjoy more than sex. Who doesn't like to get messy? It's hard to find something that can compare to the tight, hot churning in your stomach that comes from being plowed in a field. Or by a river. Or in the woods. Anywhere there's fresh air and nobody to hear for miles. Pure primal passion in the hot hot sun. To feel your thick manhood push it's way into me, as if it's in my stomach. Faster and harder till I can't keep my eyes open. To writhe in bliss covered in dirt, sweat, and cum. Sounds fun doesn't it?

Or maybe you want to worship me. My dark nipples and intoxicating eyes. Smokey voice and luscious smile. To hear of all the men, unlike yourself, who've satisfied me with bestial passion. To feel the sharp stings of pain I bless you with. It's a privilege to taste my cunt and you'll know it. If you're lucky enough I'll let you eat my cum like the piggy little princess I know you are! Wanna be my plaything? My slave or loyal subject, subjected to my dark desires and curiosities?

Suck me, bite me, lick my swollen bleeding cunt. Taste my bitter sweetness; let me rub your face in the mud. I'm feeling wild and can't wait to play, how about you?

You ain't really thinking of departing this adventure without a pair of my sexy soaking panties are you? They don't cost much for such a sweet treat! Taste and smell me for as long as you desire :)

If you want to reserve a little time in paradise, send me an e-mail at for my schedule. You can also find me online to chat as; LongingForLayla on AIM and Trillian*.

Aching to hear from you soon!


*Don't have Trillian? Just go to and choose the free download. Then add me to your buddy list.