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Layla’s Fantasies

[fresa dulce]

I have this fantasy…
I picture myself walking languidly through an agricultural part of where I
used to live. The sun beaming it’s loving warmth on my lovingly warm skin,
deepening my glow. A bright white dress, off the shoulders and past the
knee. Cinched waist. Sandals. Being simply gorgeous in a simply gorgeous
I walk past an array of growing goods; corn, rice, tomatoes, grapes,
olives, plums. I stroll through rows of sunflowers, stopping now and then
to hold my face to them, taking in their great size and brilliant colour.
Flowers are to be appreciated, after all.
I’m shimmering with sweat, panting with excitement.
And then I find it. The crop I so lusted after.
Before me is a great field of the reddest, juiciest, ripest looking
strawberries I had ever seen. Suddenly I am aware of the thirst in my
throat,and think surely such a sweet berry would satisfy it. I’ve been
running around playing so long that I could certainly use some fluids to
keep me going!
So I pick and pluck here and there, collecting fragrant berries in my
folded dress to enjoy later. I hold each one to my full lips and inhale
their sweet, tangy scent before depositing them. I harvest one that is
especially large and my mouth begs to be filled with it.
I bite into it and to my delight juice spurts out and runs down my chin.

As I am relishing in the experience, I hear the sudden, sharp laugh of a
man behind me.
“Well now! What do we have here? A little bunny thieving my harvest?”
I turn around to see a rough-looking man in filthy levis and a
pearl-buttoned shirt grinning with a very full bag slung over his broad,
muscular shoulder. I glance quickly to the berries cradled in my dress and
feel my cheeks flush with heat. He laughs again and sets the bag on the
ground, and I notice it’s filled with ears of corn.
“Tell me little bunny, did you grow these berries?”
“No,” I say, smiling a little, “I didn’t. But I appreciate your good
work!”. Another laugh, this time bellowing from his stomach and rippling
it’s way through my skin, giving me goosebumps.
“Well, little bunny”, he says chuckling softly, “my good work is hard
work, and I do hate to not be compensated for my broken back.”
I can see in his eyes that his thoughts are dirty. His gaze roving over my
bare shoulders and thighs, smiling as he drinks in the sight, a flash of
teeth as it fixates on my breasts and a glaze in his eyes when he notices
the sweet juice staining my lips, still wet on my chin.
I blush and feel the spark of arousal in my crotch. A quiet smile begins
to bloom on my face.

The man comes and kneels before me, his warm eyes looking into mine, and
casually takes a berry from my dress. He sees the amusement on my face and
smiles, promptly biting into the fruit’s flesh.
“You wanna know what my favourite thing is about the strawberry, little
“Their taste?”
“Hah, well that would surely find itself on the list,” he replied,
“But I’d have to say it’s the sight of that juicy pink meat that really
get’s my mouth watering.”
We both know what’s about to happen, and we’re both aching for it. I sit
back and pull my legs up so my feet are flat on the ground, my dress
sliding down over my smooth thighs. His hands rest on my knees briefly
before he begins to firmly caress my thighs and calves. I sigh heavily and
gaze as my knees slowly part from eachother, giving me a rather good view
of the stiffening cock eager to escape his jeans. His hands make their way
to my hips and I can feel his fingertips searching for the elastic band of
my intimates.

His tongue is in my mouth, exploring every inch with a surprising
pressure. I can feel our spit dribbling down my chin and his hands, having
removed my delicates, now slid their way up my dress till they found
themselves cupping my breasts, his rough fingers gently twisting and
squeezing my nipples. I shiver and can feel his smile on my lips. I lean
forward and raise my arms in the air so he can pull my dress off over my
head, his tongue returning to my mouth without hesitation as I unzip him
and stick my hand down the waistband of his underwear. He lets out a deep
groan and I can feel the wetness of his hot, engorged cock making my
fingers sticky.
I start to stroke as he moves from my mouth to my neck, kissing and
licking on the way down to pull my stiffened nipples into his mouth, one
after the other, sucking hard and nibbling gently. Down again, to my
stomach, and I realize where his destination lies…to my pleasure, right
between my silky soft thighs. I gasp and grab a fistful of his hair as he
sucks my erect little clit in between his lips, his moans vibrating on my
hood sending chills up my spine. My cunt blossoms, a luscious flower, in
the anticipation of penetration. My thighs tense and I see his hand search
the ground till they stop at the sack he was carrying when he approached
me. He reaches inside and withdraws a very long, thick, glistening ear of
corn. My breath quickening, heart pounding from the ecstasy making knots
in my stomach, he firmly rubs the tip of it on my labia and before I know

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