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Layla’s Thoughts


My libido can be pretty out-of-control sometimes.
I kinda love it when that happens though!
I’ll be going about my business and suddenly I’ll have an intense craving
come over me. I can feel it gushing through my bloodstream and tightening
it’s grip on my rapidly swelling clit.
I want to fuck. I want to get off. I want to do whatever it takes to make
my throbbing little pussy give up it’s sticky, pearly sweet ghost. I often
find myself in all sorts of strange places, in all sorts of hot positions,
with all sorts of hard goodies coursing in and out of my cunt.
I know so many of you feel the same way too!
I’m always getting a call from a guy, huffing and puffing into the phone
because he is SO HORNY and CAN’T WAIT to play! I love it!!
Are you at home? In the store? The bathroom at work?
I get it baby, the mood can strike anywhere.
Anywhere, and often! So call me on my adult chatline!
I know we two horndogs can help each other out with our sudden little urges!

Consider my body a temple for worship. More specifically, my beautiful ass!
Don’t you wanna lavish it with kisses? Caress and stroke the silky skin?
Get on your knees before it sweetie! I’m gonna give you the real sweet
treat of rubbing your face into it. And you like that so much don’t you,
feeling the soft cushion and the way it gives beneath the pressure of your
face! I bet you’re getting hard just thinking about it, but who wouldn’t?
I wanna hear you sing my body’s praises till your voice cracks, I wanna
hear how much you love and love to worship that nice round booty of mine.
If you’re pious enough I may just send you an image to worship day after day!
Call me sugar, I’m waiting!

Body rubbing and massage are great ways to loosen and liven up a sexy
playmate. Who doesn’t like to have a pair of strong, warm hands easing all
the tension from the day? It’s so much better when you use oil. Skin just
gliiides over skin like it’s nothing, everything gets so much softer and
warmer and…slippery ;)
I’d love it if you took a fat glob of that oil and rubbed it into the back
of my thighs. It’s be great too if you got to my cheeks! And even BETTER
if I flip over and you drizzle the warm, shiny oil all over my breasts and
abdomen. It feels sooooo good!! Besides, we could put the excess to great
And wouldn’t I look so good anyways, moaning and panting, glistening like
a shimmering glowing goddess while you pound me into the next century?
C’mon now, let’s make a mess.

Do you have a particular scenario that gets you goin’ like no other?
I’d love to hear about it :)
Is it sweet and simple, maybe raunchy and rough, a little taboo?
It’s okay babe, tell me all about it! I’d love to help you get a load off
with a sexy situation. I’m very willing to work out all the kinks with
you! Who says playing make believe is just for kids anyways? I think it
adds a little spice and variety to the usual call, don’t you?
Call me up and try it sometime, let’s explore some phone fantasies on my
hot sex line!
[golden girl]

How shall I claim you boy?
I think maybe, on a leash…your softened eyes looking up at me, loyal as
a puppy, I lift my skirt and quench your thirst!
Does it make you feel good when I piss all over your dirty mouth?
I bet it does, I’m sure you tingle all over when my hot fluid runs down
your neck and chest.
Drink as much of it as you can my sweet! This walk’s gonna be a long one!
Be a good puppy now and lick me nice and clean. Don’t I taste yummy?
Let my golden voice shower you in some liquidy hot fun, call me!

Fucking on my period is the BEST.
Do you know how sensitive everything gets down there??
The slightest touch becomes a heavy sensation.
I’m so slippery wet and warm, feels like pure hot pleasure inside.
I wanna slide all up and down your cock, painting it with my blood and
bleeding all over your lap.
It’d feel so good baby, I’d bet you could get me to cum over and over and
over again. You ain’t afraid to get a little messy, are ya?
Nah, not you! You’re still just as eager and hungry for my bloody pussy as
you are when it’s wet.
Let’s make “that time of the month” my favourite time of the month!
So much is possible on my phone sex line!
[daddy’s home]

I wasn’t upset you came home so late, I had already put your kids to bed
and was reading a book on the couch. I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere
and, because I had for so many months found you so attractive, was
interested in chatting a bit before I headed out.
I was so charmed by you that I didn’t mind you looking my svelte body up
and down, a smile on your lips, and had no qualms about flashing my white
intimates or silky thighs. Is that unprofessional?
In no time I found myself underneath you as you slid your strong hands up
my skirt to pull my underthings off. It was so scintillating to feel your
probing tongue in my mouth, on my nipples, and deeeeeeep down south :)
You pounded me so hard and raw on that couch, I certainly wasn’t surprised
when you gave me that extra tip!
I can’t wait to babysit again, there’s always a nice ride for me at the
end of the night. Fill me with cream again daddy, you know I’ll always beg
for more!
[babe in toy land]

Sex toys are a godsend! I love filling my holes with soft, firm fun things
that vibrate and swirl. Rings and bumps and beads and ridges! All sorts of
textures and types that have their own special feel inside my aching pussy
or against my clit. Thick ones are my favorite, and I love a good curve
to the toy! The fullness I get from a big hard plaything drives me wild,
making me cum multiple times. I love to fuck myself with one- or two, of
my little silicone friends when I’m on calls, makes them twice as fun and
much messier!
Wanna have xxx phone sex with a phone slut who LOVES stretching her
tight holes with toys?
Let’s have fun!

There’s a whole lotta porn out there nowadays.
So many bodies and positions and locations.
A myriad of fantasies and scenarios and scenes.
Do you wanna watch something together?
Have a special little clip in mind you’d like to share with me?
I’d love to see it. It turns me on to see what turns you on.
One-on-one phone sex is great but I have a feeling it could be BETTER with
the addition of some sexy films to watch.
What do you say? Give me a ring.

Being naked in front of a clothed body is an image that makes many people
feel vulnerable. I think it’s easy to see why!
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting you to be stripped bare while I
stand over you, dressed to the nines.
Maybe I’ll have you clean for me or wash all my intimates by hand.
Whatever the task, you’ll be bent over and busy as a fluffy little bee.
Maybe you’ll misbehave, and I’ll just have to put you in your place!
One finger, two finger, three finger…
What is it about my fingers in your ass that makes you suck up so much?
There’s little will to disobey, maybe, when my soft fingers forcefully
milk your prostate.
The feeling of my clothing against your bare stomach and cock is enough to
get you dripping. What really makes you cum is when I switch hands and
roughly pound your cock, inserting the four fingers of my other hand into
your hungry hole and vigorously milking your tender prostate.
Call me baby, I love sex talk and my adult phone chat line is so fun.
Strip down and let my hidden form hypnotize you!

I had a real nice, scandalous time at a festival once.
It was summertime and everything was so nice and hot out.
I strolled around sucking on a Popsicle, short denim shorts and a red
bikini top. Hair in braids. Looking sooooooo tasty while I checked out
vendors and bands. I was hit on what felt like every five feet!
I came to a shady tent tucked away behind a tree with a “body painting:
not in session” sign outside the front flap. I ducked in to find a very
handsome half-naked man inside sitting on rugs and pillows, smiling and
gesturing for me to sit down. We discussed painting me and after a few
minutes he went and flipped the sign over to say we were in session.
I took my top and shorts off and laid down on my back, knees up.
He rubbed my body down, saying it relaxed my skin making the brushes
tickle less…but I could have sworn he pinched my nipples!
Of course, by the time he actually started painting I could tell he was
fixing for something more. His brush was held stiff and controlled in his
hand…but the brush in his pants, however stiff was certainly not under
I loved feeling the thick handle of his biggest brush pushed into my
soaking wet cunt, and I loved that he slid it in and out of my ass while
he fucked me like a dog, smearing red paint all over my back and ass.
He painted my sensitive little clit with his tongue and make me cum so
hard I was seeing a starry night.
The REAL masterpiece was the pearly glaze he left all over my face.
I can’t wait for next year!!!

The way you had me lose control bent over the side of the Jacuzzi is gonna
stay with me for a long time.
I didn’t expect you to invite me over, but I didn’t hesitate to accept
your invitation at all.
I didn’t know you had a Jacuzzi in the first place, the last time we had
fucked was in my bed.
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bothered at all that I was without a suit.
You said I looked so alluring in the champagne glow of the tub, bubbles
popping and frothing around my breasts, making my nipples hard.
We were chatting for a bit when you slid yourself over towards me.
You leaned in and I could see the rolling, bubbling silhouette of your arm
moving towards my crotch. I looked to you to see your illuminated face
smiling as you gazed down at my body.
The tip of your finger against my hood is what got me started.
And by the end of it my bare ass was exposed to the chilled air, you began
to sweet-talk about how rubbing on my clit with your thumb was making my
cunt open up like a blushing flower.
You dove that thumb deep inside and began to rub hard, before you sucked
my clit in your mouth and…
I wanna talk again!

I wonder what I’m like when you can’t see me, hear me…
Smell and touch are all you have to go on.
And isn’t it that when one loses a sense, the others become heightened?
Would my skin feel much softer, like a kid glove against your thigh?
Would a bite feel much sharper, pain throbbing and squeezing your nerves
till arousal floods your sensitive organs?
I could only imagine how pleasing it would be to feel my clit and labia
teasing the tip of your cock before I bear down and slowly devour you.
The sensation of my slick, tight sex squeezing and gliding on your cock
would be maddening I’m sure.
I’ll take away the world and shatter it with an orgasm, all you gotta do
is call baby.

Quiet sex is boring sex. Don’t you like to know how crazy you’re driving
your partner? Don’t you find it hot?
I love hearing moaning, sighing, giggling…pleasurable sounds.
A boy who is responsive is a real turn on. Every gasp and grunt gets my
pussy wet and heart pounding. You better believe I sound great myself!
I’d love to have sex on the phone with you, two knuckles deep in my silky
passage while you fist your mister- telling me over and over about how
good it feels and how you wanna fill me up with hot, heavy cream.
Sounds so sweet to me ~

We haven’t been able to video chat with our clients for a while, and I
wish so bad we could! I get so excited every time a guy figures out how I
can watch him do nasty, filthy things to himself.
Sometimes I don’t wanna just hear about that big fat cock, or all those
toys destroying your ass…I wanna see it! I wanna see your face and your
sweaty body and the delectable show I know you’d put on for me!
What cool tricks or sexy moves you wanna show me?
Give it a try baby, it’ll be fun for both of us!

Financial domination hurray!!
I love any chance to blackmail and berate a boy until he forks over all
his $$$!
What would you spend it on anyways? Your money’s as good as mine!
Not feeling generous huh? Not wanting to comply?
Remember when you were forced to give me all the phone numbers of the
people closest to you? You wouldn’t want them to receive a phone call now
would you?
I don’t understand, you know you’re nothing better than my bitchy little
ATM slave, I work so hard to pay my bills, I deserve a little pampering
Hit me up on my xxx phone sex line and surrender to me!
[out n open]

Privacy is nice, exposure is naughtier :)
I love the thrill of rubbing myself in the presence of others, unbeknownst
or not. I like to think about all the people around who I’d like to have a
good ol’ nasty time with.
Making myself cum in a public place always puts me at risk of being
caught, and I always wonder what kind of punishment I’d be in store for!
Maybe a store attendant would happen upon me, drag me to the back room by
my elbow and finish what I had started? Or maybe a matron with a heaving
bosom will handcuff me to a rack and spank my trouble-making ass in front
of all the customers!
Who knows, wanna find out with me?
Call me babe!

My time here at YD isn’t all ball-beating and ass-pounding.
Sometimes a guy just wants a sweet thing to love him up, and I find it
just as fun.
He enjoys the delicate satin feel of my skin, softness of my hair and
plump, juicy cushion of my lips.
His movements in me are strong and firm, applying lots of pressure to my
vaginal walls sending shivers up my spine.
His chest is touching mine, I can feel his heartbeat quickening.
Our lips meet and he begins to pump a little faster.
He swirls his tongue in my mouth before I tilt my head back, closing my
eyes and succumbing to the sensation of our bodies becoming one.
I’m always up to share a sweet, special moment with someone.
Call me up and let’s have some tender sex talk :)

The cold season is such a great time to get cuddly and connected.
Everything may be cold and dark outside, but I’m definitely hot on the
inside :)
It’d be my pleasure to keep to warm in this weather, under the covers or
on the rug.
Maybe you wanna heat me up with a nice shower of your sticky, salty snowfall?
I know I’d love it if you did.
Reach my on my adult phone sex line, cum make snow angels on my body!

My weekend was wild! I’m still blushing about it.
I had a late night with a friend, and near the end of it called myself a
cab home.
I didn’t really expect much other than a car ride, but when the driver
pulled up, and I caught a glimpse of that nice big bulge as I told him
where I needed to go…I knew I wanted to take another kind of ride.
I’m surprised at how steamy the back of a cab can get, and I’m definitely
pleased to have walked away with all my change.
I bet you’ll shoot your load more than once when you hear how many times
he shot his on my face and pussy :)
Call up and ask me about it babe, I’m always happy to explore the details
with some fun sex talk!

You’re naked and helpless, strapped and bound- bent over a wooden
workbench. A ball gag in your mouth, a ring around your cock, and your
supple ass in my hands.
I’ll be gentle, sweet, and tender…if you deserve it! If not?
My panties in your mouth, you can hear the sounds of leather and buckles.
Plastic pumping, oozing thick liquid…the squelching sound of a hand
stroking a well-lubed cock.
I’ve got a tight grip on your pathetic little balls, and the tip of my
shiny jet-black cock teasing your asshole sensually.
I squeeze your nuts and slide in, hearing you gasp as the head rubs your
My other hand finds it’s way around to your aroused organ and wraps my
soft, wet fingers around it.
I stroke so sudden and forceful, spittle begins to run down your chin as
tears appear in the corners of your red, glassy eyes.
You live for this moment, when your ass is full of my silicone scepter and
my hand pounds your swollen cock, painfully milking it for what it’s
worth. Your eyes roll back with bliss and you submit to the power of my
You shoot your filth all over the ground after a few brutal rounds of
edging, remove my panties briefly before smearing it onto your tongue and
shoving them back into your piggy little maw.
Call me bitch.
[cock-sucking faggot]

Any day a man has me listen to him suck the stiff, dripping cock of
another is a good one!
I love to hear him gag and choke and coo over and over about how he loves
it so.
It’s so funny to hear him moan when I call him a filthy little cock-sucker!
When it’s his first time, I get to guide him. He’s so nervous and shy, but
in no time I get him opening wide with a healthy appetite.
When it’s something he deeply craves and can’t bring himself to do, I get
to coax him. My smoldering voice will paint for you an enticing picture
you’ll want to crawl right in and never leave.
Honestly babe I don’t know very many people who aren’t at least “a little
bit gay”.
Call me when you’re curious sweetness, my adult phone chat line is waiting
for you!

Your bound and swollen cock is one of my favourite things to laugh at.
I’d love nothing more than to slap it around and watch you wince!
Those balls look tender- should I give them a strike?
I found these pushpins! I wonder where they’ll end up!
And your little pisshole- what shall I fuck it with? Surely something as
abrasive and unforgiving as the pain I make your cock suffer.
Don’t act like you don’t like it- you live to have your silly little
friend tortured and pummeled at my mercy. Besides, why would you even
think of denying me the pleasure of stroking your battered and swollen
snake till you writhe in the most painful orgasm you’ve experienced yet?
Don’t be scared, it’ll only hurt a lot!
Call me sometime, feel the wrath of a milking mistress :)

I wish I knew more about tying!
I went to my friend’s house last week and he and his girlfriend showed me
a thing or two about what it’s like to be bound and suspended.
It was such a turn on to watch him weave rope around her body like a web,
squeezing and restraining her flesh here and there. I watched as he slowly
got her off the ground and began to bind her legs- spread and vulnerable.
Her face flushed and eyes closed. I watched as he slid his hands over her
sex and rubbed. She gasped and I could see her sway gently in the
restraints. He inserted his fingers deep inside of her and sucked a bound
little titty into his wet mouth. She moaned so deeply it broke my trance
long enough for me to realize where my hand has wandered off to! Needless
to say, we all became very relaxed by the end of the night.
It was so beautiful, I’d love to know more about it. Maybe you do?
Give me a call, let’s have some sex talk on my adult phone chat line baby-
you can show me the ropes!!

My pussy is great, she makes me and so many other people happy!
But I can’t deny how much pleasure I get from having my tight, round
little ass pounded through and through with a thick engored cock. In and
out, in and out you slide into my wet asshole leaving me gasping and
panting. I’d love it if you slid your fingers over my clit, or even
better- a fat dildo in my throbbing pussy. Being penetrated in both holes
is such a sweet treat, I want my ass to be overflowing with cum and my
pussy red and raw by the time your finished with me! Please baby, come
fill my ass with what I deserve, pull my hair and make me scream like the
nasty little phone slut I am!
[pitching tents]

Camping is GREAT, and for many people done only in the summertime.
Not for me though! I love the chance to get close and cozy in a sleeping
bag. What better way to heat up the tent than with the energy of our
bodies joining? I can’t shiver too much when your hot cum is dripping down
my chin and onto my chest! Maybe we can get together and start a little
fire in the woods somewhere, yeah? Give me a call on my adult phone sex
line baby, let’s heat things up!


A good slave is an obedient one.
One who writes poetry for their Goddess.
One who makes tribute to their Goddess.
One who gives gifts to their Goddess.
One whose thoughts are preoccupied with what is wanted by the Goddess, and
the Goddess herself.
Your loyalty, your money, your body and your mind- are all mine.
Your thoughts belong to me.
Your cock belongs to me.
Your semen belongs to me.
You are mine.
You belong to me.
My word is law and my law is just.
If you want to feel the warmth of the Goddess, you’ll have to appease her.
And to appease her, you must surrender yourself to her.
Truly. Completely.
You must be a possession, by a Goddess to be possessed.
Call and make a tribute, make yourself mine~

Calling all sissies!
I’m ever so ready to primp and preen you into the pretty girl we both know
you can be!
Sit still while I put makeup on your sweet little face, we don’t want it
smearing do we? Oh no, not like some busted tramp!
Eyeshadow here, some rouge there. Red for your lips, a dainty little
crimson rose to pucker and smile for my delight! Fake eyelashes, nails,
and curlers galore, the higher the hair the closer to heaven!
And what about your underthings darling? A satin teddy? Silky negligee?
Some frilly bloomers and a nice pointy brassiere? Don’t tell me, some
naughty seatless panties or a tight, thick corset?
And what about the rest of you sugarplum? A nice snug dress, crushed mauve
velvet with rhinestones glinting round the collar? A chic pair of black
stockings, topped off with some smart black pumps?
I think I’ll top it all off with a hat, some gloves, maybe even a
luxurious mink.
So ladies, girly boys, sissies, and fruits- reach me on my adult phone sex
line!! I love to dress up and play with my little dolly!
[kiss and tell]

I want all the boys! The girls too!
And usually, I get what I want.
You wanna hear about my escapades?
I’ve fucked a lot of people my friend, in a lot of different ways :)
I can tell you about my sweet, tender moments with sweet, tender things.
I can tell you about my bruisingly good poundings, having my hair pulled
and my ass whipped by the most beautiful fem dommes!
I’ve been fucked, used, and abused in as many ways as I’ve been
worshiped, loved on, and spoiled.
I have so many tasty stories for you! Come have a bite!
They’re piping hot and oozing with orgasmic filth that will surely satisfy.
I get so much pleasure out of reliving all my hot encounters.
I’m sure you will too!
[Oh the places I’ll ho!]

Fucking in public. Man oh man a whirlwind of excitement!
What I could tell you about all the strange places I’ve been and the
nasty, filthy things I’ve done in them. I’ve never been afraid of getting
caught, it’s always kinda turned me on. What about you?
You like the idea of trying to contain yourself in front of unknowing
passersby? It’d be fun to watch you quiver and tremble with nervousness
and anticipation. How shall I do it? Shall I use my mouth, my head hidden-
or not, bobbing up and down on your throbbing fat cock while an old woman
walks past with her dog? My hand? At a fancy dinner with important work
associates, maybe even your family, my silent stroking having you leak all
over your nice dress pants? How about where you work? Sneaking off into a
back room so you can tear off my clothes and then tear into me?
Or something a little more daring? I’m certainly no coward!
I’d love to be your night flirt baby, call me on my phone sex line and
let’s work out a naughty public scene for the two of us to enjoy!

Fluids turn me on. Cum, especially.
I’ll never forget my first taste of it, and how rewarding it felt.
I adore the texture of it, on my tongue, down my throat… sliding it’s
way into my stomach.
I love when you paint my body and face with it, a milky slick sheen like
glaze on a sculpture, drawing designs and pictures with your fingers. Mmm,
and then I get to eat it off your fingers and cock :)
I love getting messy, very very messy…there isn’t anything quite as
rewarding and erotic as my partner cumming very, very hard.

But I also love denying you. Cumming is such a wonderful experience, and I
don’t know that you’ve earned it.
I wanna get you close, so close you could almost…..taste it :)
But you wouldn’t dare make such a disgusting mess in front of me. Rotten
fucking pig, what makes you think you have the right to ecstasy without
the consent of your goddess? Where did you get the dumb idea in your little
head that you’re ever allowed to waste MY seed without MY blessing?
I have a no-waste policy.
If you spill, you must swallow.

Do you get off on conceiving a child?
Don’t be shy, it’s only natural.
I like to imagine myself lying on my back with my legs spread, your tongue
getting my pistil slick and ready for the furious pounding it’s about to
receive from your virile stamen.
trapping my clit in your lips, my legs start to quiver, you pull away and
I turn over on my knees and elbows.
Your hands running over my ass, I can feel the dripping tip of your
excited member brushing against my labia.
I’m ready.
You grip my hips and pull my body backwards, slowly sliding yourself into
my pretty pearling hole.
Thrust hard, and deep.
Make me feel the strength of your thighs and core.
The tip of your cock pounding into my cervix.
And before I know it I’m contracting and pulsating around your swollen rod.
Waves of cum gushing out from inside of me and running down my thighs.
I can feel you twitch and quiver inside,a deep groan letting me know
you’re pumping all that sticky seed into my cunt.
It turns me on to know that your fluids will fertilize me and a little
chunk of you will begin to take form inside my body, months and months and
I always did love the way babies smell.
Let’s have some sex on the phone!

Thick. Long. Hot. Hard. My favorite thing to eat!
Throbbing in my hands and twitching with anticipation.
My hot breath, heavy and teasing on the glistening head of your cock.
My pink tongue emerging from my juicy lips, delicately flicking the
underside of your gland, swirling round and round the ridge of the head.
You sigh and a ripple of pleasure radiates from your stomach.

I love the sensation of your rock hard rod gliding into my mouth.
Lips tight around the shaft. Tongue slithering around like a curious snake
weaving round a tree branch.
Doesn’t that feel good?
My hand firmly gripping the base, lots of pressure.
Another cradling your balls, a finger or two caressing your taint.
Devouring you, pushing you deeper and deeper into my throat with every

I’m gonna milk you dry, and savor every last drop of your sweet spirit.
Baby don’t you want me to suck it?
I’m so eager to feel your member twitch and throb and pump that beautiful
pearly mess into my hungry waiting mouth.
It’ll hit the spot for both of us.
I’ve got quite the appetite, call me sometime.
[red and raw]

a hand to your ass, you’ve been a filthy boy.
tears fill your eyes, a pain you know you deserve.
you begin to whine, your ass is stinging and you wonder if it’s bleeding.
you think to beg me to stop, only to realize you’re begging for more.
your punishment is just, a dirty slut like you, you’re lucky I’m being so

I’d love to spank you till you go numb. You’d love that too, wouldn’t you,
little boy?
Bent over my knee, pants around your ankles, your bare bottom at my mercy?
I know you’re blushing just reading that.
Don’t squirm too much, lest you want me to insert a finger- or fist.
Give me a ring, I’m more than happy to make you sting.
[cuckhold fun]

Awww, look at you bound to that chair!
A ball gag in your mouth, spittle dribbling from your chin out onto the
hard little bulge at your crotch. Your eyes sparkling with jealously and
How does it make you feel, sweetness? To watch another man take me so
voraciously, while your sad little cuck face is fixed in one place- bound
to watch!
I bet it sends shivers up your spine to watch him caress my body.
I bet you can’t peel yourself away from the vision of him sucking on my
And I bet your eyes will BULGE out of your sweet little skull when he
thrusts his enormous cock into any one of my holes.
But don’t worry sweetness, you’ll get yours too!
I’m more than happy to gently tip you over, remove the gag, and fill your
hungry little mouth with his semen.
Reach me through my adult phone sex line, I’d love to make you watch

You know I love getting head.
I live for the sensation of a wet, probing tongue on my clit and labia…
swirling round and round making me tremble.
I want you feasting on my beauty between my thighs.
I want your tongue inside me, lapping up my juices and rubbing firmly on
my g-spot.
I want to feel the hard edges of your teeth gently teasing my stiffened,
swollen clit in your mouth.
Please, make me cum. Make me cum and let it drip out onto your hot lips
and tongue, savor my taste, devour my ripe fruit like the ravenous animal
you are.
I’d love to phone chat with you, honey…
wouldn’t you like the chance to taste mine?
[pathetic little worm]

Look at you! Sniveling little dip shit, miserable fucking loser.
You can’t contain your disgusting desires, what the fuck kind of pervert
has such little self-control?
I bet your filthy ass loves staying up all night stroking your pathetic
excuse for a cock till you shoot your filth all over your weak little
Giving a goddess such as myself an orgasm is something you could only
achieve in your wildest dreams.
Of course, you’ll NEVER have me.
You’ll always be beneath the domme, groveling and panting just to sniff my
dirty panties. Just to taste the bottom of my boot.
What an idiot. I could only imagine someone whose so enslaved to their
nasty little dick to be a complete waste of neurons.
Selfish little slut pig, worthless fucking prick.
I know exactly what I’m going to do to you to make sure you never forget
how truly nasty and twisted a sick little fuck like you is.
And I know you’ll hunger for it. Your sad little worm squirming in your
pants for my amusement.
That’s all your good for anyways, isn’t it?
[slave to my voice]

I had one of the hottest phone chat experiences recently…
I spent nearly three hours on the phone with the stud, listening to him
pant and groan about being my little cuckhold house boy-
listening to him rave about carefully selecting other studs for me to fuck
and suck while he did my dishes and washed my panties.
All the while fervently polishing his candlestick to my beautiful naked body.
It got me so hot and wet, I couldn’t believe how much he kept cumming and
was flattered by his eagerness to keep stroking till he was late for work.
But you know what was even HOTTER??
Precious boy rang up my phone sex line after he got out of the shower and
begged me for another call because his cock was STILL HARD AS A ROCK and
PINING for my release.
“Please Layla, it won’t go down, please make it go down! Please Layla,
I’ve lost control!”.
It didn’t matter to him that he was over an hour late for work, his cock
was screaming for some more sizzling, nasty sex talk.
Guess that’s the magic of xxx phone sex girls for ya!
[two girls too fun!]

Ah, the two-girl call
My first I will never forget
Don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in my life!
I love the soft feel of her skin
The way her hair feels on my neck and thighs
The way her breasts give beneath my fingers
Her soft, wet blossom consuming my fingers and tongue
While I caress those beautiful hips, that round ass
Quivering and gushing for me
Her moans and squeals so loud
Her scent and taste so heavenly
What could we do, her and I?
What could we do with YOU?
You wanna find out?
Soft and sensual, kinky and rough…
There isn’t a girl here I don’t want to taste…
I’m biting my lips in anticipation to nibble hers
Three’s a party sweetness, let’s get to talking dirty ;)
[eager little beaver]
I so often find myself in this position
Legs ajar, my sweet silky passage tingling with excitement.
I want to be touched, I hurt for it.
I want to be pawed, my hair pulled, my ass slapped.
I want my moans to be uncontrollable,
succumbed to the powerful sensations your quivering cock delivers..
to my greedy, greedy cunt.
I’m so grateful to have such a yummy phone sex line at the ready,
to satisfy my hunger for naughty fun whenever I need.
Aren’t you? ;)
[drip drop hot wax thoughts]
I’d like to see you, naked on my bed.
Your wrists tied to the headboard, fingers gripping bars tightly.
I’d like to hear you, panting and groaning as I manipulate your sex.
A mask over your silly little face.
Feel my velvet touch down your chest and abdomen.
Smell my perfume, drink in my pheromones, hear my soft sighs.
Lie still, like a good buy while I drip drip DROP!
Hot wax all over your helpless, naked flesh.
First your nipples, then your belly…want to guess the next destination?
I love a good phone chat, give me a ring.
I’m never out of candles ;)
[good vibrations]
You know what I adore?
A good vibrator and some nasty, kinky thoughts shared through a delicious
phone sex line. Hearing the buzz alone gets my juices flowing, but things
REALLY start to light up when it gets to thumpin’ on my clit. Let me hear
your hot & heavy sex talk while I spurt all over my pretty fuscia friend.

Who doesn’t love talking dirty
[piggy little pain slut!]
I want your posture straight and your piggy eyes on me.
You think you’re ready for whats to cum??
There are many ways I like to make boys submit, one of my favorites being
PAIN! My nipples get a little hard, when you whimper like that. My pussy
gets a little slick, when you squeal. I wanna see your flushed skin, your
wet eyes before I gag you and…WELL, what are you waiting for you needy
little bitch? Too selfish to call? Greedy little hole, I know you’re a
filthy little slut pig who loves to talking dirty. Hit me up for some
steamy & stinging xxx phone sex…if you dare!
It’s wet & slick & warm as can be
down there
two sets of crimson lips for you to kiss and suck
each equally as juicy

I want to tremble and writhe, lost in bliss
as you caress the walls of my bleeding inner sex
so tender and engorged
with that strong tongue of yours

I’m fired up and flowing
oh so eager to enjoy my adult phone chat line with you
[active dreamer]
Have you ever had a sex marathon that got you so winded you struggled to
stay awake? That was me last night! I had such a hot, tantalizing day
indugling in sex talk on an adult phone chat line. Although it drained me
like I drain your balls, I found myself lusting for more and aching to
stay awake! Not to be disappointed, though! I had such a wonderful, vivid
dream. It was like the day never ended! There I was again; my body
caressed and squeezed, holes filled and my clit sucked hard. I started to
feel it, that hot and sticky sensation, so familiar and oozing sweet. I
woke to reach down and feel it, bringing my wet fingers to my lips and
sucking off my tasty nectar. What a sweet dream indeed! Care to be in my
next one?