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Hi I'm Lennox,

Welcome to my profile. I am so excited to be here and I am eager to hear about all of your deepest desires and fantasies. I love the anticipation of knowing how far I can take you! I am open to exploration and ready and willing to play with you and I am up to the challenge to see how far we can go together!

I have always been a very flirty and sexual person. My first exposure to sex was when I discovered dirty magazines. You know, the old "hide the magazines under the mattress trick!" Well this didn't work, because this is the first place your teenager is going to look when you leave the house! Whether I was home sneaking a peak with a locked bathroom door, or a friend had taken them from their parents secret hidden location and we had to hide on the side of the house to look through the pages. Every opportunity was seized and the magazines were always back in place before the adults came home.

It was such a turn on visualizing myself acting out the scenes in the photos and I would get turned on while touching myself, imagining myself being penetrated from behind while giving another man fellatio. Or imagining myself in a 69 with a hot blonde. It was such a huge turn on for me to see women play with each other. Things began to blossom from there and in High School, I began allowing the neighborhood boys to watch me through the window while I was bathing or getting dressed. It was such a thrill to watch them quiver and see their eyes pop out of their heads and even more exciting to know I had this power over them.

I am an exhibitionist at heart. I love showing off my body and have been successful at using it to get attention, whether I am trying or not!!! I have made men cum in their jeans without even trying. I have watched their cocks stand at attention, just standing next to me. I love receiving gifts. Once I had a man buy me some lingerie from a sex shop and as I modeled the outfits he jacked off in the dressing room with me. I love men and love the thrill of pleasing and playing with them. I love dressing up in sexy lingerie teasing them and watching their cocks explode with cum all over my perky breasts.

I am curious to hear what your desires are. I want to please you, I want you to Cum with me on a sexual journey to fulfill your deepest and most yearned for sexual fantasies. Do you have any secret fantasies you would like to explore with me? I would love to dress up in a sexy costume and be your dirty little slut. Maybe I will let you watch me as I use one of my sex toys to pleasure myself while you stroke your rock hard cock and then I will suck the cum right out of it. I want you to look me in the eyes and beg me to let you shove your cock in my tight, wet pussy. I would love for you to fuck me from behind while I lick a hot, wet pussy. Let's see how far we can go on this pleasure journey together.

To memorialize our encounter I can send you a pair of my sexy panties after you have made me get them soaking wet with my tight little pussy! Or maybe you would like something to think about when we are apart. I am waiting to hear from you.

Please don't forget to keep in touch with me at lennox@yourdesires.com

You can also find me online at LustForLennox on Trillian