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Age: 23
Cup Size: 34b
Trillian: Sexy4Lexi
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Likes: Dominating, submission, giving and receiving oral, bdsm, choking, squirting, edging, cock and ball torture, pegging, lesbian, bondage, hair pulling, biting, spanking, wax play, 3somes, anal, deep throat, rough sex
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Hi there (:

My name is Lexi I am new to YourDesires. I'm excited to have some fun conversations with you! I love taking long fucks on the beach and playing with my pussy(; I may be a young slut, but I have done a lot of experimenting in search of the ultimate orgasm. My pussy is dying to be
constantly satisfied. I am open to super nasty fetishes and am always looking for more to add to my collection! I cannot wait to talk to you and find out what makes you tick, what special naughty combination makes you explode!

I am a switch, a mix between shy and sassy. I love being roughed up, REALLY REALLY roughed up. I want you to give me your worst and leave your mark all over my body. Spank me as hard as you can and drip hot candle wax down my body. Do whatever it takes to try to destroy me. Or if you were to get so unlucky and catch me when I'm being dominate, I'll do even worse to you, I'll tie you up and make you please me exactly how I like, whether you like it or not baby (;

I love trying out new toys, Whips, chains, using my strap-on to fuck others with my huge fat cock, or getting fucked with a big dildo by a hot lady myself. I have a lot of energy to fuck all night, or just getting a quick satisfying cum inside me whenever and wherever possible. When I'm out running errands I love getting fucked in the back seat of the Caddy and having a cute couple pass by and see me getting ass fucked, wishing they could stop, hop in and join the pleasure. Afterwards I go into the store with my long dark hair messed up in knots and tangles, wearing a skimpy top and a short skirt. I bend over to grab something and my raw creamy holes get exposed to a man behind me, I look back at him to see if he noticed and he already has a huge hard cock in his pants that he awkwardly tries to hide before his wife standing next to him can see him getting horny for me (;

I have a hard time keeping quiet so going deep in the woods where I can scream and moan as loud as I want while being all tied up and having your way with me is the best. I love wearing sexy black lacy lingerie and fishnets, only for them to be ripped up and completely destroyed by the time we are
done. I am all about making others feel good or bad (; Orgasms are a beautiful thing and I want to help you achieve one. It makes me cum so fast hearing those uncontrollable moans you just cant hold in..Want to hear mine? Or throat fuck me so hard that I cannot make a sound? I'll be here, dipping my fingers into my juicy wet cunt while I wait for you.. Want to get a taste of my sweet nectar? Ask me how to get a pair of my delicious used panties (:

It will be a pleasure to get to know each other <3
You can message me at Sexy4Lexi on Trillian or email me at Lexi@yourdesires.com

xxx - Lexi