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Age: 25
Cup Size: 34b.24.36
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Likes: Switching between submission and domination, girl on girl, group sex, exhibitionism, teasing, rope play, oral sex, and toys.
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Hi there, my name is Lilith and I'm new to Your Desires.
I'm 25, and I have an insatiable sexual appetite I need your help satisfying. I'm here because I love learning new ways to make a man's body tremble and my little pussy ache. What do you have teach me?

I love taking control and telling you exactly how you're going to fuck me. I want to tie you down and leave that body helpless for me to abuse.

You're my toy, and you're going to do exactly as I say or else.

I want to be a good little cum slut for you too. Sometimes I need a little extra punishment to remember who's in charge. If bending me over your knee and spanking me doesn't put me in my place, shoving that thick cock down my throat will keep me from talking back.

On that note, I love LOVE oral sex, all of it. Nothing makes my pussy more wet than you putting me on my knees and wrapping my soft lips around your swollen cock. I can just taste your hot cum sputtering down my throat while I twist my tongue all around you thinking about it.

I absolutely can not get enough of making another girl scream. Pick another girl for us to play with and listen to me bring her to the brink of ecstasy. I want to know how you're going to keep us both satisfied. I have a lot of fun putting on a show too. I'll put you in the corner and make you watch us both until you can't take it anymore.

Or do you want to be on stage? Want to fuck me in front of an audience so everyone can see what just a little whore I am?

Toys are fun, and I usually have more than a few laying around. I'll show you exactly how I like to use it. Do you have any favorites to share with me too?

Can't get to the phone right away? Follow me on Twitter @lust4lilith to stay updated on all my dirty thoughts throughout the day. Add me on Trillian (LustForLilith) to stay only a few strokes away from sending your fantasies to me any time.

Thinking about all the fun we're going to have makes me so creamy. You can buy a pair of my panties and have a little piece of me to smell and stroke yourself with next time we talk.

Can't wait to play,