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Age: 30
Cup Size: 34dd
Trillian: LustyLittleLiza
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Likes: dildos and vibrators, ass play, booty rubs, face sitting, pussy and ass licking, lots and lots of cumming, exploring and learning.
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Hey, I'm Liza!! I'm everyone's favorite girl-next-door, the sweet, sassy, and sexy slut who can't wait to hear all your dirtiest fantasies and tell you how they'd be even better with me. I have a great sense of humor and an even better ass. I love to chat and flirt and most of all, to make you cum (and cum and cum.)

I'm fun and confident, and I love to wear things that help me show off. There's nothing like knowing a guy is totally intoxicated by me, wondering if I'm in satin panties or teeny-tiny thongs that nearly disappear against my round ass and thighs... or maybe nothing at all... I'm wet just thinking about you finding out what's under my tight jeans. Ask me about it. I may be a girl next door, but when we're hanging out watching the game or telling our funniest stories, I'm just counting the seconds until you can't resist me anymore and want to kiss, massage, touch...

Speaking of, you wouldn't believe how hot I get thinking about you listening to me giving myself a little self-love. My breathing getting faster as I slip my fingers inside myself, you listening and even joining in as I gasp, moan, scream. I am perpetually horny and can take things slow for hours, if you want, or have multiple orgasms until both of us are spent and dreaming of the next time we can play.

You know how to treat me like a real woman, whether that's how you flirt with me or how you spoil me. And in return, I know how to make you feel good. I love to tease, talk dirty, and laugh... sometimes at you! What's the most pathetic thing about you? Can't wait to find out. I'm young, but don't get that confused for me being naïve or weak. Your cock will get hard by my command, and you'll only get release with my permission. How long until your begging is good enough? Can you handle a challenge? Let me let off some of my stress by making you into the trash under my heel.

My domme side doesn't mean I can't suck the soul right out of you, running my tongue over every inch while gazing up at you, the look in my eyes revealing just how drenched I am listening to your gasps and that sound you make when you just can't hold off anymore. I'll be there hanging out and waiting after, hoping you'll fuck me silly, or maybe that I can ride you and see you watching my gorgeous tits bounce up and down, or maybe even wrapping my smooth thighs around either side of your face and feeling your tongue drive me wild...

I obviously love to get myself off... So let's get creative. What new things should I try? Maybe there's a toy you think I should play with, or we could bring in one of my friends... Maybe you have an amazing story I could imagine myself in. Tell me the most interesting place you've fucked. Let's trade secrets. I promise to keep yours, and to think of it over and over again...

So let's chat. I'm looking for a new bad habit. Maybe it can be you.

Lusty Liza