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Age: 29
Cup Size: 36d
Trillian: LovelyLoren
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Hello Lovely People,

My name is Loren and I love sex and everything to do with sex! I'm not going to deny my primal sexual urges as life is simply too short! I want to experience the very best of what life has to offer and that starts with my glorious smooth pussy.

My deepest erotic pleasures come from knowing that I demand what I want! I like to be in control, pure and simple!

My body is a beautiful temple and deserves to be worshipped as I see fit. I love to be spoiled and treated like I am a fine vintage of rare wine.

There is nothing average about Me.

I am the epitome of sex and my pussy literally drips gold.

Come to Me with a desire to kneel before a powerful and highly sexual woman. I want you to be prepared to share your deepest desires and fantasies, knowing that I will make those become realities.

I love to have men and women worship that golden pussy of mine. Long hot strokes of your wet tongue satisfying my hard clit until I cum is purely divine. Ask nicely and I'll rock back and forth on your face until I decide it's time to cum.

I love to dictate when and whether or not you get to release your throbbing cock of its contents. I'll edge so hard, you'll beg Me to let you cum all over my perfect tits or dripping pussy!

Hard cocks that fill my pussy with sweet cum is a favorite of mine too! I absolutely love to have my pussy pumped full of hot sweet cum and finger myself hard with all those mingled juices flowing down my thighs.

Want to have some naughty, nasty fun with Me and another Goddess?

Perfect, because I love women and I love pussy! Especially when we rub our beautifully wet pussies together and finger each other just the way women know how to please one another! So juicy and so so tasty!

Like to roleplay? Perfect! So do I! I love to dive into a fantasy world where we get to be anyone we want to be and enjoy the taboos of our fantasies.

But remember....I like to be in control!

Crawl to Me for more details on how I can make your fantasies come true!
Find Me on Trillian as Lovely Loren.

You can email Me at Loren@YourDesires.com to request an appointment or inquire about My availability.

Until then...
Lovely Loren