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Age: 23
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Likes: Tease & denial, fetish exploration, danger, public sex, games, age play (older or younger), role-play, objectification, dress up, bondage/discipline, inflicting & receiving pain, blind folds, ball gags, humiliation, ass pounding, spanking, golden showers, goddess worship.
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Hi, I'm Lucy for YourDesires...
I may seem sweet but don't let my tender kitten voice fool you, I've been
a hungry, naughty slut for a very long time. I remember the first time I
felt my tiny tight pussy throbbing while I spied on older girls changing
costumes at a dance recital. Sometimes when I serve my mistress I still
feel like that little girl sneaking my fingers inside my powder pink
leotard to caress the soft and delicate bump between my thighs.
I am naturally a very good girl and I live to satisfy but when you get to
know me you may be surprised by the depth of my perversion. Ask me about
my sexual escapades, I may just purr and whisper dirty secrets in your ear
while I lace my rope around your wrists, tie you to the chair, tease your
mouth with my dripping cunt, torture your swelling cock until you're about
to explode and then stop and watch you writhe in blissful agony. My
mistress has been training me to nurture the nasty mean top inside me, she
even gave me a pair of her precious long black leather gloves. It feels so
good to slide my pale silky arms inside them and transform from a playful,
innocent sub into a sinister, brutal madame. Like every good bottom, I
know what will melt you, overwhelm your senses until you surrender your
body to me. I want to play with you like one of my favorite dolls. I will
make you serve me. I will hurt you. I will control you. I will humiliate
you and make you thank me.
Tell me your secret longings, your obsessions, your weirdest private
fantasies. I love exploring unknown realms together and delight in
indulging your unexplainable urges. You can trust me. I might run a knife
over your throat but if you're nice and still I'll never cut too deep.
Fucking in public is my favorite game and I've been described as shameless
by many friends and lovers. My pulse races as I slip under the table and
gently glide my teeth over your cock. Maybe you're reading the morning
paper, maybe you're at an important business meeting, maybe we are in a
pew at the back of church. Let's see how discrete you can be while I
silently devour you.
Speaking of games, ever play Truth or Dare? Hide and Seek? Simon Says? I
love to play and can find a game in almost any scenario. I'm very
competitive and delight in creating (and sometimes following) my own
salacious rules for your amusement. One of my favorite games is Human
Table. Get down on all fours and let me set you for dinner. Don't let the
drinks spill!

Do you need a good mommy to tuck you in and read you stories? How about a
strict, unforgiving governess to spank you and make you sit in the corner?
Or are you my daddy? Bend me over your knee and beat my supple ass until
it's red and raw. Use a belt or your strong, firm hands to give me marks
that will remind me not to be so bad. I haven't found a boundary to my
pain threshold (yet) so take all that pent up frustration from work out on
my precious bare bottom.

I used to love to play dress up with my dolls growing up. I have a keen
eye for aesthetics and adore fashion. Would you be my doll? I have
jewelry, dresses, lingerie, all the glamorous trappings of femininity. I
could put on your lipstick... hold still so I don't smear it all over your
pretty little face. Mmmm your mouth is so luscious. I want to piss all
over it. I want you to drink my piss and make me cum all over your freshly
powdered face.

Now that you are all dolled up I'm so aroused, my mouth is watering. I
just want to get my restless, dainty fingers up your ass and ease you open
so I can pound you, hard. I play the drums and have surprisingly strong
arms for such a delicate kitten, purring in your ear. I won't stop until
you beg me. Can you take it?