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Age: 28
Cup Size: 34c.26.36
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Likes: Group sex, DP, sucking dick, girl on girl, pubic sex, older men/women, younger men/women, role play, fantasy, chains, whips, cuffs, pain, CBT, age play, playing mommy OR you can be my daddy, being a spoiled princess, hard dicks, big hard dicks, cumming, moaning, squirting, slap me or pull my hair wrap your hands around my neck and let's get wild together while exploring and experiencing our sexual thrills.
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Hello Everyone!! I'm Maggie !

Welcome to My Wing of this Castle full of sexy ladies!

I tend to come off as shy and unsure but once I get going, there is a
definite wild side that opens up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sex and feeling
pleasure but most of all GIVING pleasure. Let me make you feel Absolutely
I love the feeling of cum
dripping from everywhere down my body, down my face, tasting it as it
slides onto my tongue...I'll take you on a
journey through my wild sex life...and I would love to hear about yours! I
love older men (women). I love to be spoiled and treated like the Princess
I am... Then when its time you can teach me how to behave. Tie me
up, give me a little pain with all the pleasure. I'm very submissive and
eager to play and let your mind go where it pleases. I especially love
being spanked or used as your plaything...


Want to change things up a little? Let's do just that!
Not only do I love to get pain but I love to GIVE it too!
Need a little or A LOT of training? Guidance? Supervision?
Want to feel the sting of my whip or sharp smack of my paddle? Lets see if
you can handle the dark side of this Princess...
I have a dominate side that lurks deep within...catch me at the right
time, in the right mood... and beware of what you might get yourself into.
*Cum denial
*Cock training, IF I let you cum You will be EATING IT!!
.....More is sure to follow as this dark side develops..

Interested in something different? Eager to explore and discover new
sexual peeks, appetites, and all your desires....
*Do you like the feeling of sexy clothes or panties on your body? Let's
dress you up or maybe even tie you up and let's far are you
willing to go wild can you get?
*Come Worship my perky tits, my firm ass, my long legs down to my toes..
*Ass play, foot fetish...and more...let's explore..

We all have our secrets...some of them little, and some considered scary
or "taboo" to others... but this naughty Princess would love to learn and
journey with you.
Come tell me all about those hot thoughts that keep you up at night
tossing and turning, or while at the office trying to focus on work with
that bulge in your pants...
Those wandering thoughts that are never too far, lingering, distracting...
Give me a Call...I'm sure we will have a lot to share and compare with
each other. Or if you just want some advice on love, sex,
relationships, or if you just want to chat and vent I can do all of that

Give me a call I'm ready to listen, learn, and PLAY!

<3 Maggie xoxoxo

Want a little extra part of me? Want the next best thing to having me
there next to you, want to taste me? Feel free to purchase the panties I
wear during my time with you.

You can always email me at Also I
can be reached online to chat at MaggiesMagic4You on both AOL and Yahoo.

I'm ready to play with you... give me a call, as my panties are likely to
already be wet. Cum find out.

<3 Maggie <3

OH, and dont forget all of this info about me :)

*Oral sex (obviously right lol but both eating pussy and sucking dick)
*Casual/random sex thrills
*Love Older men
*Playing with women ;)
*Adventures/ spontaneous/ a bit of exhibitionism / getting caught.
*Conquering cock.. ...and pussy too lol

*Being dominated so many many many ways.
ex: *Light pain or even heavier...
*Bringing me to tears..
*Spanking, paddle, maybe even caning, or even worse if I'm a bad
girl, or havent listened.
*Several variations /aspects of me being submissive...

***I'm a switch***

I also love being the Dominate one. You address me as Empress...
*Straping you..
^Making you push the limit
* Tease and denial
* Light CBT / or worse
* Love my little slaves....
*trance/mind fucking, full submission MY WAY
*Games hahaha
J.O.I and strap on/toy play..more games.
**The possibilities are endless with this...lets play rough
*So many fetishes
*The kinky things...even those taboo things.. those tohughts you have when
you're all alone. Share them with me. ...