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Maggie’s Fantasies

You Need This..

Relax sweet one.
We both need this.
You because you are two faced ..maybe this will give you one.
Myself..Well honey…sugar..Well I need this because of people like you.
The twisted ones. Sad to say not the twisted in a fun playful way but..
Sick..twisted..But shhh.. it’s okay..It’s all good.
This will help us both. I know you know its whats needed.
You’re Mommy never hit you or something…Daddy wasn’t there?…
Maybe even Mommy’s boyfriends or your step daddy were there…a little to
Either way People like you who turn your pain into evil instead of …
Well pleasure… You shall we say…
Inspire me. .

Now here…kneel.. Close your eyes… I’m just making sure you cant see
anything.. Not yet anyways.
Breath…Calm down. You wouldn’t want me to accidentally cut you while I’m
cutting your skanky shirt and bra off…would you?
Let’s save that for another time.
Your wrists now… Chained together…then chained above your head to the
Inhale my dear.. You need to feel all of this.
You’re still young. There is hope for you ….I think..

Bare back towards me… breasts fully exposed… You tremble..
Don;t say a word… Nothing.
Embrace it. Love it. Like you love playing your games.
On the count of three…
Breath….2…. calm down… relax…
Oh wow .. Not as tough as you though huh?
Feel that sting..? Takes your breath? Catches you of guard…

Again.. first.. 5 more in a row… *SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP*
Aww don’t whimper…
No crying now. The fun and learning has just started my dear.. let’s enhoy
I start again.. 10 *Snaps*….
Letting you breath for two minutes to catch yourself…
Then 10 more *SNAPS*
Then another 20 *SNAPS*
You poor weak thing.. not so tough now…

Maybe next time you’ll learn..
So young so dumb..

I remember those days… hardly.. but I do..

Oh you poor sweet naive child. So young.. so dumb..
Yet you think you know absolutely everything about everything.
Ha. think you lived it…you haven’t sweetheart..
What most intriguing is the funny little fact that you think you know it
all … simply everything about ..Sex..
How to please a man… every thought that goes through everyone’s head..
Because in your small young brain you’re a sexual goddess…
Its more like sexual nonsense.HA. I ALMOST feel bad for you.
Yet.. I don’t. Of course you don’t know any better. You’re mother.. a whore.
Desparatly reaching for anything she could get. Leaving you to Watch!
Then one day you wanted that love she didnt give you.
You slowly started mirroring her.
Taking care of and comforting every man that came your way.

Oh sweetheart.. So dumb.
Let’s go..
I already showed you so so much.
Don’t you want to learn more?
Learn it the right way?
You don’t have to do much…just listen and learn..
From not only me.. but others who know.. and want to teach the prissy
snobs like you how to really please a man and yourself at the same time.

Follow the wise ones. Learn to suck a cock the right way…
…..ask your boyfriend he knows.. I showed him how its supposed to be
done. …
You can learn too..
Hell I’ll even give you a hint to pure male satisfaction. . and making
them wanting you more then they want oxygen and life itself. ..
Never suck a cock until he has licked your pussy..and always make sure you
stroke him good first… You dont want lockjaw..
Oh and silly girl.. you dont always have to arch your breast.. its not
cute after 14 sweetie.
You could learn a lot from me..all of us.. the ones who truly know.
Are you ready to learn or stay simple?
Lets stroke one together… maybe your boyfriend…
I know he would love it…
Watch Closely..

I want to make you watch…
Force you to watch me..

First I will start out playing with my clit. Making you think you have a
Getting myself nice and wet.. soaked… Can you hear it???
I bet you want to taste it… feel it…

Oh but no no no YOU can’t

No, not you!
Him on the other hand… oh yes He can.
With his big fat throbbing cock… Nearly popping through his jeans…
Begging for me to release…for me to let him out.. expose him…
Damnit… look… watch…
As I tie your cock up so you cant touch it…
No matter how badly you want to.. it would be pointless.

Bend down…. watch me as I take him out of his pants…
His throbbing… engorged cock…
Balls..full of cum…
Pay attention as I lick on his balls…
Licking from the center all the way up the middle of his shaft..
Feeling him throb on my tongue. His veins popping out.

I take your hand… have you wrap it around his hard enormous dick…
You feel it don’t you? Getting bigger? Throbbing?
I lick the tip…
Flicking it with my tongue… You stroking…
Grabbing hold of his balls. Squeezing slightly..
You watch him as he pushes himself into my throat more…
You start to stroke harder… Harder..
Faster.. Guiding him into my throat even more…
Urging him to pound himself into my face…
Stroking the base of his cock and squeezing it…You tell him.. to fuck my
face… because you cant…

Will he cum??? will you guide him into my tight pussy….
Oh My Dear…

The true genuine essence of me…
A real part of me…..
Just one simple taste…a smell…a touch…
The thought runs through your head daily.
What it would be like to touch me…
Feel…Taste me.
You want to feel me in every way possible…
You picture yourself… rubbing my soft wet panties all over your face…
Inhaling …breathing… wishing you could get more of me…
On your knees begging that you could taste and feel even just one inch
closer to my …My EVERYTHING…
You take my panties… wrap them around your throbbing dick… feeling the
soft material rubs against your cock…making you grow… getting harder…

You stop… Grab my pantyhose… put your hand inside… grab my panties
Wrapping them in your hand with a nice grip you again completely wrap your
cock in my cum soaked panties…
Gripping hard… squeezing… then you release…
Starting to stroke softly. .. slowly…
Then you speed it up… still not gripping to hard…
You want to make sure you feel every inch of my panties wrapped around
your throbbing hard on…
You thrust… moving your hips… grabbing your balls…
Oh yes your balls…

Mmmmmm… How my pantyhose must feel wrapped around and cupping your
already tight balls. ….
You take the other end of my pantyhose and wrap your engorged balls…
Nearly bursting as you feel the softness grazing across your ass and balls.
Again you grip your hard dick… smelling me with every stroke…
Feeling my softness…
The purse sensation I give you…
You feel it all… Wanting me… needing me… invoking me…
You release…exploding all over my pretty soft and sweet panties…
Rubbing it into my smooth pantyhose…
Watching it drip…
Thinking of me….
Craved Me

Take me into your arms.. so loving and caring..
So concerned..
So much compassion for .. life…for me…
I let myself go. Into your arms I dive.
Completely trusting you.
Wanting you. Needing you.
Needing you to need and want me the same…

I stop.. I look into your eyes as you are about to enter inside of me…
I gasp …
Holding m breath.. bracing myself….
Wanting to see in your eyes what I feel..inside..
As you slide in… and I close my eyes… moaning…
Saying your name… only your name…over and over again..

I open my eyes again in shock….
Wrapping my legs around you… holding you close..
You pulling me closer..
pounding me…
I look into your eyes.. looking for….
For …..something… anything…

As I cum.. squirting all over you… I feel you pull closer..
Wanting me more.. Needing me…
Even if for just that moment.. You CrAvEd ME!!!!…
Torture me …

It’s so bad but oh so very very good.

You and I back and forth… You know you have a hold on me.
Although I try so hard to tease you.. you know you have the power.
I think of it..
Want it..crave it.. daily.
Like a drug.
I need to feel you.

We usually get together just in passing.
Then I end up at your house. In your room.
Dark…windows covered…
You sitting across from me staring… like an animal..
I am your prey.. take me..I think to myself.
But you dont …
You sit back calm and collected. Knowing that you have control ..

I watch as you put your leg up.. showing off your buldge
I already know what is under there…we have played this game before.
Each time I am just as nervous.. Not knowing what will happpen.
Just knowing that I am wanting you..

This time I am just as nervous as the last,
You put on a sexy adult movie.. but neither of us pay attention.
I instantly reach over… feel on your cock..through your pants.
I start to rub it… feeling it get harder..
I slide my hand into your pants.. feeling your cock …
Wrapping my hand around it…

It starts to grow… becoming to much just for my hand to handle.
I take it out …. start to stroke and lick the tip..
Teasing a flicking with my tongue..
Slowly starting to suck on your huge thick cock..
I try to wrap my mouth around it..
You have to help me work it in…

Thrusting yourself… inching yourself into my throat ..
Slowly pushing my head down.
Then faster…
Out of nowhere I feel myself gagging.. gasping for air..
You look at me and smile.
Thrusting harder.
I feel you start to explode in my mouth…
Slowly pulling out and watching as I try to breath and your cum drips down

Shall we play this game again… I know we will… Im waiting.
….Why Say it Then….

There is no reason to say one thing and do another.
Say you’re going to act or react one way and its completely different.
How dare you…Put me on this ride…
Thinking I would be okay with your games.
I bet you thought you were getting the best of me…

But who really is twisted…
Come follow me..
Can you honestly dare to do it…
Do you think your twisted mind can come close or compare to mine??
Let’s find out..

Can you sit and watch me be taken? Hurt?
Will you tie me down? Let my clothes be ripped off my body?
…if you don’t…
I’ll hold you down.. show your naked body..your tits.. your pussy..
I’ll rub it to get it ready for the taking..
I’ll gag you..not let you make a sound until I know you are about to
scream in unwanted/wanted ..orgasms…
You pushing back.. resisting. But still letting it happen.
Wanting it to happen..
Begging for more.
Needing more..

And so you return to my world…
My Pet

Don’t fight it..
I don’t…So you shouldn’t..
You understand just as much as I do… Don;t you?
That I control this…
I control your next move…
Your next thought and even the ones following that …
I know I know…It’s unsettling at first..
You want to run and hide.

Of course you go back to what you know and what is comfortable…
But in all reality..We BOTH know the TRUTH lies with ME and what I say!…
I know you are fighting it… but you often give in.. crawling back..
Why…?WHY? You ask yourself?
Because you my dear…know that I KNOW Best! I KNOW and HOLD the right
passage for you!
Only I do…

You hate it…You fight it..
You love it… You WANT IT ..
You Need Me!!…My truth… my already known knowledge of you..
What you need..and what lies before you…
Your future is in My Hands.. no matter how much you want to get away or
change it… You are My Pet…
Stray you might…
Yet truth in this… You’ll always come back..
He is Better….

It’s not my fault you showed up early…
You should have called.
Now sit back and watch..
Watch me…
I’m not going to take away my personal time for you…
You can come see what I am doing. …

Follow me…

See him over there…
His cock all hard…
See how it is wet….????
You know why it’s wet?
I bet you do… tell me… come on …
That’s right… I was sucking on the big fucking cock over there…

It’s throbbing or me..
He is stroking it for me… wanting me…
And guess what…
I am going to give it to him…
You can go… or you can stay..either way…he is getting me.
In any way and every way he wants me…

He is Better….

“Better Than You”…

I prance away…. no care in the world.
I know you see my nice tits and my tight ass as I skip into our bedroom…
Yes.. our room where he is waiting..
…Waiting to me to come suck his huge hard cock again.
You had a choice to go or stay..
…and now look … you are creeping up to the door..

Do you like what you see.?
You like watching me lick the tip of his cock.. sucking right on the head…
You like watching his huge cock go in and out of my mouth. . . .?
mmm..Can’t you tell how much I am loving sucking on all of his manliness..
You even watch as I suck on his huge balls…
He is so much Better.. So much Bigger…
I need to feel him inside me…

You lean in further ..
We hear the door. look over.. but him nor I care at all…
I giggle…. look at him and say “Don’t mind him”
I swing my leg over and sit on him.. Grabbing his huge cock and rubbing it
all over my clit.
I need to make sure I get it nice and wet with my wet pussy…
This might hurt .. him sliding into me. ..
His cock is stiff as a rock.. as I start to work it into myself..
Sitting on it… slowly sliding him in.

You wanting to tel me to stop but you know I won’t.. I can’t. I don’t want
He is so much better then you..
You watch him pounding me better then you ever even thought of..
You watch him make me squirt harder and more then you ever knew possible.
I don’t think you ever really made me squirt…
Oh but he does…
Why..? because he is better!
Lust and Crave

I miss the way it feels.
That skin on skin… touching… softly. Sometimes ROUGH and jut right
.. Thats what I want..
Its what I need. To feel that rush you gave me.
That thrill. That emptiness..
Oh how naughty we were. and now. . . I’m needing it again.
I want that lust… that intense feeling of sexual tension.
The room seems to get silent and we both know what is gonna happen if i
stay to long.
Your body on my body … the way you make me feel.
The way you move.
..How I stop breathing when you thrust yourself deep inside me.
my moans and grasping on the blanket and pillows.
I try to pull back… Arching my back and trying to scoot away. You grab
my hips. Pull me closer… toss one leg on your shoulder and spread my
other one wide …
You want a perfect view of my tight pretty pussy..
You want to make sure you watch as you fuck me hard and grin because i
can’t take it…
You want to watch as you make my aching pussy squirt all over your
throbbing, thrusting cock.
You pull out and pull my head down shoving your huge cock in my throat and
thrusting til you release your load into my throat and on my face and

mmmmhhhhmmmmmmm it was sooo good. no great. I Need it again!!!
I want it. I lust and crave for it.
My Favorite Toy

So soft. so smooth.
Shaped just like an 8′ inch cock…
Nice and thick. but not to thick.
Vibrates in like 7 settings… each so intense..
Each more intense then the last.

I sit back in my chase couch at home. . .
Stat rubbing my clit. Lick my fingers..
Rubbing up and down and a little harder in circles.
Starting to slowly tense up and moan lightly.

I grab my my magical wand…my royal scepter ..
I turn it on the lowest setting.
I put it right on my clit..
Already wet and starting to drip… I turn it up higher..
I slowly feel myself starting to arch my back..

I slide my wonderful toy into myself and at the same time turning it on
the mode where its random vibrations. slowly sliding it in.. its tight…
Intense… so much dopamine..rushing through my brain..
So much pressure as I thrust my cock toy in and out of me.
Getting wetter and sliding it in to allll the way.. IN and just almost
I start to move my hips. arching my back then my hips..
Moving my hips from side to side and thrusting upward…grinding my tight
sweet wet pussy on my perfect toy.

I am about to cum..I turn it on harder .. random and solid …soft and
hard. . . no routine with this magical one. It feels amazing…
I tighten up around my monster…I feel myself…
Arching my back..squeezing every muscle in my body.
…I squirt…

mmm i love my toy.
Yes Please.

I know you watch me.
You staring at me. .. trying for me not to notice.
You know I can read you so well..
You wanting me.. thinking of me.
Wondering what my skin feels like.
You want to run your fingers down my arms.. kiss my neck.. then wraps your
hands around it….
Start choking me. . . .kissing me…
Adding more pressure..

Then you turn me around. Bend me over.
Your hand still around my neck… you slam your hard cock into me…
I look back at you and you lean forward..POUNDING MY WET TIGHT PUSSY..and
you kiss me… pulling my hair with your other hand…
I’m looking into your eyes and you into mine as I am gasping for air..
Getting dizzy. I feel myself tighten up around your hard throbbing cock..
You pull my hair harder and squeeze tighter…
Watching me squirm.. as I SqUirT all over your cock…

You flip me over… Pound my sweet wet dripping pussy..
Staring at me as i shake and beg for mercy … I can’t take anymore..
You lean in a whisper in my ear… “Take it.. Love it…Want it…”
And you take my panties and put them in my mouth…
Me looking into your eyes… you gazing into mine ..with a stare so…cold…
….So hot…
You again wrap not one but BOTH hands around my neck….
You slam your hard cock in and out of me.. thrusting and pulling down as
you squeezed on my neck…
I Feel your cock throbbing harder inside me…
About to explode…

You pull out…
Pull me by my hair..
Get me to my knees and shove yourself into my mouth as you cum… pulling
out and finishing all over my face. ..

Licking my lips.. hmm
You lean and kiss me… then slap me down..
All About Me…

She hates me so much..
She hates that that she hates that I am everything she can’t be
I am everything she could never be.
I am what she wanted to be …. and she tried to take me.

So low on herself..
She didnt notice the way men looked at her.
Only the way they all always look at me first and THEN her..
But still they look at her….

It’s not my fault ….
I am proud of who I am.
I am proud that I can get a man to get his cock hard in 30 seconds…
And I can get him to cum in minutes…

Dont be jealous.
Don;t get mad..
It’s okay to admit that you wish you were me..
….Do like you do and make a list,,, take notes…
I promise.. You’ll learn how to please a man…a woman…
I Can’t Help It.

It wasn’t always like this…
Where I would walk into a room and guys would look..
Stare really… Undressing me with their perverted thoughts…
I can read each and every look …every dirty, filthy thought
that they are having about me…
I can feel their energy..urges…
.. pounding….
Their cocks getting hard as I enter and start to talk…
They hear my voice.. and like drunken sailors in a trance by sirens
They see my hips and watch my tight legs and firm ass as I walk by them..
Lusting over my perfect breasts.

I wasnt always like this..
So….intense full of endorphin..
Hearts racing…
Dicks throbbing and growing with every movement I take towards the dance
…I start to dance..
I feel every guy wanting to touch me..
All these hands…
..Hell even some of their girlfriends were trying and wanting to touch me.
Grab my ass.Slide their soft hands right between my thighs. They are
sliding their hand up n down my entire body… making sure to cop a fel of
my tits. Making sure to grab and squeeze on my tits and nipples.
You lean in and whisper to me. ..
“Let’s go find somewhere to be alone. .
We simply got up and walked out..
Leave any and all boys there..
While her and I go and have some…

One on one girl time.. and then we will pick who we wan to join…
You’re home …alone. waiting. for me.
Yes, Me…only ME..
….. The only one on your mind.
The one running through your bones..
Making you ache
Making you insane…. crazy….

You watch me.. staring. My every movement you worship!
My smell, my flavor, my pure skin you can imagine ….oh how soft…
My legs, my hair, my eyes, my lips, my tits, ass, back …neck…..every
part of me..
You crave.. all of it.

You lust over all of me…
Obsess over everything of mine and of me…
Dwell on every aspect of ME…
Truly you are addicted
Addicted to a thought… addicted to me…
No Touches

No touches…
Not from him…
Not from her…
Not from you or that person over there…
No touches or feelings from anyone…
I want nothing.

I want to feel nothing..
I want to feel alone….
No ones arm trying to hold me… or HURT ME
No one trying to kiss…. touch my hand.. my leg.. my breast..
I want nothing

You can All drop to your knees…
Worship me…
For all I have been through…
Now I am your QUEEN!!!..
Kneel … if you are worthy…
I promise you.. most of you aren’t…

Prove it to me.. Follow me..
Dwell with me…
Untitled . . . .

Your lips on mine…
Your fingertips on mine..
Skin to skin…
Hearts racing…

I know that you want this. I know we are both scared.
I feel the anticipation growing…
We want this.. we need this.
Oh how long I have been waiting for you to open up fully to me and I can
open fully to you.

Kissing so deeply.. your hands in my hair..
My hands all over your soft body moving all around to your beautiful breasts.
I start to lick and suck, then slowly nibble on your nipples.
You pull back and bring your hand down and you start you rub my clit with
two fingers.
Then gently solidly one in. then another..

Before I know it.. we are side y side kissing hands and fingers all over
the place..
Her body her mind.. her eyes… her soul.. her heart… her sweet sweet
I want to have and taste her every night. Every day…

Why yes please…

Bring your deceitful, devious, two faced, hypocritical, ASS over here…
I am so sick and tired of all the disrespect. All the non sense. The
drama, lying, faking, and being flat out just ridiculous in every way

It’s time you feel the pain I feel..
Only YOUR pain will be shown on the outside.
Unlike the pain I feel….
..I will make sure you are left with visible marks. Showing you have been
punished and for something bad. … .

Bend over.. I am going to strap you down..
…Without hesitation you CRAWL to me… begging…to be gentle and remember
all the good times and try to forget the bad.

That makes me even more mad..

I tie the straps extra tight… making sure you cant move or squirm..
I grab my biggest and thickest cane. . . I walk around you a few times..
poking you… taunting you…
I walk up to your mouth..I lean in and whisper.. “open wide”
You do.. and I start to slide the cane in and out of your mouth.

Getting it nice and wet.
I slide it out… i walk around back… and without warning I give you 5
stern smacks with my largest cane.
I go and then grab my very smallest. In which I then unleash..
….Never again will you disobey.. never again will you lie and hide. ..

This is what happens when you fall for the dark side. ….

I’m a dirty dirty girl…
Such nasty naughty thoughts going through my mind..
Nearly as bad as a MAN.
I am starting to think I was literally born just for…
Every aspect of it… not just intercourse….not just pleasure..
Torment … and so much more..

I was made for sex in every way you can think of.
My mind so open. My soul so detached.. numb..

I go looking for that sexual anything… and everything.. pleasurable or
Most of the time it would hurt but now…
Silence. . . I can take reality away so well.
I simply go ….
*Confession* I have had self hate sex…
Yes… It happens.. I crave it at times..
When my pain runs deep.. I Want YOU to fuck me DEEPER!!!
Harder.. ROUGH!!
Make me have a reason to cry…

I need to stay away

See so many aspects, so twisted.. so many sides of me.
So close…

I imagine you are wishing you would have thought twice.
…. I’ve grown and I’ve learned.
Your devious ways of trying to trick me..
Use me… get into my head.

I watch you squirm as you sit near me. Looking at me.
Staring at me. Gazing… Lusting… wishing you could have just one..
… touch… one touch of me… one touch from me…
I sit and talk about how fantastic I am doing and how AMAZING I feel…
Meanwhile you are slowly inching your hand towards your cock.
Starting to rub… Getting yourself harder.. Teasing yourself.

I snag a glance and you quickly move your hand.. not wanting me to catch
you lusting over me… wanting me…
You’re jealous and pissed and HORNY all in one moment and can’t do a thing
about it.

So I lean forward. Just enough for you to see a slight view of my
beautiful tits. When I sit back up my skirt is lifted just a little
I notice you watching my legs as I cross them. Wishing you could touch
them….uncross them. Spread them nice and wide.
…But no.. not today. ..or tomorrow.. or any time soon.

I talk and tease you just buy playing with my necklace. Oh how you misss
those days when I would submit to your every demand and coming crawling to
suck on your cock…
Your cock that you are now going to be left holding…..
…..stroking….as you watch me walk away. knowing your eyes are on me…
Lusting for and craving for me …again…

You left stroking.. me giggling, laughing, and smiling as I walk away.
I Bet…

I bet you never thought I would get this far when ……
…You made me feel so irrelevant …
Oh how that has changed. That look in your eyes…
The moment you saw me.
You knew you didn’t have a chance now.

I walked up head held up high… not even looking in your direction.
But believe me.. I felt your eyes on me.
My every step. So confident. Sure of myself.
You thought you could get into my head, into my soul….
I almost thought you did..

I was wrong… i am your dream.. to good for you. and you knew it.
Now I know it.
We both know it…

Now go stroke your cock to my picture. . .. . . maybe one day when i wanna
feel used and dirty.. then you’ll have a chance…
Til ten.. stroke away.. stroke.. …
Spanking ….more…

I walk in the dimmed room. My heart racing..
I know what I did was wrong…I know I deserve this.
Yet still I am trembling. Unsure of what my punishment will actually be.

My hands already tied behind my back..
You walk up to me. Grasp the space of rope between my hands .
Looking into my eyes.. You tell me..
“I thought you would learn the first time”
You pull down using rope forcing me to my knees…

I look up at you and into your eyes …..
..I’m trying to think of something to say that will save me from what I
know is gonna come next. My shaking … You looking back. . . . . and give
an evil grin.
Pulling my head back by my ponytail … you say in a low voice “Shhhh
don’t say a word.. there is no getting out of this one”

You command me to get down on my hands as well..
You push my head down and my ass is in the air.. hands tied behind my back…

Do you tease and then fuck me… or give me a true real spanking… a real
harsh punishment?
I feel her growing inside of me.
I can feel her raising..
Each breath that I take keeps her hunger growing…
Suddenly I see so many temptations ..
So many bodies all around.. so many flavors to taste..
New desires to embrace ..
I can’t keep my hands to myself…oh fuck she is coming out…

This music should be drowning her out but tonight …
I can not seem to tame her.. Tonight she’s taken over..
It’s like she’s getting stronger and stronger.. slowly taking my soul.

I feel her in control now. I have no power left .
She owns my mind and body and now I’m left to fret.
She’ll let me wander.. in limbo….my mind will go.. my body will explore..
She likes to torture .. but better yet be tortured… hurt… pain..
….nothingness ….
Don’t Tell
My dirty little secret.
I want to feel that touch.
Your big hands wrap around my waist . and with just enough force…
You bend me over…
No hesitation…No second guessing.

I lean forward about to fall. My heels making me even more tense, but you
grab my shoulder and hair … pulling..
Lifting my knee and placing just one on the coffee table.
Slowly you lift my dress. Exposing my yellow panties with pink flowers.
Carelessly you push my panties to the side …

I attempt to turn my head to look back and you quickly grab my hair and
head and force me to look straight and downward…
I feel myself getting wetter ….. i never have had such a strong older
true MAN treat me so aggressively and make me feel so… so.. taken

I feel you start to rub your hard warm throbbing cock just on my clit.
I start to gasp….
I feel you moving starting to tease me more.
You grab my hips tight…. Asking me.. “Are you ready little girl?”
Me simply shaking my head and whispering “Yes Sir”
I take a deep breath ….
I feel you trying to slide yourself into me….
Pulling me closer….
“Take it” you tell me….
… and I do…

Let’s play and do this… or a kinkier version if you dare… call your
favorite xxx phone sex line xxx I promise your dreams and/or nightmares
will all come true with YourDesires.
It’s WAR

Let’s see who can win this xxx phone sex xxx battle… Thats right.
It’s a WAR.
You..against ME!!.
Yup. Good luck.
This could go in so many directions..
So many battles for me to CONQUER..
…..and of course we all know I will win the over all WAR!

Just a few idea’s of what MIGHT happen. . . although I am always up for a
challenge …so BRING IT ON!!. Our Phone chat can go in any way …so many
ways… the possibilities are ENDLESS…
You fuck me….. and if you just so happen to accomplish the task of
actually getting my pussy to cum..or maybe even squirt.. then Maybe we can
say you wont the Battle but I will have my chance..
I in turn will let you command me to fuck you in any position you wish.
But I WIN this battle but getting you off in a matter of minutes.

OR….lets try this…
Let’s see who can cum first..
You and I.
I give you instructions to start stroking your cock. Slow at first then
just a little faster and a little twist right at the tip.
You tell me to grab my favorite toy. Right away i start to slide it inside
myself as I rub my already wet and sensitive clit.
Back and forth we are telling each other what to do and how to do it.
You Stroking harder and throbbing .. and me.. wet moaning… thrusting my
hips up…
Who will it be? Who will win this battle… ? First to cum is the loser…
and then our war games will continue.

Wanna see who can fuck who harder? You with your cock… or me fucking you
with my strap on? I bet I’ll win that one too…

So many battles… one WAR and just one Victor… and Victory will be mine…
I am up for any and all challenges/challengers.
Who dares to step onto this battlefield?

Perhaps you can handle it… considering..
..Chatting on your favorite phone sex line .. you know yourdesires
fulfills all your DESIRES.

And the battle begins.
I Just Know…

I know you want me..
That look in your eyes,
That glace you try to hide,.
The long stares you give me… gazing into my soul…

I can feel your every movement
Your every breathe..
You wanting to inch towards me.
Wanting to just get one smell of my sweet natural perfume.
So soft so sweet. go gentle.
My skin so smooth…

You cant help but continue to keep growing and growing. in your pants…
Throbbing… thrusting yourself upward…
wishing you were in me…
Anywhere in me..
My hands stroking you…..
My mouth sidelining up and down on your hard cock,
You wanting every inch inside of me….

I just Know you are aching for the moment when you get to slide yourself
into my sweet…. oh so very wet.. untouched (for a long time) and myself
aching.. nearly hurting pussy.
I Know You cant wait to see me squirt and cum all over you and ….. well
we will see.. now wont we..
I know we should’t. It’s against all rules. Forbidden.
Yet each day I feel us getting closer and closer.
At first just our short little calls.
Oh how I know this phone sex line can drive people into a whole other
realm of their minds.
Venturing into those places that most people can’t even fathom.

Our sweet innocent short calls…..oh how we devoured each other
completely each time. . Taking us both on a wild ride of indulgence . .
We simply could get enough of each other with this xxx phone sex xxx game
we had going. Back and forth. Teasing. . . .
You knowing you want me… closer.. to touch me.
To feel my skin.
You begging you get a chance to get a taste of me.

I’m so taken back… Of COURSE you can taste me. ..
You can take me home whenever you want.
….. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. You and I lust and beg for each
other so much and hard ..
Neither of us can take it.
I need and want you so bad.. take me home.
Let’s Do This

You want a bad a girl.. well here I am.
You think you can take me on?
Have you done the things I have…? Sexual or not… ?
Have You been Bad? Naughty? Can you compare?
I think NOT!

I’ll take you to a whole other mind set of how this all works.
Can you handle it?

Your throbbing cock bulging in your pants.
Pulsating … aching.. Needing some kind of relief.
I can give it you.. That release you crave so badly.
I’ll let you have that..
That burst of endless pleasure. …

You can come get it. If You BEG!
Or will I be the one begging?

Will you have me screaming? Will I be begging you to fuck me harder or
faster ?
Or begging you to stop because I can’t take it anymore?
Hahaha Yea right I doubt you can live up to the challenge !
I doubt you will make me squirt.. let alone cum at all….

That’s right. Let’s see who can get who off faster… harder…
I’ll bet I take control and you get so overwhelmed you can’t help but bust
your load all over yourself before I ever sit on your hard cock.

Dare to prove me wrong?
Come fuck me.

Let’s play this out.. sex on the phone… can be so mmmm well you’ll see
once you call this phone sex line and see if you can live up to this

Taunting me..Teasing me.
I know that you are very aware of your deviant type ways.
You know that you can twist my mind.
You know I think of the little comments you make.

Leading me on.
Your little touches… your fingertips on my neck when you fix my tag..
You pressing up against me when you go to “squeeze” by..
The soft blow of your breathe when you whisper something to me. …..
You know you are flirting…more then that…you are teasing…and you
Every time you come and put your hand on my shoulder..
Running it down my back..
Sending chills…
You ABSOLUTELY know I’m getting wet.
Playfully grabbing my hair.
Sometimes even smacking my ass…
…mmmm.. when you touched my thighs… it made me quiver..
I am sure you saw my legs tighten and my eyes get big. In that very moment
I wanted so badly for you to teach me the things I know I have no clue
In that very moment I wanted you to hit that spot of mine.. that you have
been teasing and taunting. …. and now….
Well now I know.. It’s all just a GAME for you…
Making me want you
Making everyone want…you…
Now you come get me….
I Won’t Say It..
Shed doesn’t know it..
The way she looks at me…
Her smile…. her laugh …
When I hear her coming… I cant help but get excited.
I get this overwhelming feeling of nervousness.

She takes my breath away, ..a gasp..
Like butterfly wings… fluttering..
….. sends chills down my spin …
..just thinking of one touch from her.
Just a kind word and a simple touch..

Maybe.. one day..No .. I can’t
I shouldn’t think it.. let alone say it..
Yet she lingers there in my mind.
Taking my thoughts from me.. replacing them with herself.
I want to know her,
As a friend, as anything.. something..
But I won’t say anything..
Come touch me…
run your fingers up my legs…
Tickle the back of my knee..
Kiss my soft legs gently as you look into my eyes…
One hand on my breast the other grappling my white silky thigh high.
You keep your eyes on me.. watching me get more and more frustrated …
…I inhale just a little more..
You then take that as a sign that i am ready…
Yes ready ..

You spread my legs.. kissing sill…
A nibble on my inner thigh …
Then a bite.. sharp but intense and as i…
…I arch my back.. you slide your hand under me…
You slipping between my legs..

So wet.. trembling.. my body shaking…

Your body on my body..
You THRUST right into me…

I hold my breath in and cant take it..
I let out a loud moan..
You cover my mouth…

“You must not make a sound”

In and out..

I look into your eyes.. ..
You into mine…
You watch as my eyes water..
Your hand covering my mouth.. knowing …
Feeling tense and tighten all around you.. ..
Can You Take More…

I’m sitting here waiting for a really hot phone chat to come through..
Not your “typical” xxx phone sex call …. Not this time…
Oh no..
I won’t be undressing myself slowly to the sound of your voice..
I won’t be sliding my panties off or removing my laced bra..
Not this time.
Not Tonight.
Tonight I Won’t be doing the moaning and groaning and begging..
You will..
I WON”T be touching my clit or fingering my wet pussy..

You however WILL be calling this adult phone chat line..
YOU will be hearing my voice.. telling you to undress slowly..
Then to lay on your bed completely naked!

This time sex on the phone will be like no other you have had before.

Laying there… naked.. I will tell you.. to start stroking your cock..
get it nice and hard… Hard and stiff…
Grab some lube… your spit… or hell I don’t care use your pre cum..but
you will start playing with your ass..
First around the rim… then inserting just one or two fingers…
Before you know it… during this phone chat…

I will be fucking you with 1 maybe 2 HOPEFULLY several dildo’s or
vibrators …I’ll have your ass stretched so far you will beg for EVEN
All while YOU are stroking your cock and finding whatever you can to keep
filling your tight ass…
Let’s get that ass nice and loose..
Then when you cum you an catch it.. drip some of it in your own ass and
eat the rest… all while I sit back and listen..

Can you take it?
Want More?
Let’s see…
Watching me..

I’m home from a long long Very long day at work.
I walk in the front door. I toss my purse and coat on the chair and head
to my room. Straight into my closet where I spend some time picking out
some fitted pj shorts and a quite restricting tank top, along with my dark
purple robe that hardly fits around my tits.. But still I find it so
comfortable and choose to wear it. I take my pj choice for the night and I
bring it over to my vanity and full body mirror. I set it down…

I then start to “undo” myself from the day.

You watching…spying…peeking in on me….without me noticing at all.
Apparently you have been doing this for some time now and you are craving
my routine once again…

I take the hair clip out of my hair…My curls fall down my sides of my
face and down my back.. I run my fingers through my soft thick hair
feeling freed from the tightness and stress from the day…
I then turn to look at the back of my office attire type outfit. A fitted
skirt. …well above my knees…I reach behind myself and slowly start to
unzip it. Revealing my dark purple flower print lace panties. The skirt
falls to the floor. I step out of it still wearing my heels and thigh high
leggings. A tight fitted button up white top that is waiting to burst
from my tits waiting to pop out. I slowly unbutton each button to make
sure I don’t pop any of them. Soon I am sliding my top off my shoulders
and you are now rock hard stroking yourself to me standing in my mirror…
nearly naked.
Dark purple Flower print Laced panties… you can see my nipples just
enough to know they are hard and you see my pussy just barley but enough
to know I am starting to turn myself on…
Rubbing my soft smooth … licking my lips… slowly sliding my leggings
down to my heels… slipping my heels off one by one..
I start to lay back on the bed…

BUT before I continue.. I get up….
I walk to the window and I CLOSE it…

Not today… no one gets to watch me play with my pussy and watch me squirt..
Maybe another day!!
But you can listen. Jack off to the sound of my moans.. Use your
Show Me I’m Worth It…

You see me.. often..we talk at times and …. sometimes I seem sad, but
you ALWAYS see a smile on my face! I try to mask my sadness or should I
call it loneliness..
Nearly everyday I cover it up with a happy go lucky, nothing can hurt me
kinda attitude. But you can tell in my eyes that I have been hurt. I have
been damaged. I am scared to let anyone in… let alone let anyone attempt
to rip down my walls I’ve built.

Yet every time you notice me in passing, and you see that glimpse of
wanting to be…..held…wanting to be loved …wanting, needing
someone… to tell me I am everything beautiful in life. You attempt you
get to know me. Get into my head, into my heart, and soul.
You can tell that all I need is someone to hold me close while making
sweet slow passionate love to me. I need someone to look me in the eyes
and as they begin to go from sweet love making to completely fucking me
hard, I want that person to say.. “You’re beautiful, sexy and amazing and
baby I’m going to please you til you are convince!”

This is what I want and this is what I need…
Show me i’m worth it… show me you are going to prove to me that you want
me and only me completely…
Convince me.
Fuck me…. make love to me….
Show me I’m worth loving…
Love me…
Innocent Me….

Sitting there quietly. Listening to every word during church. I can feel
your eyes on me, but I try to ignore the intense feeling rushing through
Me wearing my brand new sundress with red strapped heels. Hair down and
covering my face just a little. I blush and my body tenses up.
I try to keep focus on the sermon and keep my eyes facing forward so you
wont notice how flushed I am.
You sitting only feet from me…..
I notice you slowly but very surely start to inch your way closer towards me.
My heart beating faster and faster with every single inch that you move.
Before I know it….I slowly out of the corner of my eyes glance over and
see you are sitting just a foot away from me. Perhaps even inches…
My body tensing up every second that passes by.
I can feel you looking me. Eyeing my trembling body up and down. I’m
trying so hard to pay attention and yet still I find myself wondering …
“What if..”

After what seems like a lifetime you notice me nearly shaking and how red
and pink my cheeks are. You slowly slide your hand over to mine. Grabbing
it with assertiveness and yet in a very calming way. You pull me a little
closer to you and you look at me and grin…That grin I have only seen ONE
other time…
You Take my hand and guide it to your already throbbing hard cock. My
mouth drops..Before I can say or do anything your hand is up my dress and
you can feel how wet my sweet little pussy is through my panties….
You look in my eyes and you can tell that I am to scared to say it but I
want to have you as the second man to ever have touched my body.
I see that you are not hesitant what so ever and you quickly grab me by my
wrist and we walk out of the sermon and you push me into the bathrooms
just down the hall.
There you tell me I must remain silent. I cannot mutter even a peep. Not a
single sound. You push me up against the stall and pull my dress straps
down along with my bra straps. and pop out both of my firm perky tight
I cant stand it already and start to make little sounds and you look up
and sternly tell me “HUSSHHH”
Quickly you turn me around bend me over and pull up my dress… exposing
my cute little panties that you rip off. You grab my hips and tell me
again.. “Don’t make a sound, we dont want to disturb the house of God and
those in worship”
I then feel you pull my hips closer to you and your hard throbbing cock
push against my soaked clit. You can already tell that I am shaking and
nervous. I have only done this one other time and I know this will hurt. I
brace myself and you slide the tip of your cock into me. I suddenly let
out and squeal! You grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back and
with your other hand cover my mouth. I look at you with a gaze of apology
of being loud. And you knowing I am truly wanting it start to pound my
tight wet pussy. Slowly at first.. but thrusting in very hard and pulling
slowly. Then soon you work your way up to going faster and faster ten
harder and harder. Then faster, harder, faster, harder ….. me moaning
and squirming and nearly in tears of pleasure.
Still covering my mouth because me being so terribly innocent I cant
handle it and want to scream and moan and yell out “Oh GOD YES” But you
wont allow it.
Letting go of my hair, but mouth covered tightly you pull on my dress
forcing your hard cock even deeper into me.
You turn my face to look into my eyes… and you can see it in my eyes and
feel it in that moment me squirting all over your hard thrusting cock.
You then start to cum as well.. quickly pulling up and turning me around
and pushing me to my knees…
I can see your cum mixed with mine dripping and you have me… the
innocent girl sitting next to you in church…. lick you clean.. with a
Control Yourself

Here we go once again..
I walk into the room after a long day of classes..
You staring at me. Pretty much drooling.
I know You want me. I can see it in your eyes.
But lately..Sex with you has been dull. Pointless really.
Hence the reason we haven’t had it for nearly a month!

You try to touch me like always …but like Always I turn you away.
You beg and pout like you cant handle it. Begging and begging like an
animal in heat.
Finally I break it down to you. I inform you that you need INTENSE and
SERIOUS practice or self control or something, because you just simply do
not last long enough nor do you know how to please me orally or with your
cock AT ALL in any way, shape or form.

At first you were shocked… taken back. Then you realized I was right!
You then AGREED! You know that I am never truly satisfied. You are ashamed
but your own needs always take over.
That makes me mad….furious actually…
THIS WILL CHANGE, you will no longer be a selfish, self centered ass…and
so here is how i am going to make sure it stops… HONEY !!

I lead you to the living room.
I make you sit on the coffee table and I sit on the couch. As far from you
as I can sit… but you have a perfect view of me..
Nothing in return..

I always give, give, give…. how about YOU give to me and get nothing in

I want to feel your hands gliding across my soft skin….down my neck..
Working your way to my perky succulent breasts..
You stop and twirl your finger around my nipples. Admiring each one as
though it were the last you were going to touch them.
You take you tongue and start to lick and flick my nipples. Going back and
forth between both.
Squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple on one then suck and licking
the other. While I am moaning and running my fingers through your hair,
pulling lightly.

Your tongue starts to move towards the center of my breasts and your
fingers graze my waist.
You are slowly licking and kissing your way down in between my trembling
You spread my legs open a little further and you an tell how nervous I am.
So you gently kiss my freshly shave pussy lips and spread them softly
exposing my clit.
Instantly I am soaked.
You start licking. Slow and soft at first.
Then more intense and faster.
Then a little harder. Applying more pressure.

I’m moaning. Moving around A LOT.
You look up and see me with my head back and back arched fully.
You put one finger inside my wet pussy and then add another and start
licking my clit again.
I begin to get louder. Moaning.. moving… arching my back.. pushing down..
mmmmmm ….Yes!!
I’m Squirming so much that you have to grab my hips and hold me still as I
begin to …Moan…scream…
Ohhh Yes!! I push your head down and you lick my clit harder and you feel
me ..GUSH… mmmmmm CUMM … my pussy juices all over your face, my legs
and the bed. . . .

Thank you… No one has ever made me feel like that before and not ask for
anything in return.

You lick me clean and tell me it was YOUR PLEASURE and you wouldn’t ask
for anything in return but a smile on my face.
Dark Princess

Sweet and kind… yes I can be. That is how I am by nature. A soft and
kind open heart….
But deep within lurks a dark soul..
A twisted Princess.

You come to me to beg for mercy?
Get down on your filthy knees, you worthless peasant!
Bow your head and touch it to the ground when you are addressing your
You want to serve me? Worship me? Service me in every way possible in my
every waking moment?
You AREN’T WORTHY enough!

You must surrender yourself fully to me! Your one and only Princess… You
must only follow and OBEY ME! Worship ME! Honor ME! Do as I say and NO ONE

You sleep when I say sleep, eat when I say eat, sit when i say sit and if I
want you to bark like a dog and get fucked in the ass by a stable boy
while I watch from my THRONE … YOU WILL do it!!
A collar is required and a leash will be attached if you choose to
disobey. As well a whip that will be kept at my side at all times in case
you decide you want to back out or change your mind… I will have NONE of
that! Once you surrender and take your vows to me they are FOREVER!

You can lust over me from afar… drool and fantasize all you want from a
distance. I may at times even allow you to wash my feet or change my bath
If you turn out to be a good peasant slave maybe we can take this this a
place where I may let you please me..
If you are not… it will be nothing but torture for you..
Either way lots of laughing, giggling, twisted fun for ME!

Let’s see if you can handle this Wing of the Castle and the torture chamber!!

Princess Maggie!
I see her most days and I am to shy to say anything but my mind runs wild
with all the thoughts I have of her.
Her skin pale and makeup dark
Her lips are soft
Skin smooth
And a body like a Goddess

I picture myself gathering up enough courage to tell her how badly I want
to taste her.
How I imagine her lips on mine and how sweet they would taste.

I would take her home and into my room and slowly we would start kissing
and touching every inch of each others soft bodies.
I pull her shirt off and pull her bra straps down and unhook it from the
back then start sucking on her plump breast and listen to her start to
moan softly. I move down and remove her pants and slide her panties off. I
lay her on the bed and gently kiss her from her neck down to her belly
button and to her hips.
Overwhelmed she sits up and starts to rip my clothes of as fast as she can.
I look at her and giggle.
She grabs my face and starts kissing me intensely
Before I know it we are both completely naked and she is on top of me her
bare breast pushed up against mine.
Her hand slides down my stomach giving me chills all over my body. I feel
her finger tips tickle over my pelvic bones and soon she is rubbing my
already moist pussy.
I moan and arch my back and she kisses my neck….
MMmmmm….Ooohhh Her fingers all over my clit and inside my pussy getting
me wetter by the moment.

I can feel her body tensing up and I whisper softly between my moans for
her to flip around so I can taste her.
She looks at me in shock. As though she didn’t expect it, but she didn’t
hesitate. She did as I asked and in no time I had my tongue on her sweet
In a very sexy 69 position she spread my legs open and started licking and
kissing my socking wet pussy. My face burred in her wetness and she burred
in mine I knew this was meant to happen.
She is making my body shake and I can feel hers quivering….
Moaning load …. gripping the bed…nearly yelling ….

OOOHH she is licking it soo good….and I cant stop licking and finger
fucking her tight little pussy….
Oh I know she loves this as much as I do….

She is cumming …..ooooohhh I’m cumming with her…

Her sweet juices all over my face… my cum all over her fingers and
mouth… hmmmmm…. this is bliss….

I want to taste her sweetness….
I can’t seem to get you out of my mind.
I know this isn’t love
Oh no, this is entirely different.
This must be lust…
When I think of you I instantly slip into a dreamland.
My body tenses up
My mind runs wild just at the thought of your manly touch.
Your strong hands gripping my head. running your fingers through my hair.
I close my eyes, bite my lip and take a breath.
My heart racing with anticipation. I’m feeling like such an amateur.
Not wanting to feel like a naive schoolgirl I gather up the courage to
show you what I do best.
I slide my fingers down your chest, gliding past your belly button
Slipping my hand into your pants, gently gripping your already semi hard
cock. You slide your pants down exposing all 9 inches of your manhood.
I gasp….then giggle in excitement.
You look at me and smile as I move down toward your hips, getting ready to
see if I can take all of you in my mouth.
Slowly… I lick the tip of your growing cock. Twirling my tongue around
the head licking and placing my lips on it.
I grip your now rock hard shaft and start stroking and licking. I guide
your overwhelmingly huge cock into my mouth and start to suck and stroke
at the same time. With each up and down motion of my head I am determined
to fit more and more of that 9 inches in my mouth. You grab my hair
tightly and shove my face down onto your cock even further. I
gag…choke…and spit a little. You pull my head up by my hair asking if
I have had enough and I quietly whisper “No Sir” and start sucking your
amazing cock again.
Before I know it you are flipping me over onto my back on the bed and
ripping my clothes off.
I’m laying in your bed. Just in my bra and panties…
You lean forward and slide my bra straps down exposing my breast. My
nipples hard. You bring your mouth down and start licking and flicking my
nipples with your tongue.
You sit back and start to slowly peal my panties off. Revealing my shaved
wet pussy. You slide your fingers across my clits applying just a little
pressure then you slide two fingers in me. Finger fucking me i moan load
and look at you waiting for what is to come next.
Your cock hard and throbbing and my pussy wet and aching, you grab my hips
and pull my already spread legs toward your rock hard dick. You say “I
hope your ready”
My heart racing I gasp and hold my breath as you slide yourself into me.
All 9 inches is to much for me to take so you pull back a little and
thrust slowly. I moan and grip onto the side of the bed. Arching my back
you slide yourself deeper into me. Although it hurts it feels just right
at the same time and I ask you to fuck me harder and faster.
I yell out your name and ask you why you made me wait so long to have your
amazing cock inside me. Why didn’t you allow me to feel this pleasure
sooner? I beg you to keep going and not stop.
You pound my pussy flipping me over fucking me in every position you can
think of. I feel like a rag doll and I love it.
Fucking me over and over harder and faster you make me cum so many times
all over your huge cock. Finally you ask me if I have had enough and if i
am ready for your cum since you have shown me what a real man can do…. I
look at you and BEG for your cum in my mouth and on my face. You pull out
of my beat up pussy and blow your load all over me.
Thank I say simply….for the BEST FUCK ever!

Your not my boyfriend or my husband or even a love interest….your
someone I just want to fuck so I know this is nothing but lust!