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Maggie’s Thoughts

Into November we go!!
Best start ever to the fall season! Cubs won THE WORLD SERIES!!!
I know right… Insane! I knew it though. For sure.
In those last moments EVERY CUBS fan Knew it.. Felt it..
It was gonna happen and it DID!!!! It’s like the start of a new life…a
new EVERYTHING!! Now let’s hope the Bears and Bulls pull it together..
dare I say another Stanley Cup for the Blackhawks?
OKay sorry I’m getting ahead of myself.. but seriously!!
The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s Go CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring it on World.. …
I never thought this would happen…
Her ..
All together…
Almost seems to good to be true..
Is it?
Do I care???? No!! I don’t
Even if at the end of our adventure… you both…
Well both end up turning on me…
I will still have said it was worth it…
Learning… Growing..Knowing..
Not wondering “what if”

I can’t wait til’ you both open those doors fr me..
Allowing me… to ..
Explore… wander..dwell…bask in the light of my desires…

Let’s get this started…
Let’s get it going…
Let’s play…
It’s your move…
Come and get it…

You’re from another world
another land…
I feel you instantly
Like nothing I have ever felt before.

Forbidden in a way we don’t understand
So close but still cant touch …
You’re hand touching mine.
Breathe taking.
We both know this isn’t the first nor last time

We will have our day. Our chance,
Your skin on mine
Mine on yours
Don’t stray my love…

Hold yourself… wait for me.. only me…
You tease me.. taunt me.
Knowing exactly what I want, what I crave.
You tell me you want me…
I give in.. knowing what I will feel after.
Still I go when you summon me.
Wanting you to want me.
Giving into your desires.
My desires..

I feel it when you touch me. Just the slightest touch…
Your fingers on my skin..
Leading me into your world of pleasures.. I want it all.
I want to take all of you. I’ll be your everything …
Even if for a night. I know I will have you.

Then its back to reality,
Back to the chase… to the game of needing you to need me.
You teasing me..
Taunting me………
I know I’m on your mind.
On a daily basis… sometimes every moment of every day.
I bet it drives you crazy..
Trying so hard to stop thinking of me…
You know it won’t happen.
You know we are to connected. We won’t ever part..
….You won’t ever forget me, my face, my touch, my soft skin on yours.
The way I made you feel. How I kept you warm and tried to fill that void.

You miss it don’t you? You regret what you did…
Your lies, your betrayal …
Now when your alone and cold and horny….
You can remember me.. my face .. my kiss…
My lips.. wandering all over your body…
How I made you feel… after so long with nothing…
How I worked my tongue..
How I made you cum..
I am the one you crave. No matter how hard you try to hate me or replace…
I’ll always be the best..
Miss me..
You’ll never forget me. ‘
Listen to MY Voice….

Listen closely … mute all other sounds…
Block everything around you..
Pay no mind to anything else but MY Voice..
.. These words…you know are the way.. the Only WAY..
MY Voice.. My words…
Follow me… Listen to MY Voice…

MY knowledge of you..your mind..your thoughts..
Listen..close…to MY Voice.. You know what I say is the truth..
What I say is the way…
My Voice will show you te proper path…
The ONLY path…
Come Listen to MY Voice…
You’ll never want to leave again..
My Little

My little me is someone not many know.. I go way back…
Regress to an age… younger then i would like to admit sometimes..
Or would I?

A pretty dress..
Pink or purple.. with white… braids in my hair..
A daddy or Mommy holding my hand.. telling me how pretty I am..
What a brave little girl I am.
How smart and talented I am..

Spoiling me…
Letting me be the bratty little princess I can be..I am..

I go back… I remember.. the secrets… the…
“Shhh… be a good girl….and I’ll do …”
or “Don’t tell anyone and I promise you will get whatever you want…”
also followed by…
“But if you tell……..

Love me… nurture me…
Take me away..
I want a tiny little throne with my name on it and a lollipop..

I’m waiting…
as i tap my little heel…

My Little..

Who Would Have Thought…. …

I met her at a party. Small .. Not to many people. We seemed to have all
known each other. ..
She was so mature. So put together… first…

He hurt me
she said
He broke her heart.. cheated on her just a month or so before..
She thought it was all her.
like something was wrong with her. But all I saw was beauty…
All she saw was a way out…a light at the end of the tunnel…

We drank… continued on talking… for several hours.
Getting to know each other.
Me falling for all her tricks…
Her leading me step by step…. into darkness….

Soon she had me convinced. that I need to go home with her..
To make him happy. To make him feel good…
To prove to him that she could be fun and outgoing and relax…
She kissed me…
I believed her…

She gave me as a gift to him.. a pet a slave… a thing…

But the next day she cared for me.. kissing me.. dressing me.. making sure
i was okay… and wanting to make love to me and care for my every need..
I fell over and over. Her eyes.. her voice…
So sweet…
… silence…
I’d like to start October off with one simple fact. THE WALKING DEAD!…

On that note..
Anyone up for some walker (zombie/undead) role play?
Maybe if you are bad ass enough we can reenact one of the scenes in the
show BUT with a hot kinky twist …
I already know which one i wanna do … I guess you all will have to wait
til the Season 7 first episode to read that FANTASY of mine.
Let’s just say I have more ten one…. but we can get to all that later.
So all my kinky TWD fans.. Call me… hell call me anyways even just to
debate the show. While I touch myself of course. I usually do anything to
Let’s see who can do this.
I can’t wait.
Love me, Hate me, Fuck me!

I understand sweetie. It’s hard to do this. See me all the time.
You have to fight the urge ..
One minute it’s the urge to kiss me softly and hold me close…
Then I seem to make you want to slap me.. choke me.. stop me from breathing.
In an instance it all turns.
You get a look in your eye.. and yes You Love to Hate me or Hate to Love
me but either way you always want to FUCK ME …pound my tight pussy..
make me sore.. make me scream..
Slap my ass … grab my hips and inch me closer to you…
Pull my hair, pull it back, stretch my neck back, make me arch my back to
lean back and kiss u.
Then you slap me away.. putting me on all fours.. pounding me.
Thinking of how much you envy me, how jealous you are, how much you hate me..
…but how sweet my pussy is and how you lust over me is much stronger.
You Hate me, you Love me, and you always want to Fuck me…
I want to know everything. All the details you can tell me.
About anything and everything. I love the details.. ..all of them.

We can start off slow. You telling me the details of when you first fucked.
Or the details about your cock… and how hard it is right now.
Describe your cock to me.
Every curve…every vein.. every part of it as you stroke…
Pulling up and down on your cock Watching it grow……
I want you to tell me the heart throbbing feelings you are getting and
When you stroke.. does your cock feel warmer at the tip when you squeeze it?
How about your balls? Can you give me details and describe your balls for me?
Are they full of cum? ? ? ?
Do they ache from the constant stroking and stopping?
I want to hear all of it…

Got something else a little more “adventurous” or dare i say “taboo”
Give me a call… write me an email.. I want and need details.. I’m wet
thinking of the possibilities.
What are you waiting for…?

It’s not to clear..
I’m sure that’s what you wanted.
That foggy feeling in my brain..
That not knowing feeling I have in my head..
I know what you did. I know you gave me to much,
In my already faded state you did it to have your way.

Slowly uncovering me…. touching me..
Wanting me..
Wishing I was yours…
But knowing that THIS only …..THIS…
Only in this way could you have me..
Take me…
Fully control me …the way you have wanted to..

I feel it..
Smell it…
Want to cry out… but numb I am… inside and out…
You picked me… for this.
You knew it…Saw it.. smelled it..sensed it… WANTED IT.

My cries to stop and be heard are silenced still ….. no motion….no
Just like me that day. …
Do you really want some of this….?
Have you really thought about it?
Take a deep look…
Not into me..
Oh no.. a look into yourself…

Are you okay enough?
Stable enough?
Can you handle the places I will take you?
I’m sure you THINK you could..
If you only knew…. my sweet…

So pure… yet you think… yes THINK you are so dirty.. YEA RIGHT

So purely disgusting.. it’s funny you think you can handle ME!
I think not. Oh no my dear.
Soon you will want to crawl and beg for forgiveness….
Ha Never….
I belong to No one…
You ALL Be Long to me…
Shhh I Can’t

I wonder sometimes..
Late at night.
I know I shouldn’t I know it’s not right.
I know you shouldn’t be on my mind.
Yet, still.. I wonder..
Still.. you often cross my mind.

Running through my thoughts.
Rushing strong past my emotions…
This feeling inside.. So different.
So peaceful..yet tugging at every sexual emotion
I don’t know how to feel fully..
I know I shouldn’t…. I can’t.. I won;t
You’ll never know..
These feelings… urging me to say something to let myself go…
To let myself say its okay..
These feelings hold me back… but I know you feel it too…
….. I desire you… you desire me…
At least in my dirty little thoughts.
Post it… fuck it .. no one will know..

my abuse is my beauty…

A new saying i just thought of…


He creeps in when no one is home.
No one around to hear his dirty thoughts
To read his mind full of perversion…
He tip toes quietly through the hall.
Knowing the coast is clear..
I am for his taking…

Sleeping … dreaming… cuddled up softly. I know I can feel his dirty
old hands on my body.. touching my back… my arm.. my leg..
Then he grazes his fingers between my legs..
In a deep sleep I feel this but can’t wake up..
I feel him inching his way closer and closer up towards my secret place.
That place he knows he cant and should NOT be even pondering about let
alone this…
I feel him move his entire body closer… His hand completely slips
between my thighs and he pushes himself against me..
I feel him

My eyes pop open… I close my legs together.. Hold tight… I pull away
as he is trying to open my legs.. I turn.. look… and its HIM…
Yes him… the one who did this. . .
I turn and try to run and he comes after me… telling me I better not
tell or I’ll lose what little I do have left.

My mouth sealed…
Heart and soul stitched shut..

I know it burns her when I ignore her comments.
When I brush off her long glances of admiration.
When I won’t let her get close…
I know it burns her…
Every time I don’t return her smile.
every time I pretend I dont see her trying to lean in for a hug.
When She reaches for my hand and I reach for his….I know it burns…
I know it burns her every time she wants a kiss and I turn away.
When I tell her lies but she already knows the truth..I know…
I Know it burns her that I can’t let go…
I know it hurts that I can’t trust….her.
Her familiar face so close…and yes I know I burn her soul…
I know what I’m doing…i see it..
Yet I’m so numb now I can hardly see.
Or Am I so numb I can see clearly. . .
She burns so deep for me and I have no flame left…
…Is it even possible to bring a flame from death?
I’ll let her continue to burn. . .
A little fun….

Just a little fun. before we have t go back to reality.
Let’s play a few more games.
We are creative. We like to dwell and linger om the outskirts of the “box”

Come play with me.. follow me… interesting indeed…
..But It’s only the beginning.
You’ll taste my magic and want my heart…
I’ll take your mind and and leave your soul ….
Together we get wrapped in each other..

Hours… hours… hours.. go by… goodbye world..
As we mindlessly wander in our sex driven wonderland.
The Other Her…

I feel her growing inside of me.
I can feel her raising..
Each breath that I take keeps her hunger growing, thriving.
Suddenly …So many temptations

I can not seem to tame her..
It’s like she’s getting stronger.
Building a will to come out slowly take over, slowly attack.

I feel her in control now. I have no power left .
She owns my mind and body and I’m out on the hunt…
She’ll let me wander.. my mind will go.. my body will explore..
She likes to torture ..

Torture me…torture you… torture all…

Another Me is emerging
In Your Mind

I can feel you..i can hear you… i know you…
Every single time you call .. i know it is me you are looking for.
I know it’s my voice you want . .
My words that you want to hear on the other end .

I’m in every word you hear come out of every other persons mouth.
Every thought you have….. you KNOW I am giving you…
Why you try to fight it…
That urge you have inside…
The one that is ME… the lust… the crave…the desire…

Don’t fight it…
Call this xxx phone sex line xxx and you just might catch me…
I Know Me…

I know my body. I Know what I need.
I know what it takes it turn me on…
To get my mind going… to…
To get me wet…
Make my nipples hard…
I’m pretty sure I know better then anyone else … unless they/you can
prove me wrong…
but I know my body.. and I know what makes me scream in orgasmic euphoria.
It kinda irritates me when someone thinks they know more then i do about
my body and they think I will literally just automatically transform into
how they know/want me to work.
….. Stop….. Listen… open you ears… your mind… completely…
Sometimes it’s NOT all about YOU and what YOU want… and how YOU wan to
do things..
I know what I need… So give it to me dammit… and I know that you know
what that is too… don’t be greedy..
Let’s embrace this chance we have to explore this wonderland and enchanted
forested of tainted dreams and fantasies …

Do you dare to walk along my path ??
Call this xxx phone sex line xxx
Let’s see who is brave enough …
I know it’s pretty simple …
You are jealous
You hate me. For a multitude of reasons.
The main one being.. because I am a REAL woman.
I stay on it. I hop on it.
I have everything you want… everything you have ever wanted.
Go ahead and put yourself up on that Little pedestal …
….You know…. I know…. Seriously everyone knows how silly and
hilarious it is that you are trying to pretend to be hardcore… to be
When we all know that Head Queen is my title and if you are my rival I
guess you’re suicidal.
There is no competition..
There is no battle…
I already won the war ..
He is mine.. don’t forget who you’re messing’ with.
Or you’re story will be short…

I must confess.. I wonder what it might feel like…
Your hands on me.
Touching my skin. Grazing your fingertips on my arms then down my sides.
Onto my outer thighs. Moving down.. to my ankles..
I miss the k kissing. Touching.. the sensation of another touch…

Kissing me all over.
Making me feel that beating in my heart… the flutter in my stomach..

The tingles run through me like never before.
It has been so long since… any of this.
Shivers vibrate through my body and I quiver in excitement at the thought
of you inviting me into you bed.
Taking me…accepting me. .. sharing my body with yours and enjoying every
overwhelming moment.

This feeling.. these thoughts of lusting over you…
I know you want it to.
New Toy…

So I went shopping yesterday. Got a new pair of jeans, a cute top that
shows off my very perky tits. .. some cute panties and …
Well… I also happened to wander into a shall we call it “Sex Shop”
I won’t lie. I was very overwhelmed.
All these toys…
All these possibilities..

Where do I begin? Honestly it has been so long since i have had to truly
work at it myself and there is sooooo many options. I was kinda scared.
I must have looked frightened … because the sales lady came up to me nad
asked if I needed any help….
Instantly I told her yes… and as though she were my best friend I told
her everything. ..
I know how to make myself cum… yes.. fully experience a head over heal
solo orgasm… NOPE!! Never. And so she guided me in the most perfect

I ended up leaving with not one but TWO new tows and I can’t wait to play
with them.
Who wants to help me practice? This would be great to have a phone chat
about… maybe a little more..
Maybe some Hot sex on the phone with your instruction will help me reach
my goal or squirting EVERYWHERE!!!

Let’s see.
Phone Fuck Friends..

She amazes me..
Not only as another xxx phone sex xxx girl..
Just overall in general.
Her skin.. her body… all so fucking tempting .
We talk and we play.
We do the whole adult phone sex thing..
We talk about a lot when it comes to what gets us off and how we usually
take care of that ..
Yet lately she has been throwing me for a loop. One minute flirting..
being a big tease.. the next.. quiet and kinda shy almost standoffish.

I want her to kiss me. Take charge.. Show me.. Allow me to FEEL GREAT for
I know she can. She is an awesome person so I know she can work magic and
do amazing things… probably with her hands and mouth…. and MORE
Lets do this sexy!!!
We both know.. I just wont make the first move.
Come and get it honey.
A Simple Thought.

I seem to be catching myself more often now …
with a wandering mind..
Thinking of all the different ways we could explore each other.
How you could teach me things I don’t know anything about,
And I’ll Love them and want to do them again.. and again..over and over.

I want you to touch my body..
My hands keep wandering .. thinking of how it would feel if they were your
On my thighs …grazing across my legs…slowly inching towards my inner
thighs. My legs are shaking. My mind racing.
Soon my hand has wandered up my skirt, gently touching my slightly wet
Your lips on mine.. moving down to my neck then to my tits..
Forcing me to naturally arch my back..
Just the thought… and I am here with my hand up my skirt and in my
Fingers rubbing and touching.

When you’re sitting back in your chair at work, or laying in bed at home
and you are stroking your cock…
You pick up that phone dialing your favorite xxx phone sex line. . .
Hoping and wishing to get the one girl you want the MOST..
The one who you think about and keep stroking that cock for…

Yes you call other phone sex lines..talking to plenty of other very sexy
..but still they are not HER…
You’ve been trying “replace” HER ..
..Nearly losing yourself.. but even you know she is IRREPLACEABLE!

She knows just what you want. She knows JUST how to get you going…
..Get you to the edge..
Stop.. Surprise you.. shock you.. keep going..

That voice.. you long for.. even just for a moment..
Is HER’S and her’s alone.. She has that power.. that magic. ..
You call looking for her..
Stroking for HER…
Thinking of HER only..

Give it another try.. you might find HER here..
Or you might have to keep searching through our lovely ladies here at YD
but always knowing that you stroke for HER!
Want More?

I’m exploring this side of myself lately where I want to see just how much
I can fit into someone’s ass.
Yes that is right.
I would love to have someone bend over spread their ass wide open..
Lube it up enough just to get it started.
Now let me see how much you can take…
A few fingers..hahaha
A 7 inch vibrator …9 inches..
Maybe some items from around the house …or..
How about your wife’s toys?
Maybe a 12 inch strap on?
Want more…… Let’s see what you can take..and where our minds can take us.
I’m just a xxx phone sex call away …

I’m waiting. .. .. . Can you handle it?
Never Alone…

I’m never ever alone.
Oh no. If I’m not playing with one of the lovely ladies here at YD..
Or if I don’t have a playmate waiting for me that night/day….
You better believe it doesn’t matter one bit.
I am never alone.
I have myself to love and pleasure ME!
I truly enjoy running my fingers through my hair… giving it a little
pull ..
…work my fingernails to my neck …gliding slowly across my neckline.
Down to my tits..
Grazing ever so lightly to my belly button, tickling myself softly…
Working my way to my already wet pussy, swollen clit.
I start to rub myself… then I slide two fingers inside myself..
Gently in and out at first then hard and fast…
Rubbing my clit with my thumb and finger fucking my soaked pussy..
Pinching my nipples…
I bring MYSELF to full ORGASM.. I SQUIRT all over my fingers, hand, and bed.
I’m this good with myself…
Imagine how AMAZING I could be with YOU!

I love the calls I get when the guys, or sissy boys, girlboys, or
especially one of my submissives…get on webcam for me.
I want to see it all. I want to watch EVERYTHING!
Every single movement of their body. The tension building. The look in
their eyes as they are wondering what I might have them do next…what
For the lucky few who get to stroke their cocks and actually get
permission to CUM…I absolutely enjoy the look the their face when I
first tell them to catch all their own cum. That look of shock and
uncertainty. Then when I demand they LICK it up! Every drop..
It’s so fulfilling I get an evil type grin of pure satisfaction on my face.

Come one Come all …. Bring your cock and balls…dressed up or not..
ANY kinda kink or fetish you may have and you wanna be watched…
WELL here I AM!!
I’ve Never Had …..

Sitting here, thinking… mind wandering..
Watched a few music videos…
After awhile and thinking of the past few days…
I realized, I’ve NEVER ever EVER been with anyone but white men.
I keep hearing co-workers, friends, and even people in passing…
All talking about how AMAZING a black man is in bed. How his dick will be
like no other. How it will be fantastic all the time, and how they know
how to please and really work it and make a woman feel fulfilled.

Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Now I am kinda wondering….
Now….I am sure if I had the chance I would at least attempt to take it…
No matter how intimidating it is.
I Want to have a chance at this pleasure..
Cock Training…let’s get started..

I am finding it more and more frequent that men dont know how to please
women. It’s actually pretty sad and pathetic.
Not only are most guy bad at the emotional aspect of things but sex is bad
too. You all seem to be selfish and only worried about busting your own
little orgasm’s.
Well No woman will want that after awhile. Word will get around.
Let me do you the favor of helping you learn how to NOT lose your shit so
fast! Control yourself…not explode in a matter of minutes!
You know you need cock training. … let’s get this started! So you can
learn a thing or two.. OR I wont let you cum AT ALL!! Ever!

You ate my pussy so good that I just had to get on my knees
I needed to show you how much i appreciated you making me squirt so hard
so many times..
I want your cock in my throat so you can feel the pleasure rushing through
your body like I did…
Cum all over my face and hair..
I want it.. I appreciate it..
Nasty Boy…

Admit it…
You know you have a nasty little mind.

You want your mouth full of cock and your ass pounded.
You want to be treated like the man whore that you know you are!
You dirty little SLUT.
Take all that cum… in your mouth.. now in your ass.

What was that? What did you say, with your mouth full of cum?
Oh you like it..?
That’s right!
YOU LOVE IT! Like all dirty little sluts. You want it and love it.
Say it again.
Beg for more.
Good boy.
Your Princess

I sit up on my throne. High and proud. You can’t touch. You aren’t even
permitted to look.
When you can, you try to steal a glance…but this Princess will not allow
it..! Oh NO! You will see… Off to the dungeon with you! Who do you think
you are? How dare you lay your filthy low life eyes on me!
Ha You WISH you were WORTHY enough!
Just Good Enough….

I like the thought of you only being interested in me because I am so
willing to please you.

We both know how this works.

It started out with me liking you. I was completely hot for you,
attracted, and wanting you. I quickly learned that I just wasn’t your
That in turn drove me to at least want to show you that I could please
you… in any and every way you wanted and commanded.
I now crave your attention.
I crave your touch..your cock in every hole I have. I love mostly having
you deep in my throat making me choke, and not able to breathe. I need to
feel your cum dripping from my face..down to my lips and I want to lick
every drop and not waste any of it.
I want and need your approval…even though I know I will never be good
enough… I know I will at least be good enough to take your cum.
That is good enough for me. For now…
Figging with a twist

Today I learned what “figging” is. VERY interesting.

Of course with my mind I tend to like to twist things at times. Catch me
at the right time and I might just make things just a little more intense.

Here is my “idea” for this. I want You. yes YOU to call me. We do some
guided masturbation and cock control and slowly move into you tying up
your balls and then walking to the kitchen to shave off some ginger from
the root. Making sure its really tiny and thin. I’ll ask you to shave off
at least a few pieces. Then grab a q-tip and return to a somewhat
comfortable area.
I’m going to make you tie up your balls and base of your cock and SHOVE
that shaved ginger into that cock hole of yours. I’ll instruct you to take
the q-tip and help guide it in so you can make sure it gets in there all
the way. Before you know it you will slowly start to feel a small tingle.
At that point I’ll have you add another piece. Guide that one as well
until you start to feel the tingle. While pulling the q-tip out you will
be instructed to start slowly stroking and gripping tightly around your
already swollen balls.
Soon the burn will set in. . . I will laugh. You I’m sure will scream…

Let’s see how this goes.
Well, I’ve been here at YD for nearly a month and I LOVE IT. There is soooo
much I didn’t know and all kinds of things that really peak my interest now.
For example, today I learned about CBT. Although I had heard of it, I never
really took the time to look it up and take interest in it, but today
after talking with Nikki I decided to research it. WOW! Was my first
thought…..then came….I would love to do that to some cock and balls
that I know.
I am learning something different just about every-time I am here and I can’t
wait to see what is in store for me next. Phone sex is far greater than I
ever imagined it could be. Wether it’s soft and cuddly or real xxx phone sex. I
am finding that I love it all ;)
Let’s explore some new fetishes together or just enjoy the ones we know.

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