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Likes: edge-play, sissies, cross-dressing, master/slave, girl on girl, Humiliation, spanking, bruises and bite-marks, role-play
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Hi I'm Maria! I'm sassy but sweet, versatile and I absolutely love sex. I have explored my sexuality but want to explore more!

I'm an ex-catholic school girl who was probably always a bit too bad. Apart from my love of sex I really like books and music and the outdoors. I am fun-loving and witty, and can definitely show you a good time. I am Latin American and fluent in Spanish...and yes, I can talk dirty to you in two languages!

Although I am sweet, caring and nurturing I enjoy showing off my dominant side. I love it when a strong man will put on panties for me and being able to switch roles. I like playing with domination. There's nothing sexier than feminizing a man. I like playing with the bounds of gender within sexual play. I would love to break your manliness either physically or emotionally. Maybe I can send you my underwear after a hot phone session and you can wear them?

Something that really excites me is dom/sub is master/slave relationships. I love being a mistress as much as I would love to be your slave. I noticed that clear communication of desires is really exciting. Although I've often played the more submissive roles, in the past year I've started to explore my more dominant side. I want to tell you what to do with your cock, and with my body, put limitations on how you can touch me or yourself. Sometimes I just want to boss someone around. I also love being bossed around! I still love being submissive, I desire to be told what to do, being told that I'm doing something wrong, playing with force and gets me wet just thinking about it. I am very true to the term switch; I enjoy being dominated and dominating equally.

I love it when after having some dirty sex when I realize that I was left with bruises and bite marks. I love being reminded go the sex that I had and it makes me desire more immediately when I look at myself.

Humiliation is one of my favorite things to do. I want to talk dirty to you but I am really good at talking down to you. I can degrade you until you are begging for me on your knees. "Yes, you should apologize for your sad pathetic excuse for a cock." I could come up with a list of things that you have to do before we can fuck. Oh you want to degrade me? Well I've been a bad, bad girl....

Who do you want me to be? Where do you want me to be? What is a scene that you have fantasized about coming true? When you're lying in bed what is that fantasy that just won't stop playing in your head? Tell me and maybe we can figure out how to make it happen. I am a versatile character and have a lot of fantasies myself. We could have met at a bar or in the park, or maybe we live together, maybe you saw me when I was leaving school and we had dirty sex in the bathroom. We can work that out.

I am bisexual! I love licking pussy and I could lick it all day long. Do you want me to do a call with another girl? That can be arranged! I love wet pussy and I would love to hear you orgasm to me and another girl getting off together, or maybe you could join? I could be licking her pussy while you fuck my pussy, or maybe she is fucking my pussy with a dildo and you are fucking my tight asshole... There are many ways that we could include you in our fucking or you could just tune in. I also love group sex with multiple men; I have a fantasy that I haven't ever done about having all my holes filled...

I love sex, and exploring the different realms of what feels good. I like exploring different ways of what might feel good on the body. I like a wide variety of sex and sometimes I like getting to know myself and others in the darker side!

Although I have kinky and taboo tendencies, I also love vanilla sex. It can be sweet or it doesn't have to. Really all I need for a good time is a nice dick. Everything else can depend. Also you can bring out my chatty side too so if you want to engage in conversation I would love that but we can also get straight to fucking and I would love that too.

You can find me online on both AOL and Yahoo at MariaMoansForYou

My email is and to get my schedule

Talk to you soon! xo Maria