Maria’s Fantasies

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Maria’s Fantasies

Eat it ALL….

I’ve been trying to branch out lately.
Believe it or not I find that the subjects I didnt think I would take to I
actually am.

I have been on this binge of wanting to make guys stroke their worthless
dicks and squeezing their little balls….
Then I like to have them take whatever toy or even a finger (or two, maybe
three) and have them FUCK their pathetic asshole.
I want to stretch it out.
Make them fuck it hard as they stroke
Keep it going ….
Make them beg me to cum…
Beg to the point of tears…
Then when I CHOOSE to allow it… and you shoot your worthless load..
I WILL DEMAND… that you ABSOLUTELY eat it!!
All of it.

Don’t You DARE waste a DROP. You MUST SLURP it all up so I can MAKE sure
you follow my rules.
I’ve been fantasizing a lot about waiting and watching lately. To be
slowly tied with my writs together, my ankles together and my wrists to my
ankles. Then watching you, stroke your cock up and down without letting me
get close to it, or touch myself, just helplessly beg. Just pathetically
wanting you. I also want to do this to you, I want to restrain you, as
you watch me pleasure myself to the point of multiple orgasms and you
can’t cum or even touch your hard cock and of course not touch me. You
want to fuck me so bad, but I make myself squirt just for you to watch,
and maybe if you’re good, clean up the mess.
I guess I’m really feeling exhibitionism and like being teased ;)