Hi! My name is Mary. Yep, like the virgin, but not really. *wink*.

I'm new at this, and I would love for you to break me in, maybe I could be your phone sex slave? I ache for sex and sexual conversations.

I love art, music, nudism, putting all kinds of things in my mouth, dancing, and fucking. The kinkier the better! I have fantasies still waiting to be fulfilled, and I love making other people's fantasies become a reality.

I grew up as a sheltered girl, but the second I turned 18 I went wild. I had my first taste of cock
and my first slap to the face and I was hooked! My friends all call me a sex fiend and I agree!

I'm a huge squirter, and I love to squirt all over my sheets while you tell me where to put my fingers. I love selling my underwear that I have just squired all over. Just knowing that someone out there is touching a part that was once touching me excites me... if you would like a pair, or would even just like to e-mail me, my email is, or you can tell me you want them while we are on our call.

I'm also a switch who loves teasing! (So you better not cum till I tell you to or you'll be soooorry!!)

Sometimes I will act out just to be punished. I love being tied up, unable to move. The feel of rope, leather and metal against my skin is amazing. Sometimes I tie my own self up just to see if I can get out. I also love untying myself while my Master looks away for a second, and making him chase me just so he can punish me. I also love puppy play... Eating out of bowls, being told to sit, lie down, and roll over. It's so much fun for me to feel like my Masters best friend. Maybe I can be Your puppy?

I love making men crawl and beg for more because I know how good it feels when I get to do that, and I like to return the pleasure. And the women! Oh I love women! I love licking their pussies, shoving my fingers in their ass, and fisting them... making them fuck me with a big strap on, and pretending that it's a really hot guy's cock about to cum inside me or all over my face.

I remember my first time doing anal. Oh my god! I was with someone who wanted to try it out, but I was so scared that it would hurt, so decided to do it myself first. So... I got a cucumber, shaved it down a little, and went into the bathroom, but I forgot to lock the door. So one of my roommates came in, saw me in the bath tub, butt in the air with a vegetable up my butt, and asked if she could watch, I said sure... Soon I had an audience of 3 girls watching me. And it didn't hurt at all! I actually loved it. Not only the anal, but the attention too!

Maybe we could have a threesome? Would you like that? I know I would! I have a fantasy of Master directing me with another woman, and with all the sexy women here at YourDesires, well, it just seems like the perfect opportunity to make that fantasy of mine a reality! Will you help me, please, Master?

One of my fantasies is having someone sneak and watch me while I shove my vibrator up my vagina. I often picture a man standing outside of my window or door listening and watching me while I masturbate. Ooh, it makes me cum so hard. I might secretly masturbate while I'm on the phone without you even knowing.

I also love getting to know people, and telling stories of my past experiences. I was a submissive at a dungeon for a little while and have lots of interesting stories to tell, and I would love to hear some of your stories as well.

I'm not ALL about sex. So even if you just want someone to talk to and share your darkest secrets to, give me a call. I might even share a few of mine.

Email for my schedule at I am on AOL and YAHOO as MakeMaryMoan. Look me up and let's get to know each other a little! Or a lot!

xxx luv xxx