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Some girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but this girl is made of sunshine, gunpowder, and everything naughty.

I'm Melody, and I'm a hardworking country girl in the remote mountains of Canada. By day I run a backcountry mountain resort, leading wilderness trail rides and hunting trips. I can handle a big gun, and put it away empty and clean ;)

I love my life! But I have to admit, when the sun has dipped behind the peaks and the last campfire song has been sung, I get a little lonely. Sometimes a girl wants more than just a saddle between her legs. Would you like to keep me company?

Physically, I'm adorable, but don't let my small stature and cute looks fool you. I may be petite, but there's a fire behind these green eyes. I'm sweet and wild.

I used to get teased in high school about my big boobs, and they called me "Double D Melody" but now I honestly love watching guys (and girls!) sneak a peek at them bouncing when I come trotting up on a horse. Sometimes, just to torment the hunters I'm guiding, I'll wear a white blouse with a sheer bralette when we take a dip in the river after making camp. I pretend I have no idea they can see my glorious breasts through my shirt and act totally innocent.
They can only look, but maybe you can be the one who gets to touch…

When I'm not guiding tours, fixing saddles, or training mustangs, you can find me skinny dipping in the cool, clear rivers and lakes that cris-cross our beautiful wild landscape. The nearest town is 2 hours away down a gravel forestry road, so I get to spend a lot of time in the water wearing nothing but the sunshine!

Do you want to know my fantasy? Or better yet, be part of it?

Imagine this:

It's a warm day in late summer; you take a drive out to the middle of nowhere and decide to go for a hike. You don't know exactly what force compels you to follow the little game trail you see in the trees, but before you know it, you're deep into the wilderness, seeking something, like being pulled by an invisible magnet.

Gradually, the sound of birds and wind rustling in the leaves gives way to… music? Way out here?
You stop and listen.
A sweet melody floats on the breeze, echoing through the pines. I sing to myself while I swim, as it keeps me from surprising the bears.
My siren song lures you closer, til you peer through the ferns and pine needles to a sunlit swimming hole, where the river goes wide and deep. My horse is grazing nearby; he pricks his ears at your approach, but makes no sound and goes back to the sweet grass.

You follow the ripples in the sun-dappled water til your eyes find me. Waist-length sun-bleached hair fans out around me in the crystal-clear water.
You step closer, occluded by shadows among the trees.
My dogs are playing around me, splashing clumsily through the water, barking and chasing fish.
I swim over to a large boulder that the forces of nature have worn smooth. Reaching up around the weathered cracks, I pull myself out of the water, rivulets of water coursing down my curves, droplets sparkling on my suntanned skin. My full breasts rock and sway as I climb up onto the smooth boulder, and I turn away giving you a full view of my strong legs and soft, full ass. I sit down on the rock and sigh. The sun's rays illuminate the mountains all around us, trees glowing in shades of green and gold.
Absent-mindedly, I run my hand over my left breast. With no guests for another two days, why shouldn't I take this time to relax and enjoy myself? I close my eyes and let my head roll back, dragging my fingertips from my nipple down along my tummy, along the silhouette of my hips down to my knee. Then I move my hand to my inner leg, caressing up the inside of my strong, smooth thigh, towards the hidden valley between my legs.

I don't mind taking matters into my own hands, but sometimes, I wish a man would appear out of nowhere, taking my body in his arms and using me how he wants.
My lifestyle doesn't lend itself to dating, so I'm still inexperienced at pleasuring a man, but I'm eager to learn and very curious.

If you're a patient teacher, I promise to be a good student!

Imagine my big, green eyes looking up at you with astonishment and wonder as you do things to my body I've never experienced before.

So tell me… do you watch me from the woods, and observe while I pleasure myself unabashedly? Or do you stride confidently out of the trees, announcing your presence, and invite yourself to join me on the rock?

Give me a call and tell me how you want the story to end, and maybe you'll be mountin' Mountain Melody ;)

Lets talk soon,