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Age: 21
Cup Size: 34c.24.36
Trillian: RideMercedes
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Likes: Switch, anal play, pussy worship, gang-bang, boss fucking, dominant, rough sex, foot play.
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Hey my name is Mercedes and just like the car I wrap you in luxury.
I love having any kind of sexy time, weather it's me being dominate, submissive, or just your very horny one time lover all that matters is I just want you. I love sitting on your face and riding it until I scream out in pleasure, but only if in return I can stick your rock hard cock down my throat while I hear you moan with your hands in my hair. After all I think the sexiest sound in the bedroom is a man telling me how much he wants me.

I love when I have multiple men around me that love to fuck me at once. There is something so sexy about being filled to the brim in my ass and pussy, and mouth. All while stroking more men with my hands. There is just something that feels so right about my tight wet pussy being passed from one guy to the next, It's so amazingly sexy when multiple men stretch my ass out one guy at a time until they all cum on me... or in me.

There is having a man and HAVING a man. When I have you then you will be mine to tie up, flog, spank, and torture to my desire. Sitting on your face and making you lick my tight wet pussy is just one of the ways you know I care. I'll be nice to you and make it hurt in all the right ways unless you cum before you're allowed to. If that happens well then... you're going to get punished. The punishment you might ask? Well let's just say the punishment will fit the crime. Call me and let me tease tame and fuck you into submission.

Despite me playing with men I love to be played with it’s probably one of my favorites. Anything from butt plugs to nipple clamps just turns me on. Flog, whip, paddle, or spank me into submission. I love when you grab me by the hair and get your nice hard cock in my mouth so I can suck on it until you turn me over and fuck me deep and hard. I also love to be tied up in all different kinds of ways. As long as you're happy I can take whatever you want to throw at me. I live to please my master.

While most people have issues with authority I say fuck it... literally. Something about a man being my boss makes me want to make him my boss in the bedroom. I mean I know it's wrong but something about your rock hard cock just makes everything feel so right. You can boss me around at work and when were on our break we can sneak off and you can fuck on your desk, fuck in your car, or I can just give you head under your desk when ever your "not available".

My feet are my downfall. Not only are they ticklish so when you play with them you get to hear me giggle, but something about getting my little feet around a nice hard cock is so unbelievably sexy. The only way to get me to that point is for you to nibble and suck on the pads of my toes. Feeling your nice strong hands massaging my feet while nibbling on them just makes my tight little pussy drip from excitement. Once I'm nice and worked up I finally get to put one foot at a time around your throbbing cock. I work my way up and down while watching you, head back, moan in pleasure. I gotta keep my pace so we start slow and work my way up to moving quick until your breathing gets deeper. You open your eyes to see me spreading my legs for you and playing with my pussy. The sight is to much and you cum all over me.

Can you make me feel like a queen? Can you make sweet love to my pussy with your mouth? I love sitting on you face and watching you eat my sweet tight pussy, but that's not all I want. No not even close, I need you to play with my ass. Lick it, play with it, tease me until I'm screaming with pleasure. Once I'm done I just need you to make love to me. I wanna feel my pussy take you in deep. Keep going as your picking up the pace you get it nice and deep. The only thing I ask is can your bust your load in my mouth. I love tasting my men.

Come and Play with me and ask me about how you can buy my undies. Maybe when you get them they'll still be wet.

Find me on Trillian as: RideMercedes or email me any time for my schedule

Can't wait! Mercedes xoxoxo