Mercedes’ Fantasies

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Mercedes’ Fantasies

I caught your eye and i started to feel myself get wet. its a hot sunny day and I just out for a run, however when i saw you so many naughty things popped into my head. Like how you could take my ass over the empty bench on the other side of the park, or even right here on the trail.You notice the want in my eye and you come over to me placing you and on my waist and pulling me in. I could have came right then and there but i knew how to fight the urges if im going to cum because of you then i want you inside me. You lean in and ask if you want to go somewhere more private. I dont want to i want to fuck you right here and now I dont care who is watching. i fight my inner urges to rip my clothes off and i eagerly follow you. You take me to an empty spot not to far from the running trail.Far enough away so we have room to lay down but we can still see the people that occasionally pass by. The second we sit down you place you lips on mine and my our clothes start coming off. THIS is why i got wet the moment i saw you. in not time at all you have my shirt off and my shorts down, you pleasantly surprised to see no undies you starting kissing and nibbling on my nipples as your hand makes its way to my already dripping pussy.your look up at me and smile, nipple still in your mouth. You are pleased with me. you fingers swirl around my clit and my body starts to thrust. You take off your pants and your small cock comes out. you put my legs on your shoulders and line your cock up with my ass. and in one quick motion you have it inside me. i start to moan loudly in pleasure but you cover my mouth there are people walking by and you still have your dick in my ass thrusting in and out faster and faster until i finally cum. You drop your load in my ass, my legs shaking i take them off of your shoulders put my clothes back on and finish my run.

I wake up on the beach my hair is a little messed up. The sun is about to set and it takes me minuet to remember why I was even here in the first place. Oh yeah! I came here with you! I look around and your sleeping next to me. I place my had on your small cock and press my lips on yours to wake you. Your eyes start to flutter open and you kiss me hard, it feels wonderful, even better because my hand is starting to rub your cock. It doesn’t take long for it to start springing into action, it grows more than I had expected. Our lips part and you look at me im wearing my yoga pants, with sneakers, and a sports bra. Sand is all over my back and is starting to fall off because your hands are staring to feel my toned body. Your lips are on my neck and my tight little pussy is starting to get wet. I want you here and now. I know that people walk by and I know that this is a popular running spot but fuck it.

I grab the waistband of your joggers along with your boxers and slide them down quickly not giving you tome to react, and before you know it I have your cock in my mouth and your hand is in my hair pushing your rock hard cock down my throat. Hearing your moans gets me even wetter. I want you cock inside me and part of me doesn’t want to let you cum. I take your cock out of my mouth and sucking the whole way up to steal all of your juices. Once its out I swallow everything that ive collected in my mouth. I stand up and quickly take my pants off. Shock comes across your face as if im doing something wrong. You start to protest but the second I start squatting over your dick and letting you feel my nice wet slit your voice goes quiet.

I slowly place your nice hard cock inside me. Once I get about half way down I shove the rest in and start to rode your dick nice and slow. You pull my bra above my breasts and start rolling my nipple in between you index and thumb finger. My body stars to shake, everything feels so good and being out in the open makes everything so… well… hot! You sit up and come face to face with me still riding you and place your lips on mine. hands on my ass guiding my body on yours the way you want it. We stop and you tell me to get on my hands and knees. I slowly get you out of me and crawl to the sandy spot next to you.

You get up and line your cock up with my dripping wet pussy and just stick the head in. I was expecting you to shove your dick inside me nice and hard, but you don’t. You line you cock up with my ass and your grab my shoulders trying to ease your dick inside my tight ass hole. I want to move as the head goes in it hurts but not a bad kind of hurt. It makes me want to more. You spit on you dick and rub it over your cock. Grab my shoulders. and shove yourself all the way inside me. My legs start to shake, I cant believe how good this feels. i reach down and start playing with my clit while you move your hands from my shoulders to my waist and start pounding your rock hard cock into my tiny little ass hole. I cant hold out any longer I cum making as much noise as I want. As I’m cumming I hear your moans and feel your hot load in my ass. We lay together in the sand.

I look at him, “So where do you want to fuck me next?”