Mercedes’ Thoughts

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Mercedes’ Thoughts

Exhaustion sets over me as im laying on the couch. you sit next me and i place my feet on your lap and ask for a rub. You get in front of me on your knees and bring my feet to your lap. you start rubbing them, feeling how soft they bring one foot up to your lips the other down to your already hard dick. you start kissing each toe sucking on them as you part way with one and move to the next. You undo your pants pre-cum dripping. You grab my feet and place one on each side of your cock. The lotion provides enough lube as i close my feet around your hard cock. I start moving my feet up and down keeping consistent pressure. You legs start to twitch and before i know it you cum all over my feet. You clean me up and finish my foot rub.

Sometimes when i thing of you i instantly get wet. remembering all of those times when you hands where on my body. grazing my nipples with you teeth till you slowly move to my beautiful pussy. grabbing you hair and thrusting my hips so i control how much of my clit in touching that amazing tongue of yours. I speed my pace up as your mouth glides against my little slit. I fell myself starting to cum and you start sucking on my clit. my body relaxes, legs shaking as you slurp up my sweet juices.

You wanted to have phone sex with me so we did. i got to tell you all about how i would ride that dick and them you cum all over my face. what you didn’t know is that while i was talking to you i had a 9 inch dildo in my pussy. my breaths we labored and uneven. being a small girl like me it can be overwhelming to have something that big in my small tight pussy. i rubbed my clit and moved the dildo faster and faster taking every last inch in my body. i climaxed with you loud, fast, and hard. Oh how i wish you could ave made a mess of me. i slowly take the dildo out and my body is sore. i guess a tiny girl like me should stop putting dildos in my ass before masturbating with my dildo.

Relying on only phone sex in a relationship is absolutely dreadful. I mean don’t get me wrong I love our play time. The way you voice is in my ear and how my panties always get drenched is so utterly amazing. I lay on my bed thinking of you debating on whether I should get my vibrator out since were going to talk soon but I cant wait I need that sweet release right now. More than ever. I get my lube and my vibrator out when I get a knock on the door. Thankfully I’m not undressed yet and I go answer it. I open the door and am completely shell shocked you standing right there in front of me and its like you know that I needed to be touched, because very quickly your hands are on my body feeling all of me with your lips on mine. You quickly slip my dress off of me and you’re happy to find no bra and no undies you pick me up and carry me to the bedroom surprised to see the vibrator on the bed. You flash me a smile and have me lay on my back. As I lay on the bed you tell me to relax and that this time its about me. Your face makes its way down in between my legs and your tongue starts to make its way to my clit and my body reacts very well to the touch. You reach to the edge of my bed where you placed the vibrator and turn it on throwing the lube to the side. Lining the tip of the vibrator with my tight, wet, and very wanting pussy you start putting it in me. I cant help myself I grab your hair and start riding you face the vibrator always felt nice but your mouth is a very welcomed addition. You start moving faster and by this time I cant hold it in anymore and I cum around the vibrator, you still licking my little clit in small slow strokes making me quiver. I love phone sex, but I love the feeling of his lips on mine.

You’re in the room sitting on a chair with my mouth around that small cock of yours. How do you feel knowing that you are an embarrassment to all men out there. I grab a paddle and I snack you thighs but you have to keep quiet, remember we don’t want your mom waking up. You hold in your yelp as I start rubbing the spot I hit you. Slow motions just to help you feel comfortable in between the smacks. After all I’m in charge, and your not allowed to cum.

I was doing good staying out of trouble until you started talking dirty to me. The sound of your deep sensual voice makes my pussy dripping wet and just throbbing for you nice cock inside my tight wet pussy. Loving how you made me feel felt so amazingly wrong. Its only been a little while and I already cant wait to talk to you again.