Hi, I'm Mia for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.412.8211 (ask for Mia) or E-Mail me @ "Mia@YourDesires.com"
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Age: 35
Cup Size: 36d
Trillian: MadForMia
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Likes: Role play, exploration, double penetration, oral, anal, biting, and toys
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Hi! I'm Mia, one of the new girls here at Your Desires.

I'm adventurous, always ready to play and be forewarned, I'm a feisty girl! I like to take control as well as be dominated. I like a soft touch as well as rough play....either way makes me giggle in a different way...

I love to wear short skirts and see through shirts to tease you and draw you in...maybe I'll rub and suck that stress right out of your body or maybe you'll work that stress off taking control and making me your sex slave...

You may find me lost in the woods or so you think...maybe I seduce you with my dark eyes and tie you up and have my way with you...or maybe you take me back to your camp to play with your friends....

I'll be your private concierge on a cruise ship and I may take you to private areas of the ship that no one else can get to but beware...I may have secret ties and toys hidden to use on you....or maybe you'll take me in one of the open areas where we could get caught by crew or other passengers...

Do you have any secret fetishes you want to try?
Tell me your desires and we'll explore together.

Want to relive our play time together?
Ask me about my panties.

For questions or my schedule, please email me at mia@yourdesires.com.

You can also contact me on Trillian for some private messaging: MadForMia.

Your secrets are safe with me....