Molly’s Fantasies

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Molly’s Fantasies

I had soo many hottt fantasies on my sexy little break! I can tell you that some of them had me orgasming many times!! I’ve been having this one fantasy in particular…I was walking through a foggy parking lot on my way to go shopping for lingerie and you, out of nowhere, grab me, throw me against your car, unzip your pants, as I wrap my legs around you, you slide your big hard cock inside me, effortlessly….making me moan and scream hard…..Ohhh wow!! I’m getting soo hott!!!….Sooo wettt!! Call me!! I want to finish this hott fantasy with you!!!


Being a secretary at an office of 100 is very demanding. I have fantasies all day of different vice-presidents and the CEO taking me to the board room and making me do a sexy little dance for them. Making me strip down next to nothing. As I dance on the long board room table slithering across it with my hot little body, half naked for all of them to see. My hot little ass in the air shaking about. They don’t tip me with dollar bills. They make gestures and clap for me to do more. Then I slide on top of one of the vice presidents and start to grind on his lap. So naughty I feel and so hot at the same time. Knowing that his cock is rock hard in his pants! He is wanting to fuck me hard!! My clitty and pussy getting so wet and hot! So erotic and naughty!! Mmmm…….


My back hits the bed hard as you push me down on it! (You just came home from work) You know how I can’t resist it when you take charge. My hands tied down to the bed posts. Your eyes fixated on mine. You unzip and thrust your huge dick deep inside my hot wet pussy! My clitty wanting you to touch it, but you don’t. You tease me with your fingers nearing my pussy lips, but you never touch my clitty. I throb and ache for you to touch my clitty. Lick it! Taste it! I can’t take it anymore. I scream out, “Lick my clit”! “Stroke my clit!” “Please!” You just smile and keep fucking me hard with your huge cock! Give it to me, I say, over and over again! “Fuck me!” “Please!” You leave the bedroom with my hot little pussy wet and dripping…..


“One passionate night”

My body was tight and trembling as he fucked me hard! I couldn’t breath, couldn’t scream. My body waving in shuttering motions from the hot orgasm I was having! My hands grasping the sheets of his bed as I felt him dumping his huge load inside me! I wanted more!

I awoke the next morning. He had tied my hands over my head and was taking his time using a small flogger on my stomach and over my hot little red nipples. He clamped my nipples hard! My body jumped! I moaned with delight.

He found my pussy with his firm finger. Stroking my pussy lips up and down slowly. The throbbing and electrifying waves running through my pussy, I almost fainted!

My pussy lips sooo wet, swollen, red, and bulging from excitement! I screamed, “Give it to me hard!” He didn’t! He teased me! Resting his cock over my hott pussy lips and then slapping it against my clitty. I moaned hard! I wanted his cock soo badly! I begged him for his cum….what happened next?

Call me sexy…360-412-8205 my direct line from 4pm-10pm Sat thru Wed.


“The Encounter”

Her pussy was hot and on fire as he stroked his cock before her. She’s never seen a cock as big as his 8 incher. When he cums its soo refreshing! The load that he shoots out all over her face makes her moan hard. This happens every time they get together.

See here’s the thing, she has a husband and he, a wife. The only time they see one another is after work, and only three times a week. They long till the next orgasm that is waiting for one another!

After a few months of meeting up in strange places to fuck and flee, they decide to cool it for a while.

One night they both run into one another at a restaurant. They are each with their significant other. They glance across the room at one another and then they both slowly make their way outside to the terrace.

She takes one look at him and he at she, they jump on one another. Ripping their clothes off violently. She straddles his waist and rips his pants off all in one motion. Her breasts are firm up against his chest. Her nipples are soo hard. Red and succulent. His cock pressed against her juicy pussy lips. He forces her body against the brick wall outside. He barely is able to part her panties to the side as he slides his huge throbbing dick deep inside her deep wet cunt! She screams and he quickly covers her mouth……What’s next? Call me….let’s begin…*Smile*


“One Hot Night”

Eventually you have to give into your desires, needs and wants! You’ve had a fetish for years that you haven’t revealed to anyone. Not even your close buddies know about it. One evening after being out with friends for drinks you return home and go to park your car in the garage. You can’t pull in because what looks like exercise equipment is blocking your way. Approaching the garage you notice a couple of metal racks and a medical table, and some bars on the floor. You look around and see no one is there. So, you slowly walk into the house and I push you back down the stairs while hitting the button for the garage door. You are speechless! I’m wearing a hott red vinyl dress! Soo tight showing off my hott little titties! My thick pussy hair is poking out of my black leather crotchless thong panties! My legs are spread before you. You can’t even get a breath out. You are soo turned on, but scared as to what I might do to you. I tell you to sit down (on the medical table) and shut-up. You quickly do as I command! I tell you to put your hands behind your back! I cuff you and tell you to hold very still. I spread your legs and kick you square in the balls as hard as I can! You drop to the concrete in intense pain! Your eyes covered with tears! Don’t call me Molly, Call me Mistress! If you want to be my slave you’ll have to earn it! (You thinking to yourself, how could she know about my fetishes). (You have always loved leathers, and the idea of being tied up is the hottest thing for you.) Mistress starts tying you up to her nice metal bondage table. Laying you down flat, I cut a hole out in your pants and underwear and pull your cock through it. You can’t believe it! Your cock soo hard as I pop it out! I lean down and start sucking, as I finish cuffing your ankles to the bottom of the table. You’re about to explode and then I pull away……..What cums next? Call me and find out! Mmmmmmm



You slowly wake up to the smell of the cool crisp morning air. You rise and stretch your arms above your head. You feel your nipples become hard from the cold air that hits them. Mmmmm You roll over and see your girlfriend sleeping very soundly. Her left nipple is hanging out from the top of the sleeping bag. All you can think about is your hard throbbing cock that wants to fuck her soo hard! You start to salivate and you find yourself wiping the drool off your bottom lip. You decide to caress her straight shiny red hair away from her face. You spoon her with your body. Your cock is poking her ass. Right where you wanted it. She makes a grunting noise to let you know she is still asleep and doesn’t want to be bothered. However your cock has a different plan. You unzip the sleeping bag, throw your leg over hers and start to hump. You can’t believe how much pre-cum is dripping from the head of your cock! She starts to buck her hips as your spread her hot creamy white butt cheeks. (This is the first time she has ever wanted you in her ass). You slowly slide your throbbing, pulsating head inside her tight little pink asshole. You almost cum right away, but you don’t, you start pumping hard! Reaching around to the front of her tight pussy, which is sooo wet, you slide your entire fist up inside her. She starts to moan hard. Your just about to cum when she pulls your cock out from her ass and…(Call me, lets begin)


You awake with a boner that could poke a hole through a wall. Not even thinking or opening your eyes you start to stroke. It feels soo good. Using your pre-cum to make your cock hott and wett! You can’t remember the last time you were soo hard! Suddenly you feel your girlfriends mouth over your wet stick! You smile placing your hands on the back of her head making her suck deeper and harder! Your fingers go down to that hott pussy of hers! She has a hott hairy bush! Sliding your fingers inside, you almost cum from her wetness! You start to fuck her mouth hard! You keep your eyes closed enjoying every minute of her pleasure. You peek and see what you thought was your girlfriend, and it ends up being your girlfriends sister. Her hott foxy brown hair, ice blue eyes, perky tits, and hott shaved beaver! You were soo out of it this morning you forgot you slept over at her house. You try to push her away from your cock, but her sucking feels soo good! Knowing you could get caught at any moment. You desperately try to tell her to stop. You are already soo close to cumming. She doesn’t stop on that hott cock. Her tits are rubbing up against your balls as she sucks with her hott mouth and lips wrapped around that throbbing pole! Mmmmmm You are just about to cum, then you hear an alarm clock going off, and think you are caught for sure. You look over and see your girlfriend sleeping closely next to you. Was it a dream? Your heart racing. You check your cock, its still soo hard! Suddenly you feel your girlfriend roll over. You hope its her and get excited to think it could be her sister! Mmmmmmm

Call me and find out if its your girlfriend or her sister……..I want to make you cum soo hard!


“Meeting For The First Time”

You caught my eye once before as I sat you down at a table. You were with a guy friend. You keep glancing over your shoulder at me. You kept smiling and winking at me. You think I don’t notice your hot muscular body. You’re staring at my hot little ass in my tight black mini skirt. I have a typical waitress uniform on. However my top is a white tight cropped blouse. Very low cut to reveal my sexy cleavage.

As you get up to leave, you turn around and leave me a very generous tip along with a sexy little note on the table. I glance down at the table and then see you exiting the door with a big smile on your face.

I read the note and realize you didn’t just leave a number for me to call, but directions to a party. You tell me to wear something sexy. My eyes get wide as I scan the note again to make sure I read it correctly.

Later on that evening, trying on dresses and accessories I finally slip into a short little tight red vinyl dress. Its cut right to my ass line. Very tight and form fitting to my petite little body. I pull my red hair up into a french twist.

With looks that could kill, I exit my home and head toward the party. I arrive to the party and a valet parks my car. I am escorted to the front door.

Two big bouncer type men wearing tuxedos guide me through the door and down the hallway to a large living style room. I am shocked and excited by what I see. Everyone is in the nude. I think to myself is this an orgy? I look down at my dress and feel uncomfortable knowing I the only one in clothing.

A younger, around 28, man walks up to me looking at me up and down. He asks if he can take my dress for me. I look down at his huge boner. I try to swallow and say, “yes please”. He helps me out of my dress. I take off my panties that are soaked with my wet pussy juice. I feel myself get flushed with excitement.

The younger man leads me into a separate room. As I walk through the door naked and hot, I see four people on the bed. There are two males and two females. I am soo aroused now and can’t help but stare in excitement and anticipation. I think to myself, “Have my wildest dreams cum true?”

I watch the two men fuck the hot blonde. One is in her mouth, and one in her pussy. They are pumping and fucking her hard! She is moaning and grasping onto the bed sheets in a full blown orgasm. I nearly faint watching this.

Then the two men come up to me and lead me to the bed. They tell me to relax. I am now on all fours. One entering my ass with his hot hard wet cock! The other entering my pussy! Then the young man who led me into the room glides his cock into my mouth. With all of my holes filled I go crazy with pleasure! My pussy is twitching and cumming soo hard! I feel myself barely able to get out a sound! Then I start screaming!! Then I feel the two women on either side of my body. One is pulling and twisting on my nipples and the other rubbing my clitty soo hard with her hot little fingers.

Then the door slams shut. You approach me and throw the other men off and the women stay. You throw me on my back. I am soo ready for you……… (Call me and show me what you’ll do to me.)


You awake, your naked, you look around and see a long black leather paddle beside you. Your ass feels very bruised. You look behind you and see little welts all over your ass! You can’t imagine where the little welts came from.

Were you spanked last night? Maybe you got them from sleeping in the woods on a pile of branches?
Or maybe not.

Out from a far a women walks towards you. You can’t make her out because of the bright light that shines from behind her. She approaches you, almost in slow motion. This sexy red head vixen is wearing only a little white laced teddy, black thigh high stockings and a little pair of black leather 6 inch heels, she pulls you up by your hair and throws you against a tree. She proceeds to tie you up slowly with a long strand of white rope. You can hardly breath, and hardly believe this is happening to you. Her hard nipples brushing against your firm chest. Your cock harder than a rock as she quickly finishes tying you up!

She steps away from you and all of a sudden you feel her heel against your balls and cock! Ouch! (You cry aloud)! Then suddenly you start to feel a rush of hot steamy sexual energy through your cock! You try not to smile but can’t help it!
You find yourself enjoying every kick she gives you to your balls!

You’ve heard about ball busting before and never thought you would like it as much as you do!

She comes up to you and whispers in your ear……..”I’ll be awaiting your call so I can tell you more”…


“Where it counts”
As I take off your blindfold, you find yourself confused as to where you are.
Your eyes focus on my eyes that are fixated on yours. I smile at you, bend down and kiss you on your wet salty lips. You see my sexy little naked body in front of you. My perky breasts with hard little red nipples before you. You look down and notice your hard throbbing cock below.

You feel my soft creamy hands stroking your shaft up and down slowly as I whisper quietly in your ear, “Do you like how this feels?” “Do you want more?” You nod in approval, as you sit in that cold metal chair hot with passion. I tell you to close your eyes and breath deep. Just as you do this, you feel my long tender finger sliding hard up your tight little asshole! You moan in delight. I can feel your ass clenching against my finger as you ride it
hard up and down!!

I smile at you!

I can tell you are getting very worked up. I slow my speed down on that cock of yours. You can’t believe that I have slowed. You were just about to cum.

As I stroke your cock slower you start to beg for more pleasure. I tell you to be patient.

My finger still stroking that ass hard! I then reach down and tighten my little hand around your balls! I squeeze and tell you “Relax this will only take a minute”. You feel the pressure of that cum inside those balls about to release! Do you really want to cum? Let’s get started, Call me….Mmmm


“Wet is the best”
It’s a sunny afternoon at the beach. You tanning your hot body and watching the half naked women around you. Your cock is hard, and you don’t think you can stand it anymore. It has only been an hour since you’ve been at the beach, but feels like an eternity.

You decide to get up and go off to the men’s shower room. You undress and notice your cock is very hard and dripping with pre-cum. You step into that cold shower and start stroking. You think about the hot women on the beach. The sexy red head you saw earlier, barely wearing anything but a little white string bikini thong. You could practically see her hot black pubic hair through her bottom. Stroking that cock with your eyes closed you feel something hot and warm against your legs. Its running down your legs. You quickly turn around and see that hot red head standing right there in front of you. You can hardly believe it!

You look down and notice that she is peeing on your legs and she pushes you down, in a squatting position, and finishes peeing all over that hot wet cock of yours. Instantly your cock becomes hard!

You want to pee on her hot snatch! You lay her down on the shower floor, you straddle her body pointing your cock right over her clit and start to piss all over her hot pussy! She starts moaning hard! She could orgasm right there, but doesn’t.

She pulls you down on top of her and slowly starts to guide that cock inside her hot wet swollen pussy…..Let’s take a hot shower together….Call me…*Wink*


“Ball Busting 101”

Walking home from the gym you notice three women talking amongst themselves on the corner of the street you are approaching. You can’t help but notice all the young freshly shaved legs in front of you. All the women are wearing super short mini skirts. As you pass them one of the women grabs you by the arm and asks you if you are new at the gym.

You tell her, “Yes”. She smiles. She is a younger looking red head with very sexy green eyes and a bright smile. You can feel your cock growing in your pants. You try not to draw attention to it.

She asks if you’d like to workout later on tonight. You say “Sure”, acting as if you don’t care either way. You walk away smiling big at the other two women feeling very confident about tonight.

You look at your watch near the entrance of the gym. It’s getting very late.

All of a sudden you see her. The sexy red head from earlier today! She is wearing a very skimpy pair of shorts and a tank top. Your cock begins to grow super hard now. You can almost taste that hot wet pussy of hers in your mouth. You lick your lips.

She has asked you to free spar with her in the ring. You agree. She is smiling at you and you at her. You letting her take you down on the mat. She has been in kickboxing for a couple of years now. You don’t take kickboxing so you ask her to show you a few things. You think this would be a great way to get close to her, and be able to touch those hot tits and ass. Getting very excited you ask her to show you a “holding” move. She agrees.

Standing in front of her you take your hands and wrap them around her tiny little waist. You bend down and now your head right in front of that pussy. You swear you can smell those pussy juices! Your get light headed from the rush of excitement!

WHACK! You go down in pain. She busted your balls so hard! You feel the pain and then feel excitement all at the same time. Your hands covering your balls as you roll around on the floor trying to get up from the blow. She is smiling in front of you. She helps you up slowly. Do you want to try another move?, she asks. You agree only because you hope that she will touch you again. You haven’t ever been so excited before about getting busted in your balls.

This time you feel her hands grabbing your balls hard. Squeezing them to the point of taking you down to your knees. You can’t believe how turned on you feel. You want to beg to cum, but don’t even know her really. She smiles again very big this time, almost enjoying this you think. “Do you want it again?” She asks. I want to bust your balls. Call me…..*Wink*


“The Package”

Early Saturday morning I awoke to the doorbell. I answered the door, wearing only a little purple teddy, a kimono robe, and a little pair of white thigh high stockings. The delivery man handed me a package, smiled and left.

It was a tiny little red box and written on it, in tiny little letters, “To: Molly”. I opened it in excitement and inside found a key. I thought, “What could this be to?” I searched my memory as to what the key was for, but nothing came to me.

Then I remembered I was late to lunch with a friend. Later on that evening I was watching the movie “Secretary”. I was hypnotized by all the BDSM and Domination/Submission in the movie. I started getting hot and took off my little white cropped sweater. I started touching my little nipples through my silky navy bra. My nipples already so hard and erect!

Just as I was slipping my little fingers up my skirt the doorbell rang. I got dressed quickly and when I opened the door found another little red box on my doorstep. I looked around and saw no one in sight and closed the door.

I took the little red box into the kitchen. As I walked toward the kitchen I could feel my juices, my cum dripping from my hot pussy onto my panties. I was sooo excited! I needed to finish masturbating. I opened the box and found a little lock inside. Of course right away I got the key from the other box and put it in the lock.

Exact match.

Incredible I thought. Still I had no idea what this key and lock were for.

Looking at my watch I noticed it was getting late and remembered I was to meet up with my girlfriends at our favorite night club. I hurried and put on this tiny black cocktail dress, black thigh high stockings, and black 6 in. pumps.

Walking out to my car I heard a noise. I stopped and looked around and saw nothing. I kept walking towards my car again heard a noise. Just as my key went into the door someone grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream and they covered my mouth with their hand. *Black out!*

When I awoke, I found myself sitting tied to a chair. I was in a small room with one window. My hands cuffed behind me and as I turned around I saw a long chain from my cuffs to something behind the drapes. I looked down at my pussy, because I was naked at this point, and saw that I had came soo much. I was sitting in a puddle of my own cum. I saw some movement from the curtain. I was thinking what is this chain connected to?…
A big cock? *Wink*/
Call me and we’ll finish this hott fantasy together sexy!!



He begged for me to let him up off the floor from my spiked heel that was squishing his balls. (I love seeing a man beneath me squirming, and whining for me to release him from my grip)

I laughed as he rubbed his balls in pain. He was on his knees whispering to himself, “I am so pathetic”!
(He knows I love hearing that) His pathetic four inch thing, that he calls a cock, so hard from all the erotic torture! Mmmmm
He tries standing up and *Slap* *Slap!* “Did I tell you to get up slave?” *Laughing*

Crawling over to me he looks up and reaches his hands out towards my juicy cunt. He opens his mouth and starts to drink my hot juices down. That isn’t enough pleasure for me, so I allow my golden juices to stream down his throat. He drinks happily. I notice his erection is harder than ever! His long and hard cock growing to that hot red color I love so much.

I crawl up on the bed and spread my long slender legs before him. He pulls himself up the end of the bed and buries his face in my hot pink pussy. Taking his tongue, he slowly licks my outer lips up and down. I can feel my pussy throbbing as he licks. My cum oozing out all over his face. Then suddenly ,*Squish, I have his balls in my hands again squeezing tighter and tighter. He moaning in pain/pleasure. His body slides off the end of the bed.

I walk over to the pathetic little slave and take him by the chin and have him look up and me. I say to him, “Thanks that was a lot of fun”. “See you tomorrow my pet.” He looks at me in shock. He knows I never leave without cumming.

*Laughing as I close the door to my room.* (He thinks I left) (Little does he know I am standing right outside the closed door to my room waiting to surprise my little slut again)….
(I want you to be my slave! Call me!)


The one that got away

You are a cowboy legend. You can’t remember the last time you rented a whore for the night.

Heading over to the local whore house, you notice a carriage pull up and a nice young lady gets out. She is wearing an all white dress. It is lace from top to bottom. She has long white knee high can-can boots with a six inch heel. Her long black curly hair touches the middle of her back. You want her. You keep walking.

As you enter the whore house there are many different women sitting around tables and hanging off the balcony from above. Many of the women approach you as you sit alone at the table waiting for the right one to catch your eye.

A sexy red head comes up to you and you smile and walk upstairs with her. You enter the room upstairs and push her through the door and onto the bed. You tell her that you want her to put on a long black wig. She does. Your cock hard and ready, as you think about the woman you saw earlier. You take your gun belt off and set it on the floor next to you. You undo your pants and whip out your big cock! You tell that slut to grab your cock and suck! She does!

You take your fingers and start to slide them into her wet, hot, and sticky pussy. She moans hard as your throw her onto the bed and give her that big fat cock she desperately needs!

Her legs over your shoulders as you pump and fuck that hot pussy of hers hard! She screams like a little slutty whore as you fuck her faster and faster.

You look off to the side and see out the window “the woman” walking across the street. You can hardly cum now, knowing “She” is down there.
You stand up put your hard throbbing cock inside your pants. You throw some money at the whore and leave.

Running across the street to the train station, you see a train pulling away.

You sit down and look defeated. All of a sudden a tap on your shoulder. It’s the station attendant. He hands you a note that says…………