Nina’s Thoughts

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Nina’s Thoughts

Nina’s eager for Emily

I keep replaying the night Emily and I had some dirty fun a couple weeks
ago with a client. She is so damn hot! With me being submissive naturally,
having her become my bitch and completely take over her body made me so
eager to make her weak for me. Mmm. It’s like I can still hear her
screaming “FUCK ME GODDESS NINA!” over, and over, again in the back of my
head! I got to punish her, tease her, confine her, and make her swallow my
sweet pussy juices while i hovered my lips over her mouth ;) That’s
something I crave to try again! Give me a call if you want to hear more in
depth about what exactly I did to her… Or you can just experience it all
for yourself…. Mmmm.
Wet panties –

Let’s face it. Being here at YD has made me accept the fact that majority
of the time I need to bring extra panties with me to each shift. With work
and play I am usually sitting here prancing around my soaking wet panties!
It’s kinda fun cause each pair has a hot, steamy story behind it. Heh. ;)
I enjoy you guys so much and I am constantly learning and experiencing
crazy, new, fun things! You know what would be really exciting…? Doing a
call, corrupting you… making you all mine. THEN. Sending you my panties
so you can see, taste, and smell for yourself… Mmmm. Call me up when you
get them…with my panties wrapped around your throbbing cock, ready to
hear my voice again. It’s quite an addiction when you can smell me all to

Call me if you want to be pen pals. I am curious to find out when’s the
next time i’ll leave work without any panties on ;)