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Hello Lover,

I'm Odessa and I can't wait to cast my spell on you and make you cum hard with my hypnotic voice and insatiable sex drive. I adore pleasure in every way (Sex is just my favorite) and consider myself quite the hedonist. What is your guiltiest pleasure? What makes you hot and bothered? Hearing about others' sexual fantasies gets me so soaking wet. Here's some of what I like the most.

Choke me! Choke me! Choke me!

I love feeling hands around my throat, especially if I'm on the brink of cumming. I find that the struggle for air just intensifies the orgasm. Use your hands or wrap a belt around my neck if we're going at it from behind (which is my favorite) pull to tighten it if I make too much noise while you force your hard cock into my dripping wet pussy or tight little ass.

Nothing gets me hotter than a man that has his way with me, the harder the better. I'm your little slut and I better do what you tell me to do or punishment is well deserved! Pull my hair or give me a hard smack when I make too much noise or cum before you want me too. I love rough sex and pain is pleasure for me. Let me know what you want to do to me and how hard you want to do it and I can guarantee that I'll already be wet and ready just hearing about it!

Tired of the highway? Why not take the back roads from time to time? My tight ass is ready for your monster cock. Or if you'd rather put a toy in there I love that too! Especially vibrating toys. I love to feel my pussy and ass filled up at the same time so whichever you're fucking, know that there's room for more because I can't get enough. Maybe you just want me on my knees with a butt plug in ready to do anything when you come home from a hard day. Tell me what I can do for you, master. I love to please.

I love to play different roles. What are you feeling tonight? Want a sweet little wifey who makes you a stiff drink and then gives you a nice rubdown after a long day? Or would you rather have a dirty slut on her hands and knees who smells of cheap perfume and smoke begging for your dick? I can do both. What about a sexy teenage babysitter who's too young for you but desperately wants to try new things with an older and more experienced gentleman? Want to be the professor to my schoolgirl? Tell me what your dirtiest fantasy is and we can make it come true together.

I love the thrill of getting caught. Public sex is one of my favorite things whether it's your hand slipping inside me under a bar table while the waiter is there getting my drink, or having a quickie behind a tree while out on a hike. Where do you want to fuck me? The riskier the better. I love wearing short skirts with barely there panties or none at all and then walking in front of you on a stair case. Knowing you can see what I have in store for you makes me feel sexy and powerful. I love being bitten especially on the neck, it's my favorite but I also enjoy a hard shoulder bite during doggy style or when someone bites my nipples or ass or nibbles on my pussy during oral. I might bite back though so I hope you're ready for that. Tell me where you want to bite me or where I should bite you to make your cock harder.

Oral sex is one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world. I start drooling when I see a throbbing hard cock especially with a little pre cum on the tip. I love to tease and lick your shaft while massaging your balls. I also love stroking your dick while fitting both balls in my mouth. Deep throating is something I love to do if you're into throat fucking. My favorite way is to lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed while you stand up and pump into my throat. This leaves my hands free to touch myself or touch different parts of you. I love rimming and eating ass so if you like a tongue in your ass I hope you'll tell me about it, don't be shy. What about you? Do you want to taste my sweet pussy? Feeling a tongue inside me or on my clit is amazing and I very much enjoy receiving oral as well as giving it.

I like to leave my panties over at a guy's house after we hook up so he can find them the next morning and remember the fun we had. I love it when I can leave them on long enough to get completely wet, that way they might smell my scent and get hard all over again and the thought of that makes me horny as hell. Maybe you want to know what I smell like? Or maybe you just want a souvenir from our time together. Maybe you're a filthy pervert who wants something else in those panties. No limits! I will custom make a pair for you. Ask me about purchasing some. The prices vary on what you want me to do in them...you nasty animal! ;)

I hope you're intrigued and that we get to play soon! I love making new friends and learning new things so if I haven't mentioned something that you're into please tell me about it! I'm always excited to learn about what makes someone hot.

You can message me at OdessasObsession on Trillian or Email me at Odessa@yourdesires.com Hope to talk soon!

XOXOdessa :)