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Ever since I was a little girl I've loved to play dress up. I have loved the feel of soft frilly tank tops, the tickle of pantyhose and the power heels gave me. I have been dressing up since I can remember. Perhaps I was a naughty secretary one day and Super Woman the next- I learned that sometimes the quickest way to feel sexy and powerful is to dress the part.

While I am wearing my thigh high leather boots I want you to get on your knees and beg for my pussy. Tell me how much you want to taste the sweet spot between my legs! Maybe you are so excited you can't talk so I sit on your face and tell you to be a good boy and lick my kitty cat. The only thing you'll be able to think about is how intoxicating my delicious pussy is.

Let me change into my pretty princess dress and let Daddy take me out for a date on the town. "Oops! I have some ice cream dripping down my chin, Daddy...help me clean it up?" Treat me like your little princess and I will make sure Daddy always feels good.

Then I will make a quick outfit change into my corset and garter belt. I will make you perform for me- "stroke hard....now stop...now stroke again and get on the edge for me, my little slut". I want to tease you until you feel like you are going to explode. Will I let you cum? We shall see...

Or perhaps today you put on an apron for me and be my domestic slave. I want you on your knees scrubbing the floors until they gleam. After all your hard work around the house I might just go stomping through in my muddy boots. Get over it, slut- you're here to clean up ALL my messes. And that is all you are good for.

You can bet I always have the sexiest panties with how much I love to dress up. Ask me about how to get a pair of them as a souvenir of our phone call. ;)

To inquire about my availability for phone calls, please email me at: Olivia@yourdesires.com I look forward to making your fantasy come true.

Find me on Twitter, Trillian and AIM by the username ObeyOlivia.

I am waiting, you little sluts. ;)