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So I'm new here, but I'm just the horniest little cumslut waiting for you to cum to me. Even writing this I can feel my tight little pussy start to drip... just thinking about you calling me and telling me all of your naughty depraved thoughts. I wanna tell you all of the dirty things I'd love to do to you. Put your hands around my throat and use my hair to pull me deeper onto your cock. Let me be your good girl. I want to please you.

Thinking about pleasing you I can't stop my fingers working their way down to my sweet little cunt. Twitching slightly the pulsing rippling through my body making my toes curl and twitch. I have to pull my cum soaked fingers back to just keep writing.

I love being tied up, trussed up, and taught a lesson. I am obsessed with the human body and sexual connection one can share. I love to be shared around and I love to share. Mark me as yours and I'll forever call you master, sir, and if you really spoil me, daddy. I do get a little bratty but only if you don't give me what I want. I love to be rewarded with kisses, spanks, and of course your cum.

I love being in control as much as I love losing control. Wearing a pair of heels and stepping on your pathetic chest to show you where I stand in the relationship, clearly on top, is just one of the many ways I like to bring men like you where they belong. On their knees pleasing me as I say. Your stiff cocks begging for my attention; which you only receive once I fully believe you know I am the goddess you must call me.

I love to please and it makes my juices start flowing. So tie me up, use me (or the other way around), and let me take you on an adventure of pure sensual pleasure. You can get my panties wet from our talk then take em off my hands.

SO call me 360-709-0100 Write Me PlayWithPenelope on Trillian or write to me for my schedule

And let's get the fun going.

XOxo Penelope.