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Likes: Roleplay and playing dress-up, Dom/submissive (I switch if you ask nicely), body worship, sensory deprivation, girl-on-girl and threesomes, spanking and punishment, wet and sloppy oral, and a good solid length of rope.
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******I will be away from YourDesires for a little while. I need to attend to some
personal matters, and then trust me when I say, "I will be back ready to be
your lucky Penny, once again"*******

Hello, I'm Penny for YourDesires

My name is Miss Penelope, Penny if you're a good boy, and I'll bet my name
sounds real pretty in your mouth. I'm a polite, sweet little bookworm until
the door closes. Don't be scared, I'm first.

I can be whatever your little heart desires, but you'd better say please.
Let me tease and appease you with my lips all wet and swollen and open to
receive. Maybe you want me lacy and modest; with layers your fingers can
strip or tear away. Or a librarian in a tight pencil skirt and
barely-buttoned blouse who's here to collect on your dues? I've got a
whole wardrobe we can work through (or out of) together!

You can spoil all my pretty clothes then punish me for being so dirty. Or,
if you're a good little pet, Miss Penny will let you lick the sweat off my
tight little thighs and ass after a long day at the gym. I work my body
hard, but you can bet I'll work you harder. If you're really obedient I
may even let you have a pair of my soaking wet panties, fresh from my
But why stop there? I could peel off my pantyhose after I've got them nice
and soaked through for you. You can tear a hole right through them to
better let you ravage my squeezed-tight skin. Wouldn't it be nice to come
home to a little envelope full of my shredded, sticky nylon tights? I can
think of a lot of ways to use a stretchy bit of stocking that tastes just
like me...

Strip off my good girl suit and let me squeeze a "Yes Mistress!" out of
those cute little lips. Let's play with knots and see how quickly you
break when you're all tied up, blindfolded, and left waiting for me to
grant you permission for release. Or, if my teasing really drives you
wild, grab a fistful of my hair and really show me who's boss! There's
nothing I like better than bringing out the beast in you. Give me a roar
and put this naughty little nymph in her place!

Is your pulse racing? I can already feel your voice, hot against my skin.
Take a deep breath, let those trembling fingers dial, and ask nicely for
Miss Penny.
I love to flesh out every little detail of your deepest fantasy. Send me
all those naughty secret longings at

xx Penny for your thoughts?