Hi, I'm Perci for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.412.8211 (ask for Perci) or E-Mail me @ ""
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Age: 30
Cup Size: 38ddd.34.40
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Likes: SEX, giving and getting oral and anal, large insertions, forcing boys to do my bidding, getting tied up and dominated, flogging and spanking (giving and getting), girls and guys, being called Mistress, calling someone Sir or Ma'am.
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Hi, I'm Perci with YourDesires!

I'm Perci. Or, Persephone, but everyone calls me Perci -- if they earn it.

Are you looking for someone to help you with your fantasies?
The ones that keep you awake in the night, hard and with an ache in your

Pleasure is reserved for those who earn it. If you are serving me, you
must first do my will and perform your tasks well to even get a glimpse at
my pussy, let alone touching it. I may have you stroking off for hours
without cumming, or I may make you beat up your cock and balls, or torture
your nipples and ass ... what makes you hot? What makes you feel
delightfully submissive to a powerful woman? Tell me, and we'll explore
it. I'll push your limits within your boundaries and you'll learn about
yourself and what satisfies that aching, needy craving in the pit of your
stomach, while gaining the approval of Miss Persephone.

If you desire, I can deny you for days, force you to do tasks for me, make
you whimper in pain and in need, wanting nothing more than to please me.
And it does please me to make you serve me. Just ask me!

Now, since I'm a switch ... I do also dearly love being tied up by a very
dominant person and made to do their will. Kneeling in front of someone
and being called a "good girl" makes my insides twist up into a great big
ball of happiness, and if that's you, well ... call me and we can make it

Something that's a great big passion of mine, either giving or taking, is
flogging or spanking. Getting worked over with a big heavy flogger to
where the pain and pleasure meld into happy blissful subspace is just
wonderful. And I'm good with a flogger on the other side as well, and
making a subby moan and writhe and squirm with what I can do is really
rewarding - for me and for them!

So, I've said before I'm a switch, and that's really true, but in addition
to that, I'm also bi. I love guys and I love girls equally, and I'd love
to have a multi-girl call with you as well - it's so fun, and I think it's
really hot when there's more than two people playing, and I'm sure you
will too! All genders have their high points, it's just that they're
different. Cocks, pussies, boobs, balls... each is wonderful in their own
way. I'd play with each and every one if I had the chance!

The great part about being both a switch and bi is that I can do both with
both, either having someone call me Mistress, or calling someone Sir or
Ma'am. Either one gets me the greatest feeling of accomplishment, but for
different reasons. "Mistress" makes me powerful and shows me what my subs
think of me, that they respect the position that I'm holding in their
life. That I hold the power in the relationship, that they do what I say
and that they honor me by using my title. Calling someone a title like
"Sir" or "Ma'am" gives me happy subby squirmy feelings, and lets me feel
like I'm in the right place with that person, that I'm pleasing them,
being on my knees in front of them. It's simply amazing!

There's all this and more when you play with me! I'm very flexible and am
waiting for your call and would love to help you fulfill your desires and
nothing but.

You can also buy my panties, all you have to do is ask. Or rather, if
you're submissive, you must beg me for them. Prices and styles available
on request.

I'm reachable at -- drop me a line any time!

You can also IM me on Trillian, Yahoo messenger, and AIM at PleasePerci.

Eat the pomegranate seeds, come to the dark side, and give me a call.